Bishops Queen (Endgame Trilogy, #2)

Bishops Queen (Endgame Trilogy, #2) Return To The Endgame Trilogy Where Blood Is Thick, But Passion Is Thicker He Doesn T Believe In Fairy Tale Endings They Used To Call Evan Bishop The Golden Boy He Had It All And Was About To Close The Business Deal Of A Lifetime, Then Marry The Woman Of His Dreams But Everything Goes To Hell When A Faceless Enemy Wants To Destroy His Family S Empire And See Him Dead Except The Bomb Meant To Kill Him Fails He Wakes Up From A Coma To Find His Face Scarred And His Brother Missing And Wanted For Murder Now That He S Damaged, He Hides Away From The World Including The Woman He Loves He Refuses To Be A Burden To Her, So Even Though It Destroys Him, He Sets Her FreeShe S About To Prove Him Wrong Isla MacDonald Isn T Walking Away From Evan Just Because He S Decided To Shut Her Out Of His Life He Blames Himself For The Bombing That Got Her Father Killed And Nearly Killed Him But He S Wrong After All Attempts To See Him Fail, With A Broken Heart She Tries To Resume Her Life And Take Over Her Father S Firm Though It S Not Her Dream, She Wants To Honor His Legacy And Finish The Deal That Will Save Thousands Of Jobs But When Someone Tries To Kill Her Twice She Needs A Bodyguard To Her Surprise Evan Steps Up And Insists On Protecting Her, Putting On A Show As The Caring Fianc But He Won T Let Her Back Into His Life Or Into His Heart To Have Any Chance At A Future Together, They Ll Have To Resurrect The Past And Stay Alive Long Enough To Expose The Man Determined To See Them Both Dead Author Note This Book Can Be Read As A Stand Alone, Complete With HEA Bishop s Queen by Katie Reus2nd book in the Endgame trilogy Romantic suspense For completely understandable arc, this book is best read after the first After a near fatal accident and permanent scars, Evan pushed Isla away He didn t want her pity He believes it was his fault that her father was killed Isla is done crying over Evan When her life is in danger from an unknown enemy, Evan is determined to protect her Then the chemistry is just too strong to be ignored between them Can she forgive him for breaking her heart Action and suspense Sex and forgiveness Can they find the enemy I don t know that I would have forgiven Evan as quickly as Isla does Not a spoiler, happens fairly early in the book She loves him though so has no real defenses where he is concerned I do like her openness and unwillingness to play games Evan show his protectiveness and mine mentality but I was disappointed I didn t see as much regret and undeniable love for Isla I received a copy of this book from NetGalley I also purchased a copy for sharing. When I read about Evan and Isla in Bishop s Knight I literally cried You could feel the pain Isla was feeling when Evan cut her off without a word I m glad we jumped right into their story next because I wanted to see them fixed so badly I m not usually a fan of pushing away but this author does such a great job of showing how much the pusher loves the other that I can always seem to forgive them for the hurt Evan is no different Despite pushing Isla away because of his scars, he was so devoted to her You never doubted his love and thankfully, you never see him with another woman.On top of such a strong love that you get with these two, there is also the suspense that left me guessing all the way to he end I guessed the wrong man to be the evil foe and that makes me love this I like when things are not predictable Great story, loved this couple and I can not wait for Ellis s book next 4 I m not giving up on us Stars Book two in Katie s Endgame Trilogy brings us Evan and Isla s story second chance reconnection This is a couple who have been through the ringer very recently, with the first book offering up a secondary glance into the breakdown of their relationship after a bombing left Evan scarred and Isla s father dead, something Evan blames himself for, and believes due to his scarring and the loss of her father on his watch that Isla is better off without him If I could go back I would do things differently That is until Isla becomes the target of a stalker, then all bets are off, and his alpha protective instincts kick back in, he never stopped loving her, and it doesn t take him long to realize how much of a mistake he made letting her go Please stay Just don t go Although I enjoyed this one, and as always with this authors work it was no struggle to read, I do feel that the reasons for the breakdown of Isla and Evan s relationship which were quite a prominent factor in the first book were not delved into deeply enough for their book, one minute they were at odds and I was looking forward to a bit of angst and self reflection, and the next it felt that everything was sorted out short shift due to Isla s safety situation, and I just wanted a chapter or two focused on their rebuilding of the relationship between them, talk as well as action if you will I was in a dark mental place and im still coming out of it I ve been trying to show you with action, not just words that I m here for good I will not walk away or push you away ever again Not unless you tell me to go Bishop s Endgame is up next, and with Ellis Bishop pretty much on the run through the last two books for a murder we are led to believe he didn t commit, I am interested to see how Katie finished off the series, and ties everything together with his book.ARC generously provided by the author, in exchange for the above honest review. Picking up pretty much where Bishop s Knight left off, Bishop s Queen brings us Evan and Isla s reconnection She doesn t deserve to be saddled with me This one falls firmly on my like pile and although I enjoyed Isla and Evan together, considering all they ve been through I was hoping for much of an emotional pull from them than we were actually given But for what it lacked in that aspect it made up for in terms of suspense and action as readers are teased throughout as to who wants Isla dead I ll always come for you Two siblings down and one to go and going on the fact Ellis is on the run after being framed, I m looking forward to seeing how things play out in Bishop s Endgame Copy received courtesy of NetGalley for an honest and unbiased opinion. ARC received for reviewThis one picks up shortly after the first one ends Evan is still a grade A jerk Isla is working towards achieving her late father s goals when all she wants is her own Never saw him as the bad guy stalking her Love conquers all in the end Loved seeing Evie and Dylan again.Now as to the last brotherhow