Defy Fate (Cade & Aria (Cade & Aria: Easton Family Saga) (Fated Duet #1)

Defy Fate (Cade & Aria (Cade & Aria: Easton Family Saga) (Fated Duet #1) Peace And PainSolace And SufferingOpposites Attract Like Magnets They Went Hand In Hand Just Like We Did The Pain Of The Past Encompassed My Soul It Was On A Path To Destroy Me That Was If I Didn T Do It Myself FirstI Was Drowning In The Depths Of My Sorrow, Trying To Push Through Each Day To Get To The Next And Then He Turned Up There Was A Time When He Was The Only Beam Of Light Within The DarknessBut He Snatched That Away When He Left And Forgot All About Me Only Now He Was Back, And Standing At The Front Of My World History ClassCade Easton Was No Longer The Charming Sixteen Year Old Who Never Failed To Put A Smile On My Face Instead, He Was My New TeacherThey Said There Was Nothing Quite Like Your First Love That All Consuming Feeling The InfatuationIt Should Have Mattered That I Was His Student, But It Didn T And Neither Did The Eight Year Age GapAge Was Just A NumberTime Which Would Pass Us Both By Lines BlurredRules Were Broken And There Was Nothing That Could Stop UsUntil My Past Resurfaced And Threatened To Demolish Everything We D Built With Cade By My Side, I Was Sure I D Conquer Everything I Just Hoped He Stayed ThereA Thousand Steps Separated Us, But Nothing Could Keep Us ApartOr Could It Defy Fate Is Book One In The Fated Duet A Two Part, Angst Filled, All Consuming, Captivating Story Of Forbidden Love 4EVEREASTONGIRLFive forbidden stars for Aria and Cade Fallen Duet took my heart Free Fall and Down Fall are some of my favorite books this year LOLABRODY3After reading the first two books from Easton Family Saga , I knew that Abigail s next book will be good.But, I was so wrong because she truly surprised me with Defy Fate and this book was than good.It was extremely brilliant Defy Fate is the forbidden romance story with the age gap and student teacher romance trope.That is what you can read in the blurb.But, once you start reading the book, it becomes something else.This story becomes much And it isn t a fairy tale.One of the most amazing Abigail s writing characteristic is her storyline This storyline is a really great designed that makes you want to read a book without a break because you are so curious.You want to know what the characters are hiding and what will happen next I didn t have any idea how it would look like the relationship between Aria and Cade because in the previous books Aria was eight years old and Cade was sixteen And once again, I was surprised Aria is only 17 years old girl and she is the example of every girl not popular girl at high school.Sometimes is really hard to be a teenage girl.If you add a dark past that won t let you go, then that becomes really impossible to live a normal life.The dark side consumes you to do things you shouldn t.But, you do it anyway.Because you need to feel free and that is the only way when every rational thought disappears.There were moments in the book that were hard for me to read them.They made me cry and I felt like something was shattered in me because it reminded me of the time when I felt similar feelings Anger, loneliness and helplessness.But, luckily for Aria, she has her crush from childhood.Cade.The man who would do anything to protect her and who loves her even that is dangerous for them both.He also has a dark side, a secret he hides and which lives in him, but when he is with Aria, that all disappear.They both are broken souls but together they re becoming stronger.And that is like true love looks like.But, their emotions and actions could cost them the life they know.What will happen next I don t know and I m really scared.Will they get their happily ever after I hope so.Can t wait to read Obey Fate With this book, Abigail showed that she deserves to be called the author and I hope that one day soon, she will become one of the most popular authors in the world.I highly recommend this book to everyone who loves to read a forbidden romance with age gap and student teacher romance tropes.I also want to say to not judge the book before you read it because age gap and student teacher romance sometimes are not that bad P.S My advice is to read Fallen Duet before this book Thank me later Having read the Fallen Duet, I thought I knew what I was getting into with this book My predictions were it would be angsty, a bit taboo, and slowly reveal all as I travel down its telling Guess What I was right but still, OH SO WRONG I want to cry and when I say cry, I mean heart wrenching sobs that are filled with heartache but also a fury like no other I am past PO d at the injustices against Aria Eek The people around her have failed her so, even if it was not done maliciously Yep mama bear is fired up here Cade, I loved his boyhood in the Fallen Duet and I love him even now How does this author make these beautifully flawed characters so endearing I see, feel, and understand why he has taken the path he is on even when I don t agree with his choices Ugh having said that this author is an evil genius, making you think you know all When I have started to read the second book