Set in Silver

Set in SilverAlice Muriel Williamson 1869 1933 Was A British Novelist She Was Charles Norris Williamson 1859 1920 S Wife Her Former Name Was Alice Muriel Livingston, And She Was Introducing Herself After Her Marriage As Mrs C N Williamson Her Mystery A Women In Grey 1898 Was Translated And Adapted Into Japanese By Kuroiwa Ruiko By The Title Ghost Tower In 1901 Alice And Her Husband Collaborated In Writing Too Many Books Including The Princess Passes 1905 , The Motor Maid 1910 , The Port Of Adventure 1913 , It Happened In Egypt 1914 , The Shop Girl 1916 And The Second Latchkey 1920. 4.5 STARS Wonderful travelogue told through letters It s full of beautiful descriptions, humor, romance and characterization Would love to see this made into a BBC film it would be gorgeous and has all the right elements beautiful, charismatic, intelligent young protagonist surprisingly attractive guardian returned home from abroad and whom she might end up being a bit in love with upstart trying to butt into her affections he s appropriately named Dick Burdon devout gooseberry sister of guardian chaperone gorgeous and beguiling widowed aunt of young upstart trying play matchmaker and to cozy up to handsome rich guardian herself And a gorgeous motor vehicle to zip around on the tour The travel really brings out the uniqueness of the various British counties with all the regional flavor Five sta
I started out this book thinking it would be a 3 star novel I got farther into it and thought, well4 stars Today I finished it and just had to go with 5 stars.Evidently this married couple, the Williamsons, wrote a whole lot of books together around the turn of the 20th century This is the only one I ve read so far, but I don t think it ll be the last Evidently they like to write books in which A Lots of traveling is done, preferably by automobile because it was the latest, coolest thing and B Someone is in disguise.Both of those qualifications are met in this book Audrie, a young woman who has just taken up a post as music teacher, owes one of her students a favor for helping her get the job.The student, a 19 year old girl named Ellaline, is an orphan and has never seen or communicated much with her guardian, who is just returning from some type of military post in Asia Ellaline is prejudiced against him and has decided to elope anyway, but her fiance can t come for her right away, so in the interim, she asks Audrie who is 21 to pose as her and keep the guardian off the track.Audrie is expecting the guardian to be a gruff, dragon like old man, but instead she is surprised to meet a kind, fairly normal man who is a young looking 40 His name is Sir Lionel Pendragon.Sir Lionel is expecting his ward to be a carbon copy of her flirtatious, undependable moth
I loved the sweet romance at the heart of this story The travelogue was a bit tedious for about the first third of the book Then I came to the wonderful realization that I live in the era of the Internet and, most importantly, Google I simply started image searching every proper noun of the place variety Suddenly, my inability to to form mental pictures was no longer a hinderance The downside is that I now have a growing desire to motor around England Top on my list of
It is a treat for those who know and love British legends, classic literature, monuments, history, landscapes Imagine that it is 1910, you are driving by car eg like this and you are visiting all places worth seeing in UK If you want to go on such trip you should read this book You will see places linked with William the Conqueror, King Arthur, Henry VIII, Bronte sisters, George Eliot, their books and many, many other people, places, stories I think that you will take a big breath of love for all that is British.Unfortunately, I know not enough of British history and literature to be able to have the pleasure of reading it I mean, I know a few classic British writers, basic history of UK and deeper some periods and facts, thanks to books , but I grew up neither in UK nor near British admirer Also, I have been never in UK I am some kind of British admirer for only the last two years But I am not studying British culture and history I simply adore British literature And it was not enough to
The Williamsons tend to go in for making their characters a tourists somewhere, and b at least one character is pretending to be someone or something he or she is not.In Set in Silver , for instance, the tourism is a motor tour in 1909, please note of southern and western England, about half of Wales, and some of northern England The character pretending to be someone she isn t is the heroine, who is pretending to the hero that she is his ward he s been in Bengal for 15 years and the last time he saw his ward she was 4, so she can do this His actual ward is lurking in Scotland, waiting for her French soldier sweetheart to get leave and come and marry her Life is complicated for the heroine by the Wrong Man, who excuses his habit of nosing into other people s business by calling it a talent for detection , and who has found out the truth about her and is using the threat of exposing her to the hero to make her do what he wants What he wants being to get him and his aunt invited along on the motor tour Him, because he s madly in love with the heroine though why he thinks blackmailing her will cause her to look upon him with anything but fury and loathing is unclear , his aunt because she thinks a rich baronet the hero would make an excellent second husband.T
Audrie Brendon is a 21 year old music teacher at a French boarding school A student in the school, Ellaline Lethbridge, is an orphan who has never met her guardian, Sir Lionel Pendragon Ellaline is 19 years old and secretly engaged to Honor du Guesclin, a lieutenant in the French army When Ellaline receives word that she is to leave the school and join her guardian, she doesn t know what to do because she thinks Sir Lionel will forbid her marriage to Honor Ellaline devises a plot Audrie will impersonate Ellaline to Sir Lionel until Ellaline can elope with Honor to Scotland Sir Lionel has not seen Ellaline since she was four years old, so he won t know the difference Audrie feels compelled to go along with this since Ellaline was the one who got her the job at the school, and Audrie is supporting her sick mother.Audrie joins Sir Lionel and his sister on a cross country road trip Ellaline s plan works at first, but complications arise when an aspiring detective, Dick Burden, discovers Audrie s true identity Dick falls in love with Audrie and blackmails her into asking Sir Lionel to let him and his aunt accompany them He also forces Audrie to pretend she like him, which becomes very awkward for Audrie when she realizes she is in love with someone else.The plot of this book is actually very good, but the road trip aspect of the book turned it into a travelogue, and I couldn t stand those parts The constant detailed descriptions and history of every landscape
Suspence is the word It ended far better than I could ever of expected Our heroine helps a friend out even aganist her first thoughts and I hope I don t give to much away by saying, WHAT AN AGE DIFFERNCE phew, at least I got that out. Sweet, happy ending, nice clothes Read this book for free through Project Gutenberg

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