Its Not OK to Feel Blue

Its Not OK to Feel Blue This Is The Freshest, Most Honest Collection Of Writings About Mental Health That I Ve Readsearing Wit, Blinding Passion, Bleeding Emotion And A Fantastic, Heroic, Glorious Refusal To Lie Down And Take It Stephen Fry Reading This Book Made Me Feel Normal About The Things I Feel SometimesIt S A Great Book However You Re Feeling, It Ll Help Ed Sheeran This Is The Book I Needed When I Was Little May This Be A Leap Forward In The Much Needed Conversation Around Mental Health Jameela Jamil Everyone Has A Mental Health So We Asked What Does Yours Mean To You THE RESULT IS EXTRAORDINARYOver People Have Shared Their Stories Powerful, Funny, Moving, This Book Is Here To Tell You It S OKWith Writing From Adam Kay Alastair Campbell Alexis Caught Ben Platt Bryony Gordon Candice Carty Williams Charlie Mackesy Charly Cox Chidera Eggerue Claire Stancliffe Davina McCall Dawn O Porter Elizabeth Day Elizabeth Uviebinen Ella Purnell Emilia Clarke Emma Thompson Eve Delaney Fearne Cotton Gabby Edlin Gemma Styles GIRLI Milly Toomey Grace Beverley Hannah Witton Honey Ross Hussain Manawer Jack Rooke James Blake Jamie Flook Jamie Windust Jessie Cave Jo Irwin Jonah Freud Jonny Benjamin Jordan Stephens Kai Isaiah Jamal Kate Weinberg Kelechi Okafor Khalil Aldabbas KUCHENGA Lauren Mahon Lena Dunham Maggie Matic Martha Lane Fox Mathew Kollamkulam Matt Haig Megan Crabbe Michael Kitching Michelle Elman Miranda Hart Mitch Price Mona Chalabi Montana Brown Nadia Craddock Naomi Campbell Poorna Bell Poppy Jamie Reggie Yates Ripley Parker Robert Kazandjian Rosa Mercuriadis Saba Asif Sam Smith Scarlett Curtis Scarlett Moffatt Scottee Sharon Chalkin Feldstein Shonagh Marie Simon Amstell Steve Ali Tanya Byron Travon Free Yomi Adegoke Yusuf Al Majarhi Powerful, thought provoking This isn t a book This is 70 people telling you it s ok to not be ok.On a good day it s a wonderful read, on a bad day it s a lifeline, this something everyone should read All the royalties are going to the INCREDIBLE give us a shout the UK s first 24 7 crisis text line. I m going to try and keep how I feel about this book as brief as possible Firstly, to Scarlett and every single person that has contributed to this collection, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing each of your mental health stories, I know just how brave it is to be so simultaneously vulnerable yet strong at the same time and one day I hope I ll be able to get to a place where I can share my story without feeling ashamed and deleting my words and saving them for another time What this book is doing for mental health is beyond incredible, the scope and diversity of each story is a beautiful and educational thing and is heartbreaking yet humbling to know just how not alone we really are when it comes to dealing with these isolated feelings.This book and everyone in it, is now my little companion for life and a different voice in my head to let me know it s ok At one point in my life, I couldn t read, couldn t watch tv, couldn t sit still, I didn t have the ability to stop my heart racing and my feet pacing, to accept the fear I was feeling and learn to be still, both physically and mentally.I m so grateful now, I m in a place where I can distract myself with books, they are my safe place, my sanctuary to escape and be still from the real world Mostly that comes in the form of fiction, where I can project my fear into something either a bit rational or completely irrational all the same And there are times where I find it important to read something like this, to face the sometimes unfaceable, it can be hard to read these things, it can make me laugh and cry, recall things I ve tried to forget But talking and reading about mental health is critically important and with each word shared, it takes a piece of that fear away I advise anyone who struggles or knows someone who does or anyone just to educate themselves further to read this, it can help so many peoples lives as it has mine.Thanks for listening. I want to and probably will read this all over again I feel so seen and understood Found the format very effective, I liked the contrast between poems, drawings, lists, stream of consciousness and structured text it visually shows how we express and experience mental health in different ways A positive, uplifting and affirming book which I would highly recommend everyone reads whether or not they are struggling with mental health. One day you ll be sitting on a sofa and you ll find yourself laughing for a second it won t hurt, for a second you will just be there, in that moment, and, for a second, life will feel OK It can be hard to review a book that is not actually a book, but rather a collection of essays What do you do Do you go nit picking story by story, praising one contributor while shrugging about the writing skills of another Or do you try to recap the