The Praying Mantis Bride

The Praying Mantis BrideA Deadly Black Widow Has Eliminated Three Husbands And Counting But Nameless Knows Her One Weakness To Bring Truth And Its Consequences To Her Crimes, The Vigilante Must Spin A Web Of His Own In Part Three Of The Nameless SeriesLucia Current Last Name, Rickenbah Has Made A Fortune By Marrying Rich Men Who Tend To Drop Dead But The Superstitious Blonde Believes In Than Money And Murder Nameless S Job Is To Scare A Confession Out Of Lucia, And As The Psychological Warfare Escalates, Even He May Be In For A Shock From New York Times Bestselling Author Dean Koontz Comes The Praying Mantis Bride , Part Of Nameless , A Riveting Collection Of Short Stories About A Vigilante Nomad, Stripped Of His Memories And Commissioned To Kill Follow Him In Each Story, Which Can Be Read Or Listened To In A Single Sitting Well this one was a surprise We have Nameless taking out a black widow And honestly this one was delightful than the other two Probably because of that ending and also the superstitious stuff that Lucia the black widow and her mother believed in like carrying an acorn to stop aging, stepping on ants causes rain, etc Once again though I have to say that Nameless doesn t feel needed here The Praying Mantis Bride has Nameless on a special mission A man that was part of the Ace of Diamonds network is murdered and all signs point to his wife Doing a study of her Lucia they find out the woman has somehow come up empty every time she s married One wonders how the police ignored it We get some interesting conversations with the family members and then we watch as Nameless and associates set things up to cause Lucia to have a fate worse than what she doled out to others.Lucia is developed than the other villains I felt a bit sorry for her though when you read about her mother and what was going on there White cats are good luck, but I can t tolerate them quick and restless Lots of Benadryl keeps them content Nameless carries a pistol in a shoulder holster under his sport coat He s tempted to draw it and shoot the woman in the foot to see if the chicory root works.I would be too What a mess Lucia s mother is I think the biggest issue I have with the writing regarding Nameless is it s a bit repetitive at this point No one is going to read story 3 before the first one so having Koontz remind us again that Nameless has amnesia, he thinks he agreed to whatever was done to him, how he can sleep and tell himself what time to wake up is so not needed at this point The flow worked a lot better in this one The setting of this book is mostly at Lucia s home The ending made me laugh, I sometimes forget that Koontz can be humorous. Number 3 in the series and while it is very good I don t think I enjoyed it as much as the first two A woman is hunting and murdering husbands for the inheritance The plan is very elaborate and seems to involve a lot of moving parts Obviously if there woman is as diseased as the book portrays her to be she should be punished but it seems the plan is very sadistic I think it s becoming a little hazy where it comes to how far someone should go in exacting revenge Justice Or as the protagonist calls it, truth Then again it seems even they are seeing some of the problems, since no truth was going to be gleamed for these kills after the plan falls apart Still great read and will be continuing with the series. The Praying Mantis Bride, the third story in Dean Koontz s Nameless series is my favorite so far We learn about the Ace of Diamonds organization and understand that their resources appear to be unlimited, although we do not know where they come from Nameless is supported by a small team as they plan the actions against their next target He also has a full time helper, Devlin, an obvious pseudonym We learn a few bits about Nameless He enjoys giving extravagant tips although he is not sure why he does it He definitely enjoys the surprise and the joy but he feels there is maybe something from his buried past that drives it He also makes it clear in this story that the team is not a typical vigilante group looking for justice Rather, their missions are meant to uncover the truth Each of their missions is instead intended to bring truth and its consequences into the life of someone who has woven a persona of lies, thereby putting an end to his or her crimes The villain in this story is Lucia, a terrifying and calculating black widow who has murdered a boyfriend and three husbands She received early training from her mother, Valjean, who hammered her husband to death and then threw herself down the stairs, with little Lucia in her arms, to bruise herself so the authorities would buy her story of self defense from an abusive husband Lucia killed her high school boyfriend when he reneged on a promise to marry her and then perfected her trade with three husbands, each wealthy than the