Stupid Boys (Stupid Boys, #1)

Stupid Boys (Stupid Boys, #1) I M The Nightmare They Never See Coming You, The One Reading This Right Now Yes You I M Going To Warn You This One Time Don T Decide To Like Me I M Not A Good Girl I M Manipulative I Play Games I Ve Done It Countless Times And I Ll Do It Again I Can Promise You That With Funding Behind Me Than You Can Imagine, I Can Become Anyone I Mess With Men S Hearts And When I Am Done, It Is Than Just Their Money I Take, It S Their Very Sense Of Self The Football Star The Politician The Surgeon The Artist They All Gave Over Their Love I Hate To Tell You How Easy It Is To Make Them My Own A Little Smile A Batting Of My Big, Beautiful Eyes The Most Powerful Fall The Hardest Did They Take Part Of My Soul With Them Try To Get Me To Admit It I Dare You To Try I Ll Never Say The Words You All Want To Hear From Me I M Never Sorry Those Stupid Boys I Warned You Don T Like Me You Ll Regret It The Authors Strongly Suggest You Read The Forward To This Book Before You Go Any Further This Is The First Book In A Trilogy With Strong, Sometimes Dislikable Characters In A World Where Few People Are As They Seem And Love Comes At A Cost Not Everyone Is Willing To Pay Violet eyes Blond hair or dark hair Killer curves A beauty with a smirk, some sass, an air of mystery, and of sadness She warns them from the very beginning don t get involved with her, don t fall for her But it s inevitable They do That s when she destroys them But with some, she destroys a piece of herself too The football star The politician The surgeon The artist Holland stole from them but they each stole a piece of her heart, her soul Now they have found her Now they are all in danger from HIM What a fantastically twisted book Holland is fabulous, verging on legendary She s beautiful and knows exactly how to use her face and body She s intelligent and prepared she knows precisely what a situation calls for, how to read people, and how best to complete her mission She s cunning and unintentionally cruel Hazards of the trade She s a complicated woman Despite what she tells herself, she s not a bad person She does plenty of bad things but it doesn t seem like she has a choice She s not the one calling the shots and her safety would be at risk if she ever refused a demand She s a puppet and HE is manipulating the strings This is her life and she s good at her job but these four men were than a job With them, she neared the edge, flew too high, got too close She s flawed So are the men She hurt them She hurt herself too The men want revenge They want Holly But they had no idea of the intrigue, the danger they were exposing themselves to and now they will all be lucky to survive But just maybe by the end, if they make it out, they will have found so much Absolutely thrilling Left me screaming for , NOW. So uh, what the heck am I supposed to do now You would think that as a woman who has likely read over a thousand books in the past decade, I would learn to read a title better Like, when it says book one that should probably be a clear indication that the story might end on some sort of epic cliffy that will leave me jonesing and insane with the need to know what is going to happen next You d think that, but you d be wrong Because here I am, baffled and irritated that I didn t realize what I was in for.This book is so different from others in the same genre For one, you fall for each man on his own As in, each story is different and unique from the last They re separate despite being part of the same book I m praying, beyond all hope and reason, that these books turn into RH I couldn t pick just one of these men I would be moody and bereft if Holly had to Lord knows she deserves a seriously delicious man sandwich after the life she s been forced to live.Look, these authors warn you They tell you from the jump not to root for the heroine She s not a good woman, except she s not all bad either She s broken She leaks pieces of her soul into the four men she s left behind They each own a part of her that she ll never get back, probably the own real parts of her personality that she s ever freely given and each man has a small portion It s heartbreaking It s beautiful It s poetic, really Given how book one plays out, each backstory feels sort of like a novella It s such an interesting concept for a story Not everyone could pull it off, but these co authors managed to make these characters come alive and flourish I have a favorite man, two actually I mean, who wouldn t But the truth is, it s easy to love them all It s easy to love Holly as well This is a phenomenal story filled with mystery, intrigue, four sexy men who all deserve better than what they ve been dealt and a brilliantly manipulative woman with an honest heart It s a gem, sure to captivate your attention and hold you hostage through each aching experience I can not wait for the next book Ooohhhhh my GOD That was INCREDIBLE I love a good con and God knows my Hubster is borderline obsessed with cons and the psychology behind them , but this one basically wrecked me I fell in love with every single one of those guys, just to get my heart ripped out along with theirs and Holly s But that ending I NEEEEEEEED the next book asap please This book has received A LOT of hype I tend to stay away from books like that for a while b c I don t want to be let down when I don t feel it has lived up to it So to say I was a bit skeptical going in might be an understatement Don t get me wrong, I think both of these authors are amazing at what they do That didn t stop me from being skeptical though So I started this book and at first I was like, Eh, I m not sure I don t think it s going to live up to it Well slap my momma and call me Sally, this book was ALL OF IT Every bit of hype that has gone out into the world about this book was so right.The authors took a way different approach with this book Hollan Holly is not the female lead you want to fall in love with She is very deceitful and she takes our guys down Our poor, innocent, heartbroken guys BUT the you read, the you understand her You SEE her You LOVE her Our guys are all different The Athlete The Politician The Surgeon The Artist Four men so different from each other and yet, they are the ones that stand out the most for her In a life where she is used to walking away, she never expected it to be so hard The further into the story we go we start to learn that looks can be deceiving What you think is not what really is These boys are about to learn that the hard way.I will say that I think this book might be one of those that you love or hate Because it s written in such a different way Also, here is your warning There is a HELL OF A CLIFFHANGER I was reading and all into it and then I turned the page and it was just like..Yea That s how I felt too Like where d the rest of the story go What the hell happened You can t possibly leave me RIGHT THERE But they did So there s your warning.So yea, overall, I fell into this book way harder than I ever imagined and I think these two knocked it out of the park. The first in a trilogy, this book takes us into the past with each of these stupid boys as they confront Holland James, the woman who destroyed them in ways than one.First is the Quarterback, Steven Wolf