The Belgariad Boxed Set: Pawn of Prophecy, Queen of Sorcery, Magician's Gambit, Castle of Wizardry, & Enchanters' End Game (The Belgariad, #1-5)

The Belgariad Boxed Set: Pawn of Prophecy, Queen of Sorcery, Magician's Gambit, Castle of Wizardry, & Enchanters' End Game (The Belgariad, #1-5)It All Begins With The Theft Of The Orb That For So Long Protected The West From An Evil God As Long As The Orb Was At Riva, The Prophecy Went, Its People Would Be Safe From This Corrupting Power Garion, A Simple Farm Boy, Is Familiar With The Legend Of The Orb, But Skeptical In Matters Of Magic Until, Through A Twist Of Fate, He Learns Not Only That The Story Of The Orb Is True, But That He Must Set Out On A Quest Of Unparalleled Magic And Danger To Help Recover It For Garion Is A Child Of Destiny, And Fate Itself Is Leading Him Far From His Home, Sweeping Him Irrevocably Toward A Distant Tower And A Cataclysmic Confrontation With A Master Of The Darkest Magic The Quest May Be Nearing Its End, But The Danger Continues After Discovering A Shocking Secret About Himself He Never Could Have Imagined All In Pursuit Of The Legendary Orb Garion And His Fellow Adventurers Must Escape A Crumbling Enemy Fortress And Flee Across A Vast Desert Filled With Ruthless Soldiers Whose Only Aim Is To Destroy Them But Even When The Quest Is Complete, Garion S Destiny Is Far From Fulfilled For The Evil God Torak Is About To Awaken And Seek Dominion Somehow, Garion Has To Face The God, To Kill Or Be Killed On The Outcome Of This Dread Duel Rests The Future Of The World But How Can One Man Destroy An Immortal God I m a closet sci fi fantasy adventure fan I make no apologies for that And I ll make no apologies for loving this series of books I ve read this series at least a dozen times and it never fails to entertain.This series is deceptive Because the five books are quick reads, it can be easy to dismiss them as light reading in the genre They re not Mark Twain once apologize for writing a long letter because he didn t have time to write a short one David Eddings and his noncredited co author wife, Leigh took the time to write a enjoyable, smart, funny and engaging adventure series It IS of the farm boy led by prophecy subgenre that has fallen out of favor in the era of gritty fantasy with flawed main characters, but Eddings sets up a tale with competing prophecies I particularly enjoyed how he differentiates between sorcery and magic and the mechanics of how sorcery works in this world.Serious adventure fans will find enough in here to enjoy and to justify the time spent reading casual fans just looking for a good read will enjoy it for the fast, fun ride it takes them on. The Belgariad series and its sequel, the Mallorean series also 5 books are some of the best fantasy novels you will ever read Unlike most fantasy books, it is relatively easy to quickly figure out the world in which they take place The characters are absolutely fantastic some of the best characters in any fantasy book I ve ever read I think Silk is my favorite So read all 10 of these books They are great Okay, what to say about Eddings Let me start by saying that while LOTR was the first fantasy I read back in the early 90 s, when there was a sense that there wasn t a fantasy genr yet, at least not in the small time where I lived, there was just SF and then there was LOTR Eddings was the one that made me a fantasy fan.There s a lot of for good reasons dismissing of Eddings, yes, it s a simple narrative, yes, the characters are stereotypes, yes, it s sometimes pretty blatantly racist, he repeats the same story about seven times in different series, and yes, he did it all purely to make money.On the other hand, for the right age group it s wonderful I just introduced my half brother he s about 12 to Eddings and he loves it There s a kind of magic there, and for all the charges justified of being unoriginal, Eddings RIP mainly uses clich s because they work The thing I d compare it to would be the Star Wars original trilogy and like Lucas, Eddings has read Campbell If you have a kid the right age, or if you ARE a kid the right age, or if you just feel like some mindless fun with good guys, bad guys, some teenage angst and a happy ending, this is a good book to read. This is the series that really got me hooked into the fantasy genre The pace at which the story moves along is one of the best introducing you to the innocent, somewhat naive farmboy Garion, who quickly grows on you as everything that has been kept secret from him is slowly revealed, forcing him to come to grip with his destiny The variety of characters and their unique personalities are great, and the often funny banter between the characters makes this a guaranteed enjoyable read Truly great story When I read LOTR, I was left with images of all of these grim people with little in the way of comic which you might respond Sauron s got the world practically in his grasp, what s the humor in that I just think that I d rather sit down and have a drink with Belgarath, Silk, Barak and company rather than Gandalf and Frodo.Having said that, LOTR is the far superior work, but I don t think that Eddings had that sort of goal with his series Just a lot of fun to read, full of stereotypes, archetypes, but sometimes you want to eat Beef Wellington and sometimes you want a hamburger pizza. The Belgariad is the best series of books I have ever read.The books take you into a well defined world, each country very different from the next, and envelops the reader in such a riveting story line that he would want to never put the book down.The series is full of magic sorcery , action, and believeble