Shadow of Doubt (The Potentate of Atlanta Book 1)

Shadow of Doubt (The Potentate of Atlanta Book 1) Hadley Whitaker Is A Liar, A Killer, And A Chocoholic, But She S Getting Better About The First Two Or Maybe She S Just Getting Better At Them Some Days It S Hard For Her To Tell Fact From Fiction, But Only One Truth Matters Goddess Willing, She S Going To Be The Next Potentate Of Atlanta Even If It Means Playing Nice With Midas Kinase, A Shifter Whose Mysterious Past Might Just Be Grimmer Than Her Own When A Bloodthirsty Rogue Begins Hunting The City S Paranormals, Hadley Ropes Midas Into Letting Her Work The Case But That Rope Starts To Feel Like A Noose As They Come Closer To Discovering Not Only The Rogue S Identity, But Each Other S Darkest Secrets Great start to what promises to be a fun series I look forward to book 2 Loved it Also love the new interesting characters. No lie, I did NOT think I d like Hadley nearly as much as I did I mean, I assumed I d eventually like her, but I didn t expect to come out of the gate rooting for the lady Mostly because she did some extremely questionable things that had wide reaching effects and she ended up hurting a certain someone badly with her actions Which I didn t like.BUTI liked her She s genuinely remorseful about what she did and the fallout it caused We re also getting into her head which gives us glimpses as to why she went to the extremes she went to.Those glimpses are making me very eager to see her reach a point where she and Midas can talk openly Because, GUESS WHAT Midas is a bit of a mess, too After becoming his mother s second when his sister broke off to start her own pack, Midas iswell, he s not too comfortable in his skin right now Why We don t yet know, but it looks like it s going to be a doozy when we do find out and I m just ITCHING for Hadley and Midas to hit that point in their weird relationship.Will there be road blocks OF COURSE A woman who has to lie about pretty much everything and a man who holds his cards VERY close to the vest Things are bound to get sticky And messy, if the end up working on any cases like this one.Plus, there s a certain amplification issue that needs to be resolved I don t expect things will be easy in any way, shape, or form, but I m 100% here for the ride Because WOW This was a good book Kelly Reading the Paranormal I ve just finished the second book by this author in a row, and both books speak so much to how versatile this author is But, I will concentrate on this book which is the first in a spinoff of the author s Beginner s Guide series I like how this is similar to that and yet different enough to feel like a brand new series Hadley is a flawed character who is trying to atone for her sins and become a better person, and by the end I think she ll make it I ve forgiven her I adored Ford and Midas as her love interests for very different reasons, but I do have a definite favorite With an interesting plot and a devious villain, I was hooked from beginning to end I believe fans of TBGTN will enjoy this series starter very much Highly recommend When I heard about this book I was very interested to see how it would go How Hadley would take her second chance at things I have to say, I think she is doing great I didn t like how isolated she was at the start, but that seemed to be self imposed I sort of get why she would make that choice, but a person has to have some sort of friends to fall back on During the book I think she found some, but with those friends come all sorts of complications, ones that are fun for us readers, but for Hadley not so much.I really liked the chat between Linus and Hadley at the end I thought he gave her some good advice and let her know how much faith he had in her.I look forward to reading in this series, to see where Hadley s life takes her. Love the POAI never would have thought I d find something to like about Hadley Kudos Ms Edwards for a fabulous ride You did it Looking forward to Guys, I am dead DEAD Regret tasted like a discount food truck taco This book is a spin off series from Beginner s Guide to Necromancy and it focuses on a character that did a lot of wrong, and wants to prove that she can do a lot of good instead.I have to admit, I ve been pretty excited about this series Not because I was a particular fan of Hadley in the previous series because like all other readers, I couldn t stand the way she grabbed power just because of her greed and the consequences were to kill her best friend but because I was so eager to learn about Hadley and her past and how she was going to redeem all the bad that she did Does it bother you He put a pin in his amusement The killing No The shadow reveled in it, took sustenance from it, and I had made my bed There was nothing to do but lie in it.This book has met my expectations and Hadley is working to be the next Potentate of Atlanta A set of murders puts everyone on edge and calls the Potentate to the scene And worse, the gywllig pack is being targeted In comes Midas and Hadley is nervous, afraid that the Beta of the pack would