The Pursuit of William Abbey

The Pursuit of William AbbeyA Hauntingly Powerful Novel About How The Choices We Make Can Stay With Us Forever, By The Award Winning Author Of The First Fifteen Lives Of Harry August And KSouth Africa In The S A Young And Naive English Doctor By The Name Of William Abbey Witnesses The Lynching Of A Local Boy By The White Colonists As The Child Dies, His Mother Curses WilliamWilliam Begins To Understand What The Curse Means When The Shadow Of The Dead Boy Starts Following Him Across The World It Never Stops, Never Rests It Can Cross Oceans And Mountains And If It Catches Him, The Person He Loves Most In The World Will Die Gripping, Moving, And Utterly Thought Provoking, This Novel Proves Once Again That Claire North Is One Of The Most Innovative Voices In Modern Fiction Another good book from this very talented author Not my personal favourite but still very good indeed As happens a lot in her books the main character, William Abbey, is being pursued all around the world His pursuer is the shade of a dead boy and the results if he gets caught are not good.So, points to the author for the clever story and the way it makes the reader think hard about what is going on all the time Points too for the amazing amount of research which must have gone into all the scenes of war, of medical treatments, of travel and even of clothes and food This is an historical fiction book set between 1880 and 1917 and North gets the atmosphere just right And of course she writes beautifully.So the reason why it is not making my favourites list Firstly I did not make any emotional connection with William Abbey and was therefore not really concerned what happened to him I felt that I was intrigued and yet detached throughout the whole book And then the ending was okay but not the best and left me feeling a little deprived It is still a good book Maybe after the highs of Touch and The End of the Day I was expecting too much. 4.5 starsI was very excited to have the opportunity to review this title from the moment it appeared on my radar.Like an endless sea, this remarkable work of fiction does not cease to ever end in scope and engagement as one reads through the 400 pages Hopes, dreads, dreams, and desires of a lifetime of every facete imaginable will be touched on in this journey of The Pursuit of William Abbey Not a country in the world, not a shore unexplored, no historical events within its premise missed, nor a stone left unturned will bereft the reader the enduring, yet fleeting travels of the haunted soul residing within the pages of this novel But William Abbey is not the only one on this voyage, this race from death to save loved ones and humanity We are part in this effort too Will it be enough Evil comes in all shapes, forms, and sizes Sometimes it can be experienced with either our senses or remain inherently hidden deep down in our souls while our conscience turns a blind eye The famous parody of the devil and the angel on the shoulder whispering sweetly to garner persuasion is a classic Though it isn t always our actions that get us in trouble In the case of William Abbey, it was his inaction that was his fatal mistake Born in London as the youngest of seven children during the reign of Queen Victoria, William chose to become a doctor against the whole and sound moral path set out by his traditional parents It was an exciting time to be a part of the studies in medicine with the rise of knowledge in science and technology, though in the field and on the streets, it looked a lot like dread and suffering as William finds out soon But the dying will tell their stories Prostitutes who could not feed themselves, let alone their children, torn from the ward to another night s work not hours after birthing a child Mangled limbs crushed on factory floors women with faces ripped in two by flesh gnawing sulfur Children coughing tar from the chimney stacks bursts of the pestilence that swept through eight to a ton tenements faster than a man could sneeze Faced with this, I longed to escape my patients entirely and the reality of their suffering When I had money to spend, I spent it on bad drink with Plender and flowers for beautiful, unobtainable women, and it was my pursuit of the latter that banished me from England Now banished in Natal, Africa, in 1884, William finds himself in a brothel that spawns every disease imaginable when he witnesses the lynching of a Zulu child by the white and powerful elite outside in the town The fantasies of becoming a hero in the event to intervene and save the boy did not even cross his mind, never even occurred to him A coward act he regrets for the rest of his life in the chase by the ghost boy who was killed and whose mother spoke a curse most powerful She spoke in isiZulu, or at least I thought she did She did not move as she spoke, nor do I think she blinked She did not drop the knife wet with her son s blood, or point or howl, or catch the moonlight in her fingers She did not laugh, nor fall down in a fit, or foam at the mouth She looked me in the eye, and with her gift she put the curse