characters.Well worth the read Started by reading the third book of the series when I was about fifteen and spread out from there The series is very easy reading The humorous banter of the characters has a mildly addictive quality The books have better moments, certainly I remember that in principle there were better moments although for the life of me I can t recall any now my memory of reading these is like that of eating sliced packet bread smeared with margarine and shipham s paste, but you could probably read them while drunk and suffer no appreciable loss of enjoyment or understanding of the plot.They are fine for what they are and I could recommend them to somebody who was young, or maybe learning English as a foreign language, but otherwise life is short, tempus fugit and all that.Dispensible. Yes, you are reading that correctly this is a fantasy series of five books Actually, ten, for there is a sequel series of five called The Mallorean, although it isn t quite as good As would would expect in a series of such length, there are many characters and storylines, but not so many that you get lost in them The five books of the Belgariad are wonderfully creative Eddings creates a fantasy world that is fun to become part of. This was my introduction to high fantasy My gateway drug, I suppose I have loved these books since they were loaned to me in high school, and I used to reread them at least once a year When times were bad, I could still follow along with Garion, sigh over Silk one of my original literary crushes , enjoy the interplay and intrigue, and the DIALOGUE I had never read a book like that I still haven t My opinion on the series may have changed somewhat on my latest reread but David Eddings still writes the best dialogue on the planet.If this series was written today, it would have been YA, and some details would have changed not for the better The main character Garion ranges from 14 to about 16 through the course of the novels It was written at a time when the age of the protagonist did not immediately categorize a work, so Eddings was able to deal with adult material that his young hero didn t necessarily pick up on but mature readers would, yet told plainly and cleanly There is some light commentary on social and domestic issues, and the violence is somewhat restrained and justified.It has been years since the last time I picked it up But I was in the need of chicken soup style comfort, so I was moved to spend time with Garion and co again The flaws that bothered me were much abundant and pronounced in the Mallorean than here in the Belgariad, but they were still there David Eddings has an almost unlimited magical system, where these sorcerers live forever and can do anything With such lack of constraints, it is understandable that you run into plot holes from time to time There are small scenes that are hard to justify, a why didn t they just sort of question that occurs to the reader A sort of an explanation is presented to cover most of it, but it s a stretch to make it do for all However, there is a simple, straightforward charm about the Belgariad, both the characters and the quest are fun and engaging, and I have always loved roaming his world where the idea of national identity is raised to new heights. Probably my favorite series I got hooked on this in early, early high school and it s still the story I compare similar books to when I try to decide if they re good or not Unfortunately, near as I can tell, everything else David Eddings wrote sucked so the jury s still out on who my favorite author is.I like this series because it s really easy to read The characters have qualities that make them engaging and their relationships with one another are well defined and detailed Eddings dialog flows naturally, like a casual conversation would, including little things that written dialog usually lacks inside jokes, references not everyone in the scene is meant to catch, private innuendos even the speaker getting sidetracked The way his characters talk to one another feels very organic, and that makes it easy to read Too many fantasy settings these days are getting too deeply rooted in the darker and grittier setting ala, anything by George RR Martin , but that s not true here This is good, clean and light Excellent for bedtime reading, which is pretty much all I do This is an old, tried and true fantasy model that he s used here Hero on a quest for a magic thingamagig, aided by a wizard, thwarted by a villain, rewarded with a heroine Yeah, that sums up just about every high fantasy story ever told He uses it as a framework and not a crutch, but that won t keep some of us from being able to see where the story is about to go His big reveals tend to be a bit predictable, but still fun And that brings me to the point fun Eddings has been accused of belting out this story in thirteen volumes just to make a buck, but truthfully he actually only barely broke even writing them Moreover, he was working what he called a real job while he wrote them, and is quoted saying nobody writes to get rich But he had fun with this series, and because of that I did too.Start with Pawn of Prophecy and read it It s the shortest book and introduces all the important elements of the series Worst case scenario, it s too light for you All you ve lost is a week you could have spent gambling on the quality of something else.

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  • The Belgariad Boxed Set: Pawn of Prophecy, Queen of Sorcery, Magician's Gambit, Castle of Wizardry, & Enchanters' End Game (The Belgariad, #1-5)
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