recurrent theme, the one that is glaringly obvious from the title itself I choose to do neither Instead, I want to focus on how important the book is because of the message it tries to get across that is, it is finally OK to talk about mental health.The book s role in the context of normalisation of the mental health topic is undeniable While, in the past few years, the mentions about mental wellbeing and potential solutions to help you get there have been on the rise just think of all the go meditate and do yoga posts , this is the first significant work that collects the stories of reasonably well known authors opening up about their personal struggles.Ranging from writers, actors and podcasters all the way to activists and politicians, It s not OK to feel blue and other lies is an intricate puzzle of difficult stories that speak to your soul, if only you are willing to listen.There is something heartwarming about reading all the intense accounts of pain and suffering, while knowing that it is the first time that the authors publicly opened up about the topic for the one single reason to show us we are not alone.The you dig into the stories on the bus, while waiting for lunch, queueing in the pharmacy it is quite addictive , the you realise how incredibly brave they must have been to release their inner black dogs for the whole world to see, not shying away from the possible backlash of society that is not yet as accepting as it parades itself to be.The target audience for this book is predominantly people who have their fair share of experience with mental health problems and it will be with them that the book will resonate the most However, its power lies not only in its openness to discuss that which was previously a taboo If you approach it with an open mind, you can take away from it so much than just the different facets that mental illness can take Reading between the lines, it will open your eyes to the society at large, and how what you previously thought of as a homogenous mass is, actually, something akin to a shattered mirror people, rough around the edges, each coming in their own shape and size, trying their best to fit in It will teach you empathy and acceptance, making you glimpse underneath the surface of people that you pass on the streets without giving them a mere thought The next Nigerian you meet, you will understand how the mental health problems are framed within their community When I mentioned to my family that I would be seeking therapy, I was told that it was a futile thing to do because Nigerians don t suffer from depression and if I felt depressed it was because I wasn t trusting God enough The next time you hear in the news another de personating talk about the Syrian refugees, you will grasp just a bit the cruel feeling of guilt they have to live with on a daily basis People who are not there any, who weren t lucky enough to make it out of the hell of that country that was once called heaven on earth People who deserved, if not , then no less than me to survive and be safe and happy in a new place and a new life Feeling happiness in this moment here feels wrong letting go of the pain of the past in this moment of joy feels like letting go of those souls I left behind The next time you cross a gay couple holding hands on the streets, you will imagine a bit vividly how demeaning everyday life can be for them Years later, my serious boyfriend and I are looking at flats It s our first time living together The excitement bubbles through me I m going to be living with the man I love, we re taking this step together I m not unlovable I am loved The estate agent makes a joke about almost accidentally showing us a one bed flat And then I remember two men sharing a bedroom, sharing a bed is something to be laughed at I am something to be laughed at My love is something to be laughed at And I feel sad And the next time you jokingly want to poke your white male friend to man up, you will remember that there is, indeed, such a thing as systemic toxic masculinity Boys don t cry , basically and an ostensibly homophobic fear of sensitivity being beer bonged into us by our friends, family and the media from as early as we can remember to the slow realization as we get older that the world is actually stacked towards our success, we end up thinking that our individual psychological decline is shameful I could go on and on about all the individual, heart wrenching stories people were brave enough to uncover But instead, just go read this book.If you were ever in pain and didn t know how to deal with it it will warm your heart in ways you never thought possible.If you have someone in your close circle who is struggling with mental illness it will give you a set of tools that you wished you had so much earlier.Even if you have no clue what this mental health fuss is all about it will just make you a kinder human I