AuberonA Novella Set In The Universe Of James S A Corey S NYT Bestselling Expanse Series, Auberon Explores A New And Alien World And The Age Old Dangers That Humanity Has Carried With It To The Stars Now A Prime Original SeriesAuberon Is One Of The First And Most Important Colony Worlds In Humanity S Reach, And The New Conquering Faction Has Come To Claim It Governor Rittenaur Has Come To Bring Civilization And Order To The Far Outpost And Guarantee The Wealth And Power Of The EmpireBut Auberon Already Has Its Own History, A Complex Culture, And A Criminal Kingpin Named Erich With Very Different Plans In A World Of Deceit, Violence, And Corruption, The Greatest Danger Rittenaur Faces Is Love Auberon audio excerpt 3m 47s posted by the publisher The release date has been moved It s NOVEMBER 12th now Wonderful news So far James S.A Corey Expanse novellas haven t disappointed me Oh, Erich Auberon is a planet accessible through the ring gates that has a lush biome that grows native and Terran crops The planet has 12 cities, each being in the million but also has many towns, farms, and scattered around the planet.Reputedly has developed technology which converts material to substances that Terrian biology can use It served as Naomi Nagata s base of operations as the head of the Underground after the Slow Zone devastation.The planet s moon has a lunar base that transports its goods throughout the Auberon system.It is one of the successful colonies.Drummer suspects the technology is not what they claim.They have a trading relationship with Freehold. It s in my Kindle now Could I wait till December for my BR I must Right 3 out of 5 Stars Okay 3.5 Auberon is a short bit of back story in the ongoing Expanse series, similar to the other novellas that have been released in between the main novels in the series It is 8.5 in the series publication order, but falls at about 7.5 in the series chronological order It is its own independent little story, but as with much of the series, it means a lot if you ve read the other books before attempting to read this one It deals with Auberon, one of the richest and most successful of the settled colony systems, which was seen some in book 8 Tiamat s Wrath The plot deals with how that system and Erich the crime lord first seen in The Churn one of the first Expanse Novellas, come to deal with the Laconian government when it s representative comes to claim the Empire they have conquered.First, I really enjoyed this novella, than the average rating I ve given it to be honest The authors skills have really grown from the beginning of the series where some characters bordered on shallow cardboard cutouts, to this point near the end of the series where even minor characters have an amazing depth and reality So I would love to rate this much higher If only it was a little longer and had a little meat to it Yes, it was just a novella Yes, I knew that going in and I really enjoyed most of the other short novellas in the series which preceded this one And I usually enjoy short stories But The novella is well written, but unlike a typical short story or novella, it struck me as being written like chapters to a larger work than a typical short story As such, it lost some of the punch to the short format in my opinion It also dealt primarily with socio political ground already covered previously in much detail in books 7 and 8 specifically the flaws and problems with tyrannical and despotic police states and the mentality they produce So the length and the focus of this novella left me feeling a little short changed and only wanting .All that said, if you are a fan of The Expanse at all, Auberon is a must read There s some great lines, and despite going over some ground already covered in the political aspect, the amazing job at character development here let you see how inherently good people who honestly want to make a difference can become entrapped in such a diabolical system as that the Laconian system of government represents. 2.5 stars This review is based on an ALC audiobook received for free from I am not being paid to review this book and what I write here is my own opinion My rating scale is below.James S.A Corey once again offers audiences some supplemental reading This novella is chronologically positioned between Tiamat s Wrath and the as yet untitled ninth book in the series At this point, the series has spanned canonical decades and the cast of characters has become immense, which makes diving right into the story as this novella does just a little bit disorienting, as it deals with minor characters and locations which were barely name checked in the preceding volume and brings them to the forefront of the plot It is absolutely an interesting read and a great insight into the cultures which populate the ever increasing universe of the Expanse, and it can be read without having to do a re read of previous volumes, but it takes a bit to dive into it.As far as the audio production, Hachette s choice for narrator was the not untalented Jefferson Mays, who has narrated the entire series thus far, giving him a familiarity with the names and places Corey uses which makes the reading go smoothly I cannot say that the production is especially memorable, but that s probably what makes it a good audiobook It gets the story into my brain without distracting me Honestly, I probably could have used a little bit distraction, like the intro and outro music, included throughout, as I found that my attention occasionally wandered, despite the brevity of the audio recording less than 3 hours.rating scale1 star I was barely able to finish it I didn t like it.2 stars It was okay I didn t dislike it.3 stars It was interesting I liked it.4 stars It was excellent I really liked it.5 stars It was extraordinary I really hope the author wrote things With the final Expanse novel a way out yet, here s another of the shorter, interstitial pieces of the tapestry to tide us over It begins before the most recent novel, Tiamat s Wrath, with the Laconian empire still in in its pomp, and the new governor arriving at the eponymous colony planet, a biologically fortunate one which could be a huge boon to intergalactic humanity Unlike previous Laconian POV characters, Rittenauer is happy, sane, genial, honest Yes, he s also a representative of a power which has done monstrous things, but he s trying to do his best within the system, which may seem like the Nuremberg defence, but where do you draw the line between that and any decent civil servant in America today It s the sort of grey area that has always fascinated Corey And when Laconian rigour meets endemic local corruption, it probably won t end well for anyone I forget, you know I just forget How complicated people are How many kinds of hunger we re working with. I am an absolute sucker for all things The Expanse I ll read, listen to or watch anything related to this Universe, I swear.This novella did not disappoint but it didn t wow me either This one, as all The Expanse short stories , expands on the universe and the happenings at large You won t get to hear from your favorite characters, but learn about other planets, other people living on them and their day to day.Does this novella change anything for the story overall I don t think so.Does it expand on things you really need to know Not really, actually.Is it interesting Yeah Will it give you FOMO if you don t read it No.Having said all this, do read it if you absolutely love the series It doesn t disappoint. Short tale ambiented on a colony world during the Duarte rule, numbered here on Goodreads as 8.5 in the series, but I think it would work better as 7.5 ie, before Tiamat s Wrath , not after.Contrary to the Series other short tales I ve read so far, it involves none of the characters in the main plot, so it doesn t serve as either clarification or prelude to anything And the tale itself is pretty disappointing if you skip it, you ain t missing anything.I m rating this two stars, one up from a single star because it s nevertheless well written and managed to keep my attention during the fortunately short time it took to read it through. Another short novella in the incredible Expanse science fiction epic this is likely to be the last of these small diversions we will get until the ninth and final novel is released in 2020 Auberon is a side story that enriches our understanding of the politics involved in this Expanse universe Not essential, but extremely enjoyable, and masterfully read again by the amazing Jefferson Mays. As with all of the Expanse books, I loved this one Two things occurred to me while reading this I am glad I ve gone through all the previous books and there is no need to spend time on setting up the story, we already know the background, so it is nice to jump right in Secondly, I hope that, even after the main novels are done, we get many of these little stories into the colony worlds, there s endless opportunity for them, I would love to hear of them. Diplomacy and compromise The world of The Expanse is a world of endless assessment, negotiation, and compromise A world of edges and interfaces, of interaction and absorption The new Laconian Governor of Auberon will have to learn how to survive in a world that is unlike any of his academic theories of governing, that constantly smells of shit, and is rife with corruption Can the new governor s pure ideology of Emperor Duarte survive in such unideal surroundings

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