I Am the Storm (The Night Firm #2)

I Am the Storm (The Night Firm #2) Best Book, I Am The Storm The Night Firm 2 Author Karpov Kinrade This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book I Am The Storm The Night Firm 2 , Essay By Karpov Kinrade Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Release date July 25, 2019 Cover is up at In I Am the Storm, crimes will be committed, mysteries will be investigated, secrets will be unearthed, and Eve s loyalty to the men she cares about will be tested in the most unexpected way Are you ready for it Also up for pre order Buddy Read with the cake eaters Not sure how I feel about this one I know I enjoyed book 1 and as usual I had forgotten everything from it Luckily this picked up right where it left off on that not so surprising reveal I regret not making a guy guide for the brothers because it took me half of this book to remember who was who I m still not sure so I cant even do one now.doh I still like the world but a little vampy action is needed for a book with all vampires in the harem I got bogged down in a lot of the morality debates in this one Questions of good and evil, right and wrong just went round in circles and took up pages of dialogue with no conclusions Secrets are rife and the I don t know what I am thing is getting old Especially when you have Dragons who know and won t say On the other hand there was a big twist at the end which I didn t see coming and I think I ll go on with the series as long as the rest of the cake eaters do too. In lumen et freaking lumen I am so tired of seeing that sentence albeit I saw it just once in this book but that was one too many.If I read the next book I might just go to the end and see what happened Everything of note happens in the last ten pages , there are usually small things happening but those things can actually be ignored without missing the story and that s what the entire book consists of, minor plot So yea a big if about the next book. July 25th cannot come soon enough Well to be honest I wasn t so sure about this after reading how the beginning of the book went I was even less sure as it went on, and then in the finale, some things were cleared up and some things weren t So i m going to do my best and try to evaluate this as objectively as possible First, I m gonna talk about Eve Eve Eve is a character who bears the weight of a heavy conscious Her moral compass is very black and white, with not a single patch of grey A solid chunk of this book is dedicated to her inner torment in this matter Thankfully, another solid chunk of it is dedicated to her moral development as well Many times it was difficult for me to be in her head while she struggled with this, but at the same time I realize that my moral compass is not like hers at all I m not a Hamlet type person struggling with the concepts of good and evil, I could even make the argument that things like evil don t exist But Eve IS that kind of person, and with this in mind I understand her character better now that I ve finished the book whereas before it frustrated me.I also have to acknowledge that for the people who are left behind after the suicide and or heinous criminal acts of loved ones, it is an agonizing position to be in I ve experienced this with someone in my life, and I think because of it I was able to understand Eve s actions in regards to Adam It s not easy trying to reconcile the person you love with the action of the person I m not entirely sure it is something you do reconcile There s not really a manual they hand out to people on what s the correct way to go about it The Guys This book focused on one in particular, and I feel like they all sort of faded into the background We barely heard from any of them Even the one that was of the focus I feel like there was very little actual connection between Eve and him The writing just told us there was but little to make me feel it In addition, the romance going on felt a little insincere and flat It just was, because it was They haven t even known each other all that long technically and yet there s a lot of love professing going on view spoiler Hello person I ve known 2 months, will you adopt my child Thanks hide spoiler Theft of a Dragon s EggThis is the second book in The Night Firm series This book is set exclusively in The Otherworld and though the MFC Eve starts out as a human, it is pretty obvious in this book that she is not, so it feels like a full fantasy book, than the Urban Fantasy book the first in the series started out as.The Night Firm has successfully defended Dracula in his murder trial and Liam a vampire made by Dracula and a member of The Night Firm has discovered he is a father When he is arrested for a crime his did not commit, his brothers and fellow vampires, along with Eve, do their utmost to try and exonerate him.At the same time as trying to prove Liam s innocence, Eve is keeping a secret with the power to cause much upset in the household.There is much internal philosophical debate in this book There is conflict about when is it right to do something for the wrong reasons and wrong to do something for the right reasons There is also much contemplation about the nature of light and dark.Sometimes I felt that the morality questions got in the way of connecting with the characters a little It felt that the intellectual questions overtook the emotional nature of the characters This meant it was harder to really engage with the relationships that were becoming stronger in this book.The plot is excellent, and really draws the reader on and the world building is superb The magical Otherworld is beautiful, dangerous and corrupt and it is all conveyed eloquently by the authors I just felt a little disconnected from the characters in this book I hope that will be re engaged in the third book, as I want to know what happens next Another win for Karpov Kinrade Picking up from where Eve left us hanging in the last book you are thrown immediately into a whirlwind of suspense and intrigue Will Liam be charged, who s really behind the whole theft of the dragon egg You learn a little about the controversy of philosophy as it relates to real life KK has you questioning everything you thought you knew and leaves you with a better understanding of yourself It s not just a fantastic story but it s a work of art.I love how real the characters become, how you can relate to Eve s dilemma of who to care for, who to love It s the perfect balance of story, feeling, and character I will admit though that at first, it was hard to get your head around the love square it has four sides, not three going on and who Eve has done with whom But once you get into the story a bit you can get your bearings I received a complimentary ARC from Karpov Kinrade It took me a couple of days after reading this to settle my mind I really enjoyed the second half but the first I was sadly just scraping by Let s jump right in Two of the biggest twist I saw coming from the beginning I knew what eve was as soon as the very first clue dropped It didn t discourage my reading whatsoever but it all the cat and mouse really needed to be over way before then Cole I really wanted to like him but I felt forced The other brothers were I fell for in the first book got left behind in this one with tidbits here and there to hopefully tie you over The ending really did save this for me Karpov Kinrade are excellent writers but this one didn t hold a candle to the first in this new series Hopefully the next will be much better. Twists oh the twists Well They ve done it again This writing duo has a way of creating worlds and characters that keeps you on the edge of your seat The world draws you in with such intensely you forget what s going on around you and that you aren t in the otherworld I had really mixed feelings at the end of I am the Wild and the journey to discovering the truth was well worth the wait Even if I m not amazing at writing a review Karpov Kinrade is amazing they constantly create worlds you can escape to I am on edge waiting for I Am the Night and wish I could possibly read their books slower so maybe I could enjoy them longer Thank you again for everything This installment was just as riveting and captivating as the first one A wonderful world to get lost in Although, I will admit I felt the interactions with the other brothers a bit too few and far in between On the same note, I felt there should have been from the other brothers on her relationship with Cole Yes, they were trying to forgive and forget but at the same time none of them really trusted him Yet they trusted him with her That was a bit hard for me to grasp but I still cannot wait for the next installment to come I m sure I will enjoy reading it as much as I have these two.