Today (Single Dads #2)

Today (Single Dads #2) When The World Labels A Man And Judges Them Blindly, Is It Possible To Ever Find Love Firefighter Eric Is On The Front Line, Battling The Threat Of Nature S Destruction In The California Grasslands Alongside His CalFire Team Focused And Calm, Even In The Direst Of Situations, He Has A Strong Affection For His Fire Truck, Loves His Career, And Has Best Friends He Can Rely On All He Needs Now Is Love, But That Seems To Be Impossible To Find At His Friend S Wedding Eric Falls In Lust At First Sight With The Shy, Slim And Sexy Brady, Even If Brady Isn T The Type Of Guy He Usually Goes For What Eric Longs For Is An Equal In His Bed, Not A Smaller Guy Who Might Want Eric To Role Play Big Strong Firefighter Every Time They Have Sex He Wants To Find Someone He Can Be Vulnerable With, Someone Who Will Love Him For His Soft Heart And Quiet WaysBrady S Life Plans Grind To A Halt When His Niece And Nephew Lose Their Parents In A Tragic Accident, And He Becomes A Dad Overnight His Developmental Coordination Disorder Rules His Life, But He Fights Both DCD And The Fears That Chase Him Every Day, To Give Maddie And Lucas A Home Agreeing To Go To A Friend S Wedding Is A Decision He Regrets Long Before He Even Gets There But, He Refuses To Give In To His Fear, Even If He Might Do Something That Makes Him A Target For People S Comments And Laughter Meeting Eric, A Huge Man With A Gentle Voice And A Flair For Chivalry, He Falls Hard Now, If Only He Can Let Himself Get Past His Panic That Eric Would Never Want Someone Like Him, Then Maybe He Could Fall In Love For RealPre Order Kobo, BN, Apple AugustRelease Date Kobo, BN, Apple Smashwords August Exclusive Kindle Unlimited August Today is everything I expected low angst, feel good, sweet, no drama, lovely HEA.I enjoy books like this I really do But I also need depth, particularly stronger relationship and character development Eric is an amazing guy He s caring and accepting and falls for Brady the moment he sees him He s drawn to Brady s vulnerability This is all well and good, but it doesn t make for an interesting character Everyone has flaws Where were Eric s Brady comes across like a doormat The kids he s been raising alone for years treat him like crap, and he doesn t know how to stand up for himself.The relationship moves quickly It s all very insta love, and I was scratching my head over why exactly Eric fell for Brady Even Brady s disability was glossed over.There is almost no steam, but that wasn t surprising This is a cute book that makes for an easy read, but it s not a story that will stay with me. LOVED, absolutely loved this book I really liked book one in the series and thought it might be my favourite RJ book but this one s just gone to the top of the list.Brady and Eric were a wonderfully matched pair, such depth of character in a relatively short book but packed with all the emotional feelings I expect from this author.I loved how Brady s condition was treated with empathy and with understanding by not only the author in choosing how to write it, but also with how Eric responded and dealt with the additional requirements that Brady s family would bring.The relationship itself happened pretty quickly though and I think that a little bit background for Eric s fears might have helped But, having said that, some people simply do just click and I very definitely felt that they did slot into place in each other s lives like a jigsaw.The kids were present but never overtook the narrative and I liked seeing Ash and Sean, as well as Leo, and we got an introduction to his love interest which really fascinates me to see where that s going to go.This series has been a big hit for me so far ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review I d wanted Eric s story so badly after reading Single and was thrilled to get to learn about Brady, the mysterious friend of Ash s.Big, hulking firefighter Eric was kindly asked by Ash to watch over Brady at the wedding, simply because he didn t get out much and was worried for his friend But as soon as Eric saw him, that instant connection sparked and neither could stay away.I loved this story I loved how quickly Eric and Brady fell for each other, like their lives just sort of clicked into place, but I wished their was development in their relationship I wanted a bit background into why Eric was so worried about looking seeming overbearing and why Brady lost all of his insecurities when it came to Eric The children that Brady adopted were a rather large part of the story, which I loved Through their relationship, I got a better sense of Brady s story, and was able to see Eric seamlessly accepted into their family.Overall, this was a great story and is gearing up to be a wonderful series, not just with romance, but with children and families Galley copy generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Cross posted to Oooo my feelsthis book was so good I m still smiling I liked Eric since book one He was as strong and as sweet as I pictured him to be He fell hard from the first moment he laid his eyes on Brady I loved how much he wanted to be a part of his world and was willing to do just about anything for that to happen And let s talk about the man that is Brady he has a disorder that prevents him to be easy going and is shy He loves his niece and nephew and would do anything for them On paper Eric and Brady should never work but their love makes them seem effortless I loved how Eric pulled him from his shy armor and encourage him to do things he never expected to do The book is filled with all the feels one can want in a love story Now I m super excited to see who will bring Leo to his knees Review copy requested and reviewed on behalf of OMGReads Blog I liked the characters in this