The Mighty Anchor (Rogue Academy, #3)

The Mighty Anchor (Rogue Academy, #3) A Stoic Force To Be Reckoned WithThe Steady Rock On Which England Is Destined To LeanEveryone S Reliable Mate, At The Ready To Defend When Called UponTo The World, Vance Morley Is The Next Great Keeper For The Rogue Football Club, Biding His Time At The Academy The Definition Of Tall, Dark And Handsome, His Quiet Confidence And Mysterious Persona Only Draw The Public In He S Their Mighty Anchor, Both On And Off The PitchBut When It Comes To The One Woman He Claims To Love, He Conveniently Vanishes At The Exact Moment I Need Him The First Time I Saw Vance, He Was A Ten Year Old Standing On His Lawn Across The Street The First Time He Kissed Me, We Were Sixteen And Sitting On The Very Shores We Grew Up On We Crashed Into Each Other Like Waves In A Storm, Fated To Destroy Everything In Our Paths Including Each OtherThe First Time Vance Saw Our Son, By Serendipitous Accident, My Little Boy Had Already Lived The First Year Of His Life And Instantly, The Man Who Chose Football Over Me Wants To Have It All There Is No Way I Can Trust His Declarations Of Love And Fatherhood, Especially When I M Set To Marry Another ManWe Re A New Game, One To Occupy Him Until The World Stage Beckons But The I Try To Tell Myself He S Not The One, The Vance S Efforts To Win Us Back IncreaseHow Can I Guard My Heart Against Seeing My Son With His Father Can Vance Really Sacrifice His Dreams In The Name Of Love And Family Is There A Way That Everyone Else S Safe Harbor Can Finally Become Mine Too Find this review and others at Carlene Inspired.Unexpectedly my favorite of the series With an incredible opening scene, set to the song This Year s Love by David Gray, The Mighty Anchor follows keeper Vance Morley as he discovers he has a son All his life he s been predicted to be the next Keeper for Rogue Football Club, he s just waiting for his turn, but a son, with the woman he s always loved, will change everything for him Vance and Lara had a relationship that was under wraps, when he leaves her behind she does everything she can to pick up her life She provides her son a good life, other than hiding his father from him When Vance comes back into their lives she expects him to run the moment the club comes calling, but Vance is set on proving otherwise We foaught hard we loved harder Lara and Vance are both headstrong individuals, they view their previous relationship differently and certainly have different expectations for their future, but they share immense love for their children I so loved how Carrie Aarons tackled the hidden child story line, this felt realistic than any I have read before Vance is a stand up father, he wants to be there for Lara and their son, but he also recognizes why she did what she did I love how the relationship is formed anew, with just the right amount of drama, angst, and passion The complications of youth weigh heavy on them, but they tackle them maturely, sometimes with a lot of humor, and in a way that is believable Love is swift and lethal, it has no regard for the emotions of its victims The Mighty Anchor is such a fantastic closure to a great sports romance series Vance would not have previously been my favorite, but he certainly is now I loved him, I loved revisiting the friendships he has with Jude and Kingston, and I loved how this book follows a different path than the previous two I was so caught up in this book, devouring it in just a few hours, and I highly recommend it and the previous novels to all sports romance fans.ARC provided. LARAANDVANCE4EVERFIVE SOCCER STARS for Lara and Vance The Second Coming is the first book I ve read by Carrie Aarons and it is also the reason why I continued reading her books.This is the third and the last book from the Rogue Academy series which reminded me why I love so much reading Carrie s books.Carrie s writing style is simple but unique.It keeps you occupied from the beginning till the end and after you finish reading the book you want The Mighty Anchor is a romance story with a secret baby, second chance and sports tropes.Lara and Vance s relationship is a slow burn.They met each other when they both were kids and after a few years when they became older they started dating But then, they started having their first ups and downs which led to their breaking up.And there is where their actual story started.Lara is a strong female character who decided to raise her son on her own because the father of her child once broke her heart and she didn t want her son to experience the same feeling.But, she also found the other man who accepted her son like is own.And everything would be great that her baby daddy didn t discover that he has a son.Vance s is a male character that melted my heart.He s love always was soccer and after he started dated Lara, soccer still was his first love, his number one.It came before his girlfriend.And then Lara realized that she won t be someone s second opportunity.After he discovered Madson, his son, he started changing and he realized that soccer isn t everything, that family is coming always before anything And then he made a plan.To win Lara s love again and become the main part of his son s life.To get his family.If you re looking for a wonderful romance book with a secret baby and second chance tropes, this is the book you NEED TO READ NEXT Highly recommended Original review This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you Carrie Aarons The Mighty Anchor is the third and final book in the Rogue Academy series and tells the story of Lara and Vance Although this is the third book in the series, it can be read as a standalone The Mighty Anchor is yet another amazing book in the series It was such a good read because I couldn t put it down I wanted to know what was going to happen to Lara and Vance One of the reasons that I like this book so much is because