Tony and His Tiger (Oh My! #3)

Tony and His Tiger (Oh My! #3) Jason Manns Loves Love Too Bad It Doesn T Love Him Back He Retired From Professional Football And Came Out At The Same Time, Excited To Finally Search For Someone Special To Share His Life And His Kinky Secret With But What He Ends Up With Is A String Of Increasingly Bad Hookups That Leaves Him Unfulfilled And Alone Tony Taylor Doesn T Believe In Love Even If It Were Real, It Never Lasts He Knows Because Everyone In His Life Has Suffered From Heartbreak, And His Only Attempt At A Relationship Ended In Disaster Instead, He Focuses On Being A Good Dom, And One Off Encounters Suit Him Just Fine At Least, Until Jason Lands Directly In His Path Jason Is Everything Tony Doesn T Want A Bratty Submissive Looking For Than One Night Together But The Electricity Between Them Is Too Intense To Deny, And They Start A Secret Fling That Slowly Evolves Into When Tony Faces The Risk Of Losing Him Forever, Can He Admit His Feelings To Jason And Himself Or Will He Allow The Walls Around His Heart To Ruin His Chance At Happiness Tony His Tiger Is A Sweetly Kinky And Steamy , Word Friends To Lovers MM Romance Featuring A Big, Bratty Submissive, His Small, Grumpy Dom, And A Whole Lot Of Puppy Play It Is The Third Book In The Oh My Series And Can Be Read As A Standalone Nothing is sweeter than watching a puppy, a kitten a baby basking in the glow of the sun Tony and His Tiger is the sweetest and the kinkiest book in the Oh My Series by Lila Wilde and Andi James It was a joy reading Tony and Jason endearing, super sweet and captivating journey to HEA They re the classic opposite attract couple , their weakness , strength and BDSM kinks compliment one another Tiger It was also a great treat seeing and getting updates on the lives of Teddy and Barrett from Teddy and His Bear Book 1 and Leo and Dylan from Leo and His Lion Book 2 as they are integral part of this tale I was specially delighted in having so much participation from Dylan he was even funnier and cuter than before , he is my favorite character from the entire series Tiger s taco squeaker toy If you believe in fairy tales , like I do After all, that s one of the reasons , I read Romance books where the good guys always win , get to travel to wonderful and exotic locations, true love is real and everyone have a HEA You ll believe me , when I say Tony and his Tiger s story will brighten and sexy up your day Received a copy of Tony and His Tiger through LesCourt and this is my unbiased opinion. Wow, I absolutely love Tony and His Tiger This Andi James and Lila Wilde book, the third in their Oh My series, is easily read as a standalone.It s the perfect combination of a BDSM club read, with some kink and a bratty sub And dear god, Jason has a secret desire, and it is hot Tony recognizes immediately that Jason places his trust in the wrong people often When he reaches out to help the man out of a bad situation, the results are than either could have ever expected.The way the two men come together is great, as they naturally gravitate towards each other after a great moment of interference Jason needs to relax and escape his problems, while Tony s never been a relationship guy Damn, I love Jason and his complexity A former NFL player, he still has endorsement deals which could be ruined if his desires are outed It s dangerous enough that he likes kink, and that he s a sub, but if they found out his favorite kink, he d lose everything There are also times he s just such a child in his thoughts that I adore him even .I don t want to spoil anything, but omg, just read this book Now Tony and His Tiger is an amazing story of trust, secrets, and desires It s a tender tale of finding someone who accepts the real you and wants to support you I love this book Love it. Oh so Good I absolutely loved Tony and Jason s book I fell hard for this series from the first book, Teddy and His Bear, and I ve been hooked since I loved Jason s big, giant squishy heart and how much he always saw the best in everyone He was such a sweetheart, you couldn t help but want to give him all the hugs and hope he found his HEA Tony was a fiercely loyal friend, and a Dom who put taking care of people his highest priority I loved that he would go outside his comfort zone for Jason s needs Their chemistry together was amazing, and the sexy times were off the charts hot Their story made me laugh, smile, and fan myself sometimes all at the same time I loved getting to catch up with characters from prior books too I couldn t recommend this book or series I have been waiting for what seems like forever for this book..I loved the first 2..Unfortunately, I did not love this oneI really wanted to..I did not like