The Blue Cloak

The Blue Cloak Based On Real Events Beginning In Rachel Taylor Lives A Rather Mundane Existence At The Way Station Her Family Runs Along The Wilderness Road In Tennessee She Attends Her Friend S Wedding Only To Watch It Dissolve In Horror As The Groom, Wiley Harpe, And His Cousin Become Murderers On The Run, Who Drag Their Families Along Declaring A War On All Humanity, The Harpes Won T Be Stopped, And Ben Langford Is On Their Trail To See If His Own Cousin Was One Of Their Latest Victims How Many Will Die Before Peace Can Return To The Frontier I thought this was going to have romantic suspense and less gory details of criminal activity, but I was mistaken and let down However, it was interesting to read about this period of time on the frontier The Harpes are psychopathic murderers and I want to erase some of the details of their killings from my memory Ben and Rachel were sweethearts, but the emphasis was mostly on the Harpes Thank you to Net Galley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review. I have read and enjoy all of the books in the True Colors series It s a fictional series based off of true crime happenings in the past.This one dealt with some tough subjects and didn t play out as I expected it to.It was interesting to read the author s notes in the back of the book explaining the story based on fact and read about it in depth Not for the faint of heart there is brutality and a crime spree Get ready for edge of your seat action.Published March 1st 2020 by Barbour BooksI was given a complimentary copy of this book Thank you.All opinions expressed are my own. The history brought to light in the True Colors Series has been fascinating The Blue Cloak takes readers back to 1797 Tennessee and a spree of crimes by two relatives there is debate if the two men were brothers or cousins that were heinous The author does a spectacular job of painting the setting Historical figures and facts are brought to life in the words of the novel.While the details of the crimes are carefully penned, the brutality described is difficult to read and there is one part in particular that left me speechless and staring in to space before reading on.The afterward was an excellent companion to the novel and it s amazing how much of the novel was based on actual events and people.My gratitude to publisher Barbour for a NetGalley copy of the novel I was not required to post a review and all opinions expressed are my own. 4.5 starsAmazing story of the horrendously dark trail of murder that followed the Harpe Brothers in the late 1790 s.I have found this series of true crimes, True Colors Historical Series of American Crimes to be intriguing McNear s historical research and attention to detail is apparent in this fictional account I found the historical setting of the frontier of Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee in the late 1790 s to be fascinating McNear s skill as a storyteller brings light in the form of faith, family and friendship as a beacon of hope amidst tragedy The characters seemed so real, the tension, danger and raw emotions so vivid that I was immediately drawn into the story.Sally s, along with Susan and Betsy, role as a bystander these horrendous crimes tugged at my heart How many women were are abused, suffering intolerable situations, afraid of the consequences if they sought escape I would highly recommend this story for fans of historical fiction, but not for younger readers.McNear s talent with the pen and integrity in her research, even with such a dark story, will land her books at the top of my TBR.I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author publisher and was not required to write a positive review All opinions expressed are mine. A riveting tale based on a real eighteenth century crime spree Not for the faint of heart, as this well researched story includes some grizzly murders and violence, with just enough detail to imagine the terror and evil of the pair responsible Yet in the midst of it all there is still a light of hope and faith, plus a tender romance For he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee So that we may boldly say, the Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me The writing is tight and the characters spring to life from the first page on So much tension and danger lurked along the Wilderness Road, it made me want to hold my breath and pray for them sometimes Prayer is indeed a powerful weapon against spiritual darkness, as emphasized in the story The tragedy of Sally s dilemma especially tugged at my heart She holds onto a thread of faith in her horrible situation though, clinging to what is good Loved Ben s stalwart character and his determination to see justice carried out, showing mercy to the women who were victims also The author s notes at the end were interesting She did a stellar job of wading through genealogies and records to merit out the facts Not an easy subject to write about, for sure Mature situations and violence make this an adult read Historical Christian romance fans may like it if they can tolerate the subject Recommend An ebook was provided by the publisher via NetGalley All opinions expressed my own. The True Colors series are fictionalized accounts of true crime stories I have read each book in the series as crime stories are some of the things that interest me The Blue Cloak is based on the Harpe duo who are believed to be the first serial killers in the United States I can not imagine the angst author Shannon McNear endured when agreeing to write, then actually researching