Of Curses and Kisses

Of Curses and KissesFrom The New York Times Bestselling Author Of When Dimple Met Rishi Comes The First Novel In A Brand New Series Set At An Elite International Boarding School, That S A Contemporary Spin On Beauty And The BeastWill The Princess Save The Beast For Princess Jaya Rao, Nothing Is Important Than Family When The Loathsome Emerson Clan Steps Up Their Centuries Old Feud To Target Jaya S Little Sister, Nothing Will Keep Jaya From Exacting Her Revenge Then Jaya Finds Out She Ll Be Attending The Same Elite Boarding School As Grey Emerson, And It Feels Like The Opportunity Of A Lifetime She Knows What She Must Do Make Grey Fall In Love With Her And Break His Heart But Much To Jaya S Annoyance, Grey S Brooding Demeanor And Lupine Blue Eyes Have Drawn Her In There S Simply No Way She And Her Sworn Enemy Could Find Their Fairy Tale Ending Right His Lordship Grey Emerson Is A Misanthrope Thanks To An Ancient Curse By A Rao Matriarch, Grey Knows He S Doomed Once He Turns Eighteen Sequestered Away In The Mountains At St Rosetta S International Academy, He S Lived An Isolated Existence Until Jaya Rao Bursts Into His Life, But He Can T Shake The Feeling That She S Hiding Something Something That Might Just Have To Do With The Rose Shaped Ruby Pendant Around Her Neck As The Stars Conspire To Keep Them Apart, Jaya And Grey Grapple With Questions Of Love, Loyalty, And Whether It S Possible To Write Your Own Happy Ending Honestly, this was such a breath of fresh air I m a simple girl if you use phrases like elite boarding school and contemporary spin on Beauty and the Beast , I m here for it Of Curses and Kisses is a retelling that stays fairly true to its origin material, and the soft romantic vibes worked really well for me I thought the way that the curse is woven into the narrative is clever, and while I know some readers have stated that this was a book that was easy to put down at times, that s precisely why it worked well for me as a buffer read between some heavier material If you enjoy books that make you feel good, this is definitely one that you want to put on your 2020 TBR Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy via NetGalley. i had to look up misanthrope according to google, a misanthrope is a person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society honestly, who here can honestly say this doesn t describe them on monday mornings before coffee Goodreads Blog Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Instagram I received an ARC of this book in exchange of an honest reviewCW emotionally abusive parent, parental neglect, blackmail, leaking of personal information I m not gonna lie, I went into this a bit skeptical, not because of anything the book or the author did bur I ve just been let down by YA contemporary a lot recently, so I wanted to keep my hopes at low levels just in case But I ended up genuinely LOVING it It took me a few chapters to get into and to get used to the MC s voice which was insufferable at first , but things got going, it was A TREAT It s been a while since I read a book and kept thinking about going back to it when I wasn t reading it and this did just that It was so intense and angsty, everything you d expect from a beauty and the beast retelling but with an Indian princess I really loved the elements from the original story that were incorporated into this retelling, but specifically HOW Sandhya Menon incorporated them, she put a twist on some of them, was really subtle on others, and piecing it all together was a fun game I found myself playing while reading the story My favorite part though, was how the beast s curse played out and how she used it to explore emotional parental abuse and how that can wreck a child and leave them unable to properly interact with the world for reasons that one, one of which is fear of being hurt And that s exactly how Grey was, he kept to himself, kept people at arms length and refused anyone who tried to get close to him Until Jaya shows up that is Jaya is FRUSTRATING She s uptight and judgmental of everything around her, especially what doesn t fit her conservative view of the world But as you read on you realize that that s just what s expected of her and how she was brought up As the story progresses, you and Jaya realize that there s a lot to her than what meets the eye, and that she wants a lot for herself than what was laid out for her Her character development is incredible and so gradual that it feels like the next natural step in her growth and nothing about it is forced Her love for her sister knows no bound and I really loved seeing how she would sacrifice her own happiness for her even though they don t always see eye to eye, their relationship dynamic was great.The relationship between Jaya and Grey is veryVery slowburn, and I liked that beyond the romance, they both helped each other to see that there s to bother their lives than they were told Of Curses and Kisses was able to keep that fairytale feel to it while still reading like the contemporary it is Do I recommend Uh DUH If you like retellings that are pretty faithful to the original material This book was so so lovely, angsty but soft at the same time. One of my absolute favorite fairy tales is Beauty and the Beast and so, I might be picky about re tellings because, it really is such a classic And even though I can be picky and maybe even a bit harsh sometimes in what I do and don t like when it comes to those that mess with such an amazing classical tale, I have to say, I still pick them up and read them like they are candy.Of Curses and Kisses was no exception Combine and classic retelling of my absolute favorite fairy tale and an author I already love and adore and you had one read that is pretty much irresistible to this girl And happily, I can say that neither the author nor the retelling disappointed.I adored this book The characters, the classic spin on an old favorite The modernization, the diversity, the wit, the friendship, the family connections, truly, just all of it Completely worth every single minute I spent reading it So much fun and I am so excited it is going to be part of a series I can t wait to see what she will do next with all of these fun loving and adorable characters ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. The ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I m very sorry to say that I didn t enjoy this book as much as I thought I was going to I quite liked how the theme of Beauty and the Beast was taken and woven into the storyline, you can definitely see its elements in the novel I appreciated how the story was told from the points of view of Jaya and Grey, so that we got both of their perspectives Grey was the character I liked the most, but there is no surprise there He s a misanthropist who enjoys to read and to spend his time alone, I was bound to like him.Jaya was okay, but at times she was a bit frustrating in my opinion She just kept reciting herself the same mantra, that is I m the big sister and so I must sacrifice myself , throughout the whole book and after a while it just got annoying.Also, I wish we could have seen of the boarding school We just got a few