Carrie Aarons mentions social anxiety and being introverted, and I couldn t relate to it Lara is such a strong character, but she did make some mistakes However, she s still an amazing character and I loved reading about her Vance is introverted and has social anxiety and I could relate to him I also loved how much effort he wanted to put into the relationship between him and Lara as well as the effort he wanted to put into the relationship with his son The Mighty Anchor was such a fast paced and well written read I loved reading about Lara and Vance and I m kinda sad that this series is over Carrie Aarons did an amazing job with this series and I cannot wait to read her other books 4 1 2 stars I received an advanced copy of this book with the promise of an honest review.Second chance romance combined with a secret baby Yes please The author teased us at the end of the previous book and I couldn t wait to read this one I just loved Lara and Vance When they were young, their relationship was complicated and now that they are bit older, it is even complicated All Lara wants in her life is stability and being in a relationship with Vance is anything but stable But on the flip side, Vance is frustrated with the lack of movement in his career and is starting to wonder if being a footballer is what he wants I loved watching Lara and Vance rekindle their relationship It was never a matter of them not loving each other, so once they were able to get over the past, the relationship part was quite easy But this time around Vance had to figure out how to be a father as well And to be honest, he fell into that role quite easily I found myself smiling because it was just so adorable And I just say that I loved the friendship between Vance, Jude Kingston Whenever they get together they manage to cause some kind of trouble, but they are also there for each other and act each other s conscious If one has a problem, the other two are than happy to help I m actually a little sad that this is the last book in this series I ll miss these guys 5 STARS Carrie Aarons nailed this one I wasn t sure this could happen, but Vance is my favourite of the three friends, although I still love Jude and Kingston You can tell that Lara was the one that always held Vance s heart and vice versa They have some obstacles to overcome before they can get their HEA, but their journey is worth reading.The Mighty Anchor is the third book in the Rogue Academy Series, and can be read as a standalone I highly recommend if you enjoy second chance romances The Mighty Anchor by Carrie Aarons is an EPIC read and will join the ranks of the BIBLIO ARISTOCRACY The Mighty Anchor by Carrie Aarons is the third and final book in the Rogue Academy series, and Carrie again shows us a great story This is the story of Vance who we have meet in the previous books and is best friends with the heroes of the previous books and if you have read those books you can remember that always Vance act a bit different like he was having a secret, and in this book we know all about it.We meet Lara, who is a girl who meet Vance when they were young and start a relationship that he hides for everyone so he can focus on his football career, but there is a moment when they broke up for real because Lara is tired of always been in a second place, so when he never looks out for her and she find herself pregnant she doesnt look out for Vance to tell him about the pregnancy so he never know about that baby.So know in the present Vance find himself visiting his family in his hometown and suddenly outside the story he sees Lara with a beautiful boy that is almost 2 years old So this news changes all his perspectives about his plans for the future.But Vance plans arent going to happen easy because he wants Lara back but she is engaged to another guy So if you want to know about the whole journey about Vance and his little new family you need to read this book as soon as is live, because is a great story This story is a great secret baby, second chance romance that if you have enjoy the previous books you will enjoy this one too and also you can see what happen with the other couples So is the perfect ending for this series Vance may not do it often but the man can get embarrassed about some things, I m glad you like it Blimey, is that a blush Is Vance Morley, the iron giant, happily embarrassed It s almost too adorable for words Vance is a knowledgeable man, when a woman says she s fine, she s about ten seconds away from murdering a bloke I chuckle I liked this book, I liked Vance. The Mighty Anchor is the third and I believe final book in the Rogue Academy series by the talented, Carrie Aarons You can read it as a standalone but I do recommend reading the series since they are all fun, sexy, and emotional Vance is the last of the three horsemen on campus and without the love of his life It was his turn to make his move Twelve years ago Vance fell for the girl across the street Six years ago he kissed her Two years ago he walked away A few weeks ago he saw her again and she wasn t alone She was holding a toddler who looked just him And now, he was in his hometown to meet his son and to prove to Lara that he wasn t walking away this time He wanted his family together Even if she was engaged to another man He knew from the moment they saw each other on that street that it wasn t over Hell, he never wanted it to be but he thought it was better for them to be apart Not any Lara had her reasons for not telling Vance about their son Not one person knew the truth, not even Louis, her fianc The man who her son Mason knew as Daddy He was a good man She didn t want to hurt him She liked their life together It was stable It was predictable It was the complete opposite of what life would be like with Vance Who knew when he walked away to be with his true love The football field Being a keeper was in his blood At the same