Tony at all, however Jason was awesome and deserved so much than he was given..there was just not enough on page time together with Jason and Tony for me to feel what they were supposedly feeling..Tony was a dick.I also didn t like how Dylan nor Barrett were portrayed in this book..It felt like parts of a story were pieced together to get to an endit just didn t work for me. Supercalifragilisticdoitfortheunicorns Amazing I loved this book from the moment I beta read it all the way through the finished product Each book in this series is unique and charming and Lila and Andi write such beautiful, funny, strong, adorable men that you can t help, but fall in love and claim them I mean I claimed Dylan a long time ago, but now I am madly in adoration of Jason so maybe I need two I love that each book gives us a unique story and a new kink, but yet it is all one big family I adored this book and though I had dreams of seeing Jason in lace, his puppy gear is even better This was an amazing story that I just didn t want to end I loved the characters even the supporting characters were likeable and made me want to get to know their story I loved Tony and Jason s chemistry, and I found the actual romance part to be sweet and endearing with the D s parts being not totally being about kinky sex.I read a complimentary advance copy of the book this is my voluntary and honest review. Tony and Tiger are perfect Squeee So good Tony and Jason are superb together I ve been waiting for this story since that awkward morning after the Halloween party in Teddy and his Bear I really loved the inside look we get of Jason in this book He is an absolute sweetheart even if he is the world s biggest brat I m also super happy for Tony because he was such a huge supporter of Teddy in book one that he just needed his own happy ending If you like bratty subs, smallish dons and puppies then I highly recommend this book Read it You know you want to I love this series and although no one can beat Dylan maybe my favorite character ever , Jason was very sweet and a fun brat I love the fact that he was a big and bulky sub and Tony was a small Dom. This is a fun and entertaining addition to the Oh My series and I really enjoyed it Tony and His Tiger is well written, sweet, sexy, hilarious, the characters are great and I love the storyline Jason is amazing and I love how caring and giving he is Tony is not my favorite character in this series and it took me a long time to warm up to him He is definitely not my first choice of a perfect Dom for Jason but as the story progresses I like how accepting and patient he is with him They are not a perfect couple but they are exactly what the other needs The obstacles they face are caused by them as neither of them knows how to be in a solid mature relationship but once they decide to move forward they are both all in I love all of the secondary characters and Teddy and Dylan are super sweet as well as hilarious My favorite part of the whole book is when Dylan decides he needs to be a better sub and chooses Jason to help him as I could not stop laughing at Dylan s attempts to be serious instead of his usual zany self The only part I really didn t like is the secrecy about their relationship that Tony insisted on as it put Jason in a very uncomfortable position with his friends and family The ending is perfect and I can t wait to read the next book in this wonderful series.I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book. I was gifted an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review This book is FABULOUS it s just W O W It is a wonderful love story with amazing, totally lovable MCs and some super hot sex It is my favorite type of BDSM story with Dom and sub looking and behaving far from the stereotypes It was a great pleasure to watch them getting close, becoming friends and then something They are completely different and it is obvious that normally they would never give each other a second glance This is a funny, fast paced book with amazing characters all of them, not only Tony and Jason I haven t read other books in this series and right now I totally CRAVE to know Barrett and Teddy s and Leo and Dylan s stories They all seem to be great people and really good friends If You re looking for some hardcore BDSM it is not a book for You The romance part is pretty sweet, the way they were trying to stay just friends with benefits and also hide it from their best friends was actually kinda funny The chemistry between them is absolutely AMAZING They couldn t keep their hands and mouths from each other It was my first book with puppy play that I really enjoyed Thanks to Tiger I understood the idea and really liked it It was surprisingly exciting.