A Bird Named Enza

A Bird Named Enza This Is A Story Based On The History Of The Influenza Of 1918 It Is Written From The Perspective Of One Man And His Inability To Save His Family And Town From The Deadly Influenza Of 1918 I Had A Little Bird.Its Name Was Enza.I Opened Up The Window,And In Flew Enza A Childhood Chant Heard On The Playgrounds Throughout America During The Influenza Of 1918 To This Day, The Influenza Virus Of 1918 Remains A Mystery It Spread With Alarming Speed Across The Country And, After It Ran Its Deadly Course, The Pandemic Had Taken Than 600,000 Lives In America And 30 Million Worldwide No One Was Safe The Young, The Old, The Healthy Could Become Sick In The Morning And Dead By That Same Evening.Come With Us Back To 1907 And Meet Frederick Walter Kelley Stay With Us To Meet His Family Grow With Us In A New Town Cry With Us Through The Final Chapters Of Death.