Woman on the Edge

Woman on the EdgeA Moment On The Platform Changes Two Lives Forever But Nothing Is As It Seems Take My Baby In A Split Second, Morgan S Life Changes Forever A Stranger Hands Her A Baby, Then Jumps In Front Of A TrainMorgan Has Never Seen The Woman Before And She Can T Understand What Would Cause A Person To Give Away Her Child And Take Her Own LifeWhen The Police Question Morgan, She Discovers None Of The Witnesses Can Corroborate Her Version Of Events And When They Learn Morgan Longs For A Baby Of Her Own, She Becomes A SuspectTo Prove Her Innocence, Morgan Frantically Tries To Retrace The Last Days Of The Woman S Life She Begins To Understand That Nicole Markham Believed She And Her Baby Were In Danger Now Morgan Might Be In Danger, TooWas Nicole A New Mother Struggling With Paranoia Or Was Something Much Darker Going On Pulse Pounding, Heartrending, Shocking, Thrilling This Is One Book You Won T Be Able To Stop Thinking About Four full of action, thrilling, anxious, riveting, oh boy this book really makes you face with your own inner demons stars When I see the title, I just started to visualize a woman is standing at the roof of the skyscraper This kind of suicidal act reminded me of two movie Jax Teller a.k.a Charlie Hunnam s Ledge and Sam Worthington s what s the problem with all those hot Brit guys to accept depressing suicidal guy roles Man on a ledge but instead of that we got a powerful Ceo s jumping on train rails House of Cards season 2 surprising Zoe execution kind of scene But Kaiser Soze didn push her, she did it by herself Yess, it s fast and mind bending The book starts with one of the protagonist s Nicole dying scene which makes you jump from your seat She holds her baby to gives her baby to the other protagonist a.k.a Morgan, a defeated, exhausted woman because of the embezzlement case of her husband who also ended his life recently So Nicole s last words were pleading to Morgan to keep her baby safe and BOOOM She is hit by a train So this is a fast paced book with so much conspiracy, surprises, twists , is told by one dead and one living characters we re moving back and forth between Nicole s facing her past She feels responsible and suffers from guilt feelings about a baby s death when she was working as her baby sitter She is pregnant and gets death threats from the mother of the child The threats started to endanger her baby s safety and so she needs to do something to protect her And we also catch glimpses of Morgan s present life after she witnessed Nicole s death and she already added Morgan in her will as the guardian of her baby Before she died she called Morgan with her name but they haven t met before which makes the police officers suspicious about Morgan s motives They already accused her know everything about her husband s embezzlement scheme But she denied her involvement So what is gonna happen It seems like Nicole s death didn t solve the threat problems against the baby and now Morgan s life in danger You want to know what is gonna happen Don t be lazy ass, just read it This is remarkable, thrilling, heart throbbing page turner and I fully recommend it to the readers who like action, mysterious, fast pacing thrillers.Special thanks to NetGalley and SimonSchuster to share this mind blowing, fantastic ARC COPY with me in exchange my honest review And I congratulate Samantha M Bailey to create this compelling worj I cannot wait to read of her works. 2.5 Stars I wish to thank NetGalley and Simon Schuster for the ARC for Woman On the Edge in return for an honest review This was an intense psychological thriller and Samantha M Bailey s debut novel She displays talent in developing a compelling premise and a twisty plot I failed to empathize with the flawed characters with their past secrets, tragedies, and regrets As the twists developed, I found some of the reveals strained for credibility An underlying menace undermined the characters emotional stability The author is from Canada, but the story could be set anywhere Like a couple of other popular Canadian mystery writers, a Canadian location is never mentioned Because of the author s skill in maintaining suspense, I stayed with the book until the end It was a quick read, with good plain, direct writing without embellishments It showed some characters with intense love for a child and wanting to protect her at all costs to themselves Others were interested in the financial benefits which came with the child I would definitely be interested in reading this promising author s next novel. One woman s struggles with motherhood and another s desperate desire to be a mother collide in this explosive and frenetic debut WOMAN ON THE EDGE is a white knuckle read that welcomes a bright new talent to the world of psychological suspense. Intriguing Nervous Breakdown Twisty Turny ExcitinguNexpected Suspect Stunning EmotionalSooooo this book was, as stated above, INTENSE I was pulled in and barely able to come up for breath from the very first chapter It s a perfectly paced thriller There wasn t a single moment where I had time to really think, This is what will happen next I also wasn t able to figure out whodunit until it was presented to me, which rarely happens for me with thrillers While I was able to figure out that not everything was as peachy with certain characters as was presented, I didn t accurately gauge the depth of how unpeachy The story goes from present day Morgan to past Nicole in alternating chapters This worked very well The author adds in puzzle pieces at appropriate times in this way The two characters are thorough and real to the reader As a mother myself, I found it easy to connect with both of them and imagine myself in their shoes which was terrifying and emotional for me That s a good thing, though I love a book that can make me cry or laugh out loud or feel real anger towards a character while reading it.This is a genre I really enjoy, and until now, I d have said my favorite author of the genre was Clare Mackintosh Samantha M Bailey has earned a place beside her with this gem I d recommend this to absolutely anyone who reads fiction and enjoys a good thriller Thanks to Samantha M Bailey for writing this book, Simon Schuster for publishing it, and NetGalley for allowing us to connect All the opinions above are my own and not biased in any way Feverish, intense, and engrossing Woman on the Edge is a well crafted, gripping novel that takes you into the lives of Nicole Markham, a successful businesswoman who finds herself completely paralysed by fear and anxiety after the birth of her baby girl, Quinn, and Morgan Kincaid, a woman with her