Resistance Reborn (Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, #1)

Resistance Reborn (Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, #1) The Heroes Of The Resistance Must Fight Back Fro The Edge Of The Oblivion In This Pivotal Prequel To Star Wars The Rise Of SkywalkerThe Resistance Is In Ruins In The Wake Of Their Harrowing Escape From Crait, What Was Once An Army Has Been Reduced To A Handful Of Wounded Heroes Finn, Poe, Rey, Rose, Chewbacca, Leia Organa Their Names Are Famous Among The Oppressed Worlds They Fight To Liberate But Names Can Only Get You So Far, And Leia S Last Desperate Call For Aid Has Gone Unanswered From Jungles Of Ryloth To The Shipyards Of Corellia, The Shadow Of The First Order Looms Large, And Those With The Bravery To Face The Darkness Are Scattered And Isolated If Hope Is To Survive, The Resistance Must Journey Throughout The Galaxy, Seeking Out Leaders Including Those Who, In Days Gone By, Helped A Nascent Rebellion Tripple An Empire Battles Will Be Fought, Alliances Will Be Forged, And The Resistance Will Be Reborn It has come to my attention that I might have recently developed a slight addiction to Star Wars expanded fiction Why else would I go out of my way to read and review four of the Star Wars books that have been released so far this year, as well as collect a huge number of Star Wars comics The obvious answer is that Star Wars is awesome and all the tie in media I have read are freakin spectacular, with some fantastic stories that feature so many of the franchise s iconic characters So far this year I have reviewed the 2019 releases Queen s Shadow, Master and Apprentice, Alphabet Squadron and Thrawn Treason, as well as several Star Wars books and comics that were released in previous years Of these, Thrawn Treason was probably my favourite however, the year is far from over, and there are still a number of awesome Star Wars novels and comics set to be released.For this week s Waiting on Wednesday, I am looking at some of the top upcoming Star Wars tie in media releases coming out later this year Many of these books are tied into the upcoming Star Wars movie, The Rise of Skywalker, and I am curious about what sort of plot hints or tie in elements will be included as a result Each of these upcoming releases sound pretty amazing and I will be reading and reviewing all of them in the coming months, no matter what.Resistance Reborn is probably the upcoming Star Wars book I am looking forward to the most, having previously mentioned it in my Top Ten Most Anticipated July December 2019 Releases list Resistance Reborn is the one of the first books in the loosely connected sub series, Journey to Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker, and will be one of the many upcoming novels that explores the period between The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker before the movie comes out in December From what I understand, Resistance Reborn is probably going to be the novel that ties in the most with The Rise of Skywalker, and if there are any big reveals or plot hints, this is where we are mostly likely to find them.While the above plot synopsis is a little light on detail, it does seem like this book will focus on the main protagonists from these latest movies as they attempt to rebuild from their major defeat in The Last Jedi I imagine that the author will focus pretty heavily on the four characters mentioned in the synopsis and detail the various hardships and issues that they experience during this period You also have to imagine that several other characters who featured in the movies, such as Rose or Chewbacca, will make some appearances, and I will interested to see what happens with them It is unclear whether we will see much of Kylo Ren or other members of the First Order, but the book will need to have some form of antagonist Personally, I hope that Benicio del Toro s DJ fails to make an appearance in either the book or future movies , but that s just me The idea of rebuilding a resistance from scratch sounds pretty cool, and I look forward to seeing how the author covers that Overall, I think that this book will be a good combination of character development and intriguing story, and I look forward to checking it out.I am also excited in the choice of author Rebecca Roanhorse has been on a real tear in the last couple of years with her Navajo inspired fantasy novels, including the books in her acclaimed The Sixth World series While I have not had the pleasure of reading any of her books yet, I have heard good things from a number of reviewers and look forward to seeing what her first foray into Star Wars fiction is like.For other exciting reviews and content, check out my blog at Resistance Reborn is one big family reunion Set almost immediately after The Last Jedi, it begins with the biggest question for the Resistance what comes next and how the heck do we go on from here Leia s comment about how we already have everything we need was nice and inspirational but not entirely true they need supplies and they need allies Sweet Force, did I dance around with glee at some of the allies the Resistance collected here As the world s biggest Battlefront II fan, the inclusion of Zay and Shriv delighted me to no end and I was thrilled to see them make their return and to have fairly significant roles I was also happy to see of Wedge Freaking Antilles This is also very much a Poe Dameron book He s still coming to terms with his mutiny and all of its ramifications and learning how to move on from it It feels incredibly necessary and Rebecca Roanhorse handles his state of mind deftly Honestly, there s a heck of a lot to love about the book but I really don t want to spoil any of it for readers as each new revelation or character inclusion was a joy to discover as I read The short version is