Carter (Me Three Movement Book 1)

Carter (Me Three Movement Book 1) Carter Was Written By USA Today Bestselling Multi Award Winning Author Xyla TurnerCarter StrongI Yell At The Referees Because They Tend To Act Like Blind Bats Half Of The Time I M Passionate, Sure, But This New Referee, Has The Audacity To Throw Me Out Of My Own Damn Game Who The F Ck Does She Think She Is I Own This League I Could Own Her, If I Wanted Sasha ChapmanMy Transfer To A New League Was The Perfect Move For My Career Until I Met, Coach Strong, The Abrasive Asshole Who Yelled At Me And Accused Me Of Having My Ponytail Too Tight To See He Had It Coming I Didn T Mean For The Media To Go On A Rampage About Him, But When He Accused Me Of Being Attracted To Him, That Was The Last Straw I Needed To Get Away From Him But He Wouldn T Let Me. Good gracious this book is Hott I kept thinking slow down It s good Take your time Savor it and don t rush it Nope, I stayed up and knocked Cater in one night I just couldn t resist Carter is a great book that has everything It s funny, romantic dramatic and has a message All I can say is Caaaarrrter OMG, I want one Coach Carter Strong is a dreamboat Well, when you get past his hot temper and yelling at the refs on the court He has a sense of entitlement He meets his match when he meets Sasha Fierce, a feisty, no nonsense referee She changes the game completely Their chemistry is clear from the beginning, even if Sasha tries to deny it I love how the story entwines the lives of a semi pro basketball coach and the sexy female referee who is all about her business The book is well paced and the characters are well developed I had a hard time putting the book down so I could snatch a few hours of sleep We have several celebrity appearances in this book Messy Mandy makes a shady appearance, trying to get all up in the couple s business We are treated to
Carter I gave this book four stars because of Carter Strong The heroine Sasha really got on my nerves at times I understand the me too movement and all of that but women not wanting their man to take care of them is beyon
I finished the book a few days ago but I ve been sick Time to do a quick review.I found the story to be refreshingly different I enjoyed BOTH characters Their development from being single to growing into a relationship tog
The Movement was Televised The lives the early part of their relationship lives in front of the cameras one way or another Sasha worked my nerves a bit You can t blame someone for what they can t possibly know If your not willing to each
I really liked Carter and Sasha s story It was a little different and of course contains lots of hot love scenes that I ve come to expect from Xyla Turner Carter is a man s man and you ll be feeling that alpha male testosterone burning through the pages Good stuff and nice sports romance LovedAlways good to read and never a dull moment I am a Trevor Noah can and to have him in your book was was and you have him down pack Great job as all ways Thanks Another winner from Xyla Turner Read It Highly, highly recommended OkI didn t like the heroine She came across as shrill and weak We never knew her age, I m guessing early to mid 30 s but she was really immature at times I understand the she disliked Carter s behavior, his berating and obnoxious arguing, however for her to make it about her being a woman was unjust He was an equal opportunity jerk He berated all officials Therefore her crusade should have been about the treatment of officials not a gender equality issue The issue she had with the commissioner again might have been about gender but to me it sounded like the commissioner not wanting to disrupt the apple cart and making sure his star coach wasn t upset The movement was a good one but what lit it wasn t the right example in my opinion As an aside, I didn t like how she jump to the media immediately either It s like no one can have a private conversation any I also hated how she didn t seem to be able to have a conversation with Carter without running away Stand your ground girl Her whole meltdown after he defended her in the press was silly to me He shouldn t go around talking to the press without checking with her first but like all arguments she
Mixed feelingsI usually love Ms Turner s writing She a always gets a one click, without even reading the summary This one began a little shaky to me, I m not sure why The writing didn t seem up to her usual caliber If not for all the current references, I might have thought this was something written earlier in her writing career and just published There were also seve