Weirdos of the Universe, Unite!

Weirdos of the Universe, Unite!Another Amusing Tale About Teenagers Encountering Aliens, From The Author Of Stinker From Space Aliens Disguised As Garbage Cans Invade Earth But Meet Their Match In Mandy And Owen Two Teenagers Who Fight Them Off By Calling Up Some Mythical Characters On Their Computer. A pair of grade schoolers must team up with a group of mythological figures to defeat an invading alien army Seems to be well written, and the world building background for the mythological figures is interesting There are a few in joke type references sprinkled throughout that I caught just while skimming they live in a town called Hermes, and eventually have a few encounters with the god himself Both characters live in Olympia towers Little things
This is an obscure author that I have loved since childhood, and this book is no exception Of course, it didn t hurt that I was easily able to identify with Mandy and Owen like them, I was the kid who gave up on fitting in with the in crowd at school and instead did my best to stand out although with less dramatic results grin The plot is also a ton of fun two outcast kids have to save the planet Their only allies A toy tribble and a rag tag band of characters from various world mythologies Some of the same mythological figures also turn up in Service s later written book, Yesterday s Magic I suspect this is not entirely coincidental One thing I particularly loved is how the different mythologies coexist in the universe of the book, and how the author even managed to incorporate modern mythologies such as Star Trek and the near religious veneration of celebrity.Only real dr
Mandy is determined to be weird When she meets Owen, who is even weirder than she is, she s happy to have a friend who shares some of those ideals But after a homework assignment goes strange, mythological creatures are suddenly invading their lives, the world is in danger, and their group of misfits seems to be chosen by the Fates to stop it .This was an amusing mashup of various characters from several mythologies banding together to stop an alien menace, with plenty of Star Trek and Star Wars references sprinkled in Unfortunately, the short length felt like a detriment, because no one ends up with a lot of depth This is about the absurdity of Coyote, Baba Yaga, Sigfried, Lung Nu, and the Wild Huntsman banding together with a tribble to fight aliens whose main fault is that they have no imagination.I suppose the main reason it
Fun, worth a re read This book is like Rick Riordan and Gaiman s American Gods There are children They meet mythical creatures They, the weirdos, are the only ones who can save the world There are also aliens They are the ones threatening the world It has a bit of that technology versus magic stuff You learn a bit about some of the lesser known mythologies The Earth technology is pretty dated, so you ll
I thought this book was really funny The title really caught my eye and the book was even interesting It takes place In a small town named after the Greek god Hermes and in that town two young kids who are of course the weirdos meet They create a club called weird and do everything weird During some kind of mythology project they need to research a god or goddess of their choice and of course being weird they p
This was one those fancy as well as amazing factious books i love the fact that one gets their mind off what the reality is and they get lost in an entirely fictional world I love the fact this book makes you open minded to the idea that another world other than our
I m not sure how well this would hold up rereading as an adult, but any book pitting Baba Yaga s powers against an alien spaceship will at the very least keep you interested if shocked at the cheesiness. An interesting premise Two modern teenagers trying to be weird as possible Add a bunch of mythological and legendary characters It s quite a story It s fun, exciting, and up beat The plot is interesting The characters are fun to read.

[Ebook] Weirdos of the Universe, Unite! By Pamela F. Service –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • Weirdos of the Universe, Unite!
  • Pamela F. Service
  • English
  • 21 June 2018
  • 9780449704295