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Chances Are... Download Chances Are By Richard Russo From The Pulitzer Prize Winning Richard Russo In His First Stand Alone Novel In A Decade Comes A New Revelation A Gripping Story About The Abiding Yet Complex Power Of FriendshipOne Beautiful September Day, Three Sixty Six Year Old Men Convene On Martha S Vineyard, Friends Ever Since Meeting In College Circa The Sixties They Couldn T Have Been Different Then, Or Even Today Lincoln S A Commercial Real Estate Broker, Teddy A Tiny Press Publisher, And Mickey A Musician Beyond His Rockin Age But Each Man Holds His Own Secrets, In Addition To The Monumental Mystery That None Of Them Has Ever Stopped Puzzling Over Since A Memorial Day Weekend Right Here On The Vineyard In 1971 Now, Forty Four Years Later, As This New Weekend Unfolds, Three Lives And That Of A Significant Other Are Displayed In Their Entirety While The Distant Past Confounds The Present Like A Relentless Squall Of Surprise And Discovery Shot Through With Russo S Trademark Comedy And Humanity, Chances Are Also Introduces A New Level Of Suspense And Menace That Will Quicken The Reader S Heartbeat Throughout This Absorbing Saga Of How Friendship S Bonds Are Every Bit As Constricting And Rewarding As Those Of Family Or Any Other Community For Both Longtime Fans And Lucky Newcomers, Chances Are Is A Stunning Demonstration Of A Highly Acclaimed Author Deepening And Expanding His Remarkable Achievement. I can t remember encountering a Richard Russo character who doesn t seem real, as someone I could know or as someone with flaws who reminds me that all of us are flawed or that all of us are vulnerable in one way or another Having read all of his novels and most of his shorter fiction, I have come to expect this connection that he allows us to make with his characters He did not disappoint in his latest novel Three sixty six year old men, college friends from the 60 s meet 44 years later on Martha s Vineyard They ve taken different paths in life Lincoln is in real estate, married with children and grandchildren Teddy has never married, has been an adjunct professor and publisher of a small press that is closing up Mickey is the forever rocker whose past remains elusive until the end of the story Missing from this reunion is another college friend, Lacy who has not been seen or heard from since they last spent time together at Lincoln s family house on Martha s Vineyard in 1971 While Lacy is missing, she is ever present in the story, the girl they all fell in love with back then in college, the woman they still love and is ever present in their thoughts The chapters of the present and flashbacks to their pasts alternate between Lincoln and Teddy giving us their family backgrounds which in some ways have shaped who they are as adults, how they have lived their lives We don t hear from Mickey until the end, but through these narratives we k
Friends from college and now sixty six years old, three men reunite at a house on Martha s Vineyard owned by one of them During their Vietnam era college years, all of them were in love with the same privileged, rebellious girl who rounded out their friendly foursome What is the possibility or chance that she was in love with one of them From the vantage point of age each man considers his life as it exists today and as it was as a college student One plays it safe, one plays it fast and loose, and one barely plays at all What happened to their chances of a rosy future In some instances the impact of the father looms large The truth and that which is untrue are major themes Typically, one lies to prevent consequences but tells a falsehood when one believes something to be true but doesn t possess all of the facts Is withholding information a lie by omission Is there a difference between facts and reality In the past, an unresolved event occurred that caus
Over forty years have passed since these three men met during the sixties in college, and now that they ve reached their sixties, they ve gathered together on Martha s Vineyard for the weekend As we hear their stories, and know what secrets they are holding, keeping them to themselves, there is another story that slowly starts to be unveiled, as well.Revisiting the early years of the war in Vietnam, they reflect back on the night of the first draft lottery, sitting around a tiny black and white television screen, with Mickey s birthday coming up first, at which point the others begin singing Oh, Canada The next birthday among them to come up was Lincoln s, and then much later, Teddy s As they slowly drift out of the house, lost in their own personal reflections on luck, good and bad, they notice Jacy, the spirited, carefree girl from a privileged family that they all loved They were all in love with her during those years, waiting for them, and she s standing, waiting for them, for their news When they see her wrap her arms around Mickey when she hears his news, all of his buddies still in disbelief over his bad luck with the lottery, now only feel envy in this moment Standing in their old haunts, thoughts drift
4 1 2 rounded down to a 4.Oh my goodness this book takes me back My husband, who was then my boyfriend, and I also sat in front of a TV in 1969 when the draft lottery was televised He had a college deferment and fortunately his number was high, but the anxiety of that particular time was off the charts high Imagine your future decided by the random calling out of a number, whether you were able to continue on the path you were leading or got sent to Vietnam None of my friends believed in this war, barely understanding it, and yet many were sent there, died, were held prisoner or returned with bodies and minds mangled by this tragedy.In this novel three college friends sat and waited for their numbers to be called, watching on a small TV at the back of the kitchen of the sorority house where they worked Mickey had the lowest number and was most certainly going to be called, then Lincoln and Teddy This day affected them all in different ways The fourth member of their close group of friends was Jacy, the girl that everyone falls in love with beautiful, caring, charismatic, devil may care,
