Defender Cave Bear (Protection, Inc: Defenders, #1)

Defender Cave Bear (Protection, Inc: Defenders, #1) Two Damaged People One Deadly Enemy And A Pair Of Hell Raising Flying Kittens Tirzah Hacked Into A Shady Agency S Computers To Get Proof Of Their Evil Deedsand Uncovered A Secret So Wild It Can T Possibly Be Real Shapeshifting Supersoldiers On The Run From Their Creators A Lab Studying Captive Mythical Creatures It Has To Be Some Bored Employee S Fantasy Novel Right Then The Flying Kitten Turns Up And The Assassins And The Gargoyles But Just Because Tirzah Uses A Wheelchair Doesn T Mean She S Helpless Okay, So Some Secret Organization Is Gunning For Her She S Going To Gun Right Back And She Knows Exactly Who Can Help Her If She Can Track Him Down Pete Was Once A Recon Marine That Was Before He Was Abducted And Turned Into A Monster Now He S Escaped His Prison But In His Heart, He S Still In Chains It S Not Just His Ferocious Cave Bear He Has To Hide For The Safety Of Everyone His Team Of Misfit Shifters, His Family, And Especially His Thirteen Year Old Daughter No One Can Discover What His Captors Did To Him He Can T Let Himself Get Close To Anyone Until The Most Gorgeous Woman He S Ever Seen Hacks Her Way Through All His Defenses, To Offer Him A Job He Can T Refuse Zoe Chant Returns To The Thrilling And Heartwarming World Of Protection, Inc With A New Team Of Misfit Shifters What Paranormal Romance Fans Are Saying About This Irresistible Series I LOVED IT Did Not Want The Mystery, Suspense, And Hotness To End This Book Had Me On The Edge Of The Seat Wanting To Know What Will Happen Next Funny And Heartwarming While Still Being Unique And Inventive You Can Feel The Love And Comradeship In Each Page Makes Me Believe True Love Can Happen To Anyone The Characters Are So Relatable That It Feels Almost Like Family Once I Started This Series I Was Unable To Stop Until I Finished The Entire Thing If You Love Romance Jam Packed With Action, Passion, Comedy, And Heart, One Click On Defender Cave Bear Today This book is a real start to our newest Defender Protectors I love how over the top these characters and their critters are Looking forward to the next book in the series. Her Undeniable Strength Tirzah Lowenstein hacked into the computers of some really bad and dangerous people to find evidence of their evilness but one day she discovered a secret that she thought was too surreal to even be true but then some strange things started to happen and people were trying to kill her She needed to call for help so tracked down a bodyguard, one that worked for the East branch of the Protection Inc agency, Defenders Inc.Pete Valdez, a former Recon Marine who was kidnapped and turned against his will Now he worked as a bodyguard at Defenders Inc He and his team have escaped their captors but he still felt like a prisoner in his heart He had to hide who he was inside from his loved ones especially his thirteen year old daughter, Carolina He couldn t let anyone get too close to him but life had different plans for him.When he met Tirzah there was an instant connection between them, she was the only one whose touch didn t cause him pain He wanted to know the reason why but most importantly he wanted to protect her from those who were after her.The relationship between Pete and Caro was strained, she felt like he would rather be anywhere but at home with her They were both keeping secrets from each other until one day everything came out Danger was still lurking around Tirzah and now his family as well Him and his inner beast alongside his team protected their people.It was a treat to catch up with previous characters from PROTECTION INC. Hope they make cameos during the series Can t wait for what comes next DEFENDER CAVE BEAR is the first book in Zoe Chant s PROTECTION INC Spin off series, PROTECTION INC DEFENDERS It was heart racing, beautiful and intriguing I recommend you guys give this book a try, you won t regret it 5 I received a free copy from the author, without any obligation to review Wheelchair bound Tirzah, but not helpless, is a hacker but she uses the information she finds to bring down corrupt companies When she finds a file that s so bizarre it can t be real, she s surprised to find out she s in danger When she checks out companies that supply bodyguards, she finds Defender Inc and Pete so she hacks into his computer to see how good he is When he bursts into her apartment, she has her answer Both Pete and Tirzah have been claimed by flying kittens and back at Pete s home, his daughter has also been claimed by a mysterious critter Pete is a cave bear who s sure his bear s a monster Pete and Tirzah must work together to stop the dark ops turned ancient wizards company who s kidnapping and experimenting on people turning them into a variety of shifters including extinct and mythical animals They also created a variety of pet sized animals such as flying kittens and dragonettes To top it all off, Pete discovers a few surprises about his cave bear.This is the first book in the secondary Protection, Inc series and it was wonderful I absolutely loved it and didn t want to put it down The book was well written and the characters well developed In many places I was hanging by a thread wondering what was going to happen I was hooked from the start and am now eagerly waiting for the next one to come out. Capt cave man to the rescueFlying bar kittens, horses, returning