Into the Dark

Into the DarkWhen Michael Rowland Saves His Younger Brother Joshua From The Clutches Of His Stepfather, He Runs For His Life With His Brother In His Arms From His Hiding Place He Sees The Man Who Has Made Their Lives A Misery Taken Away In The Trunk Of A Stranger S Car, Never To Be Seen AgainDoctor Dani Novak Has Been Keeping Soccer Coach Diesel Kennedy At Arm S Length To Protect Him From Her Dark Secrets When They Are Brought Together By The Two Young Brothers Who Desperately Need Their Help, It Seems They Might Finally Be Able To Leave Their Damaged Pasts Behind ThemBut As The Only Witness To The Man Who Kidnapped And Murdered His Stepfather, Michael Is In Danger As Diesel And Dani Do All That They Can To Protect Him, Their Own Investigation Into The Murder Uncovers A Much Darker Web Of Secrets Than They Could Have ImaginedAs Bodies Start To Appear It S Clear That This Killer Wants Vengeance And Will Wipe Out Anything That Gets In His Way NOW LIVE US UKKaren Rose is one of my favorite Romantic Suspense authors and I know with every book of hers that I start that I will love it Into the Dark was no different and right from the beginning this story had me captivated Dani and Diesel had a relationship and connection that actually surprised me with how personal they got It was a bit of a change from the usual heavy focus on the suspense that Ms Rose does but I liked that we got to see so much of these characters all while still getting that mystery aspect There was a lot going on in this book and it all came together really well Dani and Diesel had so much to work out, we had a mystery trying to be unraveled, the killer s thoughts thrown in giving clues that will keep you guessing And it all worked so well together and added to the intrigue that had me loving this book This was actually my first book in the Cincinnati series but I could follow along with all of the side characters without issue and now I can t wait to go back and read their own stories I do think it would be better to read the series in order so that you get a better understanding of the characters, but it s not necessary ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. We ve been waiting a while for Dani and Diesel s story, and we finally have it, in Into the Dark the 23rd in Karen Rose s romantic suspense series.I ll start by saying that all of KR s books are fantastic and it would be very unlikely for me to give them anything other than 5 stars Dani is a doctor She s part of the family KR has built in her universe, that includes Police, FBI, Therapists, Reporters, Volunteers basically all good people with open hearts and selfless personalities Diesel is a hacker that works for a newspaper, again part of this massive family we have come to know and love Diesel has loved Dani from the moment he set eyes on her 18 months ago, in her free clinic helping disadvantaged and under privileged people who need her help But she has always pushed him away and told him that they can t be together.Dani has her reasons for rejecting Diesel, which we find out about in this book We learn about her positive HIV status, her upbringing, her deafness and her previous heartbreaking romance with Adrian Of course the Dani Diesel romance is only half of the story, and we have murder galore in this instalment Michael witnesses his step father s murder and must therefore go into protective custody in order to save himself and his younger brother Joshua Michael is deaf and Joshua is only 5 years old, so to say they are vulnerable is an understatement The killer is trying to tie up loose ends, so Michael won t be safe until he is caught There are other strands that run alongside these two main stories such as Grant Masterson and his missing siblings It all ties up nicely in the end though.I read this one really quickly, and these are big books KR doesn t scrimp on word count, but I believe she makes every one count and doesn t waffle We have got the steamy sex scenes that we are promised, the gory murders that we have come looking for and we also have the warm family dynamics that we have come to know and love about her universe The old favourites, such as Marcus, Stone, Scarlett, Deacon and Adam are all back and quite visible in this story Every one is needed to help with this case and everyone has their part to play I would recommend this to any KR fans, but also anyone who wants a fast paced thriller to get lost in Thanks to NetGalley for an ARC of this Dani and Diesel I can t wait Into the Dark is the fifth instalment in the Cincinnati series and is the most gripping and absorbing so far There is no problem with jumping into the series in this book although you will probably not want to miss the preceding book as this is romantic suspense at its best The plot follows two brothers, Michael and Joseph, who happen to be there to witness a man being bundled into the boot of a car never to be seen again they then find themselves in grave danger by the very same person as they have seen the face of a dangerous vigilante who does not intend to be disturbed from his disturbing duty Away from the primary plotline, the developing will they won t they relationship between Diesel Kennedy and our feisty heroine Dr Dani Novak continues Following a criminal carrying out his own system of vigilante justice, we see just how warped different people viewing the exact same event can become.This is a complex and fantastic thriller and the way in which Ms Rose takes various different but interlinked plot threads and weaves them all together into a patchwork quilt that is not only easy to follow and understand but utterly gripping too, is amazing It has been done so exceptionally that I was astounded This sprawling intricate, interconnected web makes for a multidimensional story and one with plenty of pep and pizazz and a superb balance between the main case and the personal lives of Dani and Diesel as well as the rest of the cast I would say that this is up there with the authors most absorbing, accomplished and entertaining books to date, if not the most outstanding by far and my favourite for it s grit, thrills, twisty surprises and moral dilemmas It is bound to be a huge hit with ardent long term fans and newcomers alike Highly recommended Many thanks to Headline for an ARC. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.Karen Rose has done it again another fantastic un put downable book full of romance, suspense, action and twists I love all her books and they just get better and better This installment is focussed on Dani and Diesel and their budding romance I love every character and story in this series Thank you for another amazing page turner Karen Rose Into the Dark is the twenty third book in the Romantic Suspense series by Author Karen Rose This series includes many characters from different professions but all the professions are aimed at helping others and all of the protagonists are about exposing the truth, no matter how ugly This book features two characters, Diesel Kennedy and Dani Novak, who are both drawn to each other but Dani has been resisting the attraction She has been successful at keeping Diesel at arm s length for quite some time but after the events that take place in this book, well, let s just say that Dani will start singing a different tune.Diesel is a man who has been living on borrowed time and he knows it To that end, he has committed to making a difference as long as he is able and coaching a youth league is just one of the many ways he gives back It was in his capacity as a coach that he made a startling discovery that would bring him and those around him into the lives of two boys who desperately need advocates There was only one person that Diesel could think of who would be beneficial in the situation he had been placed in and that was Dani Together they would encounter many horrible truths, wrestle difficult decisions, and learn a few important lessons that would open their eyes and their hearts along the way The opening of Into the Dark was just heartbreaking and learning everything that Michael went through was very upsetting, to say the least I immediately loved Diesel because of his protective instincts as well as his vulnerability Everything that was taking place took him to a very dark place but he stayed the course Dani was an amazing advocate in this story and I liked that she was an HIV positive character who still lived her life to the fullest that she could What took place between her and Diesel was a slow building romance that was very swoony I loved, loved, loved, the fast paced action and mystery that unfurled in Into the Dark because it kept me on the edge of my seat This is a story and series that I absolutely would highly recommend to those who love to read a good thriller.This review is based on a complimentary book I received from NetGalley It is an honest and voluntary review The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating. I don t even know what to say about this book Karen is my favorite author and I always get so excited when she releases a new book This book had me laughing, crying, angry and This was a very emotional book and so personal indeed I loved all the characters My heart ached for Michael and Joshua Karen did an amazing job with this book and putting her personal experiences into the story made it so much beautiful One of my favorite books by her Amazingly written and very emotional read One I will always remember.I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a free copy. When it comes to romantic suspense this author is definitely in my top five so I always know that I m going to get a well written story with a twisting plot that keeps me holding my breath This particular book not only has a vigilante killer who is almost like the Angel of death but also the romance that regular readers have been waiting for because it s Dani and Diesel It all begins with a teenage boy struggling to save his brother from their brutal, sadistic stepfather Michael sees a murder take place but who would believe him He s deaf, he s a bit of a loner and his mother who should protect him just doesn t care about anyone but herself So when Michael meets his brothers football coach Diesel he has no idea that he s finally found the one person who not only believes him but understands everything Michael has gone through.Diesel knows the only woman for him is Dani but the hiv positive doctor just keeps pushing him away Things come crashing to a head though when Diesel needs Dani to help him communicate with the damaged and very scared Michael Dani cannot conceive how anyone could hurt either of the two adorable brothers and agrees to temporarily foster them whilst the police investigate the murder but none of them have any idea just how many the killer has targeted and in his twisted mind he sees Michael as his newest target This series always takes me aback with the sheer horror and depravity that the author imbues it with The idea of trafficking and paedophilia isn t new but the twist with not just one murderer but actually two certainly took me on a journey There is a character briefly introduced at the beginning who actually is much involved in the conclusion to this story than I realised I did enjoy that because I was constantly trying to work out connections and then bam just before the end it all made horrible and tragic sense Sadly as much as I enjoy catching up with old favourite characters I did occasionally feel there were just too many here to sort out and trying to remember what had happened previously took me out of the story at times Plus I didn t actually like Dani as much here as I didn t completely buy her reasoning She had so much angst and worry about her brothers in previous stories and yet this time softened completely with Diesel so her no no we can t quickly became oh ok then and I was just bewildered by her Still I did enjoy this book and hadn t completely guessed the reveal about the missing persons so I do recommend reading this as it s obviously setting up for different characters to get their happy ending.This voluntary take is of a copy I requested from Netgalley and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe e Whenever I read a Karen Rose book no sooner have I finished it than I want to go back and reread all the other books in that series I love the way her main characters all link up and appear in each others stories, you can almost tell whose story will feature in the next book This book centres around two young boys who inadvertently witness a murder A vigilante has set himself up as judge, jury and executioner and is wiping out those offenders who might otherwise escape justice Of just as much importance however is the fledgling romance between gentle giant Diesel Kennedy and feisty doctor Dani Novak These two met earlier in the series but in spite of their obvious attraction to each other it seems that they will never get together This author should be compulsory reading for anyone who wants to write a romantic suspense novel.Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC of this book Having never read a book by this author, initially I found it a tough going Soon the story emerged and I found myself right in the middle of the plot.A witness to a kidnapping and probably murder Michael, while protecting his brother Joshua, the two turned to Dani a doctor and Diesel a hacker for help and protection Soon murders occurred and the duo started investigating.Karen Rose is a proficient writer whose play of words soon caught my interest This book was part of a series, and I knew nobody, hence I concentrated solely on the murders Dani and Diesel were highly complexed characters It was nice to see Diesel accept Dani even with her medical situation I enjoyed their conversations as baggage of the past was soon unloaded.The murders were compelling, made suspenseful, thanks to the style of writing Twists and turns and trying to outrun the murderer made it a fast read I soon realized that even though this book worked as a standalone in its murders, I needed to go back and get to the others in the series in order to love the characters.A murder mystery made interesting due to the characterization of the witness and the style of writing, I would call it an afternoon well spent A fun romantic suspense.

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