this Resistance Reborn is a story that will delight readers who ve read broadly across canon and that feels like a necessary step forward for the Resistance between Episodes VIII and IX Full review will be on on release day. AKA, The Last Jedi Is Retconned So excited for this book Here s the except from the Star Wars website General Organa The voice came from behind her and Leia turned to find Rey standing in the doorway The girl wore a version of the same scaven ger garb style Leia had first seen her in the previous day, only now Leia recognized touches of Jedi influence in her ensemble She s changing, Leia thought, but there s still some Jakku there that she hasn t let go But perhaps that wasn t fair Perhaps Rey simply clung to the simple things she knew in a sea of chaos, the way they all did Speaking of simple, Rey held a steaming cup of something in her hands and when she saw Leia notice, she proffered it forward I brought you a cup of Gatalentan tea, Rey said.Leia smiled Do you read minds What, like a Jedi I I m not I was just thinking about how much I would love a cup of tea, Leia said, saving Rey from her awkward scramble Nothing Jedi about it Just she motioned Rey forward a welcome surprise Thank you And please, call me Leia Rey nodded, looking relieved, and hurried forward Leia took the tea from her The fragrance immediately filled her nose, and she could feel the muscles in her shoulders loosen I could get you something stronger if you like, Rey said, pointing back toward the galley from which she d obviously come I think Chewbacca keeps some caf in there Leia blew across the hot beverage, sending small tendrils of steam floating through the air I m surprised he had this Ah, but it prob ably wasn t Chewbacca that kept a stash of Gatalentan tea on the Millennium Falcon, but Han Oh, Han Gone, too And I ve made you sad, Rey said, noticing the look on Leia s face Not you, Leia corrected her Life This war You are a light in the darkness She gestured to the seat across from her I didn t mean to stay I just heard your voice in here and thought you might need the tea Well, you were right, and I insist you stay I could use the com pany, and you re making me nervous standing there Please She gestured toward the seat again and this time Rey sat, sliding her hands under her thighs and smiling awkwardly There, Leia said, patiently, hoping to put the girl at ease, isn t that better Rey nodded The two sat in silence as Leia sipped her tea and Rey made a show of looking around the room, gaze floating across the communications board Leia followed her wandering regard Why aren t you asleep like everyone else Leia asked Oh, me I haven t slept much these past few days, Rey said qui etly Too much on my mind I know the feeling Rey shifted in her seat, eyes on everything but Leia My, but this girl was nervous She hadn t seemed this nervous when they d met earlier But so much had happened since then, or maybe she just had something on her mind Rey she started I heard you talking to someone, Rey said hastily Did you finally get through to our allies Not yet, Leia confessed That call was from a couple of pilots I have scouting, but, and I hope this doesn t come out wrong, we need than pilots We need leadership Pilots are crucial, but the First Order took Holdo, Ackbar, others She sighed, the grief heavy in her bones Leaders she had called them, yes, but also friends People she had known most of her life, now gone We need strategists, thinkers, those with the means and will to lead us forward To inspire others to do the same I didn t know them, Rey admitted I m sorry for your loss Leia nodded We ve all experienced loss Finally Rey met her gaze, a question lurking there Perhaps she wants to talk about Luke, Leia thought We spoke of him, but briefly Just an acknowledgment that he was at peace in the end But then Rey said Kylo Ren He s your son Ah Leia nodded and drank from her now cooling cup Rey squirmed uncomfortably in her seat What happened to him she finally asked I mean, how did he turn to the dark side He started in the light, didn t he He told me a story about Luke, about his training She exhaled I guess I just want to understand I do, too So you don t know I think you would have to ask Ben what happened to him He wanted me to join him, but I couldn t I thought I could help him, but he only wanted me to become like him Rey s face fell, and Leia could see the pain etched there The girl cared about Ben, and he had disappointed her Ben has made his choices, Leia said No one can save Ben but himself And I don t know if that is what he wants Rey nodded, a sharp dip of her chin I know that I mean, ratio nally I know, but I guess I held out hope Hope is good, Leia said, her voice gentle with understanding Hope is important, and sometimes it is all we have But, she said, smiling, what does hope have to do with being rational She held out her hand and Rey leaned forward and took it, pressing her palm to Leia s and squeezing I don t know how I m going to do this, Rey whispered quietly But you will do it, Leia said, her voice a little louder, filled with a little steel And you won t be alone We will be here with you Rey seemed to steady, and a smile blossomed briefly, her first since she d arrived.A buzzing on the console and Leia answered Hello she called into the mike Identify yourself General Organa It s Poe Poe She turned slightly away from Rey Where are you What s your status Ikkrukk It was close, but Black Squadron pulled through Zero casualties although Jess and Suralinda were pretty banged up But I can report that Grail City is secured We sent the First Order run ning Finally a small bit of good news Wonderful, Poe And the prime minister, Grist Is she well A moment of static and then Poe was back Can confirm that yes, Prime Minister Grist survived And she s invited us to a party