Gentleman Wolf (Capital Wolves Duet, #1)

Gentleman Wolf (Capital Wolves Duet, #1) An Elegant Werewolf In Edinburgh When Lindsay Somerville, The Most Elegant Werewolf In Paris, Learns That The Man Who Held Him In Abject Captivity For Decades Is On His Way To France, Intent On Recapturing Him, He Knows He Must Leave The Continent For His Own Safety Lindsay Cannot Take The Risk Of Being Recaptured He May Have Been Free For A Century But He Can Still Feel The Ghost Of His Old Chains Under His Fine Clothes On A Mission While He S In Edinburgh, Lindsay Has Been Tasked With Acquiring The Naismith Papers , The Writings Of A Long Dead Witchfinder It Should Be A Straightforward Mission All Lindsay Has To Do Is Charm An Elderly Book Collector, Hector Cruikshank But Cruikshank May Not Be All He Seems, And There Are Others Who Want The Papers Meets His Match As If That Were Not Enough, While Tracking Down The Naismith Papers, Lindsay Meets Stubborn Architect Drew Nicol Although The Attraction Between Them Is Intense, Nicol Seems Frustratingly Determined To Resist Lindsay S Advances Somehow Though, Lindsay Can T Seem To Accept Nicol S Rejection Is He Just Moonstruck, Or Is Nicol Bonded To Him In Ways He Doesn T Yet Understand Note This Is The First Book Of A Duology The Story Continues And Will Complete In The Second Book, Master Wolf 2.5 stars I m not sure what to make of Gentleman Wolf I think I liked it in the end, but it wasn t at all what I expected Things to know about this story It is not really a romance By definition, a romance has a HEA or a HFN This book simply doesn t The plot clearly continues on to the next in the series, but I was expecting some sort of HFN at least at the end I was feeling pretty irritated at 95% in when I realized that it wasn t coming Just know going in to the story that it is of a paranormal historical fiction story than a romance It is a dark, suspenseful story The book had a ominous beginning, and I honestly wanted to DNFed it at 25% I wasn t feeling the story, and the torture punishment vibes weren t working for me I also didn t quite get the relationship between the MC and his friends fellow wolves I personally find suspense to be stressful, and this book stressed me out greatly There is insta attraction love Lindsay is drawn to Drew right from first meeting, and though I have a pretty high tolerance for that in a shifter romance, the pair didn t spend enough time together for the romance to develop It remained a strangers who are drawn to each other type of dynamic in my mind I m a huge Joanna Chambers fan, so even though I had issues with the story I still enjoyed the beautiful writing style It felt very atmospheric and dark, like the story, and I always love the way Joanna crafts her details and builds a whole vibe for the readers I might continue on with the story but I also might change my mind I think if my expectations were a little different, I would have enjoyed the story , but I left it feeling mildly frustrated goodreads instagram twitter blog Joanna Chambers can do no wrong when it comes to historical romance as far as I m concerned.Now she s added a paranormal twist to her latest Edinburgh set series and it is an epic tale of mystery, heartache, adventure, and suspense with a seriously nasty villain and a stunning cast of characters.Edinburgh at the start of the New Town development in the second half of the 1700s is where we find ourselves in this book and, as ever, Joanna s skill in writing places brings Auld Reekie to life wonderfully as much a character as the humans.The push and pull between our hero Lindsay and his bond mate Drew was both delicious and frustrating but wholly within the characters of both men and fitting to the time period.There is a hint of menace and foreboding which lingers throughout the narrative and it works perfectly alongside the narrow streets, closes and tenements that the action takes place in.I am at once in love with and aggrieved by Drew and Lindsay, their relationship and how things developed.Also, the ending was something I did not see coming in the way it played out.I d had an inkling something was going to go down, and I m not going to be offering up any hints or spoilers, but the shock wasn t quite what I was expecting at all.I adored Francis, Whynn and Marguerite even though they ve only had a short walk on the pages of this novel, and I can t wait to find out of their backstories.The book s not even out yet but I need to know what happens next ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review. I enjoyed this a lot, but it does help enormously to know that it s the first in a pair of books Master Wolf is due out in early 2020 and I can t wait There was a lot I recognised in Gentleman Wolf as, in some ways, it s a mirror image of JC s excellent Enlightenment trilogy That was told from the point of view of hard working, closeted Scot David Lauriston, trying to suppress his attraction to the worldly, cynical, hedonistic and utterly unapologetic aristocrat Murdo Balfour Here, in the Balfour role, we get Lindsay Somerville as the POV character, unexpectedly smitten with Drew Nicol s dour and unhappy Edinburgh architect The pairing works equally well this way round, and though we get very little of Drew s story, there s enough to have us rooting for him to loosen up and allow himself to enjoy Lindsay s amorous intentions The relationship s not unproblematic, however Lindsay s insta lust feels just a little forced, at least to begin with Later, as the strength of his longing for Drew