own traumatic past whose life is suddenly turned upside down when she finds herself a suspect in a crime she inadvertently becomes entangled in The writing is edgy and crisp The characters are vulnerable, anxious, and troubled And the plot told from alternating timelines and perspectives keeps you on the edge of your seat as it immerses you in an ominous tale full of twists, turns, deception, red herrings, secrets, obsession, violence, mayhem, and murder.Overall, Woman on the Edge is a fast paced, thrilling, sophisticated tale by Bailey that keeps you enthralled from the very first page and is undoubtedly an exceptionally promising debut.Thank you to Simon Schuster Canada for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review. Woman On The Edge is the gripping,enthralling story of two emotionally flawed women who it seems fate has decided to throw together in a heart breaking,shocking encounter that results in one of them being dead and the other having to fight to prove that she is neither a child abductor or a murderer.Nicole Markham has a charmed life,she is beautiful,is CEO of her own clothing company,has a handsome loving husband and is the mother of a gorgeous seven week old daughter So what would make her want to commit suicide Morgan Kincaid is a social worker who works in a refuge for abused women Her life was torn apart when her husband embezzled lots of many from many people including Morgan s parents and then committed suicide leaving Morgan to face the backlash Many people including the police believe that Morgan was his accomplice and knew about her husband s nefarious activities than she has admitted.The chapters alternate between Morgan and Nicole Morgan s chapters are set in the present day as we follow her desperate quest to prove her innocence,find out why a complete stranger would ask her to take care if her baby whilst having to deal with the suspicions of the annoyingly blinkered detective who is in charge of the case and having no idea who she can trust Nicole s chapters were set in the past as we followed her journey from confident pregnant business women to a anxious,paranoid shell of her former self Is she suffering from postnatal depression or is someone playing games with her because of her fragile mental state of mind As a parent myself, I felt a lot of empathy for poor Nicole and could fully understand her desire to protect her beloved daughter,a desire that was compounded by a sad incident that happened in her past I thought Morgan was a likeable character but I was also unsure at times about the reliability of her narratives There was a number of other possibly untrustworthy characters who may or may not have been involved in Nicole s possible mental decline.I honestly cannot believe that this extremely well written,tightly plotted thriller is a debut novel I was hooked in from the first page,totally captivated by the twists and turns as the story unfolded before my eyes The short snappy chapters,many of which ended on a cliff hanger gave the reader a very bad case of Just one chapter syndrome I loved this book and look forward to reading many books written by this author in the future Worth far than five stars and very very highly recommended.Many thanks to the author and Headline Books for a arc of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I loved this book I can t believe it was Samantha Bailey s debut novel Correction, her debut novel in this genre This book pulled me in right at the beginning and continued right through to the end A successful business woman, Nicole Markham, is struggling with her role as a new mother She s dealing with postpartum psychosis and extreme fear This part of the book really hit me, as I have had some hard times after the birth of my children Then you have Morgan Kincaid, a widow who is dealing with her desire to be a mother Their lives collide when Morgan is on her way home from work, on the subway platform, and Nicole approaches her and says Take my baby , I know what you want and places the baby in her arms before she tragically jumps In front of the train Things after that spiral our of control for Morgan It was twisty and fun Intense Definitely binge worthy.Told in multiple POV and timelines made this book so suspenseful I loved the writing and couldn t wait to find out what was going on I can t wait to read by Samantha Bailey Thank you to the publisher Simon Schuster and netgalley for my copy in exchange for an honest review Exhilarating and evocative with a palpable sense of tension throughout, Woman on the Edge had me gripped from the very first page This is one of those books that effortlessly ticks all the boxes wonderful word building, realistic characters and a gripping plot that made me keep flipping the pages.On a platform in Chicago, Morgan s life is changed forever when a stranger hands her a baby, then jumps in front of an oncoming train But Morgan quickly becomes entwined with the story when she becomes a suspect.Woman On The Edge explores what it s like for many women as new mothers the constant state of fear and how motherhood transforms us Nicole s anxiety throughout is palpable and real, while Morgan s sense of devastation at her past, and the way it is affecting her present, are genuinely heart breaking It is about obsession and madness, motherhood and trauma This is a debut you ll want to slip straight to the top of your TBR pile Woman on the Edge opens with an ingenious setup a woman on the subway hands her baby to a total stranger, then jumps in front of an oncoming train But were they really strangers, and did she really jump Suspicions swirl in this propulsive debut, and the truth is revealed in twisty, page turning increments that culminate in a whopper of an ending A clever and addictive read from a bright new talent. 4.5 STARS This compelling and intriguing premise will snag readers from the get go A woman suddenly hands her baby to an unsuspecting woman, seconds before she jumps in front of the train Say wha This emotional and shocking scene is just the start of the suspenseful and impressive debut novel of Canadian author Samantha M Bailey.Within her a compulsive and twisty plot, Bailey incorporates the struggles of new motherhood, mental illness with believably flawed, yet resilient female characters which culminate into an intense and suspenseful read that will keep readers riveted until the final pages Impressive, suspenseful, clever and thought provoking What could you ask for Disclaimer My sincere thanks to Simon and Schuster Canada for providing me with a digital copy of this book, via NetGalley, in exchange for my honest review.