Anytime Richard Russo comes out with a new book, it s a cause for celebration I can t think of another writer today who has so adroitly captured our deteriorating east coast small town communities and the has beens, ne er do wells, and wannabes who inhabit them Works such as The Risk Pool, Nobody s Fool and Empire Falls, for example, position him as the preeminent chronicler of the down on their luck manufacturing towns of America.Chances Are is a quintessentially Russo sort of book It s not quite as good as the three I mention above, but it is quite good nonetheless The novel centers around three college chums who have taken different paths and now meet in Martha s Vineyard in the midst of their 66th year, and one ghost They all were in love with an elusive and carefree woman named Jacy, who spent a summer with them than four decades ago and then disappeared, never to be heard from again.The book asks what ever happened to her Did she meet with foul play or is she hiding just out of sight But it would not be fair to call this a mystery rather, the novel s theme is how the things we keep secret tend to be right at the center of who we are Or, put another way, do we ever really know a person we believe we re close to It s also a book about chances the immutable fate that may be fixed right from the start, the opportunities
While I was reading this book I was reminded of how much I like Richard Russo He is such a wise and empathetic writer He writes mostly about men but he also does that with an understanding that men are often foolish I enjoyed my time reading this book even though it is a kind of plot I really do not enjoy because it was still nice to get some time with Russo This is right up the middle for Russo, not one of his lighter comedies or one of his heavy downers, it s a kind of a mystery built around character Lincoln, Teddy, and Mickey are all scholarship students at a small liberal arts college who end up working the same kitchen job They get to know each other, become friends, but their bond is cemented the night they watch the Vietnam draft lottery together Decades later, now almost old men, they are spending a weekend together on Martha s Vineyard While there, they are haunted by memories of their last trip to the island, spent with Jacy who no one ever saw again after that weekend.The reason I held my nose somewhat at this book is that this is your garden variety Lost Manic Pixie Dream Girl plot Jacy is just that kind of girl that every guy falls in love with She is bewitching She is charismatic She is unattainable This is a hard thing to get across, even for a writer of Russo s
I m on record that Richard Russo is one of my very favorite authors, so I was thrilled to get my hands on Chances Are his latest novel Predictably, I fell in love with his characters, enjoyed his inimitable wit, and didn t want the ride to end and I cast the movie in my mind Three men, all 66 years old Lincoln, Teddy, and Mickey former college buddies get together on Martha s Vineyard in 2015, 44 years after they spent a pivotal, and possibly fatal, weekend there in 1971 Russo deftly unspools the stories of the three men, as he ratchets up the suspense regarding the disappearance of their friend and crush Jacy Russo isn t known for mysteries and twists , but he can sure spin them, and the last 100 pages are un put down able What he IS known for is revealing the inner life of men, and for producing pitch perfect dialogue between men, and between men and the women they love These three men, in particular, were affected by the Vietnam War and there is a scene where they all await their draft numbers to be called in 1969 Russo knows that the Vietnam War had a profound effect on the country, b
Hop on a Russo book if you want characters with character The men and women are woeful, rueful, and belly fulla angsty wit Moreover, they brim with shadows, blind spots, ghosts, darkness and light CHANCES ARE doesn t disappoint with his cast of characters, who could walk off the pages and into your lives There s stifled passion and mournful regret all tucked inside their bones It s a book about the chances you take, the choices you make, and the secrets that eat at your heart and the atonement you thirst for in your soul As you turn the pages, the pressure mounts toward the final disclosures between Lincoln, Mickey, and Teddy the three Musketeers one for all and all for one Russo keeps his characters around long after you close the book In the sixties, three scholarship students meet at a liberal arts college on Martha s Vineyard They become lifelong friends with long stretches in between After almost a decade of distance, they decide to spend Labor Day weekend 2015 at Lincoln s summerhouse on the Vineyard, provoking misty memories and murky wounds It s 44 years after graduation, and they are 66 years old They recall their friendship with each other and with their fourth Musketeer, Jacy, the well
Chances Are, by Richard Russo, is one of those great summer reads for Boomers set on an island, with reminiscences galore, back to the late 60s early 70s, with references to Vietnam, college adventures and relationships, and then the counterpoint of the kind of wistfulness that people in their mid sixties get when they look back at their younger, less cynical selves.Back in their college days, there were the Four Musketeers three very different guys and Jacy, the girl they all loved in their own ways They spend a last Memorial Day weekend on Martha s Vineyard prior to scattering to their various new lives right after college graduation and then Jacy disappears The story is set as the three guys gather for a kind of reunion, back on the island, and their various lives are contrasted as they look back and examine their current situations The ch
Disclaimer I will read and usually will love anything by Richard Russo He writes characters who are so real, you would swear you ve known them for years Chances Aretakes place over Memorial Day weekend in 2015 Three college friends, now men in their mid sixties, get together at one of their homes in Martha s Vineyard Missing from the gathering is the fourth Musketeer, Jacy, who disappeared in 1971 after a they spent a week there after college graduation She was the unlikely part of their group, a wealthy sorority girl while they re the guys who wash dishes in her house Lincoln, Mickey, and Teddie have kept in sporadic touch since Jacy went missing, but haven t seen each other in years Back on the cape they re reliving the feelings they had about the Vietnam War and the draft and Jacy Did she run away from her unhapp

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