Hero (Monster #3)

Hero (Monster #3) Monster Villain HeroFour Years After The Perdido Beach Dome Went Down, The Alien Virus That Created It Is Still Wreaking Havoc, And Virus Infested Rock Has Created A New Set Of Humans With Mutant PowersRockborn Gang Members Dekka, Shade, Cruz, Malik, Armo, And Francis Are Fresh Off Their Defeat Of Dillion Poe And In Need Of Answers To Some Very Pressing Questions About Their Own Powers Who Are The Dark Watchers And What Is This Fourth Dimension That Only Francis Can Access But Heroes Don T Get Down Time When The Alien Virus Infested Rock Hits New York, A New Foe, Bob Markovic, Rises Amongst The Newly Rockborn Markovic S Arrogance And Lack Of A Moral Compass Already Made Him Unbearable With His Newfound Power To Inflict A Deadly Disease, He Could Send All Of Humanity Into A Living Hell As They Try To Find Their Footing On Morally Gray Grounds, The Rockborn Gang Will Have To Make Some Tough Decisions If They Want To Save The WorldMichael Grant Bids Farewell To The Globally Bestselling Gone Universe With The Finale To The Monster Trilogy Old Friends And New Foes Come Together In This Battle For Humanity The Mind Blowing And Existential Ending Will Make You Rethink What Does It Take To Be A Hero I 100% think that Michael Grant is capable of just destroying the whole of the human civilisation, so the series can go out with a bang Best we not think about it If Michael Grant doesn t release a short story after this is published with Dekka happy, at home, with a cat and a girlfriend, I m going to riot Getting prepped to reread these before this comes out I CAN NOT WAIT WHEN IS IT COMING OUT What an ending Mr Grant Absolutely loved the Gone series, and Hero brings the sequels trilogy to a close Absolutely brilliant, highly recommended, so many memorable characters and all so flawed and perfect and fragile and empowering and diverse and STRONG in every sense Do yourself a favour and binge read them all in sequence oh malik you absolute idiot, this is all your fault The Rockborn Gang face a new horrific monster as the terrifying trilogy races to its action packed finale.well That ending is going to be very divisive I can see wars erupting online over this one There s not a lot I can say about this without spoiling that ending There are a few of the original characters, a couple of new ones, as usual for Michael The horror rachets up another rung, but it s almost cartoonish now, it s so awful We ve passed the level where it s understandable.I applaud Michael for continuing this series, and for publicly endorsing fanfiction based on it he s almost begging people to write for it, and it s great that he s giving them that official backing But for me, the Gone series finishes with the first six books This new trilogy, while enjoyable and exciting, is just a stretch too far for me. AHHHHHHH BEST SERIES EVER I was so scared when Michael Grant said he was going to continue with another series with my favorite characters from the Gone series But man, I should have known that Michael Grant can do ANYTHING I am not exaggerating when I say that I was all over the place with this series God, I loved Dekka and Shade and Malik and Armo and I m probably leaving someone out, but they were all so damn lovable There were new characters and old ones came back SAM AND ASTRID and there was a new villain that was completely terrifying This book was freaking nonstop action and man, THAT ENDING I can t even say enough about how damn perfect it was Yeah, some people may not like it because it did leave one big thing up in the air But I thought that was the perfect way to do it There were so many twists and turns in this installment I will miss these characters so much I am furious, heartbroken and loved every second of it.That ending was unsatisfactory however, I couldn t imagine one of my favorite worlds ending any other way.Bravo to Michael Grant for leaving me astonishingly angry and yet strangely, at peace. I loved the gone series books 1 6 couldn t put them down , but the 3 follow up books just felt like the author was just trying to cash in on the success of them. The first thing that automatically stood out for me in this book, was the chemistry that our rockborn gang had with each other with them being able to bounce off with each other, with their chemist really coming through the page and cementing them as a gang that might fight with each other but will stay together, seeing that you can see that all like each and get on with each other, with them making a mockery out of shade and Malik being my favourite part seeing that you could see how fun they were getting out of it The rockborn gang chemistry really made it obvious that they were in this for the long run, that they have spent a lot of time together and have bonded with each other, in a way that they have not done in the previous books, seeing that they were all separated but now they are this united front, that might have their in group fighting but they can get over it and be their for each other when it s really needed.The second thing that I liked about the rock born was that they lost, which might sound like I was backing them but with every loss they learned something new which would lead them towards them victory on the last battle I liked that it was reaalistly seeing that we have these superhero movies, now a