The Silvered Serpents

The Silvered Serpents They Are Each Other S Fiercest Love, Greatest Danger, And Only HopeS Verin And His Team Members Might Have Successfully Thwarted The Fallen House, But Victory Came At A Terrible Cost One That Still Haunts All Of Them Desperate To Make Amends, S Verin Pursues A Dangerous Lead To Find A Long Lost Artifact Rumoured To Grant Its Possessor The Power Of GodTheir Hunt Lures Them Far From Paris, And Into Icy Heart Of Russia Where Crystalline Ice Animals Stalk Forgotten Mansions, Broken Goddesses Carry Deadly Secrets, And A String Of Unsolved Murders Makes The Crew Question Whether An Ancient Myth Is A Myth After AllAs Hidden Secrets Come To The Light And The Ghosts Of The Past Catch Up To Them, The Crew Will Discover New Dimensions Of Themselves But What They Find Out May Lead Them Down Paths They Never ImaginedA Tale Of Love And Betrayal As The Crew Risks Their Lives For One Last Job things that make me happy new anticipated releasesthings that make me sad waiting for new anticipated releases to come out Ladies and gentlemen we have a big winner I proudly declare that I finished one of the best books of 2020 right now I cannot believe how much I loved this book, I gave four stars to the first one and but when I compare two of them, it s only fair to give this one ten gazillion stars because this is so so so so sooooooooo much better Can you hear I still slap my forehead for waiting too much to get this into my hands BANG BANG BANG Yes, my skull is too thick Made by woods than flesh Our gang is back in business for another mission, both of them suffering from grief, toughened up, serious and their bond got tightened Severin is haunted the ghost of his great loss, building walls around his heart not to show his feelings He cares his teammates, especially one of them has the most special place in his heart but love does not wear the face we wish and he is about to learn it from the hardest way.This book is darker and grimmer than the first one because the characters deep pain about their big loss following them behind like an ominous dark cloud and affecting their judgments, actions, mood swings Of course witty dialogues and never ending sarcastic comments between Hypnos and Zofia thankfully save the most parts and makes us smile I already admitted that I fell in love with those team members at the first book Every one of them were developed realistically make you feel like you have friends with them in your real life and you want to hang up with them, drinking coffee, talking about last twitter trends okay I shut my mouth before I wear straitjacket again Did I say again Ups Okay I should get a drink and stop typing The rising tension of the book can make you say goodbye to your nails, to your hands and maybe entire arms Stop biting them and concentrate on the pages And I have to say something about incredible writing of Roshani Chokshi the first book is great start but this book gave me skyrocket effect with its fast pacing, incredible story progression, exciting development, all those twists made my head spin so much and I m still dizzy and confused right now With her perfectly written, magical, philosophical, intriguing book with its amazing political references, she is taking you to a journey around Russia She definitely worked her skills to create magical journey and made her words twist and dance around the pages, captivating us with this well crafted story that we wish it never ends.And after last revelation, I splash a big ice bucket on my head but I am still in shock, talking nonsense Yes, I didn t see it coming and I cry out louder in the middle of the night My husband is begging me to stop screaming But I cannot Because this is torture to wait for what s gonna happen next I feel so lucky to have a chance to become one of the first readers of this book and I hope I will be also the one of first ones to read the upcoming work Last time I felt the same when I had to wait for two and half years for last season of GOT Luckily I m sure my waiting for this book will not result with full of frustration This author is too gifted to write anything wrong Special thanks to NetGalley and Wednesday Books for sharing this amazing masterpiece s ARC COPY with me in exchange my honest review. me looking through some fancy opera glasses well hello there you beautiful gorgeous twisty sequel I received this complimentary ARC from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.THIS BOOK WAS ABSOLUTELY MENTAL AND I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT It wasn t as confusing as the first instalment The plot was faster with even higher stakes, leaving me so very worried for my precious babies I was left an absolute mess and know I ll have a torturous wait for the third book to release cries This was a sequel DONE RIGHT RTC Roshani Chokshi Releases THE BEST BOOK SINCE SIX OF CROWSMe DEVOURS ITRoshani Chokshi Oh, BTW s, the next one comes out in a yearMe Drinks water SPITS IT OUT Roshani Chokshi Not a problem, right Me Figuring out if my grades would be okay if I went into a coma until 2020After those last two chapters, I can t THAT ENDING THE TENSION THE CLIFFHANGER gbfhuklhgoeiwgoNo. Goodreads Giveaway, FTW Me, trying to keep it together while holding my most anticipated 2020 release A small part of him hesitated, but he steeled himself He was doing this for them For his friends The he cared about their feelings, the harder his task became And so he endeavored to feel nothing at all Everything has been building to this book We have heists.We have travel We have stakes that are higher than they ever were before Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for an eARC in exchange for an honest reviewAlso can I just give a shout out to Roshani who knows how to craft beautiful sentences They aren t always the type of lines to get tattooed or put on a mug, but they are oftentimes just so beautiful constructed I have to pause and go wow, that s amazingly written This book has such a realistic portrayal of grief I love how each character handles it differently All of their actions make sense for who they are You can feel their pain Understand their motivations itbrokeme.I think the line Love does not always wear the face we wish will have me forever broken tbh It s such a haunting and beautiful quote.There is less banter and lightheartedness in this book than was in the first, but that makes sense given how that book ended But don t worry The book still has funny bits Why isn t he going in muttered Hypnos Fear of dismemberment, said Zofia If I were designing thief catching mechanisms, I would have