Les Trois conversions et les trois voies

Les Trois conversions et les trois voiesIn This Compact Book The Famous Thomist Fr Garrigou Lagrange Sets Forth The Classic Catholic Traditions On The Spiritual Life As The Full Flowering Of Sanctifying Grace In The Soul He Explains The Three Stages Of The Spiritual Life The Purgative Way The Illuminative Way And The Unitive Way Showing The Transitions Or Conversions From One Period To Another How Can One Become A Saint Without Knowing The Way The Pitfalls Common Mistakes And Experience Of Saints Who Have Gone Before Impr 112 Pgs PB The Three Ways of the Spiritual Life is really a synopsis of two larger works, which it is not necessary to have read in order to understand what is written here Looking at some of Fr Garrigou Lagrange s other works, this was a good one to begin with It s short 112 pages and relatively easy to understand, even if most of the spirituality is way beyond me Still there were a few gems even for beginners like me The first thing we learn is that spiritual treasures unlike material ones can belong in their entirety to all men people and at the same time to each, without any disturbance of peace among them Indeed, the there are to enjoy them in common, the completely do we possess them Only do we possess a truth completely when we teach it to others, when we make others share our contemplation only then do we truly love a virtue when we wish others to love it also The three ways described by Garrigou are the purgative, illuminative and unitive Passage from one to the next is marked by transformative crisis or conversion, called passive purgation by some spiritual writers The first conversion brings into purgative way, the second is known as the passive purgation of the
This book is a small primer, slightly technical in nature, but very helpful in those who seek to grow in Spiritual Life, which we are all called to and which he explicitly makes known in the beginning of this book His approach was interesting, I was anticipating a different approach in his breaking up the 3 Stages of The Interior Life and there subsequent transitional stages, but if one spends one day per chapter
I loved this simple, yet profound, treatise on the spiritual life Garrigou Lagrange outlines the path as the way of purgation, the way of illumination, culminating in the way of unity Citing Ss Thomas Aquinas, Catherin
Fr Garrigou Lagrange, who was perhaps the greatest theologian of the 20th century, sets for the classic Catholic traditions on the spiritual life as the full flowering of Sanctifying Grace in the soul.Here are some quotes We should have loved him as the author of our nature, with that love which a subject has for his superior it would not have been a love of friendship, but rather a sentiment compounded of admiration, respect, and gratitude, yet lacking that happy and simple familiarity which rejoices the hearts of the children of God We should have been God s servants, but not His children Even after a grave sin, if the soul has a sorrow which is truly fervent and proportionate to the degree of grace which it has lost, it will recover this same degree of grace grace may even revive in the soul in a higher degree if the contrition is still fervent In her Dialogue St Catherine of Siena speaks of this self love, describing it as the mercenary love of the imperfect, of those who,
Fr Reginald Garrigou Lagrange was a major Catholic theologian and spiritual writer of the 20th century in the pre Vatican II era he died in 1964 In this little book translated from the French, he sets forth a traditional outline of the spiritual life as it has been understood and followed by some of the great mystics and saints of the Church, drawing on the writings of St Thomas Aquinas, St John of the Cross, St Catherine of Siena, Johannes Tauler, and others, as well as grounding illustrations from the Bible All Christians begin with the life of Grace, entered in through baptism their initially becoming Christian The author goes on to discuss the 2nd and 3rd stages conversions of spiritual growth which are the Illuminative Way and the Unitive Way, in each of which we draw nearer to God and His will for us, which is to draw us ever closer As we move from one of t
Good introduction to Fr Reginald s writings, as well as, to St John s Dark Night , Aquinas, and St Catherine s Dialogue This was not translated into a modern language which helped me focus most of the time but I also found myself occasionally distra
A very interesting look at steps in the advancement of one s spiritual life and love of God There is much here to stimulate one s thoughts. Exceptional book on prayer, meditation and comtemplation A good introduction to Fr Garrigou Lagrange.

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  • Les Trois conversions et les trois voies
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