in her duets in the past, all I can think is WTH Yes, historically that is her MO I am on to her Ugh I am gearing up for the next book Did I mention this author is EVIL Lol This book lays the foundation and you get to experience how Cade and Aria fall in love You gets tastes of their early years together but the here and now is what is filled with all the heartbreaking flavor Some real mental heath issues are explored and all the sadness that involves SO GOOD So my point, EVERYONE needs to read this book My warning though, plan to be haunted long after you turn the last page Yikes I need book two RIGHT NOW Happy Reading Wink XOXO 4.5 stars Wow, just wow I am still thinking about this story and how it evolved I LOVED the previous duet leading to this and since we last left Cade and Aria as kids, I was expected a very angsty YA kinda storyBUT this was sooo much and so complex and so real and heartbreaking Lots of tough themes played out and the way Abigail navigated these topics and pulled you in to make you feel everything these characters were going through is remarkable Abigail is a fantastic writer and I love the way she writes her heroine with so much depth, maturity, endearment, complexity, passion and unapologically raw I was so sad and heartbroken for aria and all that she s gone through especially as we start to peel back all the layers to her broken self It s tragic It s sorrow filled It s upsetting that no one is around to intervene and help And Cadehe also has secrets and internal turmoil but focuses on Aria to try to breath new life into herhe s just everything a hero should be and the right person to be there for Aria As for the side characters..disappointing to miss all the signs and continues to pass time For there to be so much family around it s a lesson that secrets can be buried in plain sight if you do not pay attention The endingepic breakdownbroken for AriaI m still numbfor her, for him. 5 Cranky StarsWell this book was depressing and maddening and made me want book two like right now I wasn t sure what I was getting into with this book and I love that I thought it might be sad and deal with mainly the age difference between Cade and Aria but it was so much This book might be a trigger for some but it must be read You might just find a bit of yourself in Aria I know I did Her epic breakdown was reminiscent to some I ve had Just please go into this story with an open mind and a few Kleenex.Aria has been scarred by her father s mental illness She was put through so much and was even the sole witness to his demise by his own hand She now carries that with her into her current life and is failing miserably She feels adrift and alone Her mother is of no use because she is the type to sweep it under the rug and ignore the issue Jan is starting a new life with Sal and a new diner and Aria feels left behind When a blast from her past shows up as her world history teacher, she is conflicted He quiets the noises in Arias head but it s taboo for them because of their age difference and being her teacher despite their family s years long friendship Cade is back home Having suffered a tragedy himself he finds himself teaching back at his old high school He lives with his demons and self blame It s in his class he comes upon a familiar name and low and behold it s Aria He feels a connection and knows that they share a pivotal moment in time At one point he was her only friend He knows it s wrong and against so many rules, but he can t help himself He tries to save Aria from herself repeatedly all while trying to look like just a friend and teacher on the outside It all comes to a head when Ford gives him some very sobering advice Now with the pivotal epic moment of Arias spiral in the rearview he is struggling to keep them above water but not all secrets are meant to be kept between two people.I hated Jan I know it s just her twisted way of coping but man pushing things down doesn t solve anything She needed therapy herself Jasmine and Willow are both mean girls They are just the lowest of the low I hated girls like them in high school Think it s just ok to treat people like crap Ok deep breaths no need to get cranky about it I didn t care about the age difference between these two I was cheering them on I think they heal each other Now there were some scenes that made me cringe and I felt I had to skip them I felt it when she felt it that s how descriptive it was I can t wait for book two to get some closure and I know they have a bumpy ride ahead but I hope they come out the other side smiling and healing. Aria has endured a painful childhood and has been taught that the way to deal with her pain and emotions is to pretend it isn t there and put on a brave front As a child the only person that was truly there for her was Cade and even though there is a difference of eight years between them they became great friends but felt that he forgot all about her when he left for college.Years later Cade returns to his hometown and is not only teaching at the high school, but he is teaching one of Aria s classes as well The connection between them is stronger than ever but things are