historical records to glean information for this book It is an horrendous story of two sick, perverse and evil men.This had to be a major work McNear did a very good job of creating the fictional characters of Rachel and Ben to add a believable romance to this story as is done in the series The two characters are deeply embedded within this account as are their family members, actions and place in the plot The author was able to create the feel of the evil criminals without giving great detail or highlighting the heinous crimes This is an intense story If even having violent crimes alluded to is distasteful to a reader, be warned This is a deeply sad and emotional story in my opinion I am pleased with how the author was able to embody the faith and beliefs of the time along with gritty emotions which helped victims and pursuers to keep pushing on I could feel the tension, strain and exhaustion at points in the story It has the feel of a true account The loss and theft of life is a poignant part of the book.Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for my advanced readers copy This has the absolute feel of true crime without vile language or graphic violence. I have enjoyed this series very much which is based on true crimes, but this one was very dark and gritty The brutalities committed by the two brothers in this story definitely made me cringe throughout this story Serial killers are difficult to understand and even harder to read about McNear s obvious research shows throughout the book and is detailed in the epilogue Using not only historical tools but also genealogical tools to make sure her work was as accurate as possible must have been vastly time consuming My heart went out to Ben as he spent weeks and months attempting to join others and catch the two brothers whose first known kill was his cousin The circumstances that Sally found herself in were beyond imagining, and it is difficult to see how someone during that time period could ever recover from their experiences Her own prayers and those of Rachel and her own family had to have kept her from losing her sanity Overall, a difficult book to read due to its darkness and cruelty yet it showed how Satan is at work, but God can help us walk through the most difficult times I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Books through NetGalley Opinions are mine alone I was not compensated for this review. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review The Blue CloakBy Shannon McNear REVIEW I have a strange association with The Blue Cloak I like the story, but I also hate the story The premise of this one is very compelling, dramatic and intriguing, especially if, like me, you have never heard of America s first serial killers, the Harpe brothers This is their story, but, thankfully, the author describes the horrible murders in a much less offensive way than others I have read I won t say it s not disturbing because it is The nature of the crimes and the almost joyful reverie with which the brothers committed these heinous acts is incomprehensible, and it has stayed with me I m a sensitive person, though I did learn a great deal of information from reading this book The story is well written and researched, and the women who watch and endure so much helplessly elicit so much empathy and sympathy from the reader It s a truly heart wrenching scenario that is difficult to imagine As historical fiction goes, The Blue Cloak is excellent, but the subject matter is brutal If you are sensitive, consider carefully before reading. Kudos to Shannon McNear for tackling a difficult subject of serial killers in 1797 America This is part of the series True Colors Historical Stories of American Crime by Barbour Publishing I give this than 5 stars The research into these events was extensive and thorough Ms McNear has done justice to the rein of terror committed by the Harpes along the Wilderness Road in Tennessee She balances it nicely with the romance of Rachel Taylor, daughter of a Way Station owner and Ben Langford, cousin of one of the victims of the dastardly duo This was a very hard subject to read about but Ms McNear has done a superb job of giving us the facts but tempering them so as to be understandable She gives her characters a faith to sustain them through troubling times The story tells us that evil has been around for a long time and sometimes it affects the godly In the character of Sally, who is caught in an impossible situation, the author shows us how a woman in an abusive relationship thinks and acts and is virtually caught in a snare To think that most of these characters are real people who endured and perpetrated these things is mind boggling To her credit, Shannon McNear has brought this story to life, the horrific and the everyday life of frontier America I appreciate Shannon McNear s writing and with every book of hers that I read She is a consummate storyteller She says in the afterward that she bathed this novel in prayer and it shows I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishers on behalf of the author I was not required to give a favorable review All opinions are my own. Compelling Absorbing The Blue Cloak is a fictional story based on true events A riveting tale of what seems to be America s first serial killers It is also an unfortunate tale of how physical and psychological abuse can be the shackles that bind the victims to their abusers.A great five star read in my opinion Thank you to Goodreads Giveaways and for a digital ARC of this book.

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