upon me, and I knew it, and could not name it, felt cold of it crawl up from my feet to my ankles, ankles to my knees, all the way up my body if the earth had grown fingers of icy bone that now pushed with will alone into knuckle deep hollows of my flesh Then it was done, and both her stare and the ice let me go, and I realized that my whole life I had known nothing of anything and that only truth I had my heart was ignoranceFrom this day forward, Langa comes for him with his limp, injured boy shuffle and seeks to kill everyone William has ever truly loved Creepy, scary, unremorseful he will follow William to the end of the world to never let him forget what he has done by not doing anything and he terrorizes him with the insurmountable heavy weighted truth of world corruption and the black hearts of its inhabitants The novel proceeds to travel around the world as William tries to outrun his pursuer Along the way, he meets violence, death at close call countless times, and experiences hardships and loss, but there never will be rest for the wicked A vicious cycle of corruption ensues and never ceases to run out no matter where in the world he is Sweeping over all continents, William can see the truth of people s hearts and he is not alone A circle of other Truth speakers becomes known and enslaved by governments to use as spies and play out political intrigues to add to the plot of the novel Themes in socialism, communism, anarchism, and nationalism add to the turmoil and world unrest, historically exploring moral character, in justice, in equality, liberty, and freedom Readers will encounter disasters like the San Francisco earthquake, mining accidents like at Rolling Hill, worker strikes and poor immigrant working conditions in the early days of the US, tunnel collapses, opium trades, the discovery of radium and on and on the range of international incidents and intrigue continue as the novel goes on There is much to be learned from the wisdom imbued by the story It isn t all a negative endeavor The scenes are set in depth, richly against the plot backdrop William s character serves as a reflection of human flaws wretched deep and the arduous growth it takes to see openly and be open hearted to love, to be vulnerable and to judge and hate less.As William isn t immune to feelings despite his distaste at the truth of the world, he longs to love and be loved He meets his match and she is a Truth speaker as well, but fate will not allow for their love to commence, or does it With a race to the cure of all evil, it is left in the stars for the reader to find out what happens Many interesting characters and historical figures enter the plot and leave their footprint on this path of destruction Some are brilliant and insightful, others are as evil as they come Multicultural aspects feel authentic and whisk the reader through exotic, intoxicating places that leave the flavor of wonderful travel behind As the saying goes That s the thing about books They let you travel without moving your feet Jhumpa Lahiri Overall this novel has a tremendous reach in complexity, is a remarkable book to read and an even greater feat to write It is difficult to describe it with high and low points or arcs as it is mostly steadfast and concise North s writing holds strong throughout and is lyrical at the same time The thought provoking content will captivate and allure to the brilliant wisdom within A truth speaking if you will with the insight of heart and mind, border lining exceptionalism in talent and understanding of human nature We all can use a slice of it If you enjoy unique, thought provoking novels, that hold adventure within its pages, then this one is written for you Most likely, I will read this book again to get even out of it, as I m sure wisdom has been hidden in these powerful pages and passages I hope you ll enjoy it too HAPPY READING I received a digital arc from the publisher in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own. quotes taken from an advanced reader copy might be subject to change More of my reviews here Through Novel Time Distance I requested an electronic advance copy of this book from NetGalley because the premise it s built on sounded fascinating, and I was delighted that the publisher approved my request The premise here is that William Abbey, an Englishman who sees and doesn t act in response to a child killed by a white mob in Africa, is cursed by the child s mother The shadow of her son will follow Abbey for the rest of his life, and any time the shadow catches up, the person Abbey loves most will die In essence, Abbey is stuck in a deadly game of tag There are some rules involved First, Abbey is now a Truth Teller The closer the child s shadow gets, the clearly Abbey will hear others private truths and feel compelled to blurt them out Second, the child s shadow travels at a steady pace, regardless of terrain Abbey can buy himself time by using modern transportation to distance himself from the shadow, but eventually the shadow will catch up with him, unless he keeps moving.Now, add two complications First, Abbey