Gypsy Truths (All The Pretty Monsters #6)

Gypsy Truths (All The Pretty Monsters #6) After Spending The Vast Majority Of My Life Lonely, I Came To This Town To Find Answers About My Mother, And Instead, Stumbled Upon A Secret Society Full Of Monsters I Never Knew Existed Outside Of Dark Tales Now I Ve Built A Sanctuary, Gotten In The Middle Of An Ages Old Feud Between Various Monster Factions, And Somehow Ended Up With An Ancient, Queen Like Tyrant Targeting Me, Because My Life Sucks Sometimes I Don T Know How These Things Keep Happening To Me They Just Do Tensions Keep Climbing, And Everyone S On Edge While Waiting And Watching To See What Idun Neopry Does Next In The Midst Of All That, The Secrets Spill, The Lies Unravel, And The Half Truths Finally Come To Full Fruition It S Been One Hellish Snowball Ride To Make It This Far, And I M Mostly Ready For Anything That Comes Next That S A Lie, Actually But I D Like For It To Be The Truth For Now, Hoping For The Best Is All I Have Well, I Guess That S A Lie Too Hope S Not All I Have I Also Have A Van Helsing, Who Can Slay A Small Army Without Wrinkling His Shirt Then There S A Morpheous, Who Can Toy With My Mind In Ways I Never Imagined I Ve Got A Wolf, Who Makes It A Goal To Keep Me Human Ish And There S A Vampire, Who Enjoys Killing And Stabbing Ancient Alphas, Old Vendettas, Super Complicated Histories, Mass Death Threats, And A Lot Of Personal Baggage That S Become A Tuesday Morning Coffee Break To Me By Now Like I Said, My Life Sucks Sometimes Reverse Harem Romance Language Warning Adult Content Dark Humor Basically I ve been looking at this page every single day when will you put me out of my miseryI need to know what happens Obviously I love all your books Ms OWENS, so ill love it butif you would please have mercy on my soulOr just tell me the day to look forward to that is all I ask Thank you Yessssss The anticipation is killing me I ve been stalking information on this book so much, I m pretty sure charges could be filed against me This series has ruined me. I ve put a pin in it so to speak, but I cannot refrain any I, like so many others have been enthralled by this story of Violet and her monsters Anxiously awaiting some scrap of information for the next book or release date I ve read countless posts and questions to the author for updates on her work Yet, we get NOTHING This is not only DISRESPECTFUL to her audience but a complete turn off Our time and energy is important as well I won t invest in an author who doesn t recognize the value of her readers and patronage and neither should you We should focus our hard earned money and limited leisure time on an author who appreciates her following over an author who ignores her readers I admit I will read the last book in this series for closure, but I won t continue searching new work by this author afterwards There are thousands of amazing writers out there I encourage everyone to find those that appreciate their readers. Woah, I don t know how many hours I ve spent reading this but I don t regret it I loved this book One thing I have to complain about is the romance, I wanted of it, especially with Arion but the storyline kinda makes up for it. Waiting for the release date This series is the fucking embodiment of a monster on a whole fucking new level From the past two reads, I was sure af that there s no salvaging the trainwreck I thought this was going to end up like.But, here I am Eating my fucking previous words and reviews Here I am, humbled the fucking down because I ve been too impatient for things to work the way I thought I wanted.Kristy Cunning s way is way, way, way, perfect than any way I have envisioned how the series will pan out How those dumb heroes stumble their way throughout the series, how Violet easily dismissed Idun and the deeply ingrained fear she inspired over all monstersHow every question and uncertainty and misconception were clarified in this finale.All the nonsense I thought they are, they aren t Simple as that They eventually build up to the biggest and smartest plot twist in history ever It s always that twist I think I can anticipate They are the sneakiest The hopelessness and helplessness lulled me and before I know it, all my dreams came fucking too true And shakes head in attempt albeit in futile to clear the mindWhat I just mean to say is thatthe author, Violet and her monster owned it Owned them Owned me.I am thoroughly mindfucked And I looove it. An Amazing Ending This series has truly been close to my heart and has left me at the edge of my seat from the very first book This book was truly an amazing closing to such a wonderful series and has all the feels If you haven t started this series yet you re truly missing out. Wonderful A wonderful end to the series It keeps you guessing till the very end I can t wait for books by this author. What happens with our favorite bad female vampire beta And Violet is amazing, she domesticated her MonStar Squad much to Anna s displeasure. I AM NOT OKAY How am I supposed to cope I feel like I ve waiting so long for this book, and I literally read it in two days I Am Upset.The Pros1 Violet s Badassery I was reading the first half of the book like If this bitch doesn t finally boss up I am going to be pissed As a reader you develop a connection with characters, and there s like only so many times you want to read about a character you like getting their ass beat I know the whole point is to show that Violet is sweet and kind, blah blah blah, but I am so happy she finally shows what s she s capable of I was literally whispering yaaaas biitch in my room when she finally made Idun her bitch I just feel like we ve all been waiting for Violet to show she s not someone to be messed with, and when it finally happened I was not disappointed.2 The Men Ugh Where do I even start They re such assholes, but I love them anyways I do love some complex,psycho, alpha assholes Like don t get me wrong they pissed me off even towards the end of the book but how can you not love them The way they took care of Violet made my heart melt The way they always ran to her when she was in trouble, and how much they adored her was fucking sweet The love they had for each other despite the bickering was cute too Like aww, look how much they care for one another as they punch each other though random walls Hahaha.3 The Creativity The plot of this book is creative as hell It s so refreshing to read a book that isn t trying to be like the others I m so damn tired of reading reverse harem academy books The girl gets accepted to a prestigious school where she s an outcast Multiple guys end up loving her within like a week, and that s after bullying her for a couple days They fight some hard battles and then all is well The ATP series is not like this It s unpredictable as hell, and you re always finding out new shit that makes your heart race, right along with the characters This story had so many twists and turns that half the time I was confused as hell but I didn t mind As long I got to read something different from the norm.The ConsNone of these are huge cons Just things that I would ve liked to be different.1 Epilogue I wish we ve would ve seen interaction between the guys and Jasper We got like two short measly scenes, and I felt gipped I wanted my ovaries to explode I also wish we could ve seen some idk, domestic times between Violet and the guys Like show us a scene of them grocery shopping or doing movie night I know we got the one scene during the epilogue, but I m greedy and wanted lol because I feel like during the whole book there was always something shitty happening The only time Violet got to have fun was during Monster Olympics which didn t even last long 2 Idun Violet fight When everything was going down I wanted detail into how violet felt when she was obliterating Idun We got the guys pov a lot during that time which was kinda annoying Like dude don t focus on them I need to know what s happening between Idun and Violet rn Also, when Idun was getting her ass handed to her I wanted her to talk She was oddly silent during the whole human head soccer ball thing I wanted to hear her pleading, and offering deals and shit Very bloodthirsty of me I know.3 The Men While I do love them, the guys still come across to me as a little manipulative, untrusting, and competitive I know they still have a lot of shit to work through, but I think I was expecting a little personality growth from them Sidenote Wtf was the deal with Shera Her departure was unexpected, and weird Almost like the whole scene was necessary Anyways, I just know that this book was bomb, and I m really sad to know that I know have to try and find another book to compete with it This is just like the TOG series all over again I hop C.M writes another reverse harem soon.