Tell Me Everything

Tell Me Everything A Happily Married Couple A Dance With A Stranger At A BarOne Night One Seemingly Insignificant Choice Can Change EverythingJessica And Jake Snyder Love Each Other, And Their Life Together Successful In Their Chosen Careers, They Reside In The Picturesque, Though At Times Stifling, Seattle Suburb Of Queens Ridge As They Parent Teenagers Ella And TuckerAs So Often Happens In Marriage, Their Romantic Life Falls Casualty To Busy Schedules And Repetitive Routine, Until One Night, A Stranger Asks Jessica To Dance On A Whim, Jake Urges Her To Say Yes, Saying That He Wants To Watch This Other Man Touch Her, Something That Surprises Jessica By Arousing Her Like Never Before A Door Opens For Them Then, Into A Realm Of Exploration Neither Of Them Knew ExistedThey Create Rules To Protect Their Marriage, And Are Thrilled When Their Relationship Is Strengthened And Enriched By Deeper Levels Of Communication And Trust Brought About By This Exciting, But Taboo Behavior That Is, Until Jessica Keeps A Secret From Jake And Embarks On A Tryst With An Intriguing Man From Her Past, Who, When She Tries To End Things Between Them, Decides To Seek RevengeWhat Happens After That Will Threaten To Destroy Their World And ThemA Juicy And Insightful Look Into The Shifting Definition Of Modern Marriage And The Limits Placed Upon Female Sexuality, TELL ME EVERYTHING Will Make You Question Everything You Thought You Knew About What Constitutes Marital Bliss, And Keep You Turning Pages Into The Night 3.5 Stars OK, First of all, I really didn t like this cover.Like, who put that lipstic on Kylie Jenner LOL It s a taboo book about marriage it s forbidden, bold, wrong But MY GOD, I couldn t put it down.It felt like watching a train crash I know how it s going to end, but couldn t look away Jessica and Jake have a good marriage They love and respect each other, but like a lot of married couples, the busy life routine causes their love life to be pushed aside One evening they go to a bar and a stranger asks Jessica to dance On a whim, Jake encourages her to agree but Jessica finds herself enjoying to be touched by that stranger and Jake is also enjoying the show This discovery leads them to open a door on a journey to spice their boring relationship how You have to read for yourself Will it be wild and fun Or will it end in a disaster They believe that honesty will not only get them to enjoy new experiences, but their relationship will become stronger Until Jessica decides to keep a secret from Jake that could destroy everything On the one hand, the writing and storytelling were great and allowed the plot to develop in a realistic way I liked that the characters were deep, because I understood how they became the people they are Also, the sex scenes were HOT they were portrayed in a way that I was able to feel the passion, but they weren t cheap, despite the unusual situations But on the other hand, the secondary plot wasn t interesting enough, yet I was still curious But what bothered me the most, was the ending After everything that happened, I was expecting a crazy blast but I felt that the crisis was dealt too fast, in a not so reliable way And that last chapters kindda ruined the experience for me , This is an erotic taboo story that pushes boundaries As a married woman, it made me uncomfortable than once but it also opened my eyes about a lot of important things about marriage O O E O I T G your copy today REVIEW 4.5 STARS In that bedroom, I wasn t a mother or a wife I was simply a woman I was Jessica I love when a book is so different that it has me turning the pages with wonder and curiosity than anything else This one was riveting I couldn t stop reading it and knew going in that it was already going to be one that tested not only my beliefs and understandings, but also my ability to see beyond the normal confines of others directives on how a marriage should be lived Let me tell you, I enjoyed stepping outside my comfort zone with this book Very much so.I have always maintained my love of a triangle not only because of the forbidden aspect of someone stepping outside the relationship, but of the exploration of one s emotional capacity, mentally and physically That has always intrigued me So many opinions about how you can t love than one, or you can t fall for someone else if you re truly in love with your GF BF Spouse etc I love the discussions I love to debate it, pros and cons So when I had the opportunity to read this book after seeing it around FB, I knew that I was in for a ride After reading, the title for this book was perfection in three words it couldn t be perfect.I love that this book gave me another perspective on an otherwise closed subject To be able to listen to opinions, thoughts, ideas and reasons ones that give me a better idea about the subject at hand, with an open mind, definitely gave me a different insight The discussion alone was animated, and this one gave me a lot to ponder A lot to chat about with my husband conversationally and trust me, a lot of conversation was had about this book I love that this book challenged my thought processes on a subject that has a black and white final answer for me , but definitely gave me plenty to think about and discuss I loved the variables this storyline offered me, as well The scenario gave a very thought provoking reality of how things can turn and what once was good could be toxic I loved this dynamic Again, so much to discuss I am actually shocked at how much I enjoyed this one Not that I doubted I would, but the truth of how much I did My husband loved that I was a strong woman I knew that side of me was much of why seeing and hearing about me having sex with another man turned him on The complexities alone for navigating this type of relationship I cannot even begin to acknowledge my own inhibitions and thoughts, let alone think it could would be something that could be a put myself in her shoes sort of thing This book made me perfectly uncomfortable, but bewitched me at the same time I honestly couldn t stop reading It was like watching a train wreck because I couldn t look away total definition of morbid curiosity, but I couldn t help but not read in wonder, watch it as it played out I enjoyed the highs, but the lows were rough The best part about this one was that it was all plausible It was all real and I could 100% see this all happening as it did.It would do me good to remember that this was a blend between women s fiction and romance, and that it doesn t necessarily fall under the romance umbrella as a whole Not in a bad way, but the focus wasn t necessarily on the romantic adventure of this couple, but centered around their entire life they ve built and how this actually affected their relationship as a whole There was plenty of romance, don t get me wrong The eventuality of change, and the possibility of it straining your relationship was imminent from the beginning Having said that, the only thing that really bothered me was the constant switch from current life learning to explore with her husband, and the past and her upbringing that made her the type of person she was today Not really just felt cumbersome in some parts However, by the time it was over, it gave me some insight into her past necessary to understand who she was now , but the back and forth felt awkward in some stages Overall, all in all this was a well rounded story and definitely gave me plenty to think about as I read it.It was fascinating to watch the lives of this married couple navigate uncertain waters, but also the way in which they worked through it It wasn t scandalous, but it did provide a very real truth to this kind of scenario Some of the discussions of the repercussions were missing in that conversation, I feel, but who am I to judge how someone comes to an understanding on things Because I m not I couldn t put this book down This book is not for the judgmental ones that can t accept different lifestyles This isn t for the ones that don t understand the need to explore This book reminds me of a wildly true book that I read a few years ago that got so much flack because of the painful honesty that it delivered And that was my favorite part The realness of it the fabricated truth in not only the outward appearances, but the underlying reality to it behind closed doors.Maybe I didn t mention this before, but I couldn t put this book down He was different than being with Jake, intoxicating in a way I d never felt before BEEPurchase Affiliate link ENTER HERE FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN AN ECOPY Oh my DNF at 14% after the female protagonist criticized her college professor mother for having a career shamed her ex husband s current wife for having breast enhancements and also shamed the same woman for apparently dressing like a 90s version of Jennifer Aniston Oh and the male protagonist referred to a very young girl as a bitch but not to her face Does that make it okay Funny Not sure Maybe these characters have an epiphany later in the story Not for me. Jessica and Jake Snyder are happily married They are busy with their respective careers and co parenting two teenagers along with Jessica s ex husband and his wife With the chaos of everyday life, their sex life has diminished a little in excitement and frequency When they both realize that the idea of Jessica being with another man excites them both, they explore this kink in order to enrich their own sex life They establish very strict rules about this in order to protect their marriage the most important rule is for Jessica to tell Jake everything about each encounter Even the smallest omission can snowball into something bigger That s exactly what happens when Jessica starts leaving out small pieces of information regarding a new man that they have allowed into their relationship One secret or omission of information leads to another Jessica s intent to tell Jake everything gets pushed aside Jessica knows she s flirting with disaster by not being 100% forthcoming and it will ultimately catch up to her.I found this book very interesting because I m always fascinated at how couples can successfully navigate open marriages or those with allowed exceptions In this couple s situation, it really did amp up their sexual relationship because they both were turned on by it Of course, I had my fears that this would eventually lead to issues in their relationship I think vetting the other participant was critical, along with keeping very strict guidelines in place with that person Once any form of the trust is violated in this complex relationship, everything is at risk Tell Me Everything is full of spicy and sexy scenes, but it also handles other issues as well through the ongoing storyline After all, Jake and Jessica are still parents and as such have to guide their teenagers through tough decisions Also, their interactions with their friends are hampered a bit as they don t really have anyone that they can share their intimate stories with other than each other They fear what others, including their friends, would think of them if they knew Also, many of their friends and neighbors are dealing with their own trials, such as aging parents, raising children and other personal issues Tell Me Everything teaches one very important lesson Always assume that your secrets could be exposed at any time If you re prepared for this, you are taking back your power and you won t be as vulnerable to others I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC and voluntarily reviewed it. Jake and Jessica have the typical marriage They love one another, but time has dulled the spark in their sex life, and the hustle of everyday life has eclipsed intimacy in their relationship One innocent night out at a club changes everything though Jessica is approached by a man who asks her to dance, and Jake is the one to suggest she do so So he can watch The less than innocent proposal leads to Jessica engage in these types of relationships, with Jake s voyeuristic awareness But Jessica s decision to withhold information betrays a trust, heading them down a path that will change the dynamic in their relationship.Amy Hatvany is a new to me author, but I found her writing to be extremely readable and her characters to be well rounded and well written They were authentic and real, even if some of their actions did absolutely frustrate me Jessica knew it wasn t right to keep details of her relationship from Jake, as the agreement was to share the details to add spice to their own marriage And the decision to keep this secret would have consequences that are damaging.Sexy and thoughtful, I thought Tell Me Everything was a realistic look at marriage and relationships At how the love remains even when the spark fades, and whether the feelings of newness and excitement are worth the price to be paid.Review copy provided for a voluntary review. Let s say you re married It s your second marriage, and your husband treats your two children from your previous marriage as if they re his own In the early days of your relationship, you couldn t get enough of each other There were naked surprises flanked by vanilla scented candles Sex whenever you could have it There was desire Passion Now, you surprise him wearing nothing but a tie, and he needs to finish a business email first What do you do In the case of Jake and Jessica, it starts one night when he tells her he wants to watch her dance with another man From there, they get experimental She has sex with other men, promising to tell him everything Their own sex life recaptures that early spark It s amazing It s addicting.Amy Hatvany perfectly captures how the everyday ness of life causes couples to lose their way Seduction moves aside for soccer practice Physical intimacy slides away for custody arrangements The moment when Jake and Jessica believe they found something that turns them both on is a revelation You might find yourself wondering how your own partnership would react.As Hatvany shows, however, once you open that door once you cross that line you make yourself vulnerable Jessica begins to believe she is entitled to something It becomes easy for her to justify her behavior Her conscience may tell her she s making a mistake, but her desires so long shoved aside for life s practicalities whisper that it s okay.This isn t the women s fiction you re accustomed to reading from Amy Hatvany This is a tale of erotic suspense What will happen now that Jessica and Jake opened a certain door in their marriage Hatvany builds tension as surely as she builds sexual awakening You will read this book with your breath held If you have a bookclub that is open to books with hot sexy times, this is a fantastic one to consider The discussions Tell Me Everything prompts would be fascinating and engaging Let me know what you think Better yet, tell me everything.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram I am always interested in stories about unconventional marriages So, when I read the blurb to this one, I had to have it This was a new author for me as well The writing was spectacular This couple is very busy Both of them essentially have their own businesses that take a lot of their time, and co parent two children from a previous relationship There is that time in your life where keeping up with your kids activities and your own life is very challenging and something has to give To Jessica s dismay, it s been her sex life that has suffering.After an evening out, Jake and Jessica embark on broadening their boundaries in the bedroom Some of these scenes were so hot, that I could feel myself getting heated up Things are going well, until a few parts of the rules are overlooked and everything takes a turn the parts of the story where you feel uncomfortable and you re not sure you can bear to keep reading, but it s like watching a car wreck and you can t help it even though you know it s not going to be pretty The story gets so real and then you realize that even with the best intentions, there s always some kind of price to pay It s such a well told story that when you get to the end, it s absolutely believable. Okay, I wasn t sure what to expect when diving into this I hadn t read anything by this author before, and I m glad I did.So, we have a married couple Jake and Jessica, and they live a happy life and have a happy marriage Jake is Jessica s second husband after she divorced her first, and her first is the father of her children.Everything is great But as a marriage can get, their bedroom game is way off The kids and everything that comes along with them has put a damper on their sex life This isn t uncommon, it happens On a night out, Jessica ends up dancing with another man I mean it was innocent Kind of By her surprised, she found herself extremely turns on with another man, and even surprising when Jake is turned on too So when they realize this They think, maybe spicing up the bedroom by adding another man into the picture would be a good idea But is it This could go either way they could have the time of their lives or it could explode and create problems that are so much bigger than a stale sex life What way will it go I liked it This isn t the first book in this sub genre trope I have read, and I rather like them They are hot, Like really hot, and I am all for taboo and kink If anything this is probably tamer than some of the stuff I have read But in saying that, it was still an awesome read and I found myself devouring in only hours This wasn t just heat, and kinky sex, it held depth and substance and backstories and actually tackle some common problems in marriages these days The author wrote this brilliantly in my opinion I will be sure to check the rest of her work out 4.5 5 Stars A RATING OF 3.75 This is the first time I read this author s work and it was good Well written Characters and their emotions were very believable I was able to jump into their skin right from the beginning This book is a taboo subject I knew from the blurb what I was getting into but it was still difficult to read I will never understand cheating and the appeal of it Sometimes it s a mid life crisis Sometimes it s a fetish It s a lifestyle Just not one I m into I was cringing throughout the book but it was a good read and an eye opener for me too The rest of the books topics were really interesting As adults we all go through various stages in our lives Wether it s in our relationship with our spouse With our kids With our friends There usually is a shift in our lives with can either go towards the positive or go towards the negative The book deals with family situations Dealing with teenage kids and adult friends and their relationships I will give the author another chance at another type of book but the cheating is a strict no for me still. 4.5 Tell Me Everything by Amy Hatvany is a sexy tale of voyeurism, sexual exploration, and fantasy gone wrong Jake and Jessica decide to explore an unconventional open concept marriage Jake wanted to watch Jessica with another man Together, they carefully curated sexual partners for encounters After every sexy playdate, Jessica has to tell Jake everything she was thinking and feeling With Jake s blessing, Jessica decides to swing out on her own Emotional and physical boundaries are put to the test as her world dangerously spirals out of control Will telling everything make it all too real This book was sexy, smart, and different for me Tell Me Everything captured this couple s relationship in vivid detail WITHOUT being porny porn ish corny Amy Hatvany did an incredible job developing characters, adding another level of depth to this cautionary tale of sexual awakening One click worthy

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