isn t the only person who has been turned into a Truth Teller by a curse it turns out there are others like him Second, the governments of many nations are on the hunt for Truth Tellers, who are exceptionally useful in resolving questions of guilt and acts of rebellion The governments aren t necessarily looking for Truth Tellers who will work with them voluntarily they will imprison Truth Tellers, if it serves their purpose.That s the basic formula one curse, two rules, two complications It s potentially fascinating and nail bitingly exciting, but the book never really hits its stride Abbey can see into others, but not himself, so readers have a protagonist about whom they know relatively little and who remains partially occluded throughout the book Also, the book is long 464 pages and its pace is steady a bit like the pace of the ever approaching child s shadow It s like driving at thirty five without ever speeding up or slowing down.The Pursuit of William Abbey is interesting an over used word, but an appropriate one in this case Unfortunately, interesting isn t the same as engaging or engrossing The reader s experience feels flattened. 3.5 stars The Great War had been coming for such a long time It was born in the hearts of our ruling men the day they were held up in the crib and told they were blessed with a greatness that others could not share It was nurtured when they saw their greatness challenged, and sought some way to prove their strength Now it eats us whole The Pursuit of William Abbey is a powerful historical fiction and also part fantasy novel by the award winning author, Claire North As I ve never read any books by North before but have always heard much praise for her narrative style, I was very intrigued to read this one This book is described as utterly though provoking , which I can say, I firmly agree with.The book tells the story of William Abbey, a young English doctor, working during the 1800s, which was around the period when many countries were being colonised William witnesses a young boy in South Africa being executed by a group of white colonists he stands on the sidelines doing absolutely nothing to stop the atrocity and nothing to save the boy afterwards as he lay dying in his mother s arms In the wake of the mother s wrath, she curses William From that day forward the shadow of the dead boy relentlessly pursues him across the globe, and whenever it is near, William becomes a truth teller , as he gains the ability to discover people s inner thoughts and desires The shadow must also never catch William, because when it does the person he loves most in the world will immediately die.That premise alone instantly drew me in, I mean how could it not Then in the first opening chapters we are introduced to a wartime nurse, who meets our main protagonist, William Abbey, whilst dealing with an overwhelming amount of severely injured soldiers, fresh from the battlefield North hits you with vivid descriptions of the mess, the gore, and the decaying caused from soldiers with missing limbs, and infected wounds the dead, the dying The dramatic beginning certainly grabs your attention and I truly commend North for not shying away from the harrowing realities of warfare The stark depiction also continues as William recounts the time of the boy s execution, to the nurse, and describes his horrific burning in great detail This was a particularly uncomfortable, and unsettling scene to see unfold, and it hit me quite emotionally I respect North for again choosing not to sugar coat anything, which also worked perfectly to establish the central theme in the novel the nature of truths Although this may be a work of fiction, no one can deny that these horrendous lynchings did take place in history, and no one can deny that many of those were solely because of prejudice, therefore these stories should also never be denied No matter what you feel about these scenes, North powerfully engraves these images in our minds, and they are images that should never be swept under a rug We owe it to the people who suffered to know and remember the extent of their suffering, and I applaud North for bringing this to light I also very much enjoyed North s use of stream of consciousness during these scenes as it elegantly reflected the emotions of guilt and confusion that William wars against He makes us question, should he have risked his life and reputation to save the boy Does he deserve the curse or was he just as much a victim of circumstances A large majority of the novel then focuses on William Abbey running from the youth s shadow in order to save those he holds dearest to him From Berlin to Egypt to Ireland, and throughout the globe, we see William become embroiled in situations that become out of his depth I felt the plot significantly slowed during this point, and went off in directions that perhaps took away from the exploration of the shadow and the curse Although we do get revelations on this slowly throughout the story, my expectations were that this would be the sole focal point, not one that also involved espionage Having