Christmas in the City

Christmas in the CityTwelve Bestselling Authors Have Come Together To Brighten Your Holiday With Six ALL NEW Co Written Novels Travel Through Six Cities And Fall In Love With These Enchanting Love Stories LJ Shen Helena Hunting Just The Tip It S Not Every Day You Meet A Stranger Who Knows How To Jingle Your Bells Corinne Michaels Melanie Harlow Baby It S Cold Outside My Christmas List Did Not Include A Broken Heart, Freezing Temperatures, Or My Tree Stuck In The Door To My Apartment Building, But That S What I Got Just When I Thought Santa Had Failed Me, I Got Something I Never Thought To Ask For Vi Keeland Penelope Ward Kissmas In New York It Was Just Supposed To Be A Simple Kiss With A Stranger I D Done It To Prove A Point That I Hadn T Lost My Sense Of Adventure But You Know What They Say About The Best Laid Plans Maybe I D Get Something In My Stocking After All This Holiday Season Sierra Simone Kennedy Ryan The Christmas Crown Noelani, Queen Of Manaroa, Has One Mission On Her Diplomatic Visit To The States Forge Strategic Alliances For Her Homeland When She Meets Brooding Security Specialist Brock Grimsby, Their Unexpected Alliance Heats Up The Holiday One Night No Promises, But Come Christmas, Will Either Be Able To Walk Away Penny Reid LH Cosway Songbird Two Lonely Souls Find Companionship In Dublin For One Magical Night Broderick Adams Doesn T Mind His Solitude, Until She Walks In Ophelia Kelly Sings To Heal Her Heart, But Has No Idea He S Listening Sarina Bowen Elle Kennedy EPIC Jamie And Wes Are Having A Blast Living And Working In Toronto Until A Scout For Another Team Swoops In To Make One Of Them An Offer That Might Complicate The Life They Ve Built Together CHRISTMAS IN THE CITY Is A Holiday Gift As A Thank You It Is Available For A LIMITED TIME Epic by Sarina Bowen and Elle KennedyDamn I love WESMIE 4 stars because I could have done with a sexy scene P Epic Sarina Bowen Elle Kennedy 2 starsGrabbed this antho largely for this collab because love me a bit of Wesmie and Blake Wasn t festive or particularly memorable and if I d not not read it I don t feel I d have really missed out on anything I know, I know, bah humbug.Songbird Penny Reid L.H Cosway 3 starsAt 3 chapters it was all very insta but it was festive and romantic and I could have happily read from Ophelia and Broderick. THIS IS NOT A DRILL Fans of Him Us, there is a Wesmie short in this book AND this book is currently F.R.E.E.Clickity click EPIC by Sarina Bowen Elle Kennedy This is the definition of heartwarming True, I am a sucker for Wesmie all day every day, but still.Every time I read about them it feels like catching up with old friends and it s not just Wesmie but this whole WAGs universe these authors have created It wouldn t be a Wesmie story without Blakey being Blakey, ammiright Shameless grovel coming right up I fervently wish they would continue on with this series There I said it.Because this story reinforced their complete and utter devotion to each other without being clich AND did it in a fun, sporty and lighthearted way that stays true to them and this universe I m not really sure why this was included in a Christmas anthology since it s not Christmas y unless you count the whole treating others with kindness deal which should be something we all strive for year round but I care not I m just grateful I got to catch up with them again and hope to do so again in the future Will probably read a couple others Because Penny Reid insert heart eyes here I ve only read EPIC so far because Wesmie, obvs so I won t rate this just yet buuuut it was adorable and I loved it and all the feels Probably a four Hope to chip away at the other stories soon but this was a perfect little Friday treat. I m calling this read because, hello, I read the Wesmie story and that s the only reason I downloaded it. I only read the last short story in this collection EPIC by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy because it s about my favorite fictional couple ever WESMIE It s absolutely adorable and sweet and the love Wes and Jamie have for each other makes me so happy I won t say why but the hockey match was thoroughly delightful And it was very refreshing to see Jaime be so confident and sure about what he wanted And it s obvious that Wes will do anything for him I don t celebrate thanksgiving but this was definitely a lovely little surprise gift from the authors, and I hope this is not the end and I get to meet them again and again in the future. Update I went back to read The Christmas Crown after I saw that it was co written by my two queens, Sierra Simone and Kennedy Ryan I have a few quick remarks, so here goes I wanna know who thought it was a good idea for Simone and Ryan to write a novella together because let me tell y all, MY OVARIES WERE NOT PREPARED FOR ALL THAT STEAM Number two, bless whoever s idea it was for these two queens to collab because yo girl don t even like insta love but I was definitely living for Lani and Grim s story.Lastly, can 2020 hurry the fuck up already because I need that expanded novella ASAP I am here for Wesmie and only Wesmie I loved it But I want MOOORRRE Currently FREE on Even though two of these short stories were yes, I know I m biased when it comes to Wes and Jamie ok Leave me be 5 5 some others were really not even close So overall, according to my calculator because I m a language student and can t do math, the rating is 3 stars 1 Just The Tip Helena Hunting L.J Shen literally how horny do you have to be to get aroused by a random ass stranger touching your arm 2 Baby it s Cold Outside Corinne Michaels Melanie Harlow This was pretty cute I love that they were actually supposed to be meeting each other anyway lol 3 Kissmas in New York Vi Keeland Penelope Ward I really enjoyed this I generally like Penelope s writing style and this story was really fun The heroine is girl crush material 4 The Christmas Crown Sierra Simone Kennedy Ryan AAAAAAAAHHHHH THIS ONE WAS EVERYTHING I absolutely don t care how unrealistic that ending was I m here for it Noelani and Grim are gonna have an actual novella TAKE MY MONEY I got so invested into these two that I didn t want their story to end Best story of this collection without a doubt 5 Songbird Penny Reid LH Cosway This was really sweet wholesome I d definitely read of it 6.EPIC Elle Kennedy Sarina Bowen Jamie does absolutely anythingWes, me, the whole world the reactions to Jamie being back playing were the absolute funniest thing ever lmfao I love them. 4 Happy Happy Stars Limited Time FREE The Only Question I Have is Why Wouldn t You Click Click this AnthologyI mean this is the list of participants L.J Shen, Helena Hunting, Corinne Michaels, Melanie Harlow, Vi Keeland, Penelope Ward, Sierra Simone, Kennedy Ryan, Penny Reid, L.H Cosway, Sarina Bowen,Elle KennedyAll of these talented unique authors gifting us for the holidaysRun, Don t Walk and Click Click awayFor Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways