Girl at Heart

Girl at Heart As The Daughter Of A Successful Major League Pitcher, Charlie Hastings Has Baseball In Her Blood Unfortunately, Being The Only Girl On Her High School Baseball Team, Charlie Has Always Been Just One Of The GuysWhen Her Best Friend, And Secret Love Of Her Life, Asks Another Girl To The Prom, Charlie Is Devastated She S Tired Of Being Overlooked By Boys Because She S Not Like Other Girls Suffering A Massive Identity Crisis, She Decides To Hang Up Her Cleats And Finally Learn How To Be A GirlBut With Only Two Weeks Until The State Championships, The Roosevelt High Ravens Can T Afford To Lose Their Star Catcher Team Captain Jace King Makes Her A Deal Don T Quit The Team, And He Ll Help Her Become The Girl She S So Desperate To Be After All, He S Got Four Sisters, One Of Whom Happens To Be A Cheerleader He Knows A Thing Or Two About Girls And If He Can Win Her Heart In The Process, All The Better From The Bestselling Young Adult Author Of Cinder Ella, V Is For Virgin, And The Avery Shaw Experiment Comes A New Sweet Romance That S Sure To Leave You With All The Feels Girl At Heart Is A Clean And Wholesome Sports Romance That Will Leave You With Warm Fuzzies And An Itch To Watch A Baseball Game A Sweet YA Romance 3.5 StarsVery cute YA book Great for in between if you want something light and fluffy that makes you feel good. This was a clean, adorable romance with mature teens who handled their lives like actual teenagers but were not annoying about it I loved everyone in the book even the heroine s three obnoxious best friends, who were kind of douchey but what do you expect with teenaged boys Also I love Jace he is absolutely adorable I have not read YA in a long time but this was a good jump back into it.This is not very angsty read BTW A lot of the times I give 5 star reviews not only because the book was good but also because I genuinely enjoyed the experience of reading said book and nothing in the book left a bad taste. What an easy, fluffy read I m not a sports person and didn t really pick this book up because of baseball In fact, I didn t even know there was anything sports related about this book, which I think was a good thing because had I known, I might have pushed it down the list The characters are likable and the story is very chic flick Girl is an introvert, doesn t wear makeup, isn t popular and has a very small friend circle Is in love with her best friend but doesn t wanna ruin their relationship Guy doesn t feel the same way but then a prince in shining armor view spoiler well, in this case, with a captain hat hide spoiler While containing some light, possibly shallow, elements, I was impressed with the emotional depth this story wasn t afraid to plumb Successfully, I think There s a strong wish fulfillment angle with Charlotte s Charlie dad He was a successful MLB player and currently works as some kind of media guy for an MLB team So they have money But while he travels with the team and is thus away a lot, he cares for and about her and it s clear she has a real loving home that is above average in every way except for the absence of the mother who died when Charlie was little So you d think there wasn t a lot of scope for a plot that hinges on Charlie going through a period of self discovery and doubt trying to find her equilibrium and identity.Oram manages to make it happen, however, and imbue Charlie s journey with heart and strength and doubt and struggle and still maintain a cast of teens who felt real even as they, too, skirt the improbable in places Charlie loves playing baseball and has worked hard and with dedication to become a top catcher Some of that is the privilege of having a father who can afford things like on premises batting cages, but even is her honest love of the sport and dedication to working hard to become that good Which hasn t left a lot of room for any others beyond her four best friends on the team with the singularly talented Eric as highlight So she has been a tomboy by default until shaken by her friends casually excluding her from their prom plans saying we figured you wouldn t be interested Beyond merely breaking her heart from her crush on Eric , it sets off an emotional desire to figure out what it means to be and act like a girl.Which is where Jace comes in Yeah, he s a guy, but his twin, Leila, is a cheerleader and as girly a girl as there is and he promises that Leila would love a makeover project and be nice about it in the bargain And Jace and Leila really are that kind and I fell for both twins almost immediately And their family life is solid with excellent parental support and you could write them off as too ideal if you are so inclined I know families and teens like them, however, so I found it quite natural that they d gather someone with Charlie s quest for self into themselves and guide and help and support her as best they can.What follows is a great deal of exploration as Charlie learns that she likes being a girl and that she can be a dedicated athlete and still embrace the cultural trappings of girl stuff though not without trade offs and learning to handle some issues that will arise as a result And I loved being along for that ride Along the way, there s some mean girl bullying, some friend trauma, unrequited longings, dealing with sexism, and acknowledging limits while still maintaining dreams And there were some deeply powerful moments that just wrung my heart.So I loved this story, no question, and will give it five well deserved stars But if you want to write it off as shallow, light, or too ideal, I won t fight you on it This isn t an issue book and the teens are mostly well adjusted and have good emotional support systems in place But they re still teens and they re still trying to figure themselves and their futures out and I think Oram did a great job with this story and imbuing it with enough heart for me to find it really engaging.A note about Chaste There is some kissing, but both romantic leads are new to serious relationships, so there s nothing . This may very well be my new favorite Kelly Orman book It was a perfect balance of fluffy YA read with a lot of life lessons throughout I could not put this down Every character in this book has my heart I could relate so much to each one of them I m a few years removed from being 18 and on the verge of a future that I have very little control over and I thought this book portrayed that change well while also giving the reader a little bit of hope for themselves Charlie the protagonist struggles early on with letting her inner self out She was so strong yet so vulnerable and I loved seeing her grow into an even beautiful young woman than she was at the beginning I also appreciate that even when she was hurt over several insults and instances she handled the situation with the perfect amount of grace while still sticking up for herself I liked that she did not change herself as much as she enhanced and revealed the parts of her that even she did not know she possessed