The Panty Melter

The Panty MelterAn Enemies To Lovers Boss S Big Brother Grumpy Fighter Pilot With A Heart Of Gold Romance Deacon Hunter Is Domineering Condescending Infuriating.And Yet I Can T Seem To Keep My Panties On For Five Minutes When We Re Alone Together.He Keeps Melting Them Right Off With That Sexy Voice, Those Confident Hands, The Way He Brings My Body Wildly To Life, He S Proved My Libido Hasn T Gone Into Permanent, Post Divorce Hibernation After All.Surely There S No Harm In Being Enemies With Benefits Right When Violet Boden Asks Me To Take Her Divorce Virginity, The Only Thing I Can Think Is Come Again No, Seriously, Come Again.And Again And Again, Until Both Of Us Are So Satisfied We Can T Remember The People Who Did Us Wrong.Best If We Keep Conversation To A Minimum, Though, Considering I Drive Her Crazy She Drives Me Crazy Sometimes, Too But She S Also Sweet, Loyal, Fearless, And So Much Fun She S Making It Damn Hard Not To Fall For Her.But How To Convince A Woman Who S Put Me In The Emotional No Fly Zone That I Deserve A Place In Her Heart Not Just Her Panties Oh my god I am such an idiot Why don t I ever read the book information for these books before my grabby hands get me in trouble So I just realised that this is book 4 in a series And obviously not being aware of that I haven t read the previous books except for the first one, which I really enjoyed and was what got me hooked on this author in the first place But damn I hope this can be read as a standalone.Ok crisis averted this is a great standalone and even though I have gone back and added the other two to the TBR mountain I am relieved I haven t missed anything story altering Also with my goldfish memory I will be alright.Now back to this book So for the first 50 percent there was a lot of smoking hot chemistry followed by a lot of steamy encounters and I was fully on board for it just to be a whole heap of that In fact I was really enjoying it Both characters were really likable and the few secondary characters were good value.But then bam major plot twist and story line and my I will just read a few chapters to help me sleep became a can t put it down until I see how it all plays out And I was kind of a little judgey when I first finished thinking it was a little unrealistic until I realised I am kinda living part of that And so as not to ruin it for you I am going to let you find out for yourself Your welcome.So yeah overall this was a fun book with loads of chemistry and laughs that still managed to have a fairly decent story without being wickedly long I
I have to say that I have been reading some serious kick arse romance books and this was one of them This is an enemies to lovers story that will have you laughing, and screaming at your kindle all at the same time I laughed so hard at Violet s actions and behaviors she is one of my favorite romance characters.Violet dislikes Deacon and she makes no qualms about saying so to him but she also likes him and she wants his body like no ones business Every look and every touch brings her to her knees because deacon knows how to be a lover not a fighter But Deacon also wants Violet
PHEW Deacon is a serious heart melter, let along setting some serious flames a fire Lili Valente once again gives us a steamy, quick read full of passion, heat, and heart.A fun and flirty enemies to lovers, Deacon and Violet are not looking for anything romantic, let alone a relationship But neither of them can resist the serious chemistry that s blasting off between them They seriously can t keep their hands off each other I love that both Violet and Deacon are a little older, both with kids in college and both divorced That s where the similarities ended though, each with their own unique traits and outlook on life Violet is a great balance to Deacon s rough military background She s sweet, caring, a natural nurturer, while Deacon is a lead with your heard, ask questions later kinda guy While finally delving into their undeniable attr
This book was so hard to put down The progress of Violet Deacon s relationship from being annoyed by each other, to flirty friends, to so much was entrancing I liked that there was just enough drama to keep the story moving without making it angsty I really enjoyed this book My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review Finally we get Deacon s story and as we have seen him in previous books i was really looking forward to reading this one.Both Deacon and Violet do not want a forever person again, Deacon is happy having one night stands and Violet does not want Deacon in any way.However after a party where things get heated between them, things take a dramatic turn when Violet flees wanting nothing to do with Deacon and his panty melting ways.The chemistry between the pair is there with every moment and every w
The only reason I m not giving it stars is because the other brothers were almost completely absent in this book I liked having them around and involved in the other books.Anyway, I really enjoyed cute and sweet. Violet Boden has been divorced for two years Her family is all grown up and her youngest daughter is 18 Where has the time gone While trying to get her dating shoes on again, she finds that she is stood up a few times too many But when she meets a stranger with a mask on, the attraction is too strong to pass up a moment of insanity When she removes the mask, she is shocked to find Deacon Hunter Deacon can t believe the Violet runs from him Is he that horrible One thing he knows for sure is that he is attracted to her Violet is a character that is true to herself, she is selfless and has found comfort in her friends Yet she can t help the attraction she has for Deacon But the man infuriates her and riles her up at every given moment Can these two move past just the lust they feel for one another and have something And what is her youngest daughter getting up to that is so secretive I really enjoyed this story The light banter between the two characters was comical The push and pull, the un sureness of what they were getting into and the fear of taking the steps that could lead to heartbreak all over again, really made you sympathise with them both The author did a superb job of describing the settings and you could clearly visualise where they were I liked both characters and loved they were both strong and had a backbone I adored how the plot thickened with Addie and Jacob I would love to read their story The author delivered a cleverly crafted, second chance story and
It was going so good, and wonderful And I adored the heat between Deacon and Violet But then the unnecesary, in my opinion, drama happened, and the last few chapters made me roll my eyes a bit Overall I had fun, but I have to say that this one is my least favorite in this series. A great stories of two people who can t seem to go without fighting but can t keep their hands off each other What happens when they decide to take all that sexual frustration away and work toward something .Both of these characters were not looking for a serious relationship necessarily She is looking to start dating and find someone so she isn t lonely but not necessarily for love He on the other hand has been pretty much single for 20 years and is looking to do something about the chemistry they have He is wanting to throw in the towel when it comes to her but he can t seem to do so What happens when she finally stops fighting him Will they find than they are looking for What happens when hurdles are thrown in their way What happens when the past comes a knocking Will they be able to find a way to work as partners or will all be lost I have yet to read the first three in this series but I am intrigued and
Everything about this novel is OTT I don t know how so many liked it, maybe it s the case of EVERYONE LIKED IT BUT ME but I really HATED this novel.Let me begin by telling you the reason I write reviews It s mostly because I hated the novel and want to RANT Otherwise my ranting speaks for me I even read the reviews with spoilers or less ratings because I want to know WHY my GR friends didn t like the book then I read ask the positive reviews My rating Horrible Hated this novel OK read Disappointed Good Average Very Good Interesting Awesome Mind blown LOVED IT As you can see my rating you have correctly guessed that I HATED THIS NOVEL and MY REVIEWS WILL BE FULL OF RANT AND SPOILERS Spoilers alter When I first realized the next novel will be about Deacon and Violet both 40 and parents I was expecting a SWEET MATURE LOVE STORY with different twist and turns with adult problems But I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED Let me remind you it s written by one of MY FAVORITE AUTHORS Maybe this hurts the most I ve delayed reading this novel because I wanted to read it when I was free and will pay 100% attention to it So I finished my laundry, clean the house and other chores Now just imagine my disappointment when this novel was nothing what I hoped for or you can say wanted I liked than half of the novel but what actually ruined it for me was not only the H s ex husband s wife gets pregnant along with with her daughter but then even SHE gets pregnant This all happens at the same time just a few m