The Majesties

The Majesties Named One Of The Most Anticipated Books Of The Year By The Millions, CrimeReads, HelloGiggles, And The EveryGirl A Dark, Delicious Tale That Will Creep Its Way Into Your Brain And Leave You Examining Your Own Soul For Signs Of Moral Rot I Downed It In One Greedy Shot Jade Chang, Author Of The Wangs Vs The World Tiffany Tsao S Visceral Debut Reads A Bit Like Crazy Rich Asians If The Book Began With Familicide Instead Of Romance Why Not Start Off The New Year With The Perfect Tear It All Down Read CrimeReads In This Riveting Tale About The Secrets And Betrayals That Can Accompany Exorbitant Wealth, Two Sisters From A Chinese Indonesian Family Grapple With The Past After One Of Them Poisons Their Entire Family Gwendolyn And Estella Have Always Been As Close As Sisters Can Be Growing Up In A Wealthy, Eminent, And Sometimes Deceitful Family, They Ve Relied On Each Other For Support And Confidence But Now Gwendolyn Is Lying In A Coma, The Sole Survivor Of Estella S Poisoning Of Their Whole Clan As Gwendolyn Struggles To Regain Consciousness, She Desperately Retraces Her Memories, Trying To Uncover The Moment That Led To This Shocking And Brutal Act Was It Their Aunt S Mysterious Death At Sea Estella S Unhappy Marriage To A Dangerously Brutish Man Or Were The Shifting Loyalties And Unspoken Resentments At The Heart Of Their Opulent World Too Much To Bear Can Gwendolyn, At Last, Confront The Carefully Buried Mysteries In Their Family S Past And The Truth About Who She And Her Sister Really Are Traveling From The Luxurious World Of The Rich And Powerful In Indonesia To The Most Spectacular Shows At Paris Fashion Week, From The Sunny Coasts Of California To The Melting Pot Of Melbourne S University Scene, The Majesties Is A Haunting And Deeply Evocative Novel About The Dark Secrets That Can Build A Family Empire And Also Bring It Crashing Down Go read the description for this book Just bear with me here go on.I ll wait insert final Jeopardy theme music Sounds dramatic, mysterious, thrilling even I mean it says riveting and disquieting thriller right there I ll take What is not even close for 800, Alex.This book doesn t know what it wants to be and subsequently ends up being nothing to speak of.It wants to be a family drama, with extraneous drama that lends nothing to the story It wants to be a thriller No Just no.A mystery maybe Imagine a mystery with no clues Then the ending throws in a curveball of a distraction that is way too little and entirely too late.1.5 Stars I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 2.5 rounded up Part of me thinks I m being generous, but then I don t know Telling you what I think about this book will be very challenging You will get a different answer every time I haven t read Crazy Rich Asians, but from other reviews I ve read that characterization missed the mark I would liken this much to My Sister, the Serial Killer, minus the dry and dark humor that made that book really shine I needed something else in this book The Majesties is a heavy read with a really great opening , but I wasn t mentally prepared for the rest of it This isn t a bad thing necessarily, but I ve written in past reviews about being in the wrong headspace and how that hurts my ability to connect with a book That definitely happened here In fact, I almost DNF d this after 50 pages, but I customarily like to wait until 100 I m glad I kept reading because the writing is brilliant in places Also, books about siblings particularly sisters interest me because I am an older sister I think the sibling bond is very interesting to explore, particularly as siblings grow older However, the writing was also confusing in other places The pacing of the book didn t bother me, but the twist at the end came about so suddenly and was so jumbled at least to me that I m still confused as to my reading comprehension of the matter and I read the end twice There was a lot of work to be done for this book and sometimes I don t have the patience for that With all that being said, there were parts I liked and I also appreciated how this educated me on a place and people I am so far removed from This is a book that helped me grow as a reader and I am grateful for that I will watch this author in the future and I certainly hope I have a better experience with her next one.Thank you to Netgalley, Atria Books and Tiffany Tsao for the opportunity to read and review this book honestly.Review Date 01 14 2020Publication Date 01 21 2020 This novel is described as a thriller in the lines of Crazy Rich Asians as if it had been written by Gillian Flynn It was of a family drama where the main character opens the story by waking up in the hospital after fatally poisoning 300 members of her family, including children No Gillian Flynn book has reached this level of destruction, so no, it was not as described However, I needed to know why the main character felt the need to eradicate her family s line so I dutifully read on, and as I did I found out about the characters back stories, although it was touch and go in terms of development The novel had a somber tone, moved slowly, and I was unable to relate to the characters motivations, but it was an interesting, different type of read.Overall, it was ok I recommend it to those looking for something different and interesting to read ARC provided by Publisher via Netgalley What a BOLD beginning The novel starts with Gwendolyn our narrator in the hospital She s the sole survivor of a mass murder The scene her Opa s birthday partyThe guests victims her wealthy family and their friends and colleagues, some of the wealthiest Chinese families in Indonesia The culprit Gwendolyns sister, EstellaGwendolyn is in a coma and narrates the story from that state She recalls moments from their privileged lives that may have led Estella to murder their family The novel is a deep psychological dive into privilege, family, and secrets This novel wasn t quite what I expected It started with a bang and ended with a bang, but most of the rest of the novel was fairly slow paced and a character study than anything else It was definitely unique but if you re searching for a crazy rich Asians esque novel, this isn t it Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. There