With an injured knee, surgery and now the grueling physical therapy Steven is fighting to get back into the game Little does he know he s a target for his therapist.Second is the Politian, Graham Kempner He is working to follow in his father s footsteps to the Senate His father is a womanizing jerk who seems to take pleasure in taking his son s girlfriends to bed Graham has some different ideas from his father, and needs to grow a backbone This time though Graham isn t letting his father have his way but it was almost too late Again he doesn t realize there s something she s after and it s not his HEA.Then we have the Surgeon, Charlie Dorfman He s lacking in bedside manor, but is totally enthralled by Holly A wealthy man and not all from his profession he is delighted that she doesn t seem interested in his bank account Nope she wants something else entirely.Finally there is the Artist, Jamie Rawlings He s been trying to be something he s not, and Holly brings out the best in him He s better with sketching, than trying to paint to follow in his mother s footsteps But again that s not what Holly is after.Holly not only won each of their hearts she also took something from each of them Although not without personal cost.A riveting tale, of deceit, love and priorities Plenty of heat in ways than one as Holly does what she has to do.I really can t wait for the next book in this trilogy, it s going to be very interesting. Stupid Boys Stupid Boys Book 1 Kindle Editionby C.R Jane Author , Rebecca Royce Author I received an eARC from the authors and am voluntarily leaving a fair and honest review.Holland is grifter, working for HIM, she is sent to take from four amazing men The Athlete, The Politician, The Surgeon and the Artist Her job is simple, make them fall in love with her so she can get the objects of HIS desire and to do it without falling in love And to hope that they never find her when she is done You are going to love her She has no illusions about who and what she is, but really doesn t see herself.The men are not much better Whether it is the sweet politician or the manic Artist, the men can t see beyond the image she creates Personally I m in love with the Surgeon.Like all well laid plans, it goes awry Sexy, twisted and darker than we are used to from Ms Royce, it is a great read It kept me up all night as the we moved from one narrator to the next as the stories were told The love scenes are tasteful but still steamy enough my heart kept racing The character building is excellent, I particularly enjoyed the way the characters revealed themselves in their less than dependable narratives.The plot is freaking fantastic It certainly kept the pages turning.And the END OMG Don t expect a happy ending yet, because like the best og Ms Royce s books, you are let hanging and jonesing for the next book.https www. Stupid Boys Bo She s plays her part well, until the door to her closed off heart begins to open.Each victim, each mark leaves a stain on her soul and now, now it s starting to affect her ability to forget.What can she do when they refuse to remain in her past, when they stand before her demanding answers. What an unusual and interesting read I dont think I ve read anything even remotely like this before.I enjoyed the snippets into her story with each of the four men, but a part of me couldnt help but wonder if they deserved Perhaps a book each, rather than a few selective highlights of their time together.It almost felt like four novellas, held together by the scene in the present Now that I ve reached the end, I have one big question that s buzzing round my head like an incessant bee, and that s Why them I wonder if the answer will come in book two..The guys whilst different in their occupations were all cut from the same cloth They fell almost instantly for her various personas.Does that mean she excelled at her job, or that they were weak men just looking for love, that s for you to decide.Whilst I wanted to find out , and I still do, none of the Male characters made my heart race or truly excited me A enjoyable read, but not one that will enter my dreams when I go to sleep tonight unfortunately. I m the nightmare they never see coming.You, the one reading this right now Yes You I m going to warn you this one time Don t decide to like me.I m not a good girl. I m manipulative I play games I ve done it countless times and I ll do it again I can promise you that.With funding behind me than you can imagine, I can become anyone.I mess with men s hearts And when I am done, it is than just their money I take, it s their very sense of self.The football star The politician The surgeon The artist They all gave over their love I hate to tell you how easy it is to make them my own A little smile A batting of my big, beautiful eyes The most powerful fall the hardest.Did they take part of my soul with them Try to get me to admit it I dare you to try I ll never say the words you all want to hear from me I m never sorry.Those stupid boys.I warned you Don t Like Me.You ll regret it.Wow such a different book that what i am used too.I really liked the story and the characters.So well written and such details in everything Fast paced with lots of different emotions I truly enjoyed it and the changes the authors made from past to present were really great.A great first book in a new trilogy This book was so different from everything I have read in the past but in the best of ways When I first started the book, I wasn t sure if I liked the constant jump from the present to the past but as I continued reading it, it was obvious that it was the best way to tell this delightful story Holly is such a complex and compelling character She tells you from the beginning of the book not to like her, but just like each of the guys, it was impossible not to fall in love with her Each of the guys are so vastly different from one another and it s easy to see why Holly fell for each one of them The story slowly draws you in, dropping hints that there is going on then we know I could not put it down once I started and almost threw my kindle across the room while yelling, NO It can t end there If you are looking for flawed, compelling characters with a story line that grabs you and refuses to let go, then this is the book for you Read it now You won t be disappointed BRING ON BOOK 2 This book was a departure for me from the paranormal romance I normally read from Rebecca Royce, but I must say I really enjoyed it The stories around each of the four men were completely different, yet all had a thread of commonality Every character in this book is so uniquely human and flawed in their own ways The men are all looking for something or someone to make them feel whole whether they know it or not , and Holly makes it her business to fill that need Problem is she s also looking for or maybe longing for would be accurate the exact same thing Turns out it takes four someones to do that for her They each feed a piece of her neglected soul Each individual story was beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time I can t wait to see how their stories continue to converge and evolve in this series Well done, Rebecca Royce I was given an ARC of this book and voluntarily chose to review All of my opinions are entirely my own.