Mr. Naughty List (Home for the Holidays, #2)

Mr. Naughty List (Home for the Holidays, #2) A Cute Teacher Gets A Spanking This Christmas How Hot Can It Get Being On His Former Student S Naughty List Is Aaron Allowed To Want A Hot Holiday Fling With His Young Former Student Even Forbidden, Is He Allowed To Want This Student To Spank Him It S Another Christmas, And Aaron Is Still In The Closet As A Gay Man And A Natural Submissive With One Youthful Indiscretion Blacking His Ethics Record, He Can T Afford To Indulge His Desires No Matter How Pent Up And Needy That Leaves HimUntil His Former Student Comes Home For The HolidaysDominant And Charming, RJ Knows What Aaron Needs Intense, Steamy Encounters And A Firm Hand As Christmas Nears, RJ Helps Aaron Unlock His True Self But Family And Fallout Await, And All Good Things Must End Or Can Their Hot Holiday Affair Turn Them Into Lasting Lovers Mr Naughty List Is A Steamy, Christmas MM Romance Set In The Home For The Holidays Series That Began With Mr Frosty Pants, But Can Be Read As A Standalone Featuring Light D S, Spanking, An Older Sub With A Younger Dom, Former Student Teacher Dynamics, And, Of Course, Warm, Sweet Holiday Feels Complete With A Strong Happy Ending He s making a list Checking it twice He s gonna find out who s naughty or nice..Yep, it s that time of year Personally, it s one of my favorite times Of course, it s always busy but I stuff every free moment with holiday stories and I m so glad Mr Naughty List was my first this year I have opened a story from Blake before and thought, okay, this is going to be a lighthearted quick read You know the ones, those stories that are fun or sexy but barely skim the surface They might be enjoyable enough but faces fade into the background and you move on, most likely forgetting the book by the next week The last time I did this with one of Leta s stories it was with a particular cowboy and the book ended up knocking me off my feet Boy did she ever prove me wrong I should know by now she doesn t ever merely scratch the surface This time I was equally surprised by our teacher and musician The pages flew by and I fell deeper and deeper into their world It was definitely H.O.T but it was so much than a kink fulfilled with a ruler Can I tell you a bit What s to like When Aaron runs into a familiar face at a club he finds himself in quite a predicament He made a mistake a few years back and is trying his best to keep his nose clean ever since Sadly, he is forced to give up pieces of himself in doing so Bottling up his wants and desires has kept everyone else happy but the pressure has become too much He s about to explode His former student is all grown up now and Aaron thinks if RJ helps him with a bit of release he ll be able to keep up the facade He s not out at his school and he intends to keep it that way In no way is he looking to date or for a relationship, he just needs to let go and give in to his sexual cravings Then he will be fine That s right A bit of fun and he ll cram the stopper back in Go back to the single teacher minding his own business Now it s time for Mr Danvers to be surprised He never expected RJ to not only fulfill his kinky needs but fill in other gaps in his heart But that s exactly what he does There were a few naughty scenes that had me holding my breath, debating if I liked them, but I was relieved when they were handled with care I tend to tread lightly with dom sub stories because they haven t always worked for me in the past but Blake delivers a beautiful story about trust As RJ s mom so beautifully put, Love is trust and I melted as the final pages slipped by.What s to love I adored the strength and power of RJ Blitz He s home for the holidays, spending time with his family Yet, he feels out of place and unsettled He s not sure he belongs here His wandering feet have taken him many extravagant places over the last few years and he s never found a reason to plant roots Perhaps the reason he feels so transient is due to his fly by night mentality Or maybe he just didn t feel wanted He has no desire to fall in love Love is for fools Love doesn t last Right Mr Danvers was his lofty crush during his final year of high school Having him at his mercy is a dream come true Too bad he s only home for the holidays Speaking of Mr Danvers I loved him and his meticulous ways I loved his cat, best friend, and dad I loved his passion for teaching and how he cared for his students He s a control freak and everything about his life is rigid and disciplined, except in the bedroom He longs to pass the reigns and embrace the freedom of being at his lover s mercy Building a relationship with a man in such a way isn t much of a possibility when he has to hide this part of himself But his wretched boss will surely make good on her threat to destroy his career if he doesn t abide by her rules And his career is all that he has Or is it I think you should find out Beware of Insecurities Self doubt holds significant power Kink Naughty can also be very nice Family dynamics Lots of drama including neglect, homophobia, and undesired desires And a beautiful ending that will lift your heart.This book is for If you ve read Mr Frosty Pants you ll get to check in on Casey and Joel but you don t need their backstory here Anyone looking for a sensual and tender story that does than smack the surface, add Mr Naughty List to your wish list.Book UNfunk Leta Blake is a master at writing kink Especially the kind of kink that comes along with giving up trust and losing control.Here it s Aaron, an uptight teacher who is wound so tight he s almost at breaking point, and RJ, a former student only four years younger than him who has the key to his surrender.The Dom sub element here is mostly confined to smacking and impact play, but it absolutely works to demonstrate the trust that Aaron gives RJ when he finally admits that he needs someone