has been a massacre In the first sentence of the first chapter, the narrator, Gwendolyn, reveals that her sister Estella murdered three hundred people They re members of her family, extended family and friends, poisoned for no discernible reason This is where the story starts, but also where it ends It would be wrong to classify this as a thriller or suspense in the traditional sense If you re looking for heightened happenings similar to the initial bombshell to be peppered throughout the rest of the novel, you may be disappointed The majority of the book, basically every chapter between the first one and the last couple, is an examination of one family s discord spanning several years and generations There s so many layers present, from the inherited wealth, to racial frictions, to domestic abuse and even geopolitical ramifications The description of this book compares itself to Crazy Rich Asians this is true only in the most superficial way The characters are crazy rich, from a wealthy Chinese Indonesian family There s complicated familial dynamics and pressure to live up to the standards that have been cultivated decade to decade, grandparent to parent to child Where the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy was criticized for not much acknowledging the realities of the majority population living outside of their enormous wealth, The Majesties brings a refreshing, sometimes dark level of self awareness to the class struggles in Southeastern Asia, specifically Indonesia and the capital city of Jakarta Though the story detours to parts of southern California elsewhere, it s focal point continues to be the family rooted in Jakarta.The unraveling of Gwendolyn and her sister s family is crucial to understanding why Estella did what she did The entire plot centers around that question Why What could have possibly possessed her to kill everyone in that room It s not a mystery in the way we re accustomed to the answers to the questions we d normal be asking, Who What How , are already known There s several big revelations at the end, twists and turns and bleak truths that leave the reader shell shocked As the first 2020 release I ve delved into, this was quite a memorable and haunting way to start Thanks to Atria Books Netgalley for an advance copy The Majesties is a book about two sisters This book is being marketed as a thriller But IMO it is not really a thriller.The narrator is Gwendolyn 1st person POV Her family is Chinese and lives in Indonesia The book starts with her being sort of unconscious in a coma We find out that her sister Estella has poisoned a group of people.The cover is so unique and the story sounded so intriguing I like reading about different cultures So I was excited to read this book.But the entire story is told from Gwendolyn s POV of her thinking back to various events This did not work for me I kept waiting to get to the point where we found out why her sister poisoned people And I guess we find out at the end However I found the ending to be very confusing.The narrator was interesting Her job was very interesting The location was interesting However the whole book was just a comatose woman giving us the backstory of her life Thanks to netgalley and Simon Schuster Canada for allowing me to read this book. i honest to god did not put this down at all it grabs you from the very first pages and does not let you go until the VERY last perceptive, chilling, and exquisitely crafted and paced the kind of book you want to reread immediately after you finish. When your sister murders three hundred people, you can t help but wonder why especially if you were one of the intended victims though I do forgive her, if you can believe it I guess I should have stopped staring at the stunning STUNNING cover of Tiffany Tsao s TheMajesties and started reading the actual book sooner, because if that opening sentence doesn t grab your attention, I don t know what will I cracked this book open last night and was up late into the night trying to finish If you re like me a sucker for a good multigenerational family drama , then you re going to enjoy this book In addition to the complicated family story, there s the bizarre murder mystery, insect fashion line, and opulent world building that really elevates this book into something different and unique And that whiplash twist of an ending Whoa This book checks all of the boxes and is the perfect book to kick off a brand new year It s officially out January 21st, so make sure to pick up a copy in a couple weeks Thank you, Netgalley and Atria for sending me a digital ARC, in exchange for an honest review.Before I begin, let s take a moment to marvel at that beautiful, eye catching cover Ahh What a sight I wish I could say The Majesties was just as beautiful and riveting as the outside but unfortunately, this book was a disjointed mess I m kind of a stickler when it comes to a certain writing style I found the descriptive imagery and dialogue to be forced, awkward, and mundane Almost every sentence was clunky If you don t have picky standards as I do, then you should be fine with the writing and tone A lot of the story is told in flashbacks which made the pacing extremely draggy Second, I couldn t stand the main character, Gwendolyn, or anyone of the secondary characters for that matter Usually unlikable characters don t bother me, but I was so baffled and annoyed by the horrible things they do to each other, that I didn t care what happened to any of them They were awful So I can t really give away too much of the plot but that twist ending was INSANELY PREDICTABLE To me, there s nothing worse when you got the twist figured out less than halfway through I kept hoping I was wrong, but ugh, not the case I don t think an ending has aggravated me this intensely in a long time A major disappointment.Release date January 21, 2020 Under Your Wings got its claws into me early with its clever and captivating structure, the lush prose damn good writing here and its deep dive into complex family dynamics Who knew I needed a book about bringing down toxic family empires If you want a read that will grab hold of you from page 1 and not let go, then this is it And what the hell was that ending

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