The Loop

The Loop Luka Kane Will Die In The Loop, A Prison Under The Control Of Artificial Intelligence Delays To His Execution Are Granted If Luka Submits To Medical Experiments Escape Is Made Impossible By A Detonator Sewn Into His Heart But On Luka S Seventeenth Birthday, Life In The Loop Is Altered The Government Issued Rain Stops Falling And Rumours Of Unrest Start To Spread Breaking Out Might Be His Only Chance To Survive And To Stop A Catastrophe From Deleting Humankind Many books have claimed to be the next Hunger Games or Maze Runner but few can actually meet that hype I m happy to say that this book has met these expectations and then some This book is mostly set inside a prison known as the Loop, where inmates are subject to torturous conditions and crippling loneliness We explore this setting through the eyes of Luka Kane, a flawed and very relatable YA protagonist who keeps you engaged as the mysteries of the prison and the world around it begin to unfold The side characters threaten to overwhelm at first given their rapid and frequent introductions but ultimately result in a cast of characters that you will route for all the way, Igby and Malachai being particular standouts.I cannot give away any plot here, as it s something you really must experience yourself There are so many twists and turns right up until the end it ll leave you weepy at the fact the next book isn t out till 2021 In closing, YA dystopian fans should get ready, as this book is going to be your next obsession. I was lucky enough to receive a proof copy of the loop It was completely brilliant scary, believable and addictive If you like dystopia, sci fi or adventure books, then you will inhale this novel. FINALLY got around to reading my ARC copy of The Loop I loved it a lot of tension, technology and terror Great characters who you root for and an ending that I read twice because it blew me away Really great grounded sci fi Intriguing first quarter and then it explodes into action and doesn t stop. This was a very page turning and I had to find out what was happening as we meet Luka Kane in the Loop, a prison for inmates It started off well with a good amount of time setting the scene and understanding the state of the world and what the Loop was, but it suddenly got very freaky and I was soon creeped out I do have to say that the creepy bit was very well written and had the right amount of detail and description whilst getting on with the story A lot happens to Luka Kane, the narrator, but my god does he get on with it and nothing seems to phase him I also really liked the friendships he had formed and there were some very interesting characters It was super intriguing that we didn t know what was going on a lot of the time, but when we find out exactly what s behind what s occurring, I felt somewhat disappointed and it wasn t what I was expecting hoping It was a strange one to comprehend.Definitely page turning and gripping, this dystopian thriller is not for the faint hearted. 10 9 19Yes I won this one at YALC Thank you so much Chicken House The premise sounds super duper cool You can find me on It was an interesting premise but it lost me on all the senseless action and unexplained phenomena I wish they had explained what was going on earlier on to provide some context and anchor the action.The love interest arc seems forced. The characters, man I loved them. Outstanding.