to remove all his responsibilities and just make him feel.I loved this Christmas based romance, it s set in the same universe as Leta s Mr Frosty Pants, but you don t need to read that one first, although Casey and Joel do make a couple of small appearances and they re still happy.There s a bit of family related drama to raise tensions and I ll just say Aaron s mother is the kind of person who really shouldn t have ever become one.But I loved his dad and their crazy extended family, as well as RJ s mum and step dad and adorable half siblings The drama with his step brother also worked well I think and helped to show the difference having family support can have.Spicey hot and surprisingly tender, it s a lovely festive read ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review. This was so good Full review shortly DNF 61%This one just didn t work for me I honestly didn t like either MC The story never held my attention The dialogue was cheesy and eye roll inducing The sex was a bit cringe worthy.And this coming from a pretty big Leta Blake fan If I recall I didn t love book 1 in this series either so.My first Christmas story miss. Ohhhhh, so steamy and sweet There s the hint of being forbidden since RJ was Aaron s student about five years before they meet again, and I dig the role reversal in that RJ is the dominant partner Along with delicious spanking and mild D s, there s meaty family drama and holiday feels I loved how RJ and Aaron s sexual connection blossomed into romance It s great to see Casey and Joel from Mr Frosty Pants again, but this book definitely stands alone The unique Knoxville setting is vividly brought to life, and I look forward to books in this series I edited this book and am biased, but I genuinely did love it. NOW AVAILABLE Amz US The first thing on RJ s list is seducing Mr Aaron Danvers That he can do.His former teacher is even hotter than before and now after all these years, he can finally go for it Even for just one night In the club, they meet at, Aaron s needy eyes are all over him and yeah he s been invited to walk him home.One night, one hot steamy night, can never happen Aaron burned himself years ago, an affair with colleague Coach He really didn t know he was married No colleague no former students, nothing in that direction, ever Also, RJ will leave soon, touring, as he is a musician.Just one night with the man who gave him exactly what he wanted There was no turning back.Only one night isn t enough, neither are two or three Aaron desperately wants to give over the reins, and RJ wants nothing than to take them from him.There are complicated circumstances which make any chance for any kind of a future together almost impossible One doesn t think he deserves love and one doesn t believe in love.The intensity from those two men, the sensuality, the need, it was almost unbearable.When they are together something magical happens, all their senses are on high alert, which gave me goosebumps Aaron giving in and RJ strong in charge was everything The BDSM play was awesome, the dirty talk delicious, the greedy need was than excellent There are family members who shouldn t be family, one woman particularly, at moments the angry steam came out of my nose There are family members who deserve a medal.They all bring different vibes into this story.No wham bam sex scenes, noooo there are long extended beautifully build up steamy scenes.Highly arousing and appetizing to visualize The sensuality dripped from the pages The outcome of these scenes was just breathtaking Read it and experience it This was an excellent developed story, it had a strong way of storytelling, emotions everywhere, with a good balance and a well constructed plot The characters of Aaron and RJ were outstanding, raw, wild, lovable and overwhelming.This one will be filed on the shelf with exceptional highly intense stories.An absolutely stunning story, a must read Are you in Santa s Naughty or Nice List I am at odds with this story and my rating of it I liked it but I don t love it.I was going to go on a detailed , in depth analysis of it , but decided against it Here is my short and to the point feedback.Mr Naughty List is a steamy , light BDSM impact play , D s dynamics , sweet , humorous and bit angsty Teacher and FORMER Student, MM Romance Aaron, the teacher is 28 years old and RJ, the musician is 24 clearly, two very close in age and consenting adults Even being a somewhat light hearted Christmas Holiday , hot AF smutty descriptive book Mr Naughty List is a story with depth and deals few sensitive topics as parental neglect and homophobia Overall , I actually enjoyed reading this book even when few things bothered me like Aaron s mother nastiness and lack of empathy The emphasis in making the teacher student relationship as a taboo when it isn t , in their case When RJ mentions a heartbreaking situation he went through and had to endure, for close to a year, as a 15 years old as result of parental neglect his mother reaction , was nonchalant or it seemed to me Anyways, my rating falls between a 4 and 5 stars Received a copy of Mr Naughty List through LesCourt and this is my unbiased opinion. 4.5 stars from me for this sexy and kinky little D s type Christmas Cracker read from Leta Santa and his naughty elf indeed .The kink is fairly mild but hot view spoiler mainly spanking and impact play hide spoiler Leta Blake delivered a holiday book that is full of emotion and naughty hijinks Mr Naughty List is about a teacher and a former student For those who feel uncomfortable, don t worry, there is only a 4 year age difference There were lots packed in this delicious holiday story A little taboo factor I didn t think it was, but others might Naughty fun Like descriptive naughty fun A lot of emotion, than I was expecting, to be honest D s AngstAll wrapped in an ending that made me tear up Mr Naughty List is holiday gold 4.5 Stars