Final Play (Fake Boyfriend #6)

Final Play (Fake Boyfriend #6) It S A Vacation None Of Them Will Forget Before Their Futures Become The Present, Noah Convinces His Friends They Need A Group Vacation A Final Play Before They Re All Tied Down By Responsibility And Unyielding Schedules Everything Is Changing Marriage Kids Careers A Trip To Fiji Is The Last Hurrah To End All Hurrahs And From Disastrous Marriage Proposals To Grand Gestures To Life Changing Confessions, Two Weeks On A Private Island Becomes The Beginning Of The Rest Of Their LivesFinal Play Is A , Word Novel Told In The Point Of Views Of All Ten Fake Boyfriend Main Characters It Contains The Boys Final HEAs It Is Not Intended To Be Read As A Stand Alone THE BIG SUPER FAKE BOYFRIENDS EPILOGUE This story was such a blast and I m thrilled that Eden decided to write this five epilogue book to tightly wrap up the futures of all of the fake and not so fake boyfriends that we ve come to love over the course of this series.The book contained all of the signature humor and irreverence of the series, along with a good deal of steam however, it also covered serious subjects, such as proposals, weddings and non weddings , career changes, and having children.In short, this is the book where the boys finally grew into full fledged adults, while still retaining all of their weird, wonderful, and let s face it, over sexed ways.This story gave me ALL THE FEELS and I was sad to read the last page, since this series has been one of my very favorites of the last couple of years.I ll miss them all dearly, but Eden did allude to other stories in the same universe, so fingers crossed there.I d rate this final chapter of the series at around 4.5 stars and happily round that up, thanks to all of the Happily Ever Afters in this crazy series My ARC copy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.See All My Latest Reads Review Quick Links Everyone who knows me, knows that I am a big fan of closure Especially when it comes to the stories I read A book with an open end gives me hives I can t help it I am special that way PNow imagine my level of giddiness when I received this awesome conclusion of the Fake Boyfriend series A huge epilogue for all parties involved This book gave me warm and fuzzy feelings all throughout It also left me a bit sad thoughknowing we have finally come to an end That said, I am sure that Eden Finley will grant us many awesome new series in the future and I will be re reading this one over and over and over again This book should not be read as a stand alone but I highly recommend the whole series, so what are you waiting for An ARC was provided to in exchange for an honest review

Since the day Eden announced that there would be a final short story collection for the series, I have been very excited for it and spent the last two days checking my kindle to see if the ARC dropped And once it did, I had to read immediately though it was late in the evening because there was no way I was gonna wait Noah and Matt are amazing together and it was wonderful to see Noah become such a different person from how he started But this story was about Matt coming to accept that he would never have a relationship with his parents and he did a great job taking care of his siblings They were not my favorite couple when I read Trick Play but I have really come to love them so much Damon and Maddox s story is sweet and hilarious and I would have expected nothing less when Maddy is present Damon is really the rock supporting this friend group and it was nice to see him finally deciding to invest time for themselves than his work And I never expected Maddox to become so happy and content with commitment.Ollie and Lennon are one of my favorites in this series but their story here didn t live up to my expectations But they are happy and that s all I want However, I absolutely adore the surprise gift that Lennon gave Ollie And then come Miller and Talon my top favorite couple and they will forever remain so The story starts off with a mature behaving Talon which was a total surprise but ends with their usual shenanigans and I couldn t stop laughing The ending of their story when the whole gang is present almost brought tears to my eyes.And finally, it s Jet and Soren s turn It was very lovely to see Jet making thoughtful decisions about both his career and life and Soren is the perfect partner for him And their story ends a bit in the future and we get to know a lot about the lives of the Gay brigade and it made me immensely happy I m so so happy that this short story collection exists because I definitely wasn t ready to be done with the amazing characters from this series Found families is one of my favorite tropes ever and this series has one of the best friend gang found family ever and I m so glad I got to read about them I maybe sad that it s the end but I know I can always reread Very satisfying conclusion to such a fun series. The start of the rest of Noah and Matt s lives is a short introduction to how the guys ended up with both a baby and a teenager at the time of book five.It s short and sweet and demonstrates the absolute commitment they give to each other and how much love is in Matt s heart for the siblings he was forced to leave behind Wonderful, I can t wait to read the rest of the gangs beginning next steps ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review. 