time, he made her feel alive Made her shiver Made her swoon when he played with their son She had so much to think about She didn t want to make the same mistakes as her parents Marrying to settle She wanted to go all in but is that best for her son Oh, I knew this was going to be good after the bomb that hit at the end of The Lion Heart Vance was the anchor of the team, his friends, and his family He was loyal to a fault and I am so happy that he got his story I love that he knew he was an arse when he walked away two years ago He truly had no idea what Lara had been going through He wished he did And Lara, she was so confused and hurt Overallit s a great ending to an amazing series I just loved this little family of friends Their stories Their beginnings and their HEAs Quotes You can t just waltz back into my life, say every romantic thing you ve ever read in a book, and expect me to go weak at the knees, I whisper, but my feet won t move How come I always have to play bad cop Because I like it when you re bad, Vance says in my ear as he passes me on his way to the tree How are you handling all of this I haven t checked in with her in a while Lara blinks I m fine When a woman says she s fine, she s about ten seconds away from murdering a bloke I chuckle She rolls her eyes That s a thing men say to make us sound crazy. Little did I know, that split second decision would take my solid existence and change the course of it forever Like the sea in the midst of a storm, everything I knew about myself, or held dear, was about to be thrown into the depths of the ocean Vance s life revolves around football Since childhood, he works hard to one day achieve his much deserved prominent position as keeper for the Rogue Football Club And to achieve such a feat, he had to give up countless things in his life But nothing hurt so much as walking away from Lara After all, the girl from the front house he had admired for years, even after a brief secret relationship full of ups and downs and a troubled ending, still has his heart.But maybe choosing football over relationship was not the best option After years, Vance still awaits his chance Years at Rogue Academy, training, giving his best, and yet he didn t get a chance The Academy doesn t value him And he is tired of this situation.And if his professional life is imploding, a new revelation in his personal life will be the last straw for a complete disaster Seeing Lara after so long, he will discover that secrets of the past have the power to hurt In the face of the surprise, anger at lies, the weight of the news and its significance, he will have to make the most difficult decision of his life Fight for his career or for his family Third and final book in the Rogue Academy series, the characters in the other books appear in the story, strengthening the bond of friendship between the guys and showing a glimpse of their lives and a little of the future of this crew.Vance has always been the quietest of the three, but his story is full of drama, reflection, and hard choices His dreams are what motivate all his behavior, but what once brought joy now carries a weight and a sense of discontent Accepting these changes is not easy, the character does not have a smooth journey, but all his questioning, mistakes and successes make him believable and human.Lara didn t win me From the first lines my hate for her only increased I couldn t forgive her lie I found her effort and struggle to raise Mason commendable, but all her other actions were abhorrent Louis was her worst decision.The book is well written, with an interesting story and plot, complex characters and a second chance romance Worth the read ARC provided in exchange for an honest Review I received a copy of this book from the publisher author to review for Stephanie s Book Reports.A stoic force to be reckoned with The steady rock on which England is to lean Everyone s reliable mate, at the ready to defend when called upon To the world, Vance Morley is the next great keeper for the Rogue Football Club, biding his time at the academy The definition of tall, dark and handsome, his quiet confidence and mysterious persona only draw the public in He s their mighty anchor both on and pitch But when it comes to the one woman he claims to love, he conveniently vanishes at the exact moment I need him The first time I saw Vance, he was a ten year old standing on his law across the street The first time he kissed me, we were sixteen and sitting on the very shores we grew up on We crashed into each other like waves in a storm, fated to destroy everything in our paths Including each other The first time Vance saw our son, by serendipitous accident, my little boy had already lived the first year of his life And instantly, the man who chose football over me wants to have it all There is no way I can trust his declarations of love and fatherhood, especially when I m set to marry another man We are a new game, one to occupy him until the world stage beckons But the I try to tell myself he s not the one, the Vance s efforts to win us back increase HOw can I guard my heart agaist seeing my sone with is father Can Vance really sacrifice his dreams in the name of love and family Is there a way that everyone else s safe harbor can finally become mine too If you have read the previous book sin this series you met Van in those books Now your getting is story Lara is the girl he meet when they were young and they fast became good friend, first isses, and first time parents together However Lance doesn t know that his son exists Now that he does he wants to be envolved and keep all the promises he is making to Lara This is the problem though She knows how he is about keeping his promises This is a secret baby romance with a side of second chances and I thought it was cute it wasn t one that I couldn t not put down but I still like it It just took me a while to read it.