A Conspiracy of Bones (Temperance Brennan, #19)

A Conspiracy of Bones (Temperance Brennan, #19) New York Times Bestselling Author Kathy Reichs Returns With A New Riveting Novel Featuring Her Vastly Popular Character Forensic Anthropologist Temperance Brennan, Who Must Use All Her Tradecraft To Discover The Identity Of A Faceless Corpse, Its Connection To A Decade Old Missing Child Case, And Why The Dead Man Had Her Cell Phone NumberIt S Sweltering In Charlotte, North Carolina, And Temperance Brennan, Still Recovering From Neurosurgery Following An Aneurysm, Is Battling Nightmares, Migraines, And What She Thinks Might Be Hallucinations When She Receives A Series Of Mysterious Text Messages, Each Containing A New Picture Of A Corpse That Is Missing Its Face And Hands Immediately, She S Anxious To Know Who The Dead Man Is, And Why The Images Were Sent To HerAn Identified Corpse Soon Turns Up, Only Partly Answering Her QuestionsTo Win Answers To The Others, Including The Man S Identity, She Must Go Rogue, Working Mostly Outside The System That S Because Tempe S New Boss Holds A Fierce Grudge Against Her And Is Determined To Keep Her Out Of The Case Tempe Bulls Forward Anyway, Even As She Begins Questioning Her Instincts But The Clues She Discovers Are Disturbing And Confusing Was The Faceless Man A Spy A Trafficker A Target For Assassination By The Government And Why Was He Carrying The Name Of A Child Missing For Almost A Decade With Help From A Number Of Law Enforcement Associates Including Her Montreal Beau Andrew Ryan And The Always Ready With A Smart Quip, Ex Homicide Investigator Skinny Slidell, And Utilizing New Cutting Edge Forensic Methods, Tempe Draws Closer To The Astonishing TruthBut The She Uncovers, The Darker And Twisted The Picture Becomes Kathy Reich writes a great addition to her forensic anthropologist Dr Temperance Brennan series, set in Charlotte, North Carolina, that has her facing a challenging set of circumstances whilst grieving the loss of her boss, Dr Larabee, the Chief Medical Examiner The appointment of the self aggrandising Margo Dr Morgue Heavner is a disaster for Tempe, they have clashed before and Heavner s hatred ensures that Tempe is no longer wanted in the department Tempe has good reasons to be unhappy, Heavner seeks fame and the media spotlight, is unethical and lacking integrity, with no qualms about endangering justice in the interviews she gives Additionally, Tempe is all over the place, thanks to the consequences of her aneurysm, which has her questioning her abilities and experiencing migraine induced hallucinations, unable to know what is real, leaving her struggling to sleep, frustrated and paranoid.Tempe receives mystery texts that show photographs of a faceless corpse that rouses her curiosity but she has to go rogue to investigate, relying on leaks, illicitly taken photographs and smuggling out evidence The victim has been eaten by feral hogs, leaving him faceless and difficult to identify, missing hands, clothes with no labels, making it difficult to discern whether he was murdered or had committed suicide Tempe is aided by retired detective, Erskine Skinny Slidell, now working cold cases at the Charlotte Mecklenberg PD that has the two of them identifying the man eventually but faced with little information on him Who is he Is he a spy, a child abductor, or a paedophile or worse Tempe finds herself coming across and delving into the rabbit hole that is the elusive Nick Body, a provocateur spewing countless conspiracy theories with millions of followers, having to reconstruct case notes after the loss of her laptop and mobile phone, as she pulls at numerous threads where so little makes sense.One of the reasons that this is such a good series is that Kathy Reich herself is an accomplished forensic anthropologist herself, so invests Tempe with an authenticity and professional knowledge that draws on cutting edge developments in the field and real life cases Here, Reich strips Tempe of all that she normally relies on, her professional abilities, her memories, shut out of her job and normal resources, along with the loss of all her records, photographs and evidence Tempe is in a place where she is unable to discern reality from illusion, mirroring the territory of the conspiracy theorists peddling their fake news and bombarding their suspect views on a people unable to separate fact from fiction This is a fabulous addition to a wonderful series Many thanks to Simon and Schuster UK for an ARC. Temperance Brennan is a Forensic Anthropologist A very busy one at that Splitting her time between Charlotte South Carolina and Quebec This latest read takes her to S Carolina where her current position with the medical examiner is in peril There s a new head of the department Dr Heavner someone Tempe is quite familiar with She and her new boss previously had a very public falling out Now Dr Heavner is holding a grudge, excluding Tempe from any cases that come across her desk or should I say stainless steel table But Tempe can t stay away When the latest body comes across the coroners cold slab for identification, Tempe leaps in to solve the mystery Who is this manas well as all the circumstances behind this horrific death She can t possibly know it will lead her into some of the deepest darkest corners of the Web.Tempes long time interest Ryan makes only a small appearance in this book Hopefully, if her next book returns over the border, Ryan can take a larger role once again I do enjoy the installments that take place in Quebec a bit Just an added dose of flavor I have been reading this series for years, and Kathy Reichs hasn t lost a step This latest installment is as good as ever While this is book nineteen of the series and could stand on its own, I suggest starting at the beginning You will really grow to love Tempe Thank you to Scribner via both NetGalley and Edelweiss for an ARC to read and review. Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist, must work diligently and utilize all of her skills to identify a faceless corpse and its connection to a missing child s case from a decade ago Brennan had been recovering from neurosurgery following an aneurysm, and is still coping with headaches and nightmares, when she receives a text messages each with pictures of a corpse missing its hands and face.Intrigued, she is ready to solve the case and must do so rogue Soon, an identified case shows up and she becomes even intrigued.This one was a struggle for me I found it hard to get into and very slow in the beginning I don t know if it was me or the book I have been reading a few books which grabbed me from page one and this one, failed to do so, it had a slower build for me, and I found myself putting this book down, looking for other books to read Plus, I have not read too many books in this series to perhaps long time readers of this series will enjoy the book than I did The book did pick up, but for me it also dragged in spots and failed to wow me Maybe I was expecting too much of an aha moment, or explanations for sections which didn t seem to get them, plus the inner dialogue wasn t working for me Slow to start however, it did become enjoyable as the book progressed, but not one I will remember in months to come My guess is, this is not the book to pick up if you have not read any previous books in the series she is recovering from surgery and not at her best plus, I think background on the characters is needed prior to reading this one.Thank you to Scribner and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own. A CONSPIRACY OF BONES by Kathy Reichs is the nineteenth book in the series featuring forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan Temperance is facing a lot of personal and professional challenges in this book She has a new boss that she has had professional conflicts with in the past and on top of that she has been recovering from neurosurgery and is still experiencing severe headaches The novel is largely set in and around Charlotte, North Carolina One day she receives text messages containing pictures of a corpse missing its face and hands Due to her relationship with her new boss, Temperance works the case on the sly.This novel was much introspective than most in the series and almost like a private detective working the case alongside the police While it seemed a little slower paced in the beginning, it had enough action, red herrings and twists to keep my interest and it picked up speed as the book progressed The characters are compelling and you can definitely root for Temperance as she works to find answers Her goals are clear and believable The supporting characters are well rounded and enhance the story The stakes were high and the tension built up to the conclusion.Overall, the plot was intriguing and contemporary The prose was well written and engrossing The story is gripping and well worth reading I recommend it and the entire series However, I believe readers will have the best reading experience if they start at the beginning of the series Thanks to Scribner and Kathy Reichs for a digital ARC of this novel via NetGalley and the opportunity to provide an honest review Opinions are mine alone and are not biased in any way. First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, Kathy Reichs, and Simon Schuster for providing me with a copy of this publication, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review.After a long wait, Kathy Reichs is back from her hiatus with a new and exciting novel in the Temperance Brennan series Fans will be happy to have the forensic anthropologist back, whose grit and gumption are even heightened After suffering a brain aneurysm that required surgical intervention, Temperance is on the mend and trying to find her feet She is still contracted to work both in Montreal and Charlotte, but has not been working much At home in Charlotte, Temperance has horrible dreams and witnesses a mysterious man along her property, but there is no one there when she makes her way outside A week later, an odd text message arrives, with photos of a body, without head or limbs Trying to get herself on the case, her new boss shuns her and demands that she stay away They have a history, one in which Temperance has no doubt has led her her being ostracized Deciding to do a little rogue work, Temperance works alongside an old colleague and discovers some odd pieces of evidence, including cryptic writing on some paper that includes her phone number The case takes an odd twist as Temperance seeks to find out who the body was in those text photos, and where the body might have been found Working as best she can, Temperance finds herself delving down into the dark web to find answers that may help Her explorations lead to many conspiracy theories, as well as a