promise. I will probably read this again or use for reference on my bad days This is the kind of book I would have loved to have read growing up and whilst the message is clear, It s okay to not feel okay there still exists a large amount of stigma and miseducation towards mental health, personality disorders, autism spectrum disorders and other illnesses, conditions and disabilities in general both unseen and seen I don t like using the word invisible when describing illnesses that cannot be seen so this book to me is a godsend for the times where the stigma is worse than the autism and the mental illnesses itself This book is also for when I need to remind myself that there are billions of others out there who feel the exact same way and in particular those who have contributed to this book It is okay to not feel okay.I love the layout and how every contribution varies Some are simply drawings, some are a few words, some are poems, short stories or essays or songs Some choose to disclose their illnesses, some decide not to use labels and that s okay There were a number of contributions which really stood out to me, but I m not going to single out which ones as the book as a whole was really helpful and it s very courageous of all the contributors and the curator to be so raw, open, honest and vulnerable about their experiences and to share their thoughts and opinions on mental health I would definitely recommend this book to others and might show it to others in groups because if not themselves, maybe a friend, relative, son, daughter, niece, nephew or sibling may be helped by this book just like I was.The information on the back about the shout charity and what it offers is also a good addition to the book for reference as I may want to use the service in the future and recommend it to others Thank you so much for this book It means a lot to me and has inspired me to talk about my own experiences I will also be trying to source and read Scarlett Curtis other book on feminism too To anyone who sees a copy of this book, it s very helpful and worth the read. Let me start by saying I read Feminists don t wear pink and other lies and I loved it Scarlett Curtis is not only an eloquent and engaging speaker herself but she has a huge insight in to things we should all hear She asks amazing inspiring people to share their truths So I would have read this on that basis alone but as someone who has a history with mental health issues and I don t like the word issues by the way first hand and have seen those around me suffer too reading this book was high on my agenda Especially as someone who reads constantly to quiet her mind The irony isn t lost on me I m going to keep this review short and sweet as if I don t it will become all about me This collection of stories, experiences, poems, advice are so important Some made me feel uplifted, some made me sad, some were telling me things I couldn t possibly understand but felt deep empathy for Some took my breath away and a couple were like a flash of the brightest lightning and had me feeling a deep sense of recognition in that oh my god, I thought it was just me who felt like that one was like a kick in the stomach I think this book will make everyone feel things and feeling things is something we all need to do of Read this book I personally want to thank Scarlett and all the contributors because talking about this stuff makes other people understand and feel things, I know feeling things isn t a great catchy line, but sometimes you feel nothing and feeling anything is a comfort. On a day when I finally acknowledged traumatic events of the last couple of months had taken its toll I also picked up this book and started to read.Read and finished in a day I loved every single one for various reasons but it mainly gave me the courage to say I m not ok Jo Irwins in particular resonated hugely with me the different bus drivers.At the moment Wilma and Debs are with me and that s ok All in all a brilliant read Couldn t recommend it highly A beautiful mix of drawings and songs and poems and stories that s inspirational, life affirming, and ultimately says we get it Best read in small doses so it can really sink in and then reading again and again I appreciate stories from such a wide range of people who are dealing with such a varied range of issues but the empathy connects every author This is one I ll keep coming back to. Absolutely wonderful Sometimes it s so hard to put feelings into words and to be able to read about what mental health means from so many people and perspectives is truly amazing, enlightening and empowering. You need to read this book.This collection contains a bit of everything, for everyone Each contribution is unique and deeply personal, and are effective in showing how important it is to talk about our mental health.

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