Leia exchanged a look with Rey, who gave her a small grin Poe, can you do something for me Anything, General Go to Grist s party and tell me what the attitude is there among the guests about the First Order Well, considering the First Order attacked them, I imagine they re none too happy right now Maybe not publicly You will need to look past their words, Poe Be alert for the subtler things Note who still won t criticize the First Order, or who criticizes too loudly, as if to prove their loyalties No tice who s not at the party Did anyone declare themselves openly with the separatist faction A moment when Poe was clearly talking to someone else and then, Cannot confirm But I ll keep an eye out You do that And see what Grist is willing to commit to the Resis tance That was the reason Black Squadron was there to begin with Your timing ended up being fortuitous, so let s see if that buys us anything Okay Anything else, General Yes Have fun You survived the battle and you re all still alive for another day Make sure to enjoy it Flying s all the joy I need, but I hear you, General Copy that And let me know where Black Squadron will head next Grail City is a good win, but we have so much farther to go Copy that, he repeated Okay, Poe out The transmission clicked off and Leia leaned back, the worn chair creaking under her weight Well, that s good, Rey said, startling Leia She d forgotten the girl was there, she was so quiet Yes, it is, Leia agreed But it s barely a drop in the bucket of what we need But every drop counts, right A drop here and there and before you know it, you have an ocean An ocean What did a girl who d grown up on Jakku know about oceans But Leia said, I like the way you think, Rey Yes, you re right No need to minimize what Poe and his Black Squadron accom plished Now, why don t you get some rest As if on cue, Rey s jaw cracked in a yawn Yeah, maybe I should I was working on the compressor The humidity on Ahch To caused the condensation to build up in the casing I need to clean it out, find the leak, and seal She pressed her lips together I m sure you don t care She stood On the contrary, I m glad you re taking such good care of Han s ship Leia lifted the cup Thank you again for the tea Rey gave her a quick nod and left.Ahch To Of course That was where Rey had found Luke Maybe the girl did know something about oceans after all And perhaps there was a lesson in there for Leia, too.She shook her head, rueful, and turned back to the communica tions console One attempt, she told herself, and then she d fol low her own advice to Rey and try to get some sleep Today it was droplets, she thought, and tomorrow it would be a river And per haps, eventually, a mighty sea that could stand against the First Order It seemed improbable, but improbable was all she had.She ran through her list of allies again, starting at the beginning. Oh look, let s elaborate about characters that were so poorly served in the dumpster fire of a movie that was The Last Jedi C mon readers, we promise to make you care about the rubbish movie plots, and the cliched, underdeveloped characters you don t care for any Remember when we told you Captain Phasma was going to be integral We even gave her a novel, but none of that matters because her role in the films was either negligible or insulting Now, after the most idiotic plan ever, the Resistance is fast tracking survivors into command positions because they need to be a credible force to face the moronic First Order leg by Darth Tantrum himself The only thing that gives me pause is the author I trust Roanhorse to write a superb book but not even she can rekindle the scattered embers of interest I have for how his debacle concludes. I finished this novel in 5 days like 4.25 days and here is what I can say about this Pros Very addictingThe moment you begin the novel pulls your right in No joke CliffhangersMany moments when I could not put the book down Found myself waking up early just to read this Characters from Bloodline make an appearance There are 2 characters from that novel Please read this before reading this novel Inferno Squad Yesss Likable lovable charactersRey Feels like Star Wars duh A LOT of charactersCon s That one moment in Chapter XVIII can actually be skipped and does not affect the story in any way The scene explains itself that it is unnecessary and you can identify it right away Other than that the novel is pretty much flawless There you go my review on the novel as a whole The Verdict 9.8 10 My full review can be found here This is the book I ve been waiting for Ever since the Canon announcement in 2014, I have been waiting for the books to really connect For the last 5 years, books have simply hinted at, shared 1 or 2 characters, or vaguely referenced events in other books Until Now Rebecca Roanhorse did an excellent, dare I say Stellar job at connecting the canon together I found references to Lost Stars, Bloodline, the Aftermath Trilogy, The Poe Dameron Comic, the Clone Wars, and Rebels and that s only the ones I noticed The whole time I read this book, as the Resistance searches for allies, I found myself giggling with glee at the way Roanhorse kept adding a new character and being like But wait, there s afterward.I also really liked the development of Leia as a character This book has a lot Leia in it than I anticipated I thought that Roanhorse wrote her better than any other author save Claudia Gray and really captured the emotion, the energy, the humor, and the compassion of the character She also really did a good job of making Poe a great character I already loved him after The Force Awakens and was disappointed in his story in The Last Jedi, but Roanhorse uses TLJ to grow him into one of my favorites in the story.The real standout character was Snap Temmin Wexley I had read the Aftermath Trilogy, where Snap was a