4 Stars I didn t think I needed any closure for any of these couples and for a couple of them I didn t, but for the few I did I was really happy to get them I really did enjoy this entire series and the men I got to know along the way I mostly enjoyed reading about Max and Damon and how their proposal went It was funny and so them I was happy to get of Noah and Matt to see how they came upon getting custody of Matt s youngest sibling and how adoption became an option There wasn t a lot brought to table with Deke and Ollie s story But it was still nice to touch base with them I love me some Miller and Talon and they didn t disappoint in their short These boys always bring the laughs with their mischief Soren and Jet got their happy ending and it was nice to see them so settled All in all this was a nice rap up for all of the men.I was given an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review. It s like herding cats, honestly But in the hustle of trying to organize us, the photographer takes candids I already know the photo that will be framed on our mantel won t be the last shot the one where we re all standing straight and smiling at the camera It ll be the one where Talon has me in a headlock The one where Matt and Noah are fussing over their baby girl Where Maddox and Damon are kissing, Lennon s looking up at Ollie lovingly, and Jet s sticking his tongue out at Soren while flipping off the camera Because that s the photo that s us Miller, Final Play Oh My Gosh I was so emotionally unprepared for this series to end I went though a range of emotionsFrom to and finally Because I was not ready to say bye to these guys yet I know, logically, that Eden Finley can t write about them forever But I would have read them that long I ve only been reading mm romance since early this year but the, Fake Boyfriend, books are my favorite series overall I can honestly say I loved every book Some were special to me than others but all were highly enjoyable I guess it s true that all good things must come to an end Luckily, Eden made sure all of our guys went out in style with a novella for each couple.My favorite two stories of the book were Talon Miller and Jet Soren.Talon and Miller because they were as funny as I expected I didn t even hear anyone come up It s hard to when Talon s touching me I guarantee it s how we re going to die There ll be some big natural disaster, but Talon and I will be too busy fucking to evacuate Bam Dead Not the worst way to go Miller Their novella was the perfect mix of funny and feels I will not cry I will not cry I m a big, masculine, offensive tackle We don t do tears Talon continues In the words of a great philosopher, If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you Aww fuck, I m crying He leans in and whispers, That great philosopher is Winnie the Pooh, by the way I burst out laughing Fucking Talon His vows are him in a nutshell Miller Jet and Soren were my favorite couple of the series and their epilogue had me laughing one minute and my heart hurting but in a good way the next minute Yup, got the shot Let s move on This time, Jay, I need you lip syncing and looking at the camera while acting like you re speeding across the water Soren, just be natural Kiss his neck, shoulder, whatever Hear that I smirk at Soren You get to kiss my whatever Jet Final Play, was a splendid, feels filled ending to a fabulous series These guys have a permanent place in my heart I can t wait to see what Eden Finley writes next. Series of epilogues for the couples through the series Still believe Jet and Soren didn t need a whole book Frankly this sappy cheesy af cash grab was also unnecessary The only thing the fake boyfriend universe needed was a Matt and Noah sequel. What a wonderful way to end this wonderful series, with short snippets into every couples lives and how they solidify their HEA.First couple we get Matt and Noah Their story in this happens before the trip to Fiji that takes place in the beginning of Jet and Soren s book We find out that months before then, one of Matt s sister called him came to Chicago, 17 years old and pregnant She is looking to adoptat first And that brings up questions of Matt and Noah having kids They ve been married for 4 years by then, but kids haven t been a huge subject yet But with the possibility of Matt s sister giving her baby up for adoption and Matt being so loyal and protective of his family and him also wanting kids, Noah knows his husband and while he freaks out at being a parent, he takes a day to mentally prepare himself for the decision to adopt her baby and become parents sooner than they thought.But it turns out that Matt s sister doesn t want to give the baby up and wants to go to college as well and Matt offers to help pay for it and a place for her to stay so she can have her baby and go to college, to do both Noah isn t as relieved as he thought he d be when he learns of that news, and leads to a discussion of them having a baby themselves and they both ultimately want it so they put their names on an adoption list.3 months later, Matt and Noah go to Tennesse to be there for his sister s baby s birth because she asked them to be there, but Matt s parents are also there.and it actually turns out to be a way to provide some closure for Matt, and we learn how they acquired Wade, Matt s youngest sibling, as well, which we had learned in the pervious book.I love these two together and it was great to read about how they got to their