No Crones About It (A Spells Angels Cozy Mystery #2)

No Crones About It (A Spells Angels Cozy Mystery #2) Scout Randall Is Settling In With The Northern Lower Michigan Branch Of Spell S Angels She S Feeling Bold, Brash And Just A Little Bit Flirty Thanks To Her Burgeoning Relationship With Gunner Stratton, A Shifter Whose Father Happens To Serve As The Chief Of Police In Hawthorne Hollow Things Are Going Well Until They Re Not A Group Of Shifters Who Used To Live In The Area Have Returned And They Re Up To Something Right From The Start, Scout Is Suspicious But She Can T Quite Explain Why Then, When A Local Homeless Man Is Found Dead With Scout S Name Literally Carved Into Him She Starts To Believe That She S Being Set Up To Take A Fall Gunner Is Determined To Help His History With The Shifters In Question Makes Things Difficult, Though On Top Of Everything Else, It Becomes Apparent That The Dead Guy S Ties To Scout Run Deep Like Genetically Deep He S Related To Her, And For A Woman Who Was Abandoned As A Child, It S A Hard Blow To Absorb Gunner Is Determined To Stick Close As The Warring Wolves Close Ranks And Start Issuing Threats It S Going To Take Everybody Working Together To Find The Answers Scout Desperately Needs, Including Uncovering The Secret Of Her Past When One Of Their Own Is Taken, Scout Has No Choice But To Put Her Full Cache Of Magic On Display It S Going To Be A Fight To The Finish, Rival Gangs Going At One Another, And Only One Side Will Be Victorious Which One Will It Be ExcellentThis book has a nice flow and engaging characters It s a good idea to read book 1 first When the mystery is finally solved,some interesting sub plots and guilty characters are found I am hoping there will be a book3. Loved it I am really enjoying this series, Scout Gunner are adorable and the backstory mystery is really interesting Looking forward to the next installment. Absolutely Fabulous read What a terrific read Okay it gets you a tad closer but only a tad to finding out what she is and who s hunting her by leaving dead bodies with messages burnt into their backs This has everything a fast moving plot, conspiracies, rage, romance and murder as well as a subplot that leaves you wanting the next book now The characters are as vivacious and lively as you can hope for, the heroine is gutsy and fearless whilst still trying to overcome the desolation of being abandoned, whilst the hero is willing to stake everything for the one he has fallen for even though she s as prickly as a pear However I feel that the teenager needs a good wake up call as she is driving the team into danger with her reckless actions.When a trio of werewolves show up as she uses elemental magic to blow up a siren, it s an inconvenience However they re now dogging her footsteps, her new boyfriend isn t amused and the appearance of a dead body with her name burned into his back doesn t help Throw in dreams, other bodies scattered alongside the foster homes she was in, a group calling themselves the Nexus, an attempt to make her one of their pact and a kidnapping Will she get answers Who are the Nexus Will she accept this new relationship The world is a better place with Amanda M LeeKudos to she who can pump out 2 4 engaging and clever stories per month what and still make each fresh, interesting and oh so funny Plus, the crossover potential This title alone touching back to Covenant College, Poet and the Winchester brood fills my heart with glee on what is to come I kinda want to see if Avery is going to somehow pop into one of these stories Hell, maybe even a little crossover with Lily Harper Hart characters I mean, the author herself already swam with the sharks with Charlie, so can t be beyond the realm of possibilities, m I right But, beyond digressing, YOU DON T NEED TO READ THE OTHER SERIES BEFORE READING THIS BOOK I think you will want to, though All in all, Scout looks to be a fun, new addition to my A M Lee girl group Ahem I mean awesome kick ass women who I love to hang out with Anticipating my next peek at the stars with book 3 But, Ms Lee, as long as you keep me on a steady diet of reapers, scary chap wearing clowns and aunties in combat hats, I can wait another 6 months I guess. No magicThere was another review I feel strongly with but I d like to point out a few other things1.if scout never used magic I d never know this a paranormal book because literally no one else uses magic in this book at all2 lots of talk of wolf s never saw a actual wolf in the book basically just made men territorial and call them a wolf3 no depth this one I was willing to slide on in the first book cause it s a introduction than anything but this book had no characters with personality 4 seemed not well written 68% of this is just scout and gunner talking with one another and not interacting with anyone but eachother maybe so they d not have to write personalitys for the other characters idkI love Amanda m Lee s books honestly she has some great books but she s created so many worlds and characters and people who I really love and enjoy reading about and I had high hopes for this series but I thinks she s putting on to much stress on herself to do so many series and get them out so fast I d wait longer to get better quality cause I think scout and gunner have really good potential. I really love all of Amanda s series and i love how she is linking them together like a magical web of mystery, mayhem, hilarity, and romance.No Crones About It was just the second book in the Spell s Angel s mystery series and I have to say it was just as good as the first and another I just could not put down.Gunner and Scout are back and moving their relationship into a relationshiplol but not without some up s and down s they are so cute togetherlolI seriously love Scout she is kick ass and becoming kick ass with each book.I am enjoying getting to know all of the Spell s Angels group and others in a town like our awesome Sherif Grahamlol he and Gunner have a very interesting dynamic as father and son I can t wait for from them.and then there is my absolute favorite teen Raisin She is just magnificent and constantly steals the show. Fantastic, funny, full bodied.Even better than the first in the series The seriousness of the background plot is wonderfully, deeply crafted so it s not just a light cozy mystery, but intellectually interesting, holding together throughout the book and deepening the series promise of top notch books to look forward to The character s humorous words and reactions are what balance the serious emotions behind the thought of being left behind I can t wait for the next one as I really want to know what happens to these new friends this author has magically crafted. Another awesome installment The first book was good but the second hit it out of the park So much going on I love how the author ties things together with other characters of her other books I hope they do a combined book with the characters of Covenant College I would absolutely love that I also love that Scout is untouchable and she is really bad ass Can t wait for the next one I have all the release dates for upcoming books in my monthly planner so I don t miss any Love all of her books Another great series from Amanda M Lee The second book in Scout s story is even better than the first proving that this is going to be another great series The characters are interesting and funny, and the background story of Scout s history is compelling Can t wait to see where her search for her truth takes her Including the journey of opening herself up to being close to the others in the group especially Gunner. Loving this seriesI love the power that Scout has Usually a character builds up, but Scout is a power house from the beginning and it s awesome I also love Gunnar I love everything about him, perfect book boyfriend He handles Scout so perfect They are so cute together This bok has a lot f great characters and the storyline was fast paced, non stop action We get pieces to Scouts past as well.