glimpses here and there and they weren t nearly enough to satisfy my interest for the school I definitely needed .In the end this was just an okay read for me, but if you re into retellings you might want to check this book out On the one hand, I enjoyed the Beauty and the Beast inspired details woven into this story I also enjoyed what we get of the secondary characters who might get their own books , and I did like Grey a lot but that s just my usual bias towards solitary, grumpy, good hearted guys.On the other hand, Jaya made me constantly want to shake her and give her a good talking to all the time Her choices and behavior throughout the story were personally frustrating, even though it fit in with her age and position as a princess heiress to some extent It definitely lessened my personal enjoyment by a large percentage. Update Jan 19, 2020 YOUR GIRL GOT APPROVED FOR THE ARC Do dreams manifest in 2020 if you just take a shot This is the energy I want for the rest of this year.Hope you re all having a wonderful Sunday And a huge thank you to Hodder Books Netgalley for giving me this chance x Why I am excited about this book Retelling of Beauty The Beast with an Indian MC interracial couple themes of colonialism set in a boarding school say what I want an ARC so badly, sigh Aug 23, 2019 I was gonna read this ARC closer to the release date or atleast till I was able to buddy read it with my friends, who are all part of Sandhya s street team But I found myself feeling a little sad on my birthday and decided what better way to cheer myself than picking up Sandhya s book And that s exactly what happened This is a contemporary retelling of Beauty and the Beast and while I don t remember much about the original except Emma Watson s movie, this book definitely had that fairytale feel all throughout The setting of the boarding school in Aspen, the snow clad mountains surrounding it, the description of the town of St Rosetta s, the rich and fancy kids studying at this school and the whole idea of a generations old family curse everything added to that whimsical fairytale effect and however unlikely the story felt at times, the author was able to thoroughly transport me into the story and feel immersed in this world And the best part is that even if you know nothing about the OG story, you ll miss nothing because this one stands beautifully on its own The pacing is also very fast and the plot so engaging that once I started, I didn t put it down for even a second until I was done I was smiling, I was frustrated and most of the times, very very emotional and that s exactly what I always know I ll get from the author s book I ve been trying not to read very angsty books for a while now, and maybe this one can t exactly be called an angsty read, but it surely tugged at my heartstrings a lot Jaya is a stereotypical heir to a Royal family who has taken everything that she has been taught about family and tradition to heart, and believes that it is her duty to do everything for the sake of the dynasty and there s no place for her own heart s desires So, even though the story begins with her trying to take revenge for a perceived attack on her family, what it eventually becomes is her understanding herself better, coming into her own and realizing that she can be both her own person as well as a dutiful heir And while her very rigid attitudes both towards herself and her little sister really infuriated me quite a few times, I was glad to see the growth as the story progressed and I loved how she handled everything towards the end But it was definitely Grey who left the most impression on me His backstory, the pain underneath that misanthropic attitude, his loneliness it was all so genuinely depicted that it broke my heart and all I wanted to do was protect him But despite his grumpy, stay away from me attitude, none of his friends really give up on him and his friendship with Jaya really opens his eyes to possibilities and it was beautiful to see him change and hope for something better slowly He deserves all the happiness in the world There were a bunch of side characters and while we got to know them only a little, they were all quite fun even the mean girl plot line was resolved quite nicely I especially liked Jaya s sister Isha who is passionate about robotics, wants to be an engineer and just have fun with her friends and Rahul who is the nerdy awkward kid in the group with an almost eidetic memory and his deadpan dialogues always made me laugh To conclude, this was exactly the kind of book I needed to make me smile and I m so glad I decided to read it sooner than I intended to If you ve already enjoyed Sandhya s previous books, I promise you re gonna love this Even if you are unfamiliar with the author but enjoy fairytale esque stories in contemporary YA settings, I think you ll really like this one If was fun, it was emotional and it was a delight Thank you so much Sandhya for making my day better. I received an ARC from Simon Schuster Canada in exchange for an honest review.What an absolute delight This book was the first of many books that really gripped me, pulling me into the intricate world of Princess Jaya and Grey Emerson, two characters fated to hate each other because of a century old fight After learning from resources that Grey was responsible for Princess Jaya s little sister s slander in the media, she enrolls herself into Grey s private boarding school in hopes of making him fall in love with her, only for her to break his heart in the end The feud isn t just over a missing ruby and shame brought upon Jaya s family but also an ancient curse said to have been casted on the Emerson clan Grey has lived his entire life in fear due to his father who always told him he was doomed when he would turn eighteen years old Due to this, Grey has never thought his life could be possible after eighteen He hid himself away, pushing away people who wanted to be his friends, and never allowed himself to fall in love There s something about a book when it takes place in a remote country and in a school that is far, far, far away from civilization It s not a fantasy but when you add filthy rich spoiled characters into the mix, it does make you feel like you re living in a make believe world I absolutely adored the hate to love romance between Jaya and Grey Grey was so cold but his friendship with Jaya warmed him It was so beautiful to read.The only issue I have with this book is that the ending was rushed Standing at almost 400 pages, I didn t think it would be an issue to pace out the problem that would stop them from being together but Sandhya disappointed me when everything seemed to happen all at once and be resolved all at once It was a slow burn romance with a snap ending that left me with whip lash I had to dock a star off But other than that, I highly recommend for you to read this one a spin on Beauty and the Beast and follows an Indian princess who must con her worst enemy, a misanthropic British aristocrat, into falling in love with her in order to restore honor to her family This ticks all my boxes and is already on my most anticipated of 2020 list

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