mystic shifters what not to like And such a great way to start a story to have a black flying cat fly into your window when you ve just escaped an imposter trying to kidnapped you claiming to be with the humane society Tirzah was smart and handy with her wheelchair I guess the guy thought she was easy prey but she showed him She needed protect stat So she goes to hire the people she found out who they were in a file that the guy wanted from her What were the odds And he was her mate Pete was an ancient cave bear and did not like to be untouched not even by his daughter so when he could withstand the touch of a perfect stranger and he enjoyed her touch something inside him clicked He was hired to protect Tirzah and this begun the roller coaster of events that happen Hiding the truth from family members can wear you down When dangers come lurking at your home you take your daughter to the one place touchscreen keep secret from her all this time Secrets are sure to come out aren t they stayed time to find out what happens. This is another great start to a series by the very talented group of authors that write as Zoe Chant As sensual there is dram and suspense and a whole lot of romance as our characters find their mates in lifeThis is Tirzah Lowenstein and Pete Valdez story She is a hacker who has stumbled on information that she can t believe is true The data says that people have been turned into shifters men that can be either man or animal Pete was s former Recon Marine who was turned against his will now he has a prehistoric Cave Bear living inside him He and his men have escaped their captors but he is still a captive of what is inside him at least he is doing some good working for Protection, Inc Defenders even if he can t be close to anyone and his continually hiding his beast Then he is sent to protect Tirzah after threats are made on her life and he finds someone his bear says is his mate Will they be able to live together and is finally found the one thing that will calm his bear This is a roller coaster ride that is sheer fun to read Tirzah finds herself a protective cave bear Tirzah ends up in a precarious situation and manages to get herself out of it at the last minute When she gets home she decides to hire herself a bodyguard in the form of Pete Valdez In order to achieve this goal she hijacks his computer and is pleasantly surprised when he shows up in her apartment, even behind the hissing flying kitten I loved the Protection Inc series This series even though it is a spin off from the original series, the animals are bigger and prehistoric than before, which gives it a slightly different feel but no less cutesy with all the adorable animals and the sweet story of Tirzah and Pete themselves Thank you to Zoe for my advanced copy for which I voluntarily leave my honest review and I look forward to Merlin s circus antics eagerly I voluntarily offered to review this book with no obligations and my opinions are honestIt was a great book Tirzah hacked into the computers of very dangerous criminalsThey were coming for her.What is Tirzah to do Hire a bodyguard from Defenders Inc of course Pete was assigned to protect Tirzah.What started as a simple bodyguard job turned into something much Pete is a shifter, but his is still not comfortable with his second skin.When he meets Tirzah, he knew she was his mate.Now what Both of them will have to learn to work together to defeat the danger that it is coming.The characters storytelling were very captivatingIt has all the ingredients that you need for an awesome book I can t wait for the next book in the series Wow Protection, Inc is back for a second iteration on the East Coast This picks up after the last story in the original Protection, Inc series I loved meeting new characters and seeing some from before Pete is exactly what Tirzah needs for a bodyguard, and she is exactly what he needs to make sense of his life.This fast paced, action packed adventure has an intense tone and a storyline that is both action and character oriented with some steamy scenes and vivid characters The addition of the little ones is great, too You will have to read this to get what I mean I would read the original Protection, Inc series first, but you could start with this one If you do, I bet you will go back and read the others Enjoy I was so engrossed in the storyline from the beginning, that I couldn t believe it when it ended So much going on in the storyline, and true mates find each other against all odds Will they be able to withstand the evil forces trying to separate them I liked how the author grew the character of Caro from a petulant surly teen to a hero in training I loved watching the interactions and connection between Pete and Tirzah throughout the story They seemed to feed off one another More adventures to come and enemies to conquer Looking forward to . Fun spin off series starts now I need to read the originals More good writing and characterization from Zoe Chant, this time with magical pets as well Again, characters of different ages and life circumstances ring true As a Jew, I might have liked Tirzah Lowenstein to have cultural notes than her name, a liking for lox and latkes and not eating pork, but on the other hand I appreciate that they do read as restrained cultural references and not stereotypes, just as other characters have names and food preferences which suggest a Latin American heritage, etc.