develops, there s a sense that the bond might be meant in some way But without the implication that Lindsay can t help himself, I might have cavilled than I did at his slightly stalkerish ways, and his brushing aside of Drew s reservations I m really looking forward to the development of the relationship, perhaps on equal terms, in Book 2.The overarching plot hinges on Lindsay s werewolf alter ego being pursued by his sire is that the right terminology the were who turned him many decades ago, who wants him back under his psychotic control in order to torture and humiliate him again There are elements of this plot that aren t terribly clear, it has to be said, and I struggled with some of the early chapters before deciding to go with the flow OK, psychotic weirdo stalker, Lindsay strangely helpless to resist, rich beautiful dea ex machina dropping in to rescue Lindsay , hoping that Book 2 will sort some of this stuff out.There are some terrific secondary characters Lindsay s manservant has a small but effective role the creepy dealer, Cruikshank, casts an oily shadow over each scene he s in I particularly loved the way that Chambers uses Edinburgh and its architecture the medieval streets of the Old Town and elegant squares of the New Town to underscore the atmosphere of menace she evokes This is a well researched and effective setting.The pace of the book is quite leisurely, especially in the first half, before it accelerates to a dramatic climax Note that the ending is view spoiler neither a HEA nor a HFN nothing is settled, and Drew and Lindsay are left decidedly at odds hide spoiler So I m not a big fan of shifter books and historical doesn t really do it for me and yet somehow Joanna Chambers manages to take these things and create something that I really, really enjoyed The woman is magicfull review to follow, soonish 5 howling stars This story started right how I loved them the most Picture this Scotland, March 1682A dungeon with a creature, once a beautiful human now half human and half something, incarcerated for decades Then suddenly he s freed.Picture this Paris, October 1788Lindsay is free of his vicious keeper for over a century and living a pleasurable life.Sadly, he has to return to Edinburgh because of the approaching danger trying to find Lindsay to keep.In Edinburgh, Lindsay has to live a sort of human life and act like it Flamboyantly dressed and trying to do business with Hector Cruikshank, he meets the architect Drew Nicol, Lindsay s wolf is alert because of Drew s delicious scent The only thing he gets from Drew is a disapproval look He is intrigued by this withdrawn and introverted man Did the man ever smile Lindsay can t stay away from Drew who does everything to avoid him Drew slowly opens up and my goodness, there is boiling lava underneath his exterior Christ, Drew gasped against Lindsay s throat Christ, Lindsay When you read this sentence in the context, you will immediately feel the strong attraction between them, the underlying guilt and how every single pore is highly sensitive.Two men circling each other, approaching and withdrawing again It was quite hurtful at times to see the wolf mourn because of the rejection Still, the creature he is, he could be a threat to Drew.Besides the interactions of the two men in this story, there is a horrible threat, Duncan MacCormaic who is hunting Lindsay.What a tremendously written story my vocabulary expanded quite a lot Throughout the whole journey, I felt surrounded by the spirit of the time The whole scenery was just how it was supposed to be, with dirt and the beauty, the inventory, the garments, the use of words, the way of traveling, it all made sense with the historical environments.At times the story got sexy, highly erotic, the sensuality almost dripped from the pages I must admit my knees went weak.I ll also admit that I m sold when a story talks about a scent, I can t help myself, it does so much to my imagination Reading about how Lindsay sniffs Drew s scent and what it does to him, gosh it was everything.Francis, his savior and one of Lindsay s closest friends, has a significant role in this story.Wynne, Lindsay s servant, has a lovely, supporting background role, just enough present to like him a lot The main characters were flawed and that made them very appealing.An overwhelmingly thrilling story, especially the last part was a complete rollercoaster, I felt a bit sad at the end, thank goodness there will be a continuation. 4.5 stars.Review to follow at AAR. A Joyfully Jay review 4 starsI am a huge fan of Joanna Chambers historicals, so I was really excited to see the author s foray into historical paranormal Like many of her books, this story is set primarily in Scotland and the sense of place and historical details are really well done The book takes place in the late 1700s, around the time when New Town is just starting to be built in Edinburgh Chambers fills the book with great details about the changes to the city and what life is like there for both rich and poor I also loved the bits about fashion, as Lindsay is somewhat of a clothes horse and he often dresses to make a specific impression So the story has a great sense of time and place that I really enjoyed.Read the review in its entirety here. Joanna Chambers is my go to author for historical novels, and Gentleman Wolf is an amazing little detour from the usual fare I expect from her I went into this novel expecting a little intrigue, a little romance, and some great historical detail I got all of that, but also Gentleman