What It Seems

What It Seems A Page Turning Novel Of Suspense About The Perfect Family, And The Perfect Lies, By The Bestselling Author Of When I M Gone And The Waiting Room Adopted By Her Controlling Foster Mother At The Age Of Eight, Twenty Year Old Tara Has Seen Little Of The Outside World Lonely, Punished For The Slightest Offense, Her Only Distraction Comes From Watching The Feely Family S Online Videos They Re An Affectionate Vlogging Quintet And An Internet Sensation Most Important, They Are Tara S Mental Refuge Then The Opportunity Arises For Them To Be Something When Tara Accepts An Internship With The Close Knit Clan, They Re Her EscapeDaring To Run Away, And Defying Mother S Rules, Tara Is Welcomed Into The Loving Fold But The Tara Gets To Know Them, The She Realizes That Not Everything Is As It Seems As Secrets Slowly Surface, The Image Of The Perfect Family Begins To Crack For Tara, It S Another TrapTo Claim A Life Of Her Own, She Ll Need A New Escape Plan Because As The Show S Popularity Explodes, Reaching Even Fascinated Viewers, Tara Can T Shake The Feeling That Mother Is Among Their Ranks She S Watching She S Waiting She Ll Never Let Her Go So, I did that thing that reviewers aren t supposed to admit but we totally do I spent the last 50% of this book hate reading it.I m actually admitting that with NO SHAME WHATSOEVER because this is kind of a train wreck.I never believed in a single one of our characters Our 20 year old 12 year old main character who apparently literally stinks and who is smart enough to figure out how to fake an ultrasound photo but who can barely put a pair of pants on Our male lead who is both unobservant, incurious, and just kind of there Our over the top villain who does everything but tie our heroine to the railroad tracks while snickering.I didn t believe our plot I couldn t figure out why anyone would hire stinky girl or why the family had two extra children who had practically no role in anything or why our girl stinks at all So, yeah I didn t like this I did finish it Why Because I kept hoping for some huge conflagration in which Stinky is unmasked and everything falls apart.Le sigh Even that disappointed ARC provided via Net Galley Sorry I hated it 2 stars because I finished it. This book is a real page turner Tara was a foster child at age eight, she is now twenty Mother is beyond cruel to her but Tara escapes at night by watching a You Tube family, the Feelys All is not as it seems in this book and you will be especially surprised at the ending I was like, OMG, with my mouth hanging open There is so much to this story but I don t want to leave spoilers Tara is an intensely written character and she will make you feel many emotions Sadness emanates from her Mother is well developed as are the other characters This book will stay with you because what is truly happening, could be true All I can say is grab this book An incredible read filled with suspense. Thanks to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for a copy of this book the opinion expressed is entirely my own.I found this book to be a solid read a 3.5 stars Tara Angela is a 20 year old young woman who is totally dominated by a creepy and truly awful foster mom She has been abused physically and mentally since she was 12, so if that s a trigger for you, you might want to avoid this book At 20 circumstances occur that allow her to try to escape That escape is successful, but as she tries to find her way as an intern with a you tube vblog family, circumstances are equally stressful, just in a different way This is a story of how a young woman finds her way out of a hellish life and begins to figure out who she is and if she s strong enough to survive.Overall I thought the story arc was strong The blurb about the book makes it seem as if the vblog family is something scary or sinister While their reality is different than portrayed on you tube, there s nothing particularly sinister about them But, there is enough evil in the mother for anyone I have an aversion to protagonists that are hand wringers When half the book is full of oh poor me, whatever should I do internal dialog, I usually stop reading This one straddled that edge for me..but when I did find myself thinking, oh just stop whining and DO something, I remembered her upbringing and the PTSD she was undoubtedly dealing with, and kept reading I m glad I did. What It Seems is about a foster child, now 20 living with her foster mother She was 8 went Tara went to live with her controlling foster mom Lonely Tara locked in her room all day finds happiness in a Vlog on YouTube about a real family Something Tara never had Fortune happens when the family need an intern for their show Will Tara be able to escape her foster mother What It Seems is about a foster child, now 20 living with her foster mother She was 8 went Tara went to live with her controlling foster mom Lonely Tara locked in her room all day finds happiness in a Vlog on YouTube about a real family Something Tara never had Fortune happens when the family need an intern for their show Will Tara be able to escape her foster mother Tara was adopted by her controlling mother when she was a little girl and sees very little of the outside world One of her only joys is watching videos of families on YouTube, especially the Feely s The Feely s are the perfect family and when they post a video seeking an intern, Tara jumps at this once in a lifetime opportunity The only problem, how is Tara supposed to get away from Mother Although relatively entertaining, it didn t feel as suspenseful as I was expecting and the plot was pretty predicable I received a reviewer copy of What It Seems by Emily Bleeker from the publisher, Lake Union Publishing, through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. What It Seems by Emily Bleeker is a tense and taut thriller that kept me fully engaged and turning the pages with a growing sense of unease This is the first novel that I have read from this author, but I am certainly looking for to add to my always growing TBR list.Tara was adopted by her foster mother when she was eight years old Never having a clear understanding of why her birth family abandoned her, Tara is a damaged young woman who has found herself the victim of emotional and psychological abuse at the hands of Mother Her only outlet is watching YouTube videos of seemingly happy families When the opportunity of an internship arises with her favourite blogging family, the Feelys, Tara, now calling herself Angela, finds it within herself to escape the clutches of Mother, and lands not only the job, but a place within the family that she has come to love But not everything is as perfect as it appears from the outside, and Tara must find a way to not only reconcile herself with this surprising dose of reality, but to also break free from a mother who does not want to let her go.This was a fast paced read that kept me sufficiently and satisfyingly unsettled throughout,Many thanks to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for this ARC, Experimental Excellence With this book, Bleeker does something she s never done before writes a tale in first person And for this particular tale, that was likely the only way to make this story as good as it is This story involves some pretty heavy abuse, but that actually drives the reader to want to find some resolution and drove me to complete the 304 page book in less than 12 hrs, which is a rarity even for me An excellent take on the not what it seems side of a popular cultural phenomenon, while also an excellent tale of survival and what a person will do just to get to the next day Truly great work from an author I ve been following since her debut a few years ago now Very much recommended. This was a heart wrenching story that slowly unfolded This is a story that will effect how you look at YouTube stars and will highlight things are not as they seem Angela s life dramatically changed when she was adopted by her foster mother at 8 yrs old, including her name to Tara She is isolated and very little contact with the outside world for 12 yrs.She finds comfort in an internet family that she thinks is perfect She manages to get an internship with the channel, that gives her the strength to escape her situation As she spends time with the family, slowly she sees their life is not quite so perfect Angela Tara finds herself trapped in another impossible situation Will Angela Tara find away to be free and have her own life Will her adopted Mother find her again This is a story that will take you on a ride you did not expect Thanks to Netgalley for complimentary copy Thoughts and opinions are my own. Tara is 20 but living a life as a 12yo, her stepmom keeps her locked in away from the society Will she ever escape Unfortunately, this one was not for me, I thought the book was going to have much suspense than it did and I had a hard time believing the plot and characters.It s a quick read but it didn t do it for me.Thank you NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for the advanced copy.