days where the new put together team automation know how to play to each other strengths but in a real life, this would be very uncommon seeing that you have to get experiences to know what is your functions in a group and where do you fit into when it comes to winning a battle, seeing that they have all had solo fights but have never done it in a group settingI did not like how the villains From the first to second book were wiped out and taken out of the table, very early in the book with me thinking it just came across as too easy, which I think have been a problem though out this trilogy if I am honest, which no villains ever really staying through all three books with this being a problem for me, seeing that the emotional conflict would be greater and the stakes would be higher, seeing that the villains still has not been defeated yet I think he was going for the emotional conflict when it comes to the relationship that the villain and one of the rockborn gang had, with me thinking a particular rockborn gang should been the one that was the villains ultimate downfall, seeing that the emotional impact would been greater and would have really added tension to book, with us questioning if she can do it The relationship was good between the villain and this particular villains, with it developing well but I just think we could had from them, for example bring them face to face with each other properly and see what kind of explosion we would get.My favourite thread line from the second book that was picked in this book, was the focus on Francis and her powers which are so amazing that she literally saved everyone lives which is pretty much biggest hero moment you can get in this type of book The importance of Francis and the importance of her powers in the book was pretty much highlighted every time, with her proving herself useful in a tight situation and her powers being the very thing that lead us to the answers of who the watchers are which has been the biggest guestion in these sets of books The other thing that I like about Francis is that she a person that is unique, in the way that she does not like her powers that she find them disturbing and creepy because not everyone wants to find themselves in this situation, with these powers that so cool but also creepy seeing that the deconstruction of some things can be unsettling, especially the deconstruction of a human body and scary in the sense, that everything in this dimension seems to have no place or sense of place I think ending this series and the gone series ending in general is good at this point, because I do think this book story and the second book story had different components to them and different things that were enjoyably about them, but I did feel like this book story was repetitive in the way that it was building up this big battle and big set piece which too me just felt like a repeat of the gone series in general at times, with this problem being in all of the 9 books so I did every single one for different reason, I do think this book needs to be the last in the series seeing that their not too much he can do at this point The story was good for what it was but it did not make the book, with the characters making this book for me The returning of the characters of the original series was a real delight for me, seeing that it was greeting old friends that you not seen in ages, with them all still being great characters to have In your book, with them all having strong writing to them and strong quality s that were recognizable from the first series, for example eddilo the organization, Sam the hero and Astrid the smart one with them all keeping these things about them, with them reminding you why they were characters that we all fell in love with and followed with a passion in the first six book, now I can only talk for myself so I don t presume to know what other people think of these people.That ending was such a cliffhanger right, like damn going have me thinking all night seeing that the stakes of their decisions is so high and will pretty much decide if they stay or go, with us never knowing seeing that it left open ended which I think is a good thing seeing that it will leave our minds wondering and let us make up our story now at this point, with us being to continue it or finish in our own minds but knowing the author and a little bit about him, I think he did this ending on purpose seeing that he appreciates fan fiction which is not something that every author but I have no problem with it. I was looking forward to it, but because of the too many highly uncomfortable ages related problems, I m not so sure I will, unfortunatelyThey really should review the ages of the characters that makes me really uneasy like Brianna died at 12, apparently looking even younger, and now in Monster they said Dekka who is 19 years old was still in love with her And they did say Brianna was 12 and that Dekka was nineteen Like what the fuck I m sorry but that is fucking disgusting That s far from the only example I can think of, but please fix this, Mr Grant, please review the ages throughout the whole series, because many times many characters were way too young for pairing them with another way too old character, and other things disturbing like that. 5 stars of course

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