Active Measures

Active MeasuresCuba And The United States Are In Talks To Normalize Relations, Something The Old Guard On The Communist Controlled Island Has Vowed To Stop By Any Means Necessary Zayda De La Guardia, A Rogue General In The Cuban Security Services, Has Gotten His Hands On A Nuclear Weapon Left Over From The Cold War He Plans To Launch It On Miami, An Attack That Could Kill Millions There S Just One Thing Standing In His Way Special Agent Jericho Quinn And His Team Have Traveled Undercover To Cuba To Unravel De La Guardia S Plot Before It Ignites A Nuclear Holocaust Thrown Into A Secret Prison, Pursued By Assassins, And Trapped On The Tiny Island During One Of The Worst Hurricanes Of The Century, Quinn And His Crew Must Survive A Trial By Fire To Prevent An International Confrontation That Would Make The Cuban Missile Crisis Look Like A Fist Fight It s been a long wait for a new adventure With Jericho Quinn but I m not dissapointed As usual Marc Cameron tells a great story This one is full of suspense and some action, you also find out about some of the characters background which is always nice I don t like to repeat myself but I have to thank Kensingtonbooks and Netgalley for letting me read another entertaining book I can really recommend this series and only hope that the next one is on the way. Wow what a brilliant book I read a lot of military action thrillers and have read quite a lot of different authors and I m delighted to say that Marc Cameron will now be added to my list of favourite authors I can t believe I ve only discovered him now and one can definitely see that he worked in law enforcement for over 25 years This makes his storyline and characters believable When it comes to this genre it is important that a book must pack a punch from the beginning and this is certainly the case here The characters are also well rounded and I love the humour I don t wanna hit a girl if there s any way around it Do me a favor, Chair Force You hit her if she needs hittin The main character is Jericho Quinn who serves as an Air Force Combat Rescue Officer.I dont like to give away too much of the story because that always spoils it for me but in short a Soviet short range nuclear missile is left behind in Cuba and the only person who knew about it is killed Almost 60 years later it is discovered and an attack is planned on the USA An aeronautical engineer escapes per boat to America but is killed together with a friend of Quinn and this sets in motion a trip to Cuba In his efforts to find out the truth Quinn ends up in jail Will he be able to get himself out of this position Will his friends who went with him be able to find out what is going on and what happened to the engineer who was kidnapped in America Buckle up because this is one fast paced, action packed thrill ride of a book Thx netgalley for the ARC in exchange for a honest review Thank you to NetGalley for letting me have an advanced copy of this for an honest review.I have always loved this series Something about Jericho and his relationship with Jacques has always just made me feel all warm and fuzzy Here you have these amazingly badass men who are the best of friends, yet they are constantly giving each other a hard time It s hilarious and very genuine Now, I ve read every book in this series novellas as well I ve never been disappointed That is why this review is a bit difficult Did I hate this book No, not even a little Was it the best of the series Not even closeWhat we have here is a textbook Quinn situation Somehow that man is able to find trouble without even looking We also have most of the gang Jacques, Miyagi, Ronnie and Palmer he s kind of there by proxy What I had a problem with was the believabilty of the actual events Sometimes things work out in the good guys favor, and sometimes they do not But, the level of coincidences in this story really stretch the level of reality and not by just a little and that is never good because it pulls the reader out of the story This happens several different times and with several different events I do not want to spoil anything so let just say that these coincidences were like finding a needle in a haystack, and the haystack filled up the Grand Canyon, yet there was no problem finding the needle.maybe that s a bit of an exaggeration, but at times I said to myself, Come onreally But, other than those issues, it was great to see the gang back at work The action was still there, and there were a couple of times that I TRULY worried that Quinn just might be in over his head So definitely moments of suspense..I also think that one of the reasons that it felt off to me was that the banter that is usually present between the gang, just was never given a lot of page time Those relationships which are so strong, built on the flames of their experiences are one of the things that make this series so wonderful It was missing, from all of them We see some funny back and forth between Miyagi and Jacques, but honestly, not very much If I had read this as a stand alone, I m not sure that this would be a series that I continued, and that is a shame ButI have spent the time to become invested Marc Cameron has already done an amazing job in the prior novels of fleshing out these relationships so I am going to say this was a one off, a fluke and then start waiting for the next adventure that finds Quinn. Active Measures Jericho Quinn 8 by Marc Cameron 4 StarsI was torn between 3 and 4 stars on this one, but because this is the first Jericho Quinn novel I ve read and I m jumping into the middle of the series I decided to round up to 4 I think familiarity with the characters would have made the book enjoyable and there was still plenty here to send me to the beginning of the series to catch up.So a Cuban defector lands on a beach in south Florida and is almost immediately killed by Cuban security operatives before he can do than claim to have information vital to the United States It turns out the information he has relates to the existence of an aging Soviet nuclear missile in the hands of a rogue military officer in Cuba, a missile this officer intends to launch on Miami Enter Jericho Quinn and his team, who travel to Cuba and foil his plot in the midst of a hurricane There s plenty of action and the characters are all likeable in spite of my lack of knowledge regarding their back stories Bring on book 1 Active Measures is the 8th installment of the Jericho Quinn series by author Marc Cameron, and this series has become one of my favorites in this genre The newest adventure revolves around a long hidden nuclear weapon in Cuba, recently discovered by a rouge general in the Cuban army Jericho Quinn, and all his friends from the series, become involved to try and thwart an imminent attack against the States Fans of this series will not be disappointed, as the action is non stop, intense, and has an edge of your seat thrill ride feel to it While I didn t think it s the best story in this series, it s still a great read, and I look forward to the next Quinn adventure I received an ARC of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The 8th book in the Jericho Quinn series and just as great as the others Non stop action and I like how this book takes him to Cuba Cuba has always interested me since it is so close but we really know little about it Jericho gets a call from an old friend who then turns up dead Jericho keeps following the trail of this strange killing all the way to Cuba Faced with almost insurmountable odds, Jericho winds up facing almost a mirror image of himself Pick up this book and you won t be disappointed.Thank you Netgalley, Marc Cameron, Kensington Books and Pinnacle for the ARC for my honest review. Thank you to Netgalley for the advance review copy of this book Unfortunately not the greatest in the Jericho Quinn series Starts off interestingly enough with a nuclear weapon on the loose in Cuba however the plot doesn t lead anywhere for most of the book and then the whole book is wrapped up nice and easily within a few chapters. Jericho Quinn is back with lots of friends He is contacted by a buddy who soon after the call is found murdered The trail leads to Cuba, a Russian missile, and lots of close calls Excellent journey through modern Cuba is included during the story s development I received an advanced digital copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I received an ARC of Active Measures from Goodreads Giveaways I enjoy reading Military action books Active Measures by Marc Cameron did not disappoint Great characters Believable story Well written Great research Please write a sequel I want to know what the characters are up to next. I just could not get interested in this book It seemed like something I would like, but, just didn t do it for me I tried, Sorry I dislike giving reviews like this So many have given great reviews, but, just not for me.