about to become complicated when a chemistry between them ignites as well They have so many obstacles to face and when all is said and done will they be each other s downfall or salvation Full of emotion this story has all the feels Aria has endured so much in her life and your heart breaks for what she has still continues to go through but Cade comes back into her life at the perfect time I can t wait to see what the future has in store for this couple. So I thought I had an idea of how Cade and Aria s story might go, since I knew them from Lola and Brody s duet My every idea was oh so very incorrect Forbidden to love, they can t help falling for each other Forbidden to be together, Aria falls apart Her mother doesn t want to listen or remember, her soon to be stepdad doesn t understand, and the one person who DOES get it seemingly threw her away Cade tries to stay strong, but will he be able to when everything comes crashing down on them and he sees just how lost Aria truly is I can t wait to find out where we go from here, because a mean girl and her meaner sister just may ruin everything. Wow I had a feeling this book was going to be amazing learning what happened to Cade the young boy we learned to love in Brody and Lola s story, but my heart was not truly ready..This story will suck you in and I promise you will feel every emotion Aira goes through in this story.Aria was 8 when Cade left for college they ve always been close, we ll ever since that night you will have to read down fall to find out what spoilers here and now he s back and she not the 8 year old he remembers.Aria is now 17, and in her final year of high school, she s always been considered an outcast, she s been bullied all throughout school so she tries to keep a low profile, Aria has not had the best childhood she s been through than your normal teenager and has become really good at pushing down her feelings and putting on a happy face to hide all the hurt and pain she has endured, but everyone reaches there boiling point and Aria s is coming.Cade is now 25 and back in the town he grew up in as the new American History teacher and track coach He realizes on the first day of school that Aria the girl he grew up with and is considered family, the one persons who was always there for him when he needed her, is now in his class Cade quickly realizes that Aria is almost an adult and starts to see her as an adult There has been lots of talk of a new teacher starting this year, and as soon as Aria hears his voice she freezes and all her feeling for her first crush come crashing back.There relationship is forbidden, there love won t be easy it could get messy but all great love stories usually are right but sometimes the heart doesn t care it wants what it wants I love this series Do your self a favor and one click this baby This is the first book I have read by the author and I wasn t disappointed In fact, her style of writing is exactly what I love when picking a novel to read It doesn t happen often, but I was left wanting More, in the best possible way Aria is a badass heroine One who is deeply wounded and broken but somehow still manages to remain strong and independent, even through the tough times Whilst Cade and Arias relationship may not be a conventional one, it s one that is real and meaningful, even when obstacles threaten to destroy them The supporting characters are equally brilliant and Belle Well, she is an absolute dream The author not only gave us two incredible main characters, but a bunch of supporting ones too I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am for the next instalment. Holy WOW I fell in love with this series when I met Brody and Lola so when I was offered the chance to read Cade s story, I jumped And I m so glad I did.I love a good forbidden romance, which this book delivered in one of my favourite forms I m not going to spoil it by telling you what it is you will have to read it to find out.Cade and Aria were amazing Two broken and scarred people fighting to overcome their own demons and past Hot, sizzling chemistry and a whole lot of drama and angst was woven through out their story.Kudos to Abigail She wrote an absolutely stunning story which touched on some very sensitive topics, but it was so flipping well done that I couldn t put it down I was totally drawn in by these topics tears in my eyes because I ve lived it that I didn t even notice the time fly by.And the ending.What a freaking cliffhanger I need the next book now, please Defy Fate is the first book in a new duet by Abigail Davies Defy Fate is about Cade and Aria and is the second duet in the Easton Family saga the first duet was about Brody Cade s father and Lola We are a couple years down the road since the end of Down Fall Cade is 25 and is going to teach and coach at his old high school Aria just started senior year Cade is her old crush and now he is her new teacher and coach.The beginning of their story is amazing As always the writing was amazing and I couldn t put the book down This book showed me again why Abigail Davies is one of my favorite authors I can t wait to read what happens next with Cade and Aria.