Supernatural Slayer Squad (Darkblood Academy, #2)

Supernatural Slayer Squad (Darkblood Academy, #2) Welcome To The Supernatural Slayer Squad Our Task Is Simple Kill All The Demon Baddies Before They Wreak Havoc On The Human Realm And Destroy The Fragile Peace Between Our Two Worlds Easy Peasy, Right Well, If I Can T Figure Out How To Get This Devil S Mark Off My Chest, The Demons Won T Stop Coming For Me Luckily, My Long Lost Father Has Shown Up Promising To Help Me Get Rid Of It But Do I Really Want A Dark Warlock S Help Then There S My Love Life Or Serious Lack There Of I Broke All The Rules My First Semester, And The Worst Was Falling For My Demon Bad Boy Instructor Our So Called Relationship Is Strictly Forbidden And If He Can T Get His Inner Demon Under Control, We Re Totally Screwed To Make Matters Worse, The Dark Lord Of The Underworld Has Set Her Sights On Me And My Unique Powers She S Dead Set On Making The Human World Her Evil Minions Playground And Thinks I M The Key To Stopping Her So I Guess I Have To Be This Is An Upper YA NA Crossover With Schmexy Supernatural Guys And Is Best Suited For Age And Over Be Warned, The Steaminess Factor Does Increase Through The Course Of The Series What the FU K did just happen I m torn apart, I m crying, I m mad, I m sad, I want to screamI started this book yesterday around 8 pm and I m done now at 12 20pm This book is what I call ADDICTING You literally can t put it down I have no idea what the amazing author just did to my heart, but I don t want it back I hope that the 3rd book will be out soon and I hope we ll get at least 30 books Otherwise The story itself was really good I wouldn t expect any less from this one I loved the first book and I was afraid that I would like the second one as much, but the opposite happened and omg Luna I loved her in the first book, mostly because of who she is and how she s dealing with her things I loved how her character developed since the first book and I also love the new enhancements, let s say.Ryder I looove Ryder a lot He is in my TOP 3 book bad boys lovers and I just don t think the book would be the same without him Anyone else Well, there are parts where my heart sunk so deep I thought I would die..then at some parts I was extremely happy for some characters For me it depends on who I like and who I don t I like Cinder a lot The way she s been supporting Luna from the start and how they became BFF, keep secrets and .I m afraid I won t say much about this book, because you either HAVE TO READ it and join us all, or you can just be blind and not enjoy your life at all This series is phenomenally addictive.Do not I repeat, do not start reading this book at bedtime Such a fun story with sexy characters Filled with romance and adventure. I love this Authors fantasy books and was looking forward to the release of book.2 In this Darkblood Academy Series One of the things I love most about G.K.Derosa is her ability to construct a world that you never question the logic, status or it s place in the world, it s descriptive enough to feel, yet doesn t distract from the storyline, it only enhances the atmosphere The storyline continues as Luna becomes a part of the Supernatural Slayer Team, her powers start to develop, but she starts to realise that not all of them are always on the light side of magic, meaning secrets and lies Her friendships with the team grows, especially as a certain Ice Prince shows his human side, both good and bad As the demon attacks are driven out of Darkblood Academy, new threats arise with devastating consequences Changes in her family ties boost her confidence, putting a bigger target on her back A certain hot demon instructor becomes protective, making the heat between them reach near boiling point I love this love interest, it s intensity makes for some toe curling reading A look but don t touch rule drives Luna to branch out to others, as she try s to ignore the man she really wants This action packed series continues to ramp up both physically and emotionally, as we get to learn about the characters personalities, which I personally liked, as Finding out what makes people tick adds depth and reason for some of their actions Once again, G.K.Derosa has hit the nail on the head, constructing a strong consistent world with fascinating characters The ending absolutely floored shocked me, it was lovely one minute then devastating the next, my jaw was left hanging open, with utter disbelief at this turn of events, this has left me half desperate for book.3 and half with dread Ok % desperate for the book, but I really, really hope it s not true. It s constant action going on here, I hardly have time to catch my breath before something new is happening Some things I see coming, others I don t I usually like to be surprised, but especially one incident I didn t see the point of Without giving any spoilers, all I can say is that this event didn t effect the story in any way, as I see it To me it felt totally unnecessary I still think that Luna is acting a bit too childish at times, but I really like the way her powers evolve and her with them I like the other characters too, especially Drake has gotten my attention The heat between Luna and Ryder only increases, but since any relationship between teacher and student is strictly forbidden they can t act on it Or can they I m not sure what to think about the ending I guess it depends on what the author is planning next I m definitely looking forward to spend time with Luna and the others on the Supernatural Slayer Squad I received an ARC from the author. I am in love with the world G.K DeRosa has created in her Darkblood Academy series, so when I got my hands on book two I couldn t help but devour it Book two explores of the dynamics between Luna and the supe squad and Luna and her father as she tries to get a handle on her abilities, all while taking the reader on a wild ride of who s after Luna from the underworld and what do they want Then there s the potential wrench in the love department where Drake is concerned to add to the tension This book had everything I could hope for with it s twists, turns, and mysteries It broke my heart, had it soaring, and then stopped it all together with that jaw dropping ending I need book three, stat I can t express how good this series is This book is even better than the first and that one is fantastic Luna really belongs and her team members are proving it She is beginning a relationship with her dad, Ryder is finding it harder and harder to keep his distance, and her powers are getting stronger She has a new power that kinda scares her and the demon that marked her is not giving up Don t cheat yourself out of an enthralling adventure My heart was broken at the ending, but it gives me incentive not to miss book three I requested an advanced reader copy and am under no obligation to leave this review. Whoa I definitely was not expecting that twist at the end I really have been enjoying the Hitched series and now this one It gives you a bigger glimpse of some of the bachelors that I fell in love with from the Hitched series It was nice to see the characters progress in this book I enjoy all the twists and turns that Luna is taking Her family and powers weren t really a surprise, but I was surprised by who she chose to confide in I can t wait to get the next and see how this goes and what becomes of The Eight, Ryder, Luxora and all the rest So I thought book one was fantastic and really looked forward to this second book and it did not let me down Every bit as good as the first we continue with Luna s journey in the supernatural slayer squad The world Building is excellent and I love the characters growth and I have to say the continuing storyline just sucks you in from the first page Tons of action, drama, romance and twists and turns, this is one academy series you do not want to miss As someone said Holy demon babies I had the book done in hrs I couldn t put it down I wanted to cry and scream for Luna and her friends here and there I wanted to smack the crap out of Raine and Drake at times.And say damn dude grow some to Ryder I had some Buffy angel with a few spike thrown in.I am so ready for the next book. Darkblood Academy is a spin off series and very different to the Hitched series, but possibly even better Some of the hot guys that we fell in love with in Hitched reappear in Darkblood I m the kind of girl that wants all the wonderful characters to get their HEA endings.In the second Darkblood book, Luna is coming into her powers A few times she endures an excruciatingly painful experience, but bounces right back like nothing happened I think we need to see her dealing with the anxiety of knowing that she s about to go through it again rather than the bring it on attitude The chemistry between her and Ryder heats up, but I felt things were slapdash with them at the very end, which was kind of disappointing Drake, known as the Ice Prince, is also in the picture, but he doesn t let us know his true feelings for Luna, so we re left to wonder There s a crazy twist at the end, which will leave you thinking your own conclusions while you wait for the next book.I received an ARC This is my honest and voluntary review.