Hate Crush

Hate Crush They Call Him The Devil When I Crash Landed Into Him On My First Day At Loyola Academy, I Was Sure That Couldn T Be True He Was The Most Gorgeous Man I D Ever Seen In Real Life Little Did I Know He Was Also The Cruelest I Went From Starstruck To Stunned The Moment His Cynical Eyes Cut Through Me I Can T Tell You What It Was That Made Him Want To Punish Me But From That Day Forward The Brooding Recluse Of A Man Made It His Goal To Torment Me I Want To Loathe Him, And Some Days, I Do But Good Or Bad, Nobody S Attention Has Ever Tasted So Sweet What Do You Do When You Have A Hate Crush On Your Bully Worse Yet, What Do You Do When He S Also Your TeacherHate Crush Is A Full Length Standalone Age Gap Bully Romance With A Complete Ending God I don t know what it is with me and books lately I had such high hopes for this one, one look at the author and remembering how much I loved CROW by her I couldn t wait to get my hands on this one.BUT I really struggled. He took the cake with being an arrogant asshole, and she just came across weak with wanting to please everyone which in the end made it hard for me to connect with her character overall and I found myself just cringing through most of the book Their interaction just came across stilted and unbelievable I wanted to get carried away in the forbidden but it fell short for me Others before me have loved this one, this one just wasn t for me, give it a shot come release day and like others you may end up loving it xox I love Zavarelli s books, her crazy stories always make me want to bite my nails out And again, she managed to leave me with my jaw on the floor I have a thing for bully books so when I realized it was also taboo, I was SO curious Both her teacher AND her bully It s so fricking original, damn it , Stella LeClaire is starting her senior year at a new prestigious high school, Loyola , where money is just as important as grades And because she doesn t come from old money, she has to deal with the mean rich girls But her biggest challenge is facing the tough teacher, who makes all the students shake in their expensive designer shoesSebastian Carter , Stella was mature and witty I loved her strength, just because she was restrained and didn t fight back well, I couldn t handle what she went through NOW so definitely not in high school I would have probably locked myself somewhere until my parents would come to take me home Sebastian is the kind of character I love to hate and hate to love Super dominant, possessive, jealous and alpha in the full sense of the word On the outside he is cold and tough and I wanted to punch him in the di % But on the inside he is a broken man, with a tragic past He doesn t like his job, the teachers who work with him or his students He only has one purpose to calm his conscience and make up for his past And so, Stella becomes his project Despite all the hate between them, they can t ignore the electrifying chemistry So how will it end What does he want from her And who will exactly redeem who , , Damn, this book was HOT Although there were BDSM scenes which I really don t like I was afraid my Kindle would catch on fire Surprising twists, forbidden romance, dark scenes This book made my heart beat in the best way possible BUT In all of the bully books I v read, the best part for me, was seeing the characters surrendered and fell in love, and it was missing here There was physical attraction, but I didn t feel the love In my eyes, Stella depends on him, because she wants to please everyone and Sebastian was obsessed with her and only saw her as a project and I have to admit that it kinnda bummed me out at the end So it was between 3.5 to 4 stars for me At that, this book reminded me of Dark Notes By Pam Godwin So, if you want read about hearts and flowers, this is NOT the book for you but if you want to go on a crazy ride full of passion get some clean underwear and get ready for a BLAST O O E O I T G NOW LIVE Four stages of Forbidden romance Lust, Denial, Passion, Guilt and Ash explores each in depth with her trademark flair for gut wrenching angst and frustrating intentions.This one is an off beat norm for her, and a standalone to boot I just fell in love with Stella LeClaire She s back trodden but not for long She has a lot of fight and grit in her, despite her tender age and horrendous familial background She s trapped, first by her parents induced guilt and then by Mr Lucifer Hot Teacher of Doom Carter Her day one at the prestigious and elite Loyola Academy start on the wrong foot with the resident Mean Girl Posse, the burgeoning of strange feelings and unwanted attraction for Sebastian Carter.He himself is a walking talking dichotomy His Hot cold brusque attitude, gruff and abrasive personality keeps his heart shut tight and Stella s head in a spin I could freeze to death waiting for your warmth The sizzling chemistry set