Her transformation was so fun to read because she was so animated and so thankful for all the help that she received This is the first protagonist in a YA novel in a long time that I actually liked and wanted to root for the entire time Leila Oh my, Leila I want to be her best friend Can I just say this girl is the definition of GIRL POWER The way she embraced and encouraged Charlie without judgement or hesitation actually had me tearing up at times Every girl deserves a friend like Leila She is such a good example of how girls should treat girls Don t get me wrong, the romantic arc is fabulous, but the budding friendship between Charlie and Leila was my favorite part What a shinning example of love and grace Leila is Jace Ugh, where to begin I won t give too much away because he deserves to be discovered right on the pages, but let me tell you, if ever I find a man that will treat me with even an ounce of the love and reverence that Jace treats a certain someone I can promise you I will NEVER let him go Now there is a man for you Eric I don t have much to say about him except that I hope we get the chance to see his growth and transformation in the future He s a very guarded character and even though I understand where he was coming from in this story, I couldn t help but be disappointed in how he treated Charlie I believe he has so much to give and I can t wait to hopefully see him later on.There are so many other characters I could talk about, but I feel I ve already exhausted the material Diego, Kevin, Mark, CHARLIE S DAD They re all so integral to her growth and each one is so relatable I loved this book and I think you will too Go check it out Favorite quotes You can be whoever you want to be, Charlie If this makes you happy, then love it and don t let anyone take it from you He sees youThe real you The you you ve been desperately trying to find I feel comfortable in my own skin for the first time in my life. All the feelsThis book had me laughing and crying The identity crisis Charlie went through was heart breaking Especially when she got negative comments about it But she didn t back down from her choices She stayed the course to figure herself out Chad is either the best dad ever, or super obnoxious and refuses to grow up Both are true according to Charlie Jace is an absolute sweetheart I appreciated that his interest in Charlie wasn t a deep rooted love from afar kind of thing He was interested from afar, and then fell once he got to know her That feels genuine than the unrequited love thing Leila is the best girl friend any one could ask for She pushed Charlie just enough outside her comfort zone to be helpful and not overbearing She also focused on important things like wearing clothes for yourself not letting other people s opinions get to you Eric was kind of a jerk the entire book I didn t feel like he had much to offer Kev and Diego reminded of the boys who never grow out of middle school boy mode Although, it was nice when they finally got with the program and started supporting their friend again I read this book straight through I couldn t put it down It was about a girl finding herself, and finding someone who saw the real her the entire time I have to say though, I m dying to know everyone s fate How does summer league workout Does Eric get drafted Do Leila and Charlie room together So many things I d like to know Squeal I absolutely loved this book I checked it out with Kindle Unlimited By the time I had stayed up too late reading it last night, I knew I had to buy my own copy and send it to a few friends.Charlie Hastings is the only girl on the high school baseball team and she s dang good She has three best friends on the team When she realizes they ve all made prom plans without her, she gets offended Why won t any of them see her as a girl What starts as an identity crisis leads to the best change in her life.Jace, their team captain, is there to listen and to help right when she needs him He introduces her to his twin, Leila, who gladly takes Charlie under her wing Before she knows it, Charlie is wearing skirts and make up, giving hugs, and giggling.I loved Charlie s journey to find herself Not every girl is the same, and you don t need to wear pink or short skirts to be feminine I loved that she found her own style and confidence Jace is as amazing He was so sweet he d say romantic to Charlie I loved how he saw her and supported her And the chemistry Whoa They were really cute together, without getting all hot and heavy just some passionate kissing This was a great story of first love, finding yourself, and baseball.Content clean no language, no violence, passionate kissing, mild innuendo I really enjoyed this latest book of Kelly Oram I missed her writing This is the reason why I love her books She is excellent in story telling She makes it enjoyable, fun, cute, so adorable and the banter The characters, I love love love the supporting ones Chad, Leila and Reynolds They are the best characters in this book I definitely would recommend this to everyone It s short read Just 211 pages It s fun and honestly, real I hated the 3 bffs she got and honestly she can do better Let go of toxic people Still can t forgive Eric tho Anyway, the fact that I hate some people here and loved most of them, is why I am giving it 5 stars Oram made them so effectively that I experienced a lot of things in the book.I also don t know anything about baseball besides the term home run tho But that didn t hinder me in enjoying Girl at heart At the end of the day, all I can say is no matter what the physical appearance of a woman, she will always be a girl There will always be a part of her that is girly girl Never forget that Esp for boys who have close girl friends Never insult them or be rude to them I get the teasing but learn your limitations cause it might borderline bullying THANK YOU, KELLY ORAM, for another fun and enjoyable book I missed this kind of writing of yours so please, another one Short, quite bland, and I found it a bit objectionable.Essentially it was a somewhat clumsy exploration of gender dynamics, with the key message being that blonde girls in short skirts and makeup are the only real girlsAlso, the drama was OTT and the romance was laughably played out, but I finished the book in literally two hours Win Blog Bookstagram 5 stars Two very enthusiastic thumbs up Charlie comes from baseball royalty, but much as she loves the game, she wants than baseball in her life Jace is willing to help her, but he s got his own ulterior motives the state championship and the chance to spend time with her himself.This is a sweet and fun YA that makes use of a popular high school sporty trope, but does it really well Charlie s frustration is understandable, but can her old friends handle Charlie as Charlotte This is such a terrific story the characters were wonderful I totally sympathized with Charlie, loved Jace and Leila, and all the guys on the team This is a definite re read Clean romance level pasionate kisses