said that I did appreciate the backstory to the side characters that were introduced later on I particularly enjoyed the backstory of Margot, a French woman who William becomes entangled with, and her history was pretty sad.I also felt the ending was left a bit too open for my own personal taste, as I would have preferred closure However, regardless of my opinion, the ending does have an authentic stroke to it because realistically speaking, when you ve lived a life full of seeing truths, deceit, tragedy and a life of continuous running from a shadow, well it s never going to end nicely tied up with a pretty bow, is it There are some things that you just keep on running from or chasing towards Where was that fine young man I believed myself to be Perhaps he had never lived Perhaps we were all just savages, in the moonlight through the blackened boab tree Arc provided by Orbit in exchange for an honest review Thank you for the copy The Pursuit of William Abbey is out 14th November 2019 A very well researched book which had a curse as the focal point It all started with one and led to a merry chase William Abbey in Africa, did not save a child from the mob The child died and the mother cursed him that the shadow of her child would pursue him throughout his life If the shadow caught William, someone close to him would die And William needed to be on the move in any mode of transportation The shadow would come after him at a steady rate And William in essence became the Truth Teller He could read minds and would be forced to tell the truth.My first book by author Claire North, I was quite fascinated with the curse as such a thing is common in my land I have cursed once or twice at men No idea if that came true ever So getting to the story, I liked the long twisted road that William had to take to keep a step ahead of his shadow The author s hard work was portrayed well in the way different cultures and histories of the land were written I liked seeing William traverse through different worlds, always telling the truth A price he had to pay The story moved at a child s pace and was quite detailed with William s thoughts Ending was Quite a few scenes were powerfully written, some of them were hard hitting The words produced a strong imagery which remained all through the book The author was plenty talented, that was obvious in the characterization of William Abbey I could feel for him as his curse forced him to do what he would have probably never chosen Overall, quite a different read. Review to follow for the tour. As always this review can also be found on my blog The Tattooed Book Geek 1917, France, against the backdrop of the Great War In a French hospital for wounded soldiers with cannon and gunfire reverberating outside and enemy forces closing in Dr William Abbey, over a few nights and with Langa, his shadow ever approaching and drawing nearer recounts his story to Sister Ellis.Abbey s story starts in South Africa, Natal, 1884, in a small and dusty frontier town Abbey watches unmoving, too cowardly to intervene, to scared to put his own well being in jeopardy as a gang of white colonists violently lynch Langa, a local young black boy to death.In her arms, as her boy fades from this world and as he breathes his last breathe his mother curses William Abbey Abbey made his choice, to do nothing and choices have consequences His lack of action, lack of caring and lack of thought cursed him, he could have stood up and been counted, could have made a change, could have told the gang to stop but he didn t Instead, the privileged white man, he chose to stand idly by as Langa, who, due to his colour is seen as a nobody and a nothing was brutally murdered The curse, that the ghost of, the shadow of Langa, her son will follow Abbey to the ends of the earth, across the expanse of the known world The shadow won t ever stop following him, no matter how far or how fast he runs Langa will always be there, endlessly tracking him, walking, across different countries, different continents, across oceans, deserts, mountains and land always at the same steady pace, never wavering and never tiring For the rest of his days, Langa will be there dogging his every step, haunting him.The curse turns Abbey into a truth speaker, someone who can see into the hearts of others but not into their own, their own is the one truth closed to them It is like looking into a person s soul, laying them bare, knowing them intimately and seeing who they truly are As Langa draws nearer, Abbey sees the truth within people and the nearer the shadow, the stronger the connection When the shadow of Langa is far away, Abbey is himself with his own beliefs, thoughts and feelings As Langa draws near he starts dreaming the obscure and vague thoughts of others but still maintains his own senses and his own sense of self As Langa approaches the clearer that Abbey can see into other people s hearts and the truth that they hide within, the truths that they hold in the deepest, darkest part of their hearts, the truths that they won t admit even to themselves or others When Langa is in close