If I Had Two Lives

If I Had Two Lives What Would You Do If You Found Out That Your Whole Life Is Based On A Lie An Emotionally Charged And Thought Provoking Psychological Thriller About The Ripple Effects Of Childhood Experiences And Our Obsession In Seeking The Truth Form The Bestselling Author Of Days To Die And As Sick As Our Secret If I Had Two Lives Is A Twisted Tale Of Family Secrets And The Darker Side Of Human Nature That Will Leave You Wanting To Research Your Family History Vicky Collins Has A Seemingly Enviable Life She Is A Successful Cybercrimes Special Agent And Lives With Her Social Media Star And Real Estate Entrepreneur Boyfriend In An Upscale Neighborhood Of San Diego But Appearances Can Be Deceiving When Vicky Is Recruited To An Elite Unit At The FBI To Investigate The Possibility Of A Serial Killer Who Piggybacks His Killings On The Crimes Of Other Serial Killers, Her Life Begins To Spiral Out Of Control To Complicate Things Further For The Young Agent, A Routine Background Check At The FBI Reveals A Sibling DNA Match A Brother She Didn T Know Existed Determined To Unravel The Mysteries Of Her Past And To Find Her Long Lost Brother, Vicky Retraces The Boy S Footsteps Through The Foster Care System, Uncovering The Abuse And Neglect He Suffered Growing Up The Secrets She Unveils Are Monstrous And Terrifying Than She Ever Imagined, And A New Truth About Her Childhood Threatens To Consume Her Then The Piggyback Serial Killer Strikes Again, But This Time, Agent Collins Has Multiple Suspects Including Members Of Her Own Family This Book Was Inspired By A Young Woman In A Vegetative State Who Was Sexually Assaulted And Impregnated By An Employee Of The Care Facility And Delves Into Dark Subject Matter Murder, Sexual Violence, And Childhood Abuse It Is Not For The Faint Of Heart If The Story Touches You As Deeply As It Touched Me, I D Love To Hear Your Opinion 4.5 STARSWhat a wild and crazy ride I thoroughly enjoyed this, and highly recommend to readers looking for quality indie authors to support Full review to come Many thanks to the author for providing my review copy. If I Had Two Lives is a twisted tale of family secrets and the darker side of human nature After reading that statement in the book blurb, Ms Whelan had my attention This is a truly twisted and dark psychological thriller We are all molded by our childhood in some way, whether it is good or bad Can we control the ripple effects of childhood trauma and abuse that follow us into adulthood Beat the odds Judging is easy to do, but we shouldn t do it until we ve lived two lives This book exceeded my expectations Several seemingly unrelated characters tell their story When you start to connect the dots, you won t want to stop reading And I doubt you ll be able to predict the shocking and twisty ending Lead the horse to water, but let him drink on his own After this mind blowing read, I ll be checking out this amazing author s previous work.Warningthe story begins with a disturbing incident of rape sexual abuse And the dark topics continue to surface throughout the book My Rating 4.5 s rounding up Published November 14th 2019 by inMotion CapitolPages 262Recommend Yes, if you aren t disturbed by the dark subject matter.Thank you to BookSirens, inMotion Capital and A.B Whelan for this digital ARC, in exchange for my honest opinion psychological thriller mustread AuthorABWhelan 4.5 STARSVicky Collins, an FBI Agent specializing in cyber crimes has been placed with a new team who are searching for a serial killer This killer is unique he piggybacks his crimes on the killings of other serial killers.Everything goes well until DNA from a previous crime is entered into their system with amazing results The sample reveals there is a match a sibling match to Vicky It shows it comes from her brother.The problem is Vicky doesn t have a brother does she What follows is a harrowing journey Vicky undertakes to find a brother she never knew existed through his life as a foster child and beyond The secrets she unveils are monstrous and terrifying than she ever imagined, and a new truth about her childhood threatens to consume her.She finds herself facing depressing problems with her boyfriend, chasing a copy cat serial killer, family complications and she feels as though her life is in shambles.Then the Piggyback Serial Killer strikes again, but this time, Agent Collins has multiple suspects including members of her own family FROM THE AUTHOR This book was inspired by a young woman in a vegetative state who was sexually assaulted and impregnated by an employee of the care facility and delves into dark subject matter murder, sexual violence, and childhood abuse It is not for the faint of heart.This is a well written psychological thriller with twists and turns as a family disintegrates under the weight of many years of lies and secrets The story premise is a good one, even though credibility was stretched a bit as FBI Agents are not