Fire In Her Eyes (Fireblood Dragons, #7)

Fire In Her Eyes (Fireblood Dragons, #7) For Months, I Ve Been Chased By A Red Dragon They Re The Females Of The Dragon Shifter Invaders, Fierce And Vicious And As Ruthless As They Are Wild She Hunts Me Wherever I Go, And I M Not Safe Even Behind The Walls Of A Fort There S Only One Thing I Can Do To Stop Her And That S To Take Her As My Mate But To Win The Heart Of A Female Dragon, I Have To Conquer Her First Not So Easy For A Human Manbut Teva S Worth The Challenge For some reason I stopped reading this series after the 3rd one But when I came to know in this book heroine is the dragon I was intrigued And I m soooo glad I read this I absolutely adored the heroine She was both fire and vulnerability She was bold, fierce and protective Just what I imagined a drakoni women will be Author wrote her so well She also loved babies.Same goes for the hero He had all the human qualities He was some part uncertain, modern, free spirited, kind and kinda of sweet plus dominant Like I said the characterization was done so well.Their main problem was very much realistic and I enjoyed how the hero solved it I liked all the pets introduced and how taken the heroine was with babies This is a very entertaining and hard to put down kinda book Recommended. 1 I swear that if this dude will say baby girl one time I will strangle him.2 Two books before we find out that there is some big danger That it is coming to the Earth from the Dragon world through the Rift and now it is not even mentioned Again Not just in the book before, but in this book is nothing too about it Really 3 This book wasn t like the rest of the series were we always had dragon male human female, so I was curious about this book, cause we finally got dragon female human male Unfortunately, I have to admit after this I like the other way around dragon male and not human male I guess I don t know how to explain this, but the dragon female was kinda meh The whole book was something like too much dominant macho stuff.4 I felt zero chemistry.5 I loved this series so I am really sad to say that it went downhill since the 5th book.2,25 4.5 Stars 3 Steam Fans I have been wanting a female dragon story in this series and Ruby did not fail me Teva was discussed in the last book because she was attracted to Gabe who was a big part of the last book but not a main character I loved that we knew Teva and Gabe have a connection but it was in no way an easy connection I can only hope dragons speak to Ruby Dixon for stories in this series, I wouldn t even be against a time jump for a few books about the possible children from our known couples I really love this series.This specific video review will be included in the August 2019 wrap up.For other video book reviews check out my YouTube channel Steph s Romance Book Talk Review may be edited at a later date I m just going to be honest here I m not entirely sure I enjoyed this Parts were entertaining, even funny Other parts were unnerving and took me out of any comfort zone I was in I alternately liked Teva and felt sorry for her Gabe was extremely unlikable to me So, maybe 3 stars, but that s probably being generous. I was, to my utter surprise, disappointed with Fire In Her Eyes.First off, its characters didn t call to me like in previous stories Gabe was most of the time just a dick in a good guy disguise And Teva was horribly bland for a dragon.Second off, the previous book ended up with on such great revelation, I expected this story to move miles and miles in the main plot but instead of a full filling soup, I got a teaspoon of lukewarm salted water. 8 12 2019Another great read by Ruby Dixon Absolutely love every book she publishes Cover to cover interest. It s been long since I last read Ruby Dixon s book and I am glad that despite the long time I still enjoy her writing This is so fun to read and it s nice to see a female dragon for a change weee female dragon please This is my favorite book out of the Fireblood Dragon series Finally a human male and a dragon female, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. OMFG I m crying I have been waiting what feels like forever for this book and I am gutted That it s over Ruby once again hit it out of the park and the extra time spent on this book was so beyond worth the wait Since the first book in the Fireblood series, I have wanted a Red Dragon story The Reds are the female of the species and the most feral amongst them Seemingly the ones that will never be able to be tamed and or mated, particularly to a human male But Gabe, sweet Gabe who we ve met over the past few books is than up to the challenge Thanks to circumstances in the last book view spoiler Gabe and many others came down with the plague and were injected with the venom or blood of another dragon which somewhat changed them All the survivors awoke with golden eyes and while most abilities are still unknown they are also able to get feelings and or random thoughts of some dragons nearby hide spoiler I have been interested in the female dragons since the start of this series and I m going to say that the author did not disappoint Teva was everything that I was hoping for when it came to a red Dragon Gabe was amazing in the last book and I am so glad that he got a HEA They both found their way and purpose and it was just an amazing journey If you have loved this series then get read because you are going to fall even deeper in love with these characters Bring on dragons because I don t think I ll ever get tired of them 5 stars 2OCCJD