few twists that could tie into a few missing children from years ago Armed with her determination and pieces of the puzzle slowing coming together, Temperance uses her deductive reasoning to determine that there are some bad people on the loose, seeking to silence her before the aneurysm can do the same A great new thriller in this captivating series, sure to impress readers as they find themselves in the middle of this intense novel Recommended to those who love Reichs forensic anthropology stories, as well as the reader who wants something a little mentally challenging in their mysteries.I have been following Kathy Reichs through the Temperance Brennan series since the debut novel While the books differ greatly from their television show spin off, Reichs is able to present forensic anthropology in such a way that it is both entertaining and informative As Reichs as readily admitted, she sometimes mirrors Brennan in her own experiences, which left me to wonder if the recent aneurysm development for the protagonist might explain why the delayed release of this book by two years might also be related to a similar medical issue Brennan works through this medical hurdle effectively, showing off her rebellious side with increased intensity Still sharp when it comes to solving mysteries, Brennan uses what tools she can to make sense of the situation before her With little mention of others, save some minor updates for other familial characters, the focus is on Brennan and some of her stumbling blocks Others help to complement her desire to overcome limitations, while also show that no brain aneurysm can stop her In a story that sees Brennan working from the outside of the goldfish bowl, the reader is able to see how her field work and reliance on others help uncover one of the disturbing cases of her career I hope that there are other stories in the Temperance Brennan series before tying things off, as I have come to really enjoy all she has done and overcome in the years, especially when she makes her way to Canada Kudos, Madam Reichs, for a great return I can only hope that you have some ideas to keep your fans from going stir crazy.Love hate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons, a different sort of Book Challenge This is the 19th Temperance Brennan book in the series, and while I haven t read every single one, I ve read a great many This one is really good Tempe Brennan is recovering from Neurosurgery and fighting headaches and possible hallucinations The new Chief Medical Examiner is very self promoting and doesn t like Temperance, so she isn t consulting with her as the old Chief did before he died In fact, she doesn t want her help or advice at all A faceless man shows up at the morgue and Tempe received some photos by a mysterious text The identity of the corpse is unknown and Tempe s curiosity is piqued, but she has to find roundabout ways to get information about the body and what the autopsy shows Tempe enlists help from Erskine Skinny Slidell as well as from her boyfriend in Montreal, Andrew Ryan Then there s a link to a 10 year old cold case involving a child Lots of investigating to do and Tempe s in the thick of it.I enjoy reading this series and I also enjoyed the television series Bones that was based on Kathy Reichs Temperance Brennan books The characters are memorable and the investigations are always interesting I hope to see even books in this series in the future.Thanks to Kathy Reichs and Scribner through Netgalley for an advance copy of this book Like a few other reviewers, I found Kathy Reichs series after binge watching the first few seasons of Bones So I confess I read this one with Emily Deschanel s voice in my head, which was actually not bad, though a bit weird because of the differences between Temperance Brennan in the book and the show Add to that the fact that Reichs is herself a forensic anthropologist who uses her own cases as starting points for her novels and the overlap gets even complicated but in a good way When I read Reichs novels I can be sure that Temperance does indeed know her stuff.Conspiracy of Bones is a clever addition to the series and I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially since I m interested in the topics the novel focuses on computers, conspiracy theorists and crime probably than I should be Reich s 19th novel is set in Charlotte, North Carolina and features retired detective Skinny Slidell Ryan makes a brief appearance but he s off in France for most of this one Shortly after Brennan notices a strange man lurking outside her condo, she receives a series text photos of a faceless corpse Because of an intense conflict with her new fame seeking boss, she has to go rogue to discover the man s identity and find out why he died As she and Slidell learn , it begins to look as if the dead man may be linked to a decades old case of a young girl who went missing It s a case that Brennan and Slidell remember all too well.I still love Brennan s narrative voice, her humor, her knowledge of forensics and her struggles She is a little off her game in Conspiracy of Bones, which I liked As a result of her aneurysm, she doubts herself her brain and her memory have always been two things she s been able to rely on without question Now she can t be sure of her thoughts How much of what she remembers is real How much is a result of her altered brain or of