Wolf is dark, with a thread of unease that followed me throughout the story It is clear from the beginning that the author is building up to something unpleasant, and as much as I wanted to curl Lindsay and Drew up in a blanket and put them in front of a fire with a pot of tea and tell them everything was going to be alright, I also couldn t put the book down as the plot darkened This ends on a cliffhanger To be honest, it s not a happy cliffhanger This is not a book to pick up as a standalone if you want a satisfying ending If that s your fare, it might be better to wait until the next book, Master Wolf, is out, as that book will end the story arc I ve read my fair share of werewolf novels in the past, and Gentleman Wolf is a pleasant shift from the norm It s historical, first of all, which is a rare enough combination in the genre The fact that Lindsay and his companions are werewolves isn t a focus of the story Instead, it s just a fact of who they are, shaping their lives and reactions to the main focus of the book This book does include the fated mates trope, which is one of my absolute favorites Lindsay s wolf recognizes Drew as his bond mate, and their mutual intense attraction and the way it wars with the human aspects of morality and propriety was really well done However, I do hope we get insight into what and why bond mates are in the next novel I love the myriad ways different authors approach the fated mates trope, and am really intrigued so far by Joanna Chambers approach.I really enjoyed this book But I do reiterate my, not warnings, but notes from above that this is not a standalone, this is not necessarily a happy book, and it might not be for everyone If you enjoy new takes on werewolf shifters, historicals, complex romance, intricate plots, and intrigue, then this might be the book for you Just be careful of the very steep cliff at the end An advance copy of this book was received for review on OMGReads. 4.5 Stars Anyone who s read author Joanna Chambers Enlightenment series knows full well she s a deft hand at writing historical romance, so my confidence going into this book was already high What I wasn t sure of is how the werewolf aspect would play out, but I needn t have worried because Chambers handles that with aplomb as well And that cover Well, it all came together in a trifecta of goodness in Gentleman Wolf, and now I can t wait for book two in the series.The Prologue hits its mark in its intent to draw readers into the story That s done quickly and with an urgency that allows us to feel an immediate sense of empathy for Lindsay Somerville, a newly made werewolf who is the prisoner of the vicious Duncan MacCormaic, Lindsay s sire, a diabolical man who has one goal and one goal only to see Lindsay suffer the reason for which is detailed further as the story continues Everything from the atmosphere of the opening volley to the end of it, when Lindsay is rescued by a pair of strangers, baited the hook and leads to a one hundred year time leap, to Paris in 1788, where we soon meet not only Lindsay s saviors, Marguerite and Francis, but are introduced to the plan to see Lindsay back in Scotland and the reason he needs to be there rather than in Paris Staying put while a madman, who can compel Lindsay to obey all manner of evils, is hunting him is simply not an option.The introduction of the man who will become Lindsay s focus of interest, Drew Nicol, plays off the familiar bonding trope, but there is a nice twist to that, which I appreciated This is not an insta love story In fact, Lindsay seems interested in teasing and seducing his prey , grateful for the relief of his boredom, than in getting to know and connect with Drew When he begins to develop an inexplicable desire, bordering on and then growing into an obsession, to see and be near Drew, it only serves to further confuse Lindsay if not his wolf.Drew is not at all enticed into becoming Lindsay s plaything upon their initial meetings, to the point that there is an immediate dismissal of Lindsay as someone Drew has no personal interest in or even regard for Eventually, however, an undercurrent of reluctant curiosity evolves into a grudging attraction, though Drew does not give in with ease He is inhibited by propriety and the danger of that attraction, which is appropriate to the time the novel is set Moreover, I love that Chambers broke some of the rules of the romance genre and gave her readers much to anticipate on the relationship front for the next book, Master Wolf We re talking BIG relationship cliffhanger, and the anticipation is delicious.There were some very fine elements of suspense and imagination in this novel as well as several side characters who supported the story in interesting ways I grew especially fond of Lindsay s manservant, Wynne Wildsmith, and hope to see much of him as the series progresses One thing I can say with some confidence is that everything promises to get so much worse before it gets better Much, much worse There is no end in this novel What this book is, is a solid To Be Continued, and it leaves a lot to prepare for where Drew s feelings for Lindsay are involved as well as for the clear and present threat of danger still looming out there for Lindsay.Reviewed for The Novel Approach Gah How could publish this book now and then make your readers wait until January January to read the second installment I do not forgive you, Joanna Chambers Okay, I forgive you, but it s going to be painful 3 4 months Can you at least promise us a January 1st release date