the pages on fire, the secret trysts in detention room were regular scorchers They throw caution to the wind and I was stressed, lest they be caught It was dangerous and thrilling to watch them escape with hair s breadth everytime Their relationship was doomed from the start It s expiry date written before the manufacturing date it seems I m handing you the loaded gun, All good love stories end in tragedy, He was hiding a huge secret, so was she..He was running from home, so was she..He was madly in love with her, so was sheThey re opposites that attracted like magnets and readers get glued to them like voyeurs.There s the usual suspects of jealous colleagues and spiteful teens plotting against them There s missing in action parents who ditch and run, there s scorned and scornful staff who threatens to bust them open cruelty is a just pain s gatekeeper And amidst all this is this young, mismatched couple trying to battle the calls of their heart and body.It s saturated with explosive passions and soaking guilt so naturally there s angst in all its full rangeA euphoric and visceral ride into this well written and deeply romantic book will make you Ashleigh s hard core fan instantly, if you re not there yet 4 stars Love Poison BookBistroBlogApproved Follow me on BookBistroBlog gmail.comhttps Twitter.com BookBistrowww.instagram.com BookBistroBloghttps bookbistroblogger.blogspot.com 3.5 stars I have read A Zavarelli for years and have LOVED her stories They can range from mafia to contemporary if she writes it, I will read it For that reason, I was intrigued when she said Hate Crush was a bully romance as bully romances are a weakness of mine and a trope I can never get enough of Sebastian and Stella were delicious, sexy and their banter was engaging But while I enjoyed the story and found them to be compelling, I did find that their connection was somewhat stilted I never really felt the love and the zing between them While their attraction was obvious, her feelings for him seemed almost co dependent and obsessive due to her feelings of abandonment versus real emotions of love In addition, while he was dominant and alpha, I never quite believed that he loved Stella To me it felt like she was a pet project he could check off his list during his time at Loyola As a result, this was a mixed bag for me as I hoped for of a connection between them as I have found in countless other books by Zavarelli.Don t get me wrong, bully romances are my weak spot I love them than anything especially seeing the couple fall in love amidst the bullying and turmoil a turning point so to speak But I unfortunately couldn t find that here in Hate Crush While this was a sexy student teacher romance, it didn t have that love story feel I crave But like always I love this author s writing style and look forward to from her in the future 3.5 stars, Ratula The smell of freshly sharpened pencils isn t the only thing in the air this school year Class is in session, and Stella LeClaire is about to get schooled I just want to start by saying Thank you AshleighA Zavarelli for the ARC I have a lot of different emotions with this book, there is the age difference, horrible families, suspense, lies, love, bulling, and some karma thrown in there that has me all over the place I wanted to throat punch Sebastian but then I wanted to hug him close Stella was strong character for her age and what she has already been through These two together were off the charts hot Oh and let me also tell you how much I loveddddd Sybil she was a freaking great friend There are many sides to Sebastian and we finally got to see all of them which is good If you haven t read this author you need to, her Boston Underworld books are also to die for Put this book on your list to read, you won t be disappointed 3,5 Cherrybomb stars This is the first time that I m reading A Zavarelli, except of her Boston mafia series which i loved very much, and I was so curious about how she will deliver this story You see, I m a sucker for bully romances and for the first time, i was reading a bully romance book but with a teacher and a student Another delicious taboo, i can add The story had much interest, and it had good potentials I found myself enjoying it very much I just wasn t feeling the connection of the two main heroes so much I knew you were poison the first time I saw you, but I wanted to drink you anyway Yep, this was a student teacher romance, with a very difficult and dominant teacher whom loving to test his students very much In Stella, Sebastian had found the perfect project for him And she had found in his face someone to rely on since she was having abandoning issues Yep, there was a huge attraction between them, but it seemed a little bit rushed to me And not only that There was abruptness, especially in the beginning, between them and it seemed a little bit weird to me I just didn t feel the