The Girl in White Gloves

The Girl in White Gloves A Life In Snapshots Grace Knows What People See She S The Cinderella Story An Icon Of Glamor And Elegance Frozen In Dazzling Technicolor The Picture Of Perfection The Girl In White GlovesA Woman In Living Color But Behind The Lens, Beyond The Panoramic Views Of Glistening Mediterranean Azure, She Knows The Truth The Sacrifices It Takes For An Unappreciated Girl From Philadelphia To Defy Her Family And Become The Reigning Queen Of The Screen The Heartbreaking Reasons She Trades Hollywood For A Crown The Loneliness Of Being A Princess In A Fairy Tale Kingdom That Is All Too Real Hardest Of All For Her Adoring Fans And Loyal Subjects To Comprehend, Is The Harsh Reality That To Be The Most Envied Woman In The World Does Not Mean She Is The Happiest Starved For Affection And Purpose, Facing A Labyrinth Of Romantic And Social Expectations With Twists And Turns Than Monaco S Infamous Winding Roads, Grace Must Find Her Own Way To Fulfillment But What She Risks Her Art, Her Family, Her Marriage She May Never Get Back 3.75 surprising starsI thought I knew the story of Grace Kelly, but according to this fictionalized tale of her life, I didn t really know much about her For example, she really needed to wear glasses full time, but for appearance sake, she often went without on stage, etc leaving the crowd a big blur I also didn t realize that she was from a wealthy family herself She also wore gloves much of the time, hence the title of the book.There were so many famous people that were part of her life, but she seemed very lonely and unfulfilled especially once she became Princess Grace It was fascinating to read about her life on stage and early days in Hollywood There were several times that she was a masterful negotiator with her contract and film roles It s interesting to think about what she would have done had she not married and moved to Monaco.The Grace Kelly that I thought I knew was a glamourous film star who became the beloved Princess, but this book does not read like that and is probably closer to the truth I enjoyed digging deeper into her life with this book It seemed a bit choppy in parts and a few transitions were not very smooth so that I went back to re read a page.Thank you to Book Browse, Kerri Maher, and Berkley for an early copy of this book to read This one is out on February 25, 2020. I enjoyed reading THE GIRL IN WHITE GLOVES Although the author took some liberties with the story, the book feels right To trade Hollywood for a crown is something hard to realize for an average person I believe this book helped me understand her life a little It is quite amazing to think of all of the famous individuals she knew I believe most people will enjoy the book as much as I did From Broadway to Hollywood and onto Monaco, Kerri Maher takes us on the journey of Grace Kelly s glamorous but all too short life, filled with love affairs, fame, sacrifices and heartaches Maher s lush language effortlessly carries readers along, introducing them to such luminaries as Hitchcock, Oleg Cassini, Clark Gable, Frank Sinatra and Princess Diana while painting the picture of an unforgettable woman Book clubs will devour this novel Highly, highly recommended Long before Meghan Markle, Grace Kelly was America s PrincessStyle, class, panache, radiance these are just a few words to describe Grace Kelly, who was so aptly named Kerri Maher takes us on a fictionalized account of Kelly s life, though she is so thorough, so well researched, that is difficult at times to remember that this was not an elegant work of non fiction From her days as a Hollywood starlet on the brink of cinematic glory, to her illustrious life of service as the Princess of Monaco and all that a life of royalty entails the luxurious to the stifling Maher spins a wonderful story that allows us a window into the life of America s Princess Any fan of American royals or the golden age of Hollywood would love this book Four and a half shining stars and a huge thank you to Book Browse, Kerri Maher, and Berkley Publishing for supplying me with this advanced copy in exchange for an honest review. Even after all these years have passed, Grace Kelly s life still remains a source of interest, curiosity, and speculation among readers Kerri Maher s novel is interesting and enjoyable It s admirable that she acknowledges that she has speculated about many aspects of Grace s life, has also adjusted the timelines in certain cases, and advises readers to keep in mind that her account is a novel, with some fictionalized characters and thoughts, and that it is not a biography.As a novel, this book held my interest and I would recommend it to readers It genuinely reflects the times in which she lived and provides a glimpse into Hollywood as it existed in the 50 s and 60 s It also portrays the personal struggles Grace faced as both an actress and a princess.Thank you to author Kerri Maher, Berkley, an imprint of Penguin Random House, and to NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read the ARC of this book. Is it weird to say this story was both sensational and sad Who doesn t want to be a princess, swept up by her prince charming But at what cost does being a princess come when you are already famous, a Hollywood sweetheart, who is independent and strong and does what she wants and suddenly are expected to be meek and subservient Even though I knew most of this story, and yes, a lot of it is fictionalized, this was still so interesting and so fascinating and yes, so sad Truly a great novel that I am glad I took a chance on and took time out to read and enjoy It