Soft Touch

Soft Touch Jerry Jamison Wants Out Out Of A Sloppy Marriage, A Dull Job And The Empty Suburban Rat Race Once Jerry Had A Beautiful Bride And A Good Salary At Her Old Man S Successful Business That Was Before His Wife Turned Into A Lush Before The Business Started To Go To Pieces And Before The Lazy Afternoon When Vince Biskay, An Old Army Buddy, Rings His Doorbell And Makes An Intriguing Proposition Vince Promises To Bring Excitement Into Jerry S Life And Money But This Is A Plan That Leaves Only Death And Destruction In Its Wake This is an ancient 1958 stand alone from John D MacDonald That said, the book has held up a lot better than most of MacDonald sfamous Travis McGee novels Soft Touch is not nearly as preachy as the McGee books and, although it is clearly a book of the 1950s, it is not nearly as objectionable in its treatment of women.Jerry Jamison is trapped in a job he hates, working for his father in law who is behind the times and who doesn t have sense enough to let Jerry bringmodern ideas in This is an ancient 1958 stand alone from John D MacDonald That said, the b
Sometimes with noir novels, I find myself asking Can this really happen this way Are people really this stupid But not in this case MacDonald hooked me from the beginning, and never let me realize that this plot, even as outlandish as it is, was an
Haven t finished re reading all of MacDonald s books yet, but safe to say this one will be ranked near the top First you have the opening scene of the crumbling marriage and life Then the stranger the old army buddy comes to town The deft back story so we know what our boy is capable of Then the caper and all the stunning complications as our everyman pro
SOFT TOUCH 1958 John D MacDonaldJerry Jamison is in construction He works for his father in law who had earlier bought out Jerry s business Jerry hates his father in law, who has no idea what should be done or how it needs to be done to meet the demand of the post war housing boom Jerry has also had it with Lorraine, his wife, who has turned into a promiscuous lush Their marriage is rapidly falling apart One day Jerry answers a knock on the door it is Vince Biskay,
When you read piles of noir PBOs or piles of any fictional genre , many of them do, of course, start to seem the same, but this only heightens your appreciation of the ones that are really good When the formula has worked its way into your DNA, you can see which writers are innovating and pushing boundaries and which ones are just going through the
Interesting early book by John D MacDonald Falls into the subgenre of a guy living a normal, if not happy, existence when one day there s a knock on the door and from then on, his life starts spinning out of control. This has to be one of the darkest, most streamlined noir rides to hell MacDonald wrote It is certainly the darkest John MacDonald novel I ve read in recent memory and it reminded me of Jim Thompson s stories Highly recommended if you can handle an absolute nightmare. 30 dec 14, tuesday evening, 7 52 p.m e.s.t 19 from macdonald for me i just finished a great story from macdonald, On the Makeor A Bullet for Cinderellaas it is also titled 1958 soft toucha shorter version of this work appeared in cosmopolitan magazine under the title taint of the tiger this one starts when i got home at six o clock on an april fri
Good MacDonald thriller I ve read all of JDMac s Travis McGee books Soft Touch is not like them I did enjoy it, an easy read, and for me an unexpected ending.

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