sparkles She s supposed to be my project for this year I want to break her, but not like thisAnd yet, I fear that s exactly what I m going to do But the story was really good and after the middle it picked up my interest in high levels Stella was a lovely girl, but i m afraid, she was very needy She wanted to please the ones around her and that seemed like a problem to meAs for Sebastian He was literally all over the place He was one cold and one hot and he was giving me a headache Yep, i could understand why he had become like that, but still the most part of his interactions with Stella seemed soooo clinical I m a sick fuck And so are you, Stella I put you through hell to amuse myself, and yet you keep crawling through the coals for just one second of my attention Overall, it was a good story with many interesting things inside It just didn t give me the chills, but that s not only bad, right I m just emphasizing that this is my personal opinion and not necessary the right one I m here, aren t I For now But for how long I could freeze to death waiting for your warmth I won t let you I m ready to crash and burn, Stella Just don t give up on me I received an advance copy of this book Thank you I love A Zavarelli s books but this one unfortunately didn t hit the spot for me When I saw it was a bully romance I was like sign me up I can t get enough of them I was intrigued and couldn t wait to dive in Especially when I saw that it was a bully student teacher romance I love both of those tropes so I was dying to read What I loved was Sebastian and Stella I loved the dominant possessive side to Sebastian, but I felt like their connection could have been developed I wanted to feel what they were feeling and I didn t quite get that Overall a good bully, student teacher romance. 5 STARS He is undoubtedly Satan, but I want him, no matter the cost to my soul Where the hell should I start Yep, Ashleigh did it again, she managed to render me speechless She wrote a book that I read in under 24 hours, yet again I promised myself I d savor this but we all know that when a book is fucking awesome, no promises matter any And now that this has ended, I m left with a gaping hole in my chest and apathy that is going to feel crushing soon.This book tells the tale about soon 18 year old Stella LeClaire who starts her senior year in the prestigious Loyola Academy She faces a lot of difficulties from day one, but all those will diminish away as she meets her biggest challenge yet a teacher named Mr Sebastian Carter And tangling up with him might just teach her the cruelest lesson yet As far as Sebastian Carter is concerned, I have no doubts there will always be pleasure and pain Stella Stella, Stella I had been pretty sure before already that A Zavarelli writes the best heroines in the business, but she has taken this character to a whole new level I loved this girl to pieces and there were times a lot of them when I wanted to teleport myself where she was and hug the shit out of her just because She is loyal to the core, funny, sassy, a perfect blend of maturity and naiveness She s fragile, but so unbelievably resilient and her strength, no matter how much it was tested, stayed unwavering I have plenty of friends I count them off on my fingers Chaos Neurosis Psychosis Anxiety The list is never ending See what I mean And now enter Sebastian fucking Carter At this point, ladies, you can throw your panties across the room because they will evaporate anyway The man might be hot as sin, but he s also completely detached from human emotion This motherfucker was a new level of alphaholesness I didn t know if I wanted to rip his clothes off or slap him across the face He s crude, aloof, doesn t give a single fuck about anyone and everyone at Loyola refers to him as Satan And yet still, I fell in love with him so hard it hurt my butt when I landed Because under all that unaproachablesness he s radiating, is a man with a broken heart and soul that is trying to escape the pain he has to live with every single day The pain never goes away I just want it to fucking go away Stella and Sebastian were like dynamite together Explosive, dangerous, deathly Reading about them was all butterflies and squeezes in my heart I can still feel that enormous connection these two characters shared They are meant to be together They complete each other They are everything and will go down as one of my favorite couples of all time When I m drunk on this chemistry between us, nothing else matters In these moments, he s worth losing everything for This book is a steamy hot romance, with thousand scoops of forbiddenness, a splash of suspense, and a foundation made of loyalty, possessiveness, denial and heart crushing love A must read for EVERYONE This isn t a love story, baby It s just a tragedy Now take off your clothes or leave I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review