a device rigged to attack the first three people who entered Hypnos stepped behind Zofia Ladies first I love the character arcs I loved the storyline The tension The plot twists It was grand And that ending Oof I m going to need a bit to recover Content Warnings and Trigger Warnings infertility prologue , mentions of suicide, mention of stillbirth chapter five , grief, a person disguises themself as someone else to trick someone into doing sexual things, mentions of child abuse, body mutilation, self harm for forging purposes, drugging people without their consent, violence, some gore The final chapter from The Gilded Wolves had me like BECAUSE OF THAT DAMN REVEAL WHAT DOES IT MEAN The second to last chapter from The Gilded Wolves had me like BECAUSE OF THAT DAMN SEXUAL TENSION I CAN T EVEN RIGHT NOW also S verin you need to apologize boy grief makes people say shitty things, i know cries I just want all of my children to be happy.In other words The final two chapters have me D E A D I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS SEQUEL. 1 The Gilded Wolves If I have to sell my soul for this, I won t hesitate I ll do it for Enrique and Hypnos. Hmmm Review Not so much Rants and illogical thoughts Most definitely. This book doesn t release until September 2020, but I just finished reading The Gilded Wolves and I had to know what was next for S verin and his team I m new to Chokshi s work, but this series has me HOOKED This author s words are inspired, reverent and relevant I love history, especially mythological or religious history, and the way she filled this story with so much color, I was enthralled. A huge part of me sympathized and understood S verin s actions and behavior He had suffered such an unbelievable loss A loss that even I was still coming to grips with So him bowing out on things that humanize him or exploit his vulnerabilities made sense in a sad sort of way However, another part of me wanted to shake him and yell in his face I wanted him to lean on his friends because they were hurting too Well, maybe don t lean on Laila She was still all too selfish IMO I just think he needed their support and comfort than anything else My bae was so busy trying to protect his heart from pain and to protect those he cared about, he did just about everything he could to hurt them and push them away It may not have been his intention, and I may have wanted to punch him in his back for some of his negligent words and deeds, but the end result was the same She couldn t live with his pity, and she would die at his apathy All that remained was his silence Laila wondered if that was the truest death being slowly rendered invisible so that all she inspired was indifference. I was determined to understand S verin s urgent need to find the book of the Divine Lyrics aside from the obvious His lofty goals didn t seem to align with everything I had already learned about him Was his grief warping his values While his ambitions shared a marked similarity to what The Fallen House was seeking, maybe he felt that he was on the side of righteousness because his intentions were pure I ve been shipping Enrique and Zofia for a minute now At first I wondered if there would be a polyamorous relationship between the two of them with Hypnos as a content top, but now I m not so sure I kind of guessed the huge plot twist almost from the beginning It was weird that my mind already went there when there wasn t any real evidence to steer me that way, but when weird ish happens, I start figuring out the why and I was so freaking right Why didn t these so called friends ever simply trust in S verin I get it Truly I do He wasn t acting as the man they had all come to know and love I get it However wasn t he the one who plucked each of them from obscurity Didn t he encourage, support and believe in them He deserved better and I kept waiting for someone to speak up, confront him, and treat him the way he had always treated them Imagine it was Hypnos, the newcomer, who was the one to have his back Dear author that scene at the end Bittersweet All of the answers, everything my bae did was right there at their fingertips Please tell me that they actually see it Until I get some reassurance the next book can t come soon enough I m going to be over here crossing my fingers, my toes, and even my nose hairs hoping you gently coax me from this edge Honestly, I need to find out the next book s release date STAT Blog FB Twitter IG Tumblr Pinterest BookBub Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review 5 stars I know you dream what I dream, a world where people like us are not kept under foot, but restored to a place of equality I have been waiting for this ever since I read The Gilded Wolves and I loved The Silvered Serpents even It is much darker than The Gilded Wolves, and also even enthralling, and I absolutely couldn t put this down Chokshi has crafted a dark, magical, heartbreaking and dazzling tale of fantasy, presenting an abstract depiction of western colonialism, including a system of forging magic set around the turn of the century, which is steeped in philosophical and mythological references eastern and western alike , set primarily in Russia in contrast to the Gilded Wolves Paris setting This book is full of beautifully crafted characters, seem to be real, especially in terms of their emotions nd struggles, such as S verin s grief, Zofia s attempting to cope with her Aspergers, and Laila s struggles to face mortality What he felt now was a different kind of incredulity The kind witty one has released a dream into the world, only to rediscover it on the ground, trampled and stained The writing style is absolutely stunning, the words practically jump off the page, with vivid imagery, captivating dialogue and just enough witty banter I enjoyed the mixed backgrounds of the characters French Algerian, Polish, Indian, Spanish Filipino it s unusual to see such a mixture of backgrounds in one book in literature, and I feel like it s very much a reflection of my own life I also enjoyed that this series is inclusive of differing sexualities without it seeming to be just for the sake of being inclusive I also very much enjoyed the commentary the book offers on religion and divinity, especially concerning the quest to become a god This book contained none of the usual tropes and archetypes of YA and NA literature and I appreciated that very much Especially with regards to the romances, it didn t fall into any of the usual clich s However THAT ENDING KILLED ME.I am not okay I need the third book Like yesterday.

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