proximity to Abbey, days, hours away, the effect of the curse is overpowering, overtaking his own thoughts, feelings and beliefs overwhelming his own truth and turning him into a babbling, rambling wreck with the truths of all of those around him cascading like rain, flowing like blood from a freshly opened wound from his mouth in a torrent If the shadow, if Langa should reach Abbey, should touch him then, the person that he loves the most in the world will die The cycle will repeat until everyone Abbey cares about is dead, there is no cure, no removal, Langa will haunt him forever on a never ending journey as, to survive, to allow his loved ones to survive he must walk an endless road.For Abbey, it is a curse, for others, those in a position of power, they don t see it as a curse but as an ability to be used and Abbey, himself as a tool to be exploited As such, Abbey comes to the attention of the Nineteen, a government agency for the British Empire where he is enlisted, employed to spy on people and learn the truths of them, of political secrets, of talk of rebellion and of threats to the Empire.Abbey can t settle down, can t stay anywhere for too long and has to always be on the move to keep ahead of the shadow that will follow him until his last breath He is always on guard as Langa needs to be close enough so that he can be useful to his masters in the Nineteen and hear the truths of his mark, his target and report on any threats that he finds.There are others with the same curse as Abbey, some, like him, see it as a curse, others as a blessing and when he meets another truth speaker they can converse simply by knowing the truth of each other with no words needed The shadow never shows you your own truth, that remains a mystery to you, something that you can only glimpse if you see it in the eyes of another truth speaker As such, there is a sense of mystery to Abbey and his own truth He is a coward and a rather inept spy but due to the presence of Langa, even when he isn t under Langa s influence from initially being blind to the thoughts of others, blinkered, he learns to open his eyes, read people and see the truth in them.There is the truth, things that are fact, reality and that everyone knows to be true Then there is your own truth, opinions, beliefs and feelings that you hold to be true but that are subjective to you, personally Also, there is the truth that you believe about yourself but won t admit, the truth that you keep hidden and that you keep locked away because you are too scared to look in the mirror, too scared to look too deeply within If we don t know the truth about ourselves then we can pretend that we are decent, honest and good, that we are content and happy, that we would do the right thing if needed, that we aren t lonely and that we aren t drowning in a sea of pain But, what if someone could look inside and know the truth, pull back the mask, reveal the lies that we tell ourselves and know our own truth and what we keep in our heart, it is a frightening thought.North has crafted a clever, complex, harrowing and thought provoking story that is full of suspense and tension The Pursuit of William Abbey spans the breadth of the globe, takes place across many years and is layered with depth I was gripped by it and found it utterly fascinating The blurb doesn t give much away and honestly, I think that it is for the best as it allows you to experience how the story unfolds for yourself with only the bare minimum of information Prior to reading the book, I had read the blurb and apart from the vague outline, I didn t know what awaited me within the pages, what dark and disturbing roads the story would travel down But, whatever I expected it wasn t what I got with the story going far above and beyond what I envisioned happening and it is a powerhouse of impressive storytelling on display by North just go buy it, read it and love it.The Pursuit of William Abbey transcends any single genre to be something , merging together historical fiction, mysticism and the supernatural, a revenge tale and an espionage thriller with hints of a love story and horror all thrown into the mix to create an incredible and powerful story. Review to come This review and others can be read on my blog, Black Forest Basilisks Thank you to Orbit for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review I m convinced it s literally impossible for Claire North to write a bad book I think she s just genuinely incapable of anything less than excellence When she writes a sentence, it just comes out good Every single time Of this I am certain Alternatively, there s the much mundane and likely scenario she s very, very good at proofing, has a wonderful editor and team behind her, and has honed her craft over many years and novels However her frankly gorgeous writing originates, the result is the same yet another brilliant novel being gifted to the world The plot is a fascinating mix of intrigue, social issues, and politics all set on top of a deadly game of tag The titular William Abbey has been cursed with the shadow of young boy who was