usually free to hunt for serial killers on their own especially if they are related The ending was totally surprising and unpredictable.This is not the first of this author I have read nor will it be the last.Many thanks to the author Weapenry Co Op In Motion Capital Netgalley for the digital copy of this psychological thriller Read and reviewed voluntarily, opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own. Looking for a weekend binge read Really, who isn t If I Had Two Lives was a super twisty, engaging read that follows a female FBI agent as she works on a task force trying to find a serial killer There is a lot going on here between Vicky s work as an agent and the unraveling of her personal life and I am here for it This one went dark and disturbing you guys, definitely some difficult subject matter, but if you re looking for a fall thriller this one was tense, fast paced and unique. I received a copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.What a ride this book is Such a fantastic story I just couldnt put down So many little twists and turns ut will keep you guessing until the end This book not only shows the darker sides of life, it grips you and won t let you go I really hope there will be a sequel to this book. I haven t felt sorry for a fictional character in a while A.B Whelan has written a terrific story of a young FBI agent whose world implodes Family life Not as normal as she thought Love life Is he having an affair Work life She is accused of failing to disclose criminal activity This could be a book about a victim of circumstances but being adult and not acting on your initial impulses The main character, Vicky, has a very rough series of circumstances to overcome She isn t perfect and yet she manages to rise to the challenge This is a quick paced book that holds you hostage What could possibly happen next I admire Vicky as she seems determined to unravel the pile of spaghetti that her life has become Grab a throw, curl up on the couch and enjoy Time will fly and you will be thoroughly enthralled. 3 3.5 stars Set in Southern California s scorching desert summer, in between North County, San Diego, and East Riverside County, the locations are all familiar to me The well known territory has always been a highlight in A.B Whelan s novels for me There s a special feeling in recognizing the different landmarks and corners in the story Vicky Collins, a young and vibrant FBI Special Agent has just been assigned to a serial killer case that s been puzzling the agency in the area She s a rising star in the department and sharp as a knife She s clever, determined, and has been waiting for this moment to shine An unexpected predicament triggers a chain of events that will alter her life as she knows it In dizzying, frantic desperation, our heroine engages in a quest to get a few things straight for the record on her own, breaking rules, making questionable decisions, and gambling everything she knows about herself on the quest for the truth Will she prevail You ll have to read to find out The story is engaging and caught my attention quickly I wanted to know how the whole thing would untangle My slight criticism comes as a wish for a few pages to allow for some added depth in the characters, for a bit information on crucial events, and perhaps a smoother transition between the prologue, Vicky s POV, and Meredith s Last Dance Overall, a fun, fast paced read I received an ARC from the Author in exchange for an honest review Thank you It s been an honor to get the chance to read your novels and see you grow as an author You rock, girl Oh hello wild rollercoaster ride If I Had Two Lives was sooo twisty Packed full of secrets and shocking revelations this was my kind of thriller That ending Did not see that coming at all Wow.I m going to need to get my hands on A.B Whelan s other books huge thank you to NetGalley and publisher for my review copy Omg, it excedeed any expectations I may have for it before It was so enthralling and intriguing that I devoured the book in matter of days, I didn t want to put it down, I needed to know everytime.It was a very delicate subject but a very real one too, I think that added to the charm of this book, I loved Vicky she was so real and had so much troubles like anyone else.It s a perfect read for crime novels lovers. This book took me on an emotional roller coaster, and I LOVED every single minute of it Whelan just KNOWS how to write a story that penetrates into the deepest recesses of your heart and permeates into your very soul The aura of suspense increasingly bumped up my anxiety, notch by excruciatingly taut notch The palpable tension held me in thrall The twists made me audibly gasp in shock And, the fast pace of the wildly captivating plot kept me swiping the pages feverishly I m a fan I received a complimentary ARC of this book in order to read and provide a voluntary, unbiased and honest review, should I choose to do so.