Chaucer This Edition Of Chaucer S Complete Works Was Edited From Numerous Manuscripts By The Late Professor Skeat It Contains A Life Of Chaucer, A List Of His Writings And Of The Chief Editions, Hints On The Grammar, Metre, Versification And Pronunciation There Is An Appendix Of Variations And A Glossarial Index Middle English In Roman Font. Marvelously put together As a lover of both the Canterbury Tales and Troilus and Criseyde I was expecting to be happy with the book, however his Good Wives blew me away Written at a very misogynistic time, but it was a powerfully strong def
This was fun to read, I will have to admit that I guessed a lot in regards to the Middle English but the you read the you fall into the cadence of his words.When I out at the dores cam, I faste aboute me beheld Then sawgh I but a large feld, As fer as that I myghte see, Withouten toun, or hous, or tree, Or bush, or grass, or eryd lond For al the feld nas but of sond As smal as man may se yet lyeChaucer, Geoffrey 2009 11 05 The Complete Works of Chaucer In Midd
We already own I honestly admit I ve never read the whole book from cover to cover, as the language is just too hard for that But although the bits I ve read over the years took up a lot of my spare time, they make marvellous reading material and I still occasionally pick up this book to read in it a bit.