kid and the first collection of the Poe Dameron comic, where he s just a side character Here, though, his interaction with Wedge Antilles and Norra Wexley his mom was just so refreshing to read We always read about disfuctional families in Star Wars, so to see a healthy family was great Roanhorse wisely used Rey and Rose sparingly I think this is due to their involvement in Spark of Resistance , the middle grade novel that is part of the Journey to the Rise of Skywalker We thankfully don t have an oversaturation of their characters in these books.There was two characters, whom I ll refer to as Spoilers , who absolutely made me go I remember him and I really liked his character It was played very well and wasn t obvious at all One came in at the midway point and the other closer to the end, but I was so happy that both were included in this I don t know if this was Roanhorses peroggative or the Story Groups or her editors, but they did a fantastic job with the connections.I also liked the villain in the book He isn t utilized as much as I think he should have been, but he was interesting and wasn t your standard run of the mill First Order Officer He had the ambition of most officers, some competence, and felt very vulnerable throughout, making him an interesting foil to our heroes.The only minor quibble I have with the book is the plot It seems to have one plot for the first 2 3rds that I absolutely loved, and a separate plot for the final third that was still fantastic, but I could have had them in separate books Still, both plots were engaging, and Roanhorse had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.It s technically not a quibble, but the book is only 290 pages, which is fairly short for a Star Wars book It s an easy read, but I was hoping for even But that s not any skin off the book itself.Overall, fantastic book by Rebecca Roanhorse I cannot stress enough how glad I am that Del Rey took the step and is now connecting all their projects together Good Job 9.1 out of 10 By the way, this book is currently in the 6 spot It just edged out Thrawn Treason and fell just short of Bloodline. I danced at the edge of 3 stars when I was at 80% but, at the end, the last chapters didn t had the pay off I expected But let s go back to the beggining.Resistance Reborn is supposed to be in line with the rest of the adult books of SW think Bloodline, Last Shot, Aftermath, Thrawn but it actually feels like a YA one, and not a particulary good one.There are chuncks of the book that are good, mainly the bits that are heavy with descriptions than dialogue, because freaking hell was the dialogue bad and awkward something I was already afraid of with the snippes they shared before release Rey literally stuttering in every scene Finn gestures around in general Her most solid voice was Poe, something I appreciated with him being the main character here Wedge was also solid.Yes, it s cool to see a lot of the other characters we know from the other complementary material here Black squadron from the Poe comics, Zay and Shriv from Battlefron II, Norra and Wedge from Aftermath, mentions of Hera or Sabine, etc , but as the book progressed, characters were divided in 4 groups 3 in resistance missions to get ships information people and one grounded on base and one of them felt so irrelevant that I would had prefered not having that people on the book at all view spoiler I m talking about the Zay group mission Yes, they got some ships but nor the characters nor the action were interesting and dragged a story already quite boring The dead of a team member I couldn t have cared less hide spoiler Resistance Assemble With The Rise of Skywalker right around the corner, there has been plenty of material released to prepare readers for the movie Resistance Reborn is one of those novels This is a fun read that gives Star Wars fans an idea of how the Resistance rebuilt after the events of The Last Jedi.Setting Expectations this book really is about the Resistance getting things together, and it is kind of quiet in the action department There are fights and battles to be had, but they are of a smaller scale, and most of them come at the end of the novel Sequel Era All Stars Fans if the larger Star Wars universe will be delighted with this book As Leia and Poe work to assemble a new Resistance, they call on allies from all corners of the galaxy This includes characters fans have met in video games, books, movies, and comics It is a great blend of media.Force lite The Force isn t absent from this book, but this book isn t about the Force Rey is around, but she has a fairly minor role Leia has a large role, but even then, she isn t dwelling on the Force much at all This book is about rebuilding the Resistance, and the Force is left for other media.Poe and Leia The majority of this book is told from either Leia or Poe s perspective After all, they are the leadership of the Resistance Poe is the one that needs to get past his mistakes in The Last Jedi He finds inspiration along the way, and Leia s guidance goes a long way Finn and Rose are in the book, but their roles are also relatively minor Finn has some good scenes with Poe, but it really isn t his story Rose is a supporting character largely relegated to events in the background The same could be said for Chewbacca, Threepio, and Artoo.No Face of the First Order Although the First Order is in this book, the villains Star Wars fans have come to know are not Instead, the threat of the First Order is the antagonist and villain of the piece This is a story about rebuilding the Resistance Kylo Ren would be a distraction from that story.Overall, this is a good book It demonstrates how resourceful the Resistance could be and how hard they worked to rebuild It is great to get sequel era content.

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