even solid HEA, with their baby we briefly met in the 5 book Loved it.Damon and MaddoxI don t think I realized that I missed these guys until we got a few chapters about them In the years since they got together, these two are as solid as ever, but on the trip to Fiji, Damon is worried he works too much and should step back, and Maddox thinks that Damon wants to get married, and he ll do it for him.We get to actually read about this supposed disastrous proposal we heard about in the last book They go on a hike and it doesn t go according to planbut it actually works out for the best anyway Damon and Maddox both don t want to get married, and they re happy the way they are, and it works for them They know they re going to be together forever, anyway What works for some, doesn t work for others What works for some of these couples, doesn t work for these two, but they re happy anyway and they work out how to be solid in their HEA and doing it their way.Damon still does cut back on work a little though to be with Maddox than he has been the past 4 years, and Maddox is giddy about it.Perfect HEA for them.Ollie and LennonI have to say, while I enjoyed these two and their story and this little snippet, I think they re my least favorite couple I dunno why, I just don t connect with them as much as the other couples.But this was a nice little check in with these two to get where they are and where they want to go We re still on the trip to Fiji with them, and we see Ollie and Lennon have a talk about where they want their relationship to go, and like Damon and Maddox they also don t want marriage or children all that much and are happy with each other A nice little bookend to their story, at least, with a fun blowjob scene with a funny ending And also a sweet ending that ends with special tattoos for these two lovebird.Miller and TalonThis one starts in Fiji but ends later than that We learn that Miller is planning to retire after one season in the NFL and is scare to tell Talon about it, although Talon s reaction when he finds out is not bad at all, to Miller s relief.We skip forward 7 months after that to these two getting married, and doing it in a little town called O Leary fun little crossover to May Archer s series to try to evade paparazzi and their wedding Not everything goes perfectly, what with Miller and Talon s tire blowing out and them getting caught doing some hanky panky by the town Sheriff Silas from book one of May Archer s series and then getting a ride to the venue.but then they forgot their tuxes in the car they left behind although that does leave a little extra time for these two to get it on before the ceremony And this one ends with these two married and making their own decision about children as well, getting their ultimate HEA.Jet and SorenTheir story starts off a year after they got together, and while they re doing a music video for one of Jet s and his exes, Harley songs, Soren realizes that he wants to marry Jet.The proposal happens super fast as in later that night and then two days later in Chicago with all the guys but the way it happened was still super sweet and worked for these two They also agree to wait until Jet is 30 to have kids, and then we get a glimpse of 6 years in the future, back at Fijiwith a snapshot of all the couples and how they re doing.What a great way to end this wonderful series, seeing all the couples get their HEA, whichever way that is.And I loved how not all of them got married or had babies just because that is what expected It worked for some of the couples and they wanted it, but for two of the couples, it didn t, and I loved seeing that they were perfectly happy and content with the way things were and didn t feel like they were missing out or anything We got to see how it can work with two kinds of couples those who want all the marriage and kids and those who don t but also how happy both kinds of couples were anyway Loved it.Two thumbs up from me, I loved getting this last glimpse of these wonderful couples and this wonderful series Can t wait for what is in store for with Eden Finley Definitely recommend 333 What a lovely epilogue for a fantastic series Content warnings include sex on page, paparazzi, characters go to a strip club, characters get drunk.I often have a hard time saying goodbye to characters when I read an entire series with them, and the end of the Fake Boyfriend series with the release of Hat Trick earlier in November was no exception.Therefore my delight at hearing there will be a final book, featuring an epilogue and HEA for each couple of the series, was limitless.And Final Play does not disappoint at all We get to see the five couple make and finalize plans for the future in various aspects Promises, conversations and overall feelings from their own books are picked up Even the side couples from Fake Boyfriend Breakaways are mentioned There are also hints to future books, that, while not part of this series, will be part of the same universe.Timeline wise it plays both before and after Hat Trick, and especially Matt and Noah s epilogue here wraps up some things that I felt were a bit neglected in that book.I also adore Noah on the cover Definitely a must read for fans of the series, and as such it can t be read as a standalone I recieved and ARC and reviewed honestly and voluntarily 4 StarsMy rating excludes the stories from Damon Maddox, Matt Noah and Ollie Lennon as I have not read