previous, accumulating a fortune of hundreds of millions of dollars.In the first two stories, Nameless has no problem dispatching the villains to hell In this story their intention is to drive Lucia insane and have her committed to an asylum as her fitting punishment They use her intense superstition as a lever to unhinge her But their plan is derailed The denouement is filled with humor as much as terror as Lucia gets her due. finished this one yesterday in the tree stand good read five stars amazing kindle owned and following the theme as it develops a couple highlights Not every case requires him to kill, but when he does, he kills known murderers whom the law will not touch or the courts acquit for one reason or another They want not merely to destroy the woman psychologically and prevent her from murdering again, but also to terrify and torment her so that she feels keenly the sword of justice. One big problem They are not, not, not in the business of assuring justice where it has been denied Justice has been twisted by culture and politics until its meaning is everywhere contested Each of their missions is instead meant to bring truth and its consequences into the life of someone who has woven a persona of lies,that last seems to be a development, a kind of evolution from where it begansoso what so should be interesting to see further developments. I didn t like this one quite as much as the previous two, I think mostly because of the supernatural elements Yes, there are also supernatural elements to the previous stories, but the particular type of supernatural element used here just didn t work as well for me view spoiler If you want specifics, I think it s really a matter of taste The psychic abilities are okay devices for me, but I don t personally like ghost stories as much, so I didn t like the haunting elements in this one I was fine with a character who s superstitious about them, but once they became real , it pulled me out of the story a bit YMMV, though If ghost stories are your thing, you re likely to enjoy this than I did hide spoiler really not up to par with its two predecessors I wasn t enthralled by the story, because it seemed rush, and the way the female character was discussed was just off putting it s also annoying that Dean Koontz feels the need to reiterate again who Nameless is or rather, isn t, I guess I understand he must want these stories to be able to stand on their own, but it always frustrates me to have to deal with recaps in sequels I hope that the following stories won t be as disappointing, will hopefully offer insight into Nameless, as I am genuinely interested in his creation, that this is just an outlier and will be the weakest in the series, but we ll just have to see things just get and intriguing with the Nameless series This is my favourite tale so far This time around, you find out that Nameless does not work alone He is one of who knows how many operatives all with fake identities whose pasts have been erased Who s pulling the strings Why This had a bit action that the rest of the series and was quite dark and gory at times, especially towards the end I loved the way Nameless and his fellow vigilantes terrorise and torment nasty Lucia This was a stroke of genius I look forward to the next outing. This was not my favorite of the Nameless stories The story itself was good Preying Mantis Black Widow The man with no name tracks the multiple timed widow down or rather the Ace of Diamonds group does The stage is set for payback, reminding me of scary poltergeist movies and books This writing is perfect The rating dropped for me because Koontz went into full on horror mode i just don t handle that well Suffice it to say those that should be gone are gone by the end, sanity and all It was nice to have a bit of a smile with Nameless and coworker And a bit of philosophy while driving into the night is always good. Oh god I ve loved all the Nameless stories I ve read listened to so far, but if I was forced to pick out a favorite, this would probably be it D A mix of thriller, ghost story, and a Deadly Women episode, this short story has a bit of everything I like D This was awesome and just a bit scary Okay, a lot scary And I loved it It was great Highly recommended I really liked the scenes with the mother character She is awesomely crazy, and the book is worth a read just for her D On to the next story D Story Getting Intense Lucia has just cremated her third husband, shot dead in a Paris restaurant, presumably a victim of a terrorist We join Nameless as he is interviewing Lucia s mother, who claims not to know where Lucia is Lucia left home, looking back only with 20 cartons of Christmas cigarettes Perhaps mom can help in Nameless another way More and people seem to be a part of the life Nameless has made for himself He is not surprised by nor does he question their presence Very strange.