burned to death by a mob as Abbey looked on The shadow follows him at a shuffle slow, but implacable When the shadow reaches him, it uses him as a conduit to jump to the person he loves most and kill them And then it begins its journey again Abbey must constantly be on the move in order to stay ahead of the shadow and protect the few friends he has remaining As the shadow approaches, Abbey gains a particular ability to see into the hearts and minds of those around him To discern and understand the truths by which they live To understand the essence of what motivates them, their heart s desire, their deepest and most closely held secrets The lines between Abbey and those around him blur until he becomes of a mirror than a man Their truths become his, and he cannot shut them out The closer the shadow is to him, the stronger his compulsion towards truth becomes until he s literally unable to cease speaking the truths of those around him This is what ultimately lands him in trouble truth speakers are highly valued by the international espionage community, and he soon finds himself under the control of a group called The Nineteen and in the employ of the British Crown They interviewed me for two days before I began to dream my neighbours dreams again Waking in the middle of the night, it occurred to me that this would be a good time to rock madly on the end of my bed To howl To march through the London streets looking for a fight To get immensely drunk, find a brothel, visit old friends, write offensive letters to ancient, half forgotten adversaries Smash glass Pray Langa comes He comes He comes I just lay there, wide awake, and understood that I was a prisoner in a gilded cage, and that my life would be spent running, and violating the hearts of men, and I did nothing until the morning came With their hands and eyes guiding his actions, what ensues is a tale of treachery, betrayal, and self reflection Abbey is forced to face that he, too, is part of the machine that killed that boy at the Cape He, too, is perpetuating this with every action he performs for the crown As he goes on to meet other truth speakers and sees the truth of their stories and backgrounds, he s forced to reevaluate his choices He s duplicitous, sly, and does his best to support the things he believes in despite his circumstances He becomes involved with libertine groups, vying for voice and representation He falls in love with a woman who cannot love him in return He looks into others and sees himself through their eyes As Abbey searches for a cure, a way to stop this shadow, his road in fact takes him back to the place he was originally cursed On the Cape, when he finally tracks down the daughter of the woman who cursed him, she makes it clear that his curse is exactly what he deserved and no less He is selfish in his desire to be free and has learned nothing By removing the shadow, all he is seeking to do is that for which he and all the white colonizers are guilty of assuming that the native population of Africa exists solely to serve him You just know black woman put shadow on you, black boy follow you, black woman forgive you We in your story You do not know our story You do not hear our story of when white men came and killed my brother You do not see Want everything to serve you I will not I will not serve you, she says, as she sends Abbey along his way North s prose weaves imagery and thoughts with seemingly effortless grace and precision Each sentence connects to the sentence before and after it Paragraphs are merely one piece of the whole It is almost impossible to pick apart a chapter every line of this book is wholly integrated into the ones around it I adore this style of writing, and I find that it helps me feel fully submerged within the atmosphere and story North often utilizes a stream of consciousness style narrative to describe the overwhelming deluge of thoughts and emotion Abbey experiences This is supremely effective, and brings forward the unique cadence of each person Abbey interacts with It additionally serves to set these portions away from the standard narration without breaking flow or causing interruption Where some authors might rely on formatting or italics, North uses style In The Pursuit of William Abbey, North further pushes the mold by reordering events outside their chronological progression and presenting us with a highly unreliable narrator This is a true piece of ergodic literature, requiring attention and effort on the part of the reader to untangle the story as it is presented The one aspect of this narrative that didn t work as well for me was the pacing Although I did enjoy the social commentary present within it and thoroughly enjoyed each page of writing, I found that the first half of the book seemed to flow a bit slowly than I might have hoped It s not until the 50% mark that the underlying plot comes to the forefront Prior to that, it feels like a series of small vignettes although they are lovely to read and consume, I still felt that I was missing the meat of the book Fortunately, after that juncture, the book immediately