The Bromance Book Club (Bromance Book Club, #1)

The Bromance Book Club (Bromance Book Club, #1) The First Rule Of Book Club You Don T Talk About Book ClubNashville Legends Second Baseman Gavin Scott S Marriage Is In Major League Trouble He S Recently Discovered A Humiliating Secret His Wife Thea Has Always Faked The Big O When He Loses His Cool At The Revelation, It S The Final Straw On Their Already Strained Relationship Thea Asks For A Divorce, And Gavin Realizes He S Let His Pride And Fear Get The Better Of Him Welcome To The Bromance Book ClubDistraught And Desperate, Gavin Finds Help From An Unlikely A Secret Romance Book Club Made Up Of Nashville S Top Alpha Men With The Help Of Their Current Read, A Steamy Regency Titled Courting The Countess, The Guys Coach Gavin On Saving His Marriage But It Ll Take A Lot Than Flowery Words And Grand Gestures For This Hapless Romeo To Find His Inner Hero And Win Back The Trust Of His Wife Not exactly a debut novel, but definitely a new, and fresh take on a second chance romance A unique story with an engaging plot, The Bromance Book Club was a solid performance by the author.Full review to come ARC generously provided in exchange for
A book about a bunch of guys creating a book club to read romance as they try to understand their wives better Oh this is going to be hilarious 3.5 4 stars You have NO IDEA how excited I was for this book A group of baseball players getting together to read and talk about romance books How perfect There were scenes from the guys that had me genuinely laughing out loud and I did enjoy Gavin and Thea s second chance romance They were funny, down to earth, and both had issues to work through in order to get their second HEA The only issue for me was that parts of the story were too meta the book club constant
update after reading a really shit romance book immediately after this, i ve realised it was an absolute gem and deserved a higher rating that s all Just like the bar for heterosexual men treating their wives with respect, my standards for romance books are low However, I do think this is an exceptional, hilariously sweet rom com with subtle feminism embedded within the plot In my opinion, it s a stand out in its genre You ll love this book if you want an imperfect female character who s trying her best and finally gives up on society s expectations for women and allows herself to be carefree, pursuing the career she was forced to give up for her children while her husband was allowed to freely continue his a dumbass male character who s obviously an idiot for not cherishing and loving his wife, but he learns from his mistakes athletic, typically manly men standing up against toxic masculinity and acknowledging most of their relationship issues with wives girlfriends are their fault men acknowledging things women typically love, like pumpkin spice lattes and romance novels, genuinely aren t bad and they only initially hated them because women liked them men realising they aren t as close with their children because they sit back and allow their wives to raise them then take all of the credit a.k.a Lyssa Kay Adams said men ain t shit Gavin Scott realises his relationship with his
Thank you, Berkley, for giving me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review He was a different man than he d been before book club He recognized his own faults and shortcomings.This is hands down the funniest book I ve read this year Out of the 29 novels, it s the only one that made me laugh out loud in the car while my big brothers were having a moment of comfortable silence I rarely read New Adult fiction, but witty and hilarious stories like this might change that fact The Bromance Book Club is about Gavin, an outstanding baseball player On the night of his Grand Slam, he discovers that his wife, Thea, has been unhappy with their marriage Gavin doesn t want to lose her, so he seeks the help of his teammates, who happen to be part of a secret book club for men with marital problems Gavin is dumbfounded when his friends claim that he can win Thea back by reading romance novels Since such books are usually written by females, they can teach men how to interact with women better Sounds logical, eh I want to include Song of Solomon on their reading list because the Bible is an excellent guide to married life , but I digress xDI loved the premise of this book The idea of a bookish jock seems so contradictory, so it s great that the author played with this stereotype Indeed, it s challenging to
I loved everything about this story and it s one of my top books of the year Full review to come Huge thanks to Berkley for providing the arc free of charge Men reading romance Sign me the f up. 4.5 starsHilarious, relatable, and heartfelt sports romance Loved Gavin and Thea s story Full review to come and as Shakespeare once said second chance romances are the best thing that ever happened to us as a society