was well written and well portrayed ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. With a deft hand, Maher draws the reader inside the remarkable yet often lonely world of one of Hollywood s most beloved stars, Grace Kelly Told with great empathy for the woman who made history not only as a gifted actress but as an American princess, THE GIRL IN WHITE GLOVES is a captivating novel of love, family, and the cost of regret I devoured it one sitting I fell headlong into this intimate story of iconic Grace Kelly, a complex woman who was so much than simply a beautiful face Elegant and romantic, THE GIRL IN WHITE GLOVES depicts an engrossing journey of transformation, complete with familial tension, betrayal, and redemption. The available pages offered were entirely too short with illustrative quality and immersive writing, the story allowed you to see into Grace Kelly s life It was just enough to leave you wanting , to find out how she becomes her iconic self, later in life Her story is told by intermixing time periods of her life, casting a wide look at her experiences and interactions this will no doubt be an idea read for fans of The Kennedy Debutante, and those who adore rich historical fiction Galley borrowed from the publisher. 3.5I am a life long lover of classic films It started when I was a girl watching old movies on our black and white television In those days, I preferred Gene Autry, Andy Hardy, and Ma and Pa Kettle When we moved to Detroit I discovered Bill Kennedy s Showtime I was hooked all summer long Jimmy Stewart became my favorite actor, but I watched swashbucklers, too My folks didn t have money to take us to movie theaters but we did go to the drive in theater When the sun went down, I was supposed to fall asleep on the back seat Instead, I was riveted to the movie The Incredible Shrinking Man, The Birds, and Marnie were some of the most memorable I became a Hitchcock fan, watching his television series, and I even had a book of scary stories with Hitch on the cover Later in life, I watched every television broadcast of his movies And that is how I first saw Grace Kelley in Rear Window and To Catch a Thief.My husband s favorite movie is High Noon, starring Kelley in her first movie role And he was a Clark Gable fan back in the day, so I saw Kelley in Mogambo.It was not until a few years ago that I saw Kelley in her Oscar winning performance in The Country Girl There was this beautiful, young actress made up plain and dowdy, her emotion so concentrated I could see the flames shooting from her eyes Wowzer This was not the elegant model offering Cary Grant a chance to handle her jewels I knew that Kelley was from Philadelphia We had driven on Kelley Drive And I knew that Kelley had died in a tragic car accident of unknown origin And that she had married a prince and had two beautiful daughters who were sometimes the news That s it, folks That was all I knew And what better way to learn than by reading Wikipedia and IMBD kidding What better way to learn than by reading a historical fiction novel that imagines the hidden stories Several times I skipped over The Girl in White Gloves PLEASE no girl titles, people by Keri Maher when I saw it on NetGalley, but each time it caught my attention I try hard to keep my requests in line as I am committed to doing justice to every title I get I caved what s one book to the pile In the first chapter, I learned that Kelley had been offered the title role in Hitchcock s Marnie and was unable to accept MARNIE The movie that I watched from the back seat of the car, that disturbed me and made me return to it again and again to get it I read Winston Graham s Marnie a few years back after a chance to see the movie at a local repertoire theater when Tippi Hendron visited and told the audience about the movie How could a princess accept a role about a troubled woman leading a double life, with a hatred of men and a penchant for theft Who was made love to by a young Sean Connery Okay That was enough to keep me turning pages.In a few chapters, I learned that Kelley had played Tracy Lord in a musical remake of The Philadelphia Story One of my very favorite movies How did I get to be in my sixth decade without having seen High Society Arrggh At the end of the story, I learned that at age forty seven, Kelley became involved with poetry festivals, reciting poems Including Maya Angelou I might also mention that Kelley was a knitter Maher admits to a dearth of sources for critical times in Kelley s life, like her long correspondence with Prince Rainier after their first meeting in Monaco She took many liberties for dramatic compression , which translates to providing a good read , and she speculates on the details of her relationships with men, her family, and the cause of her death Hey, it s fiction Get over it The story hits on all of the major events and films of Kelley s career It also portrays Kelley as a woman driven to achieve excellence but conflicted by parental expectations that a woman s goal is to marry and bear children You ve had a bit of freedom, played make believe, now it s time to grow up and become a responsible adult as a real June Cleaver, supporting your husband and bearing his children Well, that role did not suit Kelley Maher takes us into the marriage bed and it was positively Arctic.Well, I gave up wanting to be a princess before I was five years old Between Kelley and Princesses Diana and Sarah, it is quite clear the downsides far outweigh the perks I read a free ebook from the publisher through NetGalley My review is fair and unbiased.

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