recognize who she really is She really is dealing with blood, death, and lies throughout this book The romance side is intriguing and I can t wait to learn about Ford and Midas The first time I saw you, you were standing over a decapitated chupacabra, a short sword in each hand, and its head at your feet Nostalgia tinged his voice Not gonna lie, darlin I got heart palpitations Five stars for the plot.Five stars for the crazy characters.Five stars for the surprise surprise.Five stars for making the spin off despite not being sure about writing it Excellent job author Hadley wore jeans with blood crusted on her thigh in a sharp line She must have cleaned one of the twin blades she often carried on her pants, which made him curious who had pissed her off enough to earn the bite of her swords Sweat made her tee cling to her, and corgi hair stuck to her like glitter.I cannot wait for the next book. August 7, 2019 The day Hailey Edwards fans dreams came true Necromancy s new spinoff series and the first book in The Potentate of Atlanta, Shadow of Doubt is Georgia sweet Fans shouted Hallelujah from their rooftops followed immediately with a thirty second arts and crafts moment where each glued and glittered Do Not Disturb signs Ahhhh, there is nothing like itBefore I get into how _ _ _ _ _ _ g awesome this new series is, let me take a moment to discuss Hailey Edwards writing Every chapter, each paragraph, each sentence, the dialogue, and every well placed adjective evokes flashing signs, still pictures, and cinematic nirvana the reader tastes decadent squares of chocolate ganache, hears the hustle and bustle of Atlanta, your fingers trace the fine lines of the Faraday, we feel Midas s fingers encircle our wrist, and we cringe as a phantom breeze carries the decomposed scent of decaying bodies Edwards makes storytelling seem as easy as breathing.I was initially skeptical that I would enjoy a series about Amelie cum Hadley POA in training, but as it happens DYING it is that good Will Midas and Hadley hold a candle to Grier and Linus Before you answer with an unequivocal no, I should tell you that Hadley has game, serious game and she is not playing around in the Peach State it goes without saying that Midas Kinase is always Gold Medal ready The political maneuverings and professionalism that both Hadley and Midas are bound to abide stretch translucent thin while working a string of gwyllgi murders Tension, tension, tension includes the sexual kind, my fave .KrisWhiskey Wit Book Reviews For want of a friendI m fairly certain that I ve read The Beginners Guide to Necromancy series a dozen times by now In as much as I sincerely disliked the Black Dog series and related off shoots by the same author, I was hesitant about this book Although the teaser that came out as part of the last book in TBGTN seemed promising, I worried that it was informed by my desire to stay and continue to explore the fictional world that had been so meticulously constructed This book feels like It builds off many of the themes from the earlier series without ever straying into repetition except that everyone in this book needs a second chance as much as Grier did Amelie made terrible decisions that she now has to live with There s no instant gratification here She is creating a new life for herself that is informed by her old life and it requires work She has to face her own insecurities and foibles and learn to be better It s a subtle and fascinating story.There was something interesting about Midas in the earlier series, but it didn t make contextual sense to explore his character through the lens of Grier s story It seems to dovetail beautifully with Hadley n Amelie They are two flawed people who may be able to find shelter with one another even as they rise to the challenges of their respective responsibilities I can hardly wait to see how this all plays out in future books. The thing with Hailey Edward s books is that they have a way of grabbing me in the first few pages Hadley s interaction with Ambrose was facinating, I needed to read .In the Beginner s guide to Necromany series Hadley as Amelie made a deal with an entity called a Dybuk spelling Ambrose, in an effort to get power, it was hard to view her in a sympathetic light as a result.In this book she has a new identity as Hadley and glimpses of her past give a better understanding of why she made the choices she did, as a result she does become likeable.Getting to know Hadley we see her as a kind person who finds it hard to trust, and doesn t value herself much, as a result she has a lonely lifestyle.The plot had twists I was not expecting, which gets bonus points, because I see most things coming.Most of the story is told in first person through Hadley s view point but switches out of first person for flashes into Midas s story, which was a quite effective storytelling tool.Midas is an enigma I need to know about, just why he is so broken, poor thing has no idea how bad he has it for Hadley, so I m looking forward to seeing him figure it out.Bring on the next book, can t wait.