sped up and brought us back to the overarching narrative with a pleasant swiftness and efficiency that made the second half of the book a quick and lively read Once the narrative hit its stride, I was fully engaged and eager to see how things would pan out North dives deep into the consequences of racism and colonialism If it does not, perhaps, have the immediacy and brutality found in Queen of the Conquered, it nevertheless plays a pivotal role in the book It doesn t fully permeate, but it doesn t shy away from addressing the consequences of the British empire Through the lens of Abbey s own experiences, we witness the double standards the brown skinned people of Africa are held to Justice is skewed, arbitrary, and horrifically racist In fact, this is in large part the origin of his shadow when a young black boy, Langa, was discovered kissing the daughter of a wealthy white man, the town immediately cried scandal and dragged him to his death Nor was the condition of the Bantu peoples within Natal or the neighbouring Boer states slavery, for lo if a white man killed a black man, beat a black child to death, assaulted a black woman or burnt their property, they would duly be taken before the court of law There, guarded by white men, they would be judged by their white peers, their plea considered by a white judge, and there might even upon some occasion be a fine passed down, if the case was considered severe If matters got that far Of course, should a black man kill a white man, it was unlikely that the wandering lawmen of the wild grasslands would have anything to say on the matter The white men would come with rifle and rope, and before all his family they would most likely torture that same black man to death, leaving his mutilated body for crows And if, incensed by this, his black neighbours turned against the white and drove the farmers from the land, impaling hand and head with spears hoarded in the secret places of the kraal, those bruised survivors of Boer or English stock would flee to Pretoria, Durban, Kimberley or the Cape and report on the feared uprising of the natives, and there would come marching with drum and Maxim gun all the queen s horses and all the queen s men, and the vultures would flock in from mountain and far off withered perch to feast royally on a spread of flesh The Pursuit of William Abbey is a fundamentally human book It takes a slice of history and examines it through a lens of personal truths the politicians who think themselves the epitome of righteousness, the priests who come closer to god even as they dehumanize anyone with different skin tones These appear as true to these people, even if they are not perhaps objectively so This is a study in morality and in the flawed ways we see ourselves I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys beautifully written, thoughtful novels focused on morality, history, and humanity This is a slow, winding road of a book some patience and willingness to untangle a twisted narrative will be needed This is not a quick, easy weekend read but it s one that is gorgeous and rewarding Dense, but delightful If you enjoyed this review, please consider reading others like it on my blog, Black Forest Basilisks. The I read this book and the the cover became perfect for the story The story began in 1884 and my skin crawled as arrogant white men showed no respect for the native South African people They are seen as not human, having no feelings and being worthless, so when William Abbey, a young doctor, witnesses a Zulu boy being tied to a tree and set on fire he feels nothing for him.When he is cut from the tree, unrecognisable his mother holds him while he still fights to breathe When she has to end his life she curses Abbey The spirit of her son will hunt him down, as long as Abbey lives, and when he comes in contact with him the person Abbey loves the most will die, then the next and the next Abbey runs and runs but has to sleep, has to eat and has to rest but the spirit keeps coming, never having to stop.Oh boy, this made my skin turn cold, no matter how slow this spirit was I knew to would keep catching up with him He really did find out what it was like to lose the people you loved, like the child s mother, did The only thing he could do to combat it was not to love if he had the choice A new talent is discovered through his curse, one that is thought of as an extremely useful commodity for the government.The story does have lulls, or should I say gentler moments because when the tension rises it really goes sky high for some pretty intense heart pounding chapters This is such an unusual story that I didn t know if I was happy to find there were people with a similar curse to him or uneasy I really did feel for William Abbey who was continually after the proverbial apple held in front of him.The book ticks so many genres, horror, supernatural and espionage all blended into a haunting belter.I wish to thank NetGalley and the publisher for an e copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.

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