did he wind up there, and how is he going to clear his name Isla has spent the past two months trying to move on professionally and personally having success professionally Evan Bishop is not a man to get over quickly she s still in love with the man even though he s not spoken to her since the day he woke from the coma Until Evan finally wakes up and realizes just what he s thrown away due to his own stubbornness He pushed the perfect woman, the woman he loves, out of his life just when he needed her most Can he convince her to trust him again, to risk her heart again Because he wants it all with her always did and he s going to show her with his actions not just his words And now he ll stop at nothing to get her back Especially now that her life is in danger Wowza, I d been rooting for Isla and Evan to reconnect since meeting them ever so briefly in Bishop s Knight, and I loved getting deeper into their romance in Bishop s Queen And, whoa, is it a romance for the ages I love them together their love for each other is evident in every word, every action I love how they clear the air, how they finally decide to make a go of things All while trying to figure out who s sabotaging Isla s company and threatening her life This is romantic suspense at its finest and I cannot wait to see how this excellent Endgame Trilogy ends with Bishop s Endgame Missy, 4.5 stars 3,5 sA very enjoyable and decent romantic suspense story, dealing with mistakes, guilt, forgiveness and love The mystery and the romance were vey well balanced, the writing was smooth and clear, fast paced and dual pov. When book one left off, Evan was badly injured in the bombing that killed Isla s father and refusing to have anything to do with Isla His misplaced guilt consumed him to the point of calling off their engagement Bishop s Queen picks up two months after the bombing, with both Isla and Evan still floating on an island of denial and struggling to move forward from one another However, when Isla s life is on the line, Evan swallows his pride and realizes just how much of a fool he has been And may I just say, Evan grovels very welland Isla doesn t just accept him back I loved Evan and Isla They had a rocky patchokay than rocky and Evan deserved what Isla dishes out..but it was obvious they were meant to be together And the suspense portions Very well done Even though I had my suspicions midway, I still thought it was one person, then flipped to another, missing who the villain really was until a couple of scenes before the reveal Bishop s Queen can be read by itself, but considering Ellis s story has yet to be told I can t wait to see where this storyline ends up I would recommend reading the first book to get a pulse on the Bishop family as a whole I received an ARC from NetGalley and this is my honest review. 3.75 Evan and Isla were engaged to be married and madly in love with each other After a bomb rips his offices apart Scarring him for life and killing Isla s father Evan retreats into himself He refuses to let Isla see him Breaks off their engagement and leaves her mourning the death of her father alone.While there s no excuse for Evans behaviour he was suffering He blames himself repeatedly for her father s death, that plus his scars and he thinks he s saving her.Isla can t get over Evan He was the love of her life She s working herself to exhaustion trying to finish her father s deals Then she s planning to step back But someone is obsessed with her and her life is in danger This brings Evan back into play.I enjoyed this book While it was easy to guess the identity of the stalker it didn t take too much away from the story Evan constantly proclaiming it was his fault however got on my nerves.Also the cover.I m picky where covers are concerned I liked this one until I read the book It s not Evan well not for me anyway I know he s grown a beard but the mouth and beard on the cover is representative of a viking Plus he s topless and no scars I know this is picky but to me Evan is business suits and trimmed beard I voluntarily read a review copy kindly provided by NetGalley Bishop and Isla s story is a suspenseful 2nd chance romance There s spying, stalking, blackmail, sabotage and murder In typical Katie Reus style, the MCs have sizzling chemistry and were both easy to like and root for The story was definitely entertaining but it was missing that something extra for me I definitely felt for Isla She loved Bishop and never really stopped, even after he cut her out so completely She was a strong heroine who was by no means a push over or a doormat She was dealing and moving on and I thought that was refreshing After losing her dad and then her fianc , she had to learn to stand on her own and I loved her determination to do that.Bishop I get where he s coming from but I felt disconnected from him His reasons for breaking things off with Isla were explained and they made sense but I just didn t feel like it fit his personality He was so straight forward and honest in his dealings that I couldn t understand why he wouldn t be like that with his best friend love of his life Their break is also pretty recent, only a few months have passed so he gets points for not waiting too long to get her back The mystery of who is out to get Isla was interesting and I liked the guessing game of who it could be I also loved that this pushed Bishop into protective mode when it came to Isla KR knows how to write a possessive and completely besotted hero and Bishop was extra motivated to prove he was sorry and deserved a second chance Would I recommend If you re following the series, you ll enjoy this one If you plan to read as a standalone, you might consider reading the last few books in the series at least, there is mention of secondary characters and past events that might leave you with questions than answers ARC provided for an honest review I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own SAFETY INFO view spoiler Ages Isla is 28 and Bishop is 38.Cheating None Both remain celibate during their separation.OM OW drama Some jealousy on both their parts when they realize both have the potential to move one with other people They both express their unease and hurt feelings over it but they eventually communicate and things are worked out Separation 2 months.Push Pull There was push and pull from both sides Main Pursuer of relationship Bishop was definitely the main pursuer once he got his sh t worked out Possible Triggers Some violenceHEA HFN Ends on a HFN with epilogue 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