psychological changes due to her ongoing proximity to imminent death Tempe is also out of her element, to a point, because key parts of the story hinge on computer forensics and this is an area she has little expertise in Again, this was a plot point that worked for me but might put off others There were a few areas her lack of understanding of the Cloud, her newfound knowledge of TOR, her exploration of the dark side of the internet which were alternately amusing and frightening Which brings me to the one thing I didn t like about the book While some of the resolution seemed utterly plausible, there was one aspect of the ending that pushed suspension of disbelief too far That said, it didn t interfere with my enjoyment of the book.If you re a fan of Reichs, this is a fine addition to the series However, if you haven t read her other books, I recommend starting with an earlier novel so you can familiarize yourself with the characters and their histories I would also recommend reading the author s note at the end of Conspiracy of Bones, which contains some interesting information about how Brennan s health issues came to be a part of this story Last but not least, I m definitely looking forward to 20.Much thanks to Scribner and NetGalley for providing me an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I ve been following Kathy Reichs gripping forensic anthropologist novels featuring Temperance Tempe Brennan for many years now and always found her stories to be intelligent, clever and highly entertaining A Conspiracy of Bones is the nineteenth in the series and sees Tempe returning with some physical and mental changes in her life, that have left her with some emotional and paranoia issues This doesn t stop her still being at the top of her game and is determined to find out who the faceless corpse is, that has been brought into the morgue and photos of him forwarded to her anonymously.Although the subject matter of missing and murdered children is at times distressing, I did find the story very addictive and as is normal with Kathy s books the attention to detail is second to none I do have to admit to a lot of the technological detail going over my head but that s just me, the author always ensures readers have the full details to her plots and premises and thus makes for very informative and interesting thrillers I was particularly interested in all the conspiracy theories mentioned on the dark web, a lot of which I can say for myself, that I ve considered to be questionable.Personally, I would say you do need to have followed Tempe in some of the earlier novels to connect properly with this wonderful character, though you probably could easily read this book as a stand alone too Tempe Brennan is an outstanding character, sharp, witty, intelligent and a pleasure to read about and hope she s still helping to catch criminals for many years to come Thank you to Love Reading for my copy of the book in return for my honest opinion 4 stars Tempe Brennan is back with complete surety, like meeting up with an old friend after a couple of years I sank into this new story and was fully immersed throughout.The forensic detail is ever fascinating and entirely accessible, the case is darkly addictive and Tempe herself is going through a sea change in both a physical and mental sense which adds huge emotional levels to the narrative.Kathy Reichs is of course a brilliant plotter and a beautiful writer, twisting and turning events in unpredictable and intelligent ways Keeping the reader turning the pages, the themes explored here are highly emotive and done in a hard hitting, utterly authentic yet always sensitive way.I loved it The afterword allows that there is a fair bit of author in character, given that the fact that A Conspiracy of Bones felt somehow vivid than what has gone before is hardly surprising for such a long running series the quality has never faltered and I for one hope to read many Tempe Brennan novels in the years to come.Recommended If you ve not tried these yet simply pick any one up You ll be hooked before you know it. When Kathy Reichs comes out with a new novel featuring forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan, I feel a little sort of electric happiness that I carry with me as I await the novel s release and then as I read it As with any long running series, the characters continue to grow, becoming themselves and building their relationships with one another Temperance, Ryan, Slidel with each new novel, I enjoy my time with them .In this novel Brennan faces a pair of overlapping challenges First, a new boss with questionable ethics and limited forensic skills, who has it in for Brennan Second, an unidentified corpse badly mutilated by feral pigs Determined to identify the corpse and to best this new nemesis, Brennan finds herself following an increasingly complex trail one that branches out in multiple directions.Whether or not you re familiar with Brennan, I can pretty much guarantee that you will love this book and will leave it feeling hungry to spend time with her.One quick caveat if you re a reader like me who is uncomfortable with depictions of violence against animals, you ll want to skip a few paragraphs in chapter 32 The first time you see the word kitten jump ahead three paragraphs You ll still be able to follow the action without trouble.

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