book but is seemed rushed The storyline wasn t flushed out as much as I wanted it to be. It was a good day when they metWhat I like about RJ Scott is that there is not one of her books that a reader can say was not an original I have been reading her a while now okay okay, she is one of my favorites in the MM world and she continues to be one of my go to authors Sequels as sequels goes, they are either better than the original, or nothing to write home about For Eric s and Brady s story, the unique blend of originality and a dose of reality was combined together and stir fried Eric was the hunky, extra drink of water, who first made an appearance in book one of his best friend s Sean s story, Single After his disastrous episode of throwing up in the hedges and waking then baby Mia up, Eric proved that he could be reliable and as good for the challenged Brady, friend to Sean s fianc Asher Brady suffered from a developmental condition that he described as It s a lack of coordination between my mental intentions and my ability to carry out those intentions I shed a tear for him as he described the frustrating nature of his life, but applauded how far he had come to dominate it when he could Brady deserved happiness after the life that had been dealt him In it, he had found Eric, and between the two, they decided the rocky road was one willing to be followed despite all the doubts and fears.Oh, I enjoyed this story and look forward to book three, Promise, coming later this year I cannot wait for Leo to get his just desserts.I voluntarily and honestly reviewed this book without bias or persuasion from the author.Reviewed by Cee from Alpha Book Club ARC received for an honest review.Eric is a firefighter on the CalFire team He works a lot of hours and volunteers his time for charity work with his friends Leo and Sean He s looking to find love like Sean did and he absolutely loves Mia, Ash s daughter He s a big guy who s tired of people expecting him to always take charge and care of people.Brady is an artist who has adopted his niece and nephew after his sister and brother in law died He s also battling DCD Developmental Coordination Disorder, which prevents him from having an easy life He s clumsy, uncomfortable in crowds and dyslexic to boot He doesn t like that everyone treats him as if he needs to be taken care of He wants to take charge every once in awhile.Brady is in the single dads support group with Ash He doesn t like to get out and socialize but has finally agreed to visit with Ash at Ash and Sean s wedding Ash asks Eric to watch over Brady at the wedding and Eric doesn t find it a hardship Brady and Eric are attracted to each other from the beginning but Eric has to work for it as Brady isn t sure about starting anything This is a slow, loving relationship that progresses well for the issues Brady has to deal with An accident happens to strengthen Brady and Eric s relationship Brady s nephew Lucas has an issue at school that seemed like it was smoothed over a little too easily The ending was a little abrupt and the epilogue was rushed but overall the book was a solid, sweet romance After 27 years in nursing I ve never heard of DCD, so it was interesting to do a little research I liked the new to me issue for this book Definitely recommend this to anyone who likes a slow, loving romance with minimal conflict. Nice 2nd edition to this series.I ve been eagerly waiting for Eric s story since he drunkenly woke Ash up in the 1st book by knocking on the wrong door.Brady is sole caretaker of his niece and nephew after his sister and her husband passed The two meet at Sean and Ash s wedding, when Ash asked Eric to keep an eye on Brady as he wasn t comfortable around people.Eric and Brady s relations was a little slow to build with Brady s insecurities with his medical condition Eric has his own hang ups about trying not to be overbearing The relationship between Brady and his niece and nephew was well written When Eric finally meets the niece and nephew and included in the family was believable and handled very well.Eric and Brady support and help each other deal with their individual issues and move forward in their relationship while also helping the kids deal with the changes in the family.Cannot wait for the next installment in the seriesARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review I truly enjoyed getting to know Brady and Eric in this book I loved how Brady was working through the issues he had with his disorder and raising his niece and nephew But the first moment Eric sees Brady, there is a connection he feels, although Brady isn t the type he usually goes for But as they get to know each other, there s something that keeps drawing Eric back to Brady.The story is heartfelt and I loved how patient Eric was with Brady And the support he finds with Eric helps him grow as a person and as a father I truly love the connection between the two men from the start and reading as their relationship developed throughout the story had me smiling and tearing up during certain spots A truly lovely read This is Book 2 in the Single Dads series and I have been waiting for Eric and Brady s story The best thing about reading is learning something new even at my age and I learned about DCD Developmental Coordination Disorder and my heart broke for Brady, but loved his resolve and tenacity in dealing with the challenges he faces doing things that most take for granted Eric s HUGE heart and unconditional love and caring was touching to experience The two kids are an important part of the story and that worked for me and it felt realistic Getting to catch up with Adam was a treat and I m hoping for something for him Sean, Ash and Mia still warm my heart and Leo has his comingLOL Looking forward to the next book in the series