Waiting For You (McKinney/Walker Brothers, #2)

Waiting For You (McKinney/Walker Brothers, #2) When ER Nurse Nora Sellers Is Hurt In A Hospital Scuffle, Firefighter Zach Walker Blames Himself Blaming Himself Is Nothing New He S Been Blaming Himself For Years For The Trauma His Baby Sister Endured As A Teenager Though With His Happy Go Lucky Attitude No One Would Know It He S Good At His Job, He S A Good Brother, And A Good Friend, But Zach Decided Long Ago He Wasn T Husband And Father Material Even So, When Zach Learns Nora Is A Single Mother With A House That Needs His Help, He Can T Walk Away After A Few Days With Nora And Her Ten Month Old Son, He Knows He Doesn T Want To But Nora S Wary She Learned At A Young Age That The Only Person She Can Count On Is Herself Now With A Baby, A Job, And A Fixer Upper House, The Last Thing Nora Wants Is A Sexy Firefighter, Making Her Heart Flutter But Zach Is Than What He Seems, And The She Gets To Know Him The Harder He Is To Resist She S Been Brave All Her Life Can She Be Brave One Time And Take A Chance Of A Lifetime With Her Heart 4.5 yummy firefighter Stars I love Claudia Connor and I love her books After reading Worth the Risk, I wanted Hannah Walker s four yummy brothers to each get books Then Worth the Wait came out Nick s Book and I was so excited to read it, until I read it It was a total disappointment to me So when I seen Zach s book on Netgalley I was a bit leery to get it I love Claudia Connor s books so much I figured Nick s book was just a fluke and decided to give Zach a try I was right Waiting for you was such a good read I just loved it so hard Zach was everything I ever loved in a Claudia Connor hero He was sexy, strong, sweet, caring, loyal and had just enough of a damaged soul that he made you want to kiss it and make it better Nora also had some issues from her past, but she was smart, capable and very likable Zach and Nora was very sweet together, but Zach and Nora s s
Claudia Connor is pretty much the only author that I read who writes sweet romances And she excels at writing the best single parent romances available Her debut novel Worth the Fall is still one of my all time favorite novels ever.Because the way she writes swoony alpha heroes around kids is ADDICTING and ADORABLE From swoony hero to adorable baby boy, to hardworking mother Waiting for You was the perfect novel that gave me all the sweet, fluffy and light hearted feel I was hoping for.If you love any of the above you ll adore this novel.The author truly knows how to write a hero that melts your heart These big strapping alpha male turned mush when he was around his woman and in close proximity to her baby boy And I couldn t get enough of it.The story worked with its simple and straight forward formula A commitment phope, and perpetual single guy falling hard for a single mom This successful formula checks all my boxes The author reliably delivers storylines with endearing and charming family gatherings, and wonderful scenes between family members There is always lots of female support and good natured ribbing between the guys A truly feel good novel, that should be on anyone s reading list.There was just one aspect
Lieutenant and firefighter Zach Walker rescues a drunk driver and takes him to the ER But when his new recruit gets distracted and lets the impaired patient injure the attractive attending nurse, Zach feels responsible and checks up on Nora Sellers She s a single mother of a ten month old boy and in a new home, a real fixer upper that could use Zach s handyman skills I loved this heartwarming story of two people who had every reason to be wary of commitment and trusting in the long term aspects of a relationship Zach s parents were killed by a drunk driver when he was barely fifteen years old and Nora s mother died when she was just seven His older brother took on the care of him and his three other siblings and her father checked out and left her in the care of a long and unending string of resentful girlfriends Nora and Zach just didn t have the ability to trust their own feelings about each other, even though it was clear to everyone around them that their relationship was something different and special Connell is the one author I can count on to include children in a romance and always make it work Because both Nora and Zach were so cautious, we were treated to a long, slowly developing relationship between the three of them that was just wonderful In this age of insta love, it was a welcome change I liked both of them, the family they created and the perso
3.5 Stars 3.5 Stars Waiting for You is book 2 in the McKinney Walker Brothers series, and it is about Zach Walker This one was hard for me to rate because I struggled at the very beginning because I just couldn t feel the connection between firefighter Zach and ER Nurse Nora It did get better for me, and I adored Zach, especially his relationship with Nora s son, Will Of course, Nora got on my nerves, but al
This is a spin off from Walker series I do enjoy Worth the Fall Miss Connor always gives her hero a enduring quality which is fatherhood Not some sort of jerk cocky alpha male On this spin off, Waiting for You, i found it a bit subdue The story is like Bella Andre books Min angst, beach read quality Not much of twist and drama surrounding it Nora is a likeable heroine There is always a children involved in miss Connor books The secondary characters also not
2.5It was a sweet story apart from the parade of his exes in the small town he and the heroine lived I mean, if the fact, that many OWs saw her man s junk, didn t bother the heroine, then she s got her HEA and jeez On the other hand it could be cool, e.g she could chat about his intimate parts with some of his exes while grocery shopping, or at the coffee shop or just middle of the street.It s a shame he didn t take the line don t shit where you eat seriously.Cute kid Safe She wasn t a doormat
It is hard for me to describe with words the warm fuzzy feeling I always get with a Claudia Conner book I get such a strong feeling and visual image For me it s like slipping into a really warm bubble bath on a cold winter s evening, with candle light, no kids bothering you, a really good book and all the time you want to soak and relax Zach and Nora are both a little skittish about getting involved in a relationship, but they slip into it seamlessly, wit
Advanced Reader Copy ARC provided by the Author and Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an fair and honest review.Real, authentic, Family, no angst and totally wonderful There are many variations to the Romance Novel and most of them I can do without Claudia Connor has a lock on the Family Romance in all its shapes and forms She is simply the best at portraying a large, caring family with all its warts and all its beauty I ve read all her books and loved them all Zach Walker is, or was, quite the ladies man Love em and leave em happy and satisfied This bachelor fireman has no place in his life for long term commitment He has a big extended family and sees no need for a family of his own Except, he gets a yean at times and the good book or solitary walk just doesn t seem as fulfilling as it once did, neither does the endless parade of women He s at a point in his life where he wants .Nora Sellers has a past that has taught her to depend on no one, except herself She trusted a man once and has now ended up as a single mother to her 10 month son Will She is not about to make that mistake again She has always wanted roots and community and has fou
4.5 starsThis is the first time that I have read Claudia Connor I was pleasantly surprised and happy that I found this story and decided to give it a shot She wrote a story that pulled on my heart, had me smiling and looking forward to coming back for Nora and Zachs story was sweet and tender in places, a little rough in others but turned out to be a truly romantic read.Zach has a habit of feeling guilty about everything When Nora gets hurt because of an order he gave, he can t help but feel responsible But, she s one to stand on her own and it takes a lot of persuading for her to finally let him help her When he see s the way she is living with her precious son, he can t help but want to help her out any way that he can When he see s the kind of person she is how strong and independent she is, he can t help but feel than friendship for her Now, he has to find it in him